Adriano's Agent Tight-Lipped Over Meeting With Inter Management

Today Adriano's agent finally met with Inter's management to discuss the player's future.

The much-anticipated meeting between Adriano's agent Gilmar Rinaldi and Inter manager Marco Branca finally took place today. The summit took two hours, but the agent did not want to reveal much when he was interviewed afterwards by Sky Sport 24.

"I can't say anything, first I have to speak with Adriano.He said that he wants to take care of his own business for the next month or two and wait, now I will tell him the club's position, I can't say more," he stated.

"We do have a problem because he didn't show up and these things are always difficult to discuss. However, this is a top-level club and there has always been mutual respect with [vice-president Rinaldo] Ghelfi and Branca, so it was a positive meeting.

"Now it's important to do things calmly, tonight I will return to Brazil to talk to Adriano face to face and in a week I should be back in Italy.

"Is Adriano still a footballer? You have to ask him. Will he play with Inter again? He has a contract and contracts should be respected."

Earlier today Inter president Massimo Moratti announced that he is ready to scrap the striker's contract.

Danilo Pochini,