Scudetto Of 1998 Belongs To Inter, Not Juventus - Gigi Simoni

The coach on Inter's bench on that fateful day believes Juve's Scudetto should be handed over...
Former Inter coach Gigi Simoni believes the 1998 Scudetto belongs to the Nerazzurri rather than Juventus, who won it that season.

Many will remember the controversy surrounding that campaign after the game between Inter and the Bianconeri on April 26 1998. The hype surrounds referee Pietro Ceccarini's decisions in that match. Ronaldo was denied a penalty for what seemed like a foul on him by Mark Iuliano.

Minutes later, Alessandro Del Piero was awarded one at the other end amid further controversy. Ceccarini has admitted he got it wrong after 11 years. Simoni has reacted to Ceccarini's comments, believing his side should have won the Scudetto. That event in Turin, plus the Calciopoli scandal, has prompted one of the most fierce football rivalries between fans of both teams. Like the 2006 scandal where a Juventus Scudetto was handed to the Nerazzurri, Simoni believes the 98 title should also be given to Inter.

"It's an admission which I like, but they will not give us the Scudetto as a result of this," Simoni told Itasportpress.

"I remember the foul on Ronaldo which got the team protesting as well as myself and the fans. I almost left the pitch.

"The Scudetto would have been ours had we won in Turin because we have just four easy matches left after that game.

"It's too late now, but that was a strong squad with promising young players too."

Salvatore Landolina,