Juventus' Chiellini - It's More Important To Beat Inter Than Torino

Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini thinks the match against Inter means more to the fans than the city derby against Torino.

If the Calciopoli scandals weren't enough to worsen the relationship between Inter and Juventus, the arrival of an agent of controversy like coach Jose Mourinho at the Nerazzurri has made things even worse, particularly after his already famous press conference last Tuesday.

In an interview with TuttoSport, Juve defender Giorgio Chiellini admitted that the match against Inter now means more than the Turin derby, which is scheduled for tomorrow evening.

"It's no secret that by now the match against Inter is more important than the one against Torino," he said. "I think that if you asked the fans whether they would prefer to beat Inter or Toro, they would undoubtedly choose Inter."

On Mourinho, he commented: "He should not be given that much importance, because that's what he wants. I think he is very good at protecting the team, he has been attracting attention to himself since the start of the year to keep the players calm.

"He's smart, he does it on purpose and many people fall for it. Personally I am amused by his conferences and interviews, because he is funny to listen to.

"In any case, his words have no effect on us. If there is some war of words between him and [Claudio] Ranieri, we just think about going on the pitch, because we have a lot to play for."

This weekend Juve will hope to close the gap on Inter after already moving within seven points last week, as the Nerazzurri face a difficult match away to Genoa.

Danilo Pochini