Milan President Silvio Berlusconi Hints At Big Signing, Reports Claim It's Barcelona's Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Berlusconi promises to invest...
President Silvio Berlusconi has told Milan a top class player may arrive this summer, and the finger is being pointed at Barcelona ace Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

CEO Adriano Galliani rejected the idea on Tuesday when he made it clear Ibrahimovic was an "impossible" target, claiming Luis Fabiano was an easier, economically viable option.

However, Berlusconi has said he is not afraid to dig deep and provide the funds for an affluent transfer.

"Milan will return to be great and a winning side and they will do this soon," Berlusconi told Oggi magazine.

"Despite the period of crisis, if there is a chance to sign a big champion then I will not hold back, the Italians would understand the sacrifice."

Berlusconi's words have led Tuttosport to report Milan will ignite a move for Ibrahimovic.

Rather than pay his transfer fee all in one go, agent Mino Raiola is said to be working on an installment deal in which Milan would pay Barcelona €18 million each year over a three-year period.

The alternative still remains Luis Fabiano, who opened the door to Milan when reports claimed he told friends he wanted to go there.

Galliani responded and said he "hoped" Fabiano would join his club. That speech was met with enthusiasm by the player's agent, who said a deal was "a possible solution".

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