Genoa President Preziosi Advises Referees To Take Yoga Lessons

Genoa chief Enrico Preziosi is fed up with the refereeing mistakes in Serie A.

Last weekend Genoa lost their first home match of the season 2-0 against Serie A leaders Inter, but there was once again a whiff of controversy about the Nerazzurri's victory as on their second goal the ball probably didn't cross the line entirely.

Genoa president Enrico Preziosi admitted he is getting tired of the referees' poor performances.

"I don't know how long we will be able to keep our fair play policy going," he told "Both [coach Gian Piero] Gasperini and I were invited to a television show but we refused, perhaps I would have said too much. They always talk about the same four or five teams and I don't like this approach.

"I think referees should refrain from having sympathies, and be conditioned by various factors, which happens a lot. I'd like them to ignore the name of the team they are refereeing, and apply the same standards against every team."

The chief then came up with an unusual piece of advice for the referees.

"I would advise the referees to take a course in yoga before coming on the pitch, a course to avoid being conditioned," he continued. "I would also like to have foreign referees, especially English ones. Certainly they also make mistakes but they have a different mentality, they don't care about the media or slow-motion cameras picking apart their mistakes."

Genoa remain in contention for a Champions League spot as they are currently in fifth place with 45 points.

Danilo Pochini,