Calcio Debate: Is Rosina Destroying His Career At Torino?

Torino star Alessandro Rosina today launched a furious attack at his chairman Urbano Cairo, threatening to leave the club unless some exciting signings were made. Carlo Garganese asks whether the hugely talented Rosina is wasting his career away at the Granata…
If there is one type of player that Italy were dreadfully lacking at Euro 2008, it was a skilful, creative, and pacy attacking midfielder with the ability to take on opponents, open up the space, stretch the play, and cause damage in the final third of the field.

Torino’s Alessandro Rosina is a player who, when on form, ticks all these boxes. When I was asked prior to the Euros who I would choose in my 23-man Italy squad, I selected Rosina, even though I knew fully well that there was not a cat in hell’s chance of Roberto Donadoni taking him to Austria and Switzerland.

Rosina is now 24, yet he has only won one cap for the Azzurri, in a 2-0 friendly win against South Africa last October. Despite Cristiano Lucarelli’s brace, Rosina was the undoubted man-of-the-match, as he caused havoc almost every time he touched the ball.

So why, despite such an impressive debut performance, has Rosina never been capped again since?

The only possible explanation can be the fact that he plays for Torino, a club who despite their tradition and history, are no longer regarded as one of the big boys of Serie A.

Rosina has been a revelation since arriving in Turin in 2005. In his debut season he was the driving force behind their promotion to Serie A, scoring 12 goals in 42 games. In both of the last two years, it would not be unfair to say that he has almost single-handedly dragged the Granata to survival, scoring 17 goals and providing countless assists.

Such has been his brilliance that Rosina has been linked to every one of the Italian big boys, excluding of course Juventus. Roma have been the team most associated with making a move. However Rosina, who is nicknamed ‘Rosinaldo’ due to his Brazilian-style flair, has always stayed loyal to Il Toro, and indeed last season signed a contract extension until 2011.

It has become evidently clear, through this summer’s transfer campaign, that there is little hope under the current owners, of Torino rolling back to the pre-1990 years and challenging for honours.

Rosina has a simple choice to make. If he wants to fulfil his career he has to leave. He will win no club trophies, and his international prospects will also be in serious jeopardy. On the other hand, he can stay and become a club legend, a little like Matt Le Tissier, who turned down the advances of big clubs to spend his whole career at little Southampton. Le Tissier was quite possibly the most talented English player of his generation, yet he only earned eight caps for his country, and won nothing for his club.

Loyalty in the modern game is fast disappearing, and a player like Le Tissier can only be commended given the way money is now destroying football’s soul. Having said this though, it will be a shame if Rosina never has the opportunity to grace the grandest stages during his career.

What are your views on this topic? Is Rosina throwing away his career at Torino? Is it time he joined a bigger club? wants to know what YOU think.

Carlo Garganese