Lavezzi: I played video games with mafia members while at Napoli

The Argentina forward appeared in court at the trials of a number of Italian criminals after getting to know them whilst at the Partenopei, though he believed they were just fans
Paris Saint-Germain striker Ezequiel Lavezzi has admitted that he used to socialise with members of the mafia whilst he was at Napoli.

The 27-year-old was speaking in court at the trial of Antonio Lo Russo, whose father Salvatore was the chief of the mafia group the Clan Lo Rosso, and he revealed that he used to play video games with the accused as he was used to interacting with fans during his days playing for Estudiantes and San Lorenzo.

"I knew him as one of the Napoli fans and sometimes he even came to my house," he told the court when questioned by the prosecutor Sergio Amato.

"I did not find anything strange because in Argentina it is common for players to deal with the fans.

"We even played the Playstation together, and if I remember, I saw him in the stadium."

The Argentina international was also questioned regarding his relationship with another member of the group, Marco Iorio, but he claimed he only gave him some of his valuables when he was playing away from home for security.

"When I had to play in another city, for safety, I let him have some valuables like watches."