Jose Mourinho Is Special - Inter Director

The Inter board are satisfied with the coach's work so far this term...
Pirelli president and Inter board member Marco Tronchetti Provera has hailed coach Jose Mourinho, insisting that the 'Special One' is living up to his moniker.

The Portuguese coach has been guiding the club towards another title this term, turning his hand to Italian football successfully. Despite elimination from the Champions League, the Nerazzurri board have given Mourinho the vote of confidence, via Provera's special praise.

"Mourinho has two characteristics: he is a great worker, and he is a great personality," Provera told Sky Sport Italia.

"I think he is envied by many, but also loved by many. He is really special and he has great attributes.

"He is a team man who knows how to keep the dressing room together. He is always clear and direct."

The director has also cast his opinion on the Adriano saga. The Italian businessman believes the Brazilian is throwing his talents down the pan. Still, he believes in 'The Emperor'.

"It's a shame, as Adriano is a talented guy," Provera said. "I hope he returns to his best and finds his form.

"He is still young and wasting his life, so I hope he comes out of this and returns to being a champion player."

Salvatore Landolina,