Marcello Lippi: Juventus Can Re-Open Serie A Title Race Against Inter

The Azzurri boss believes that Juve could still snatch the Scudetto, but he has once again dodged questions about Antonio Cassano.

Italy coach Marcello Lippi visited Sapienza University in Rome yesterday and lectured students on resource management and what makes a team successful.

Lippi led the Nazionale to World Cup glory in 2006, however, surprisingly opted to step down afterwards.

“We worked hard for two years to create that team,” he asserted. “They were all world-class players, not merely champions, because champions play for themselves.

“Three months later I truly regretted my decision to walk away. Now I have been working for only seven months. I did not come back to win the World Cup again, but we will give everything to make it happen.”

Lippi has been controversially ignoring Sampdoria star Antonio Cassano since taking back the reins and when the topic came up again yesterday he simply replied, “Next question please.”

Juventus, former employers of Lippi, will host Inter this weekend, however, the Nerazzurri seem destined to retain the Serie A title as they have a commanding ten-point lead with seven games remaining.

“This match could have been more important in different conditions, but perhaps Juve could still re-open the title race,” concluded Lippi.
Vince Masiello,