Calciopoli: Either Everyone Is Guilty Or Innocent - Luciano Moggi

Moggi has argued his innocence as the Calcipoli trial continues...
Former Juventus director Luciano Moggi has commented on the on-going Calciopoli trial at the Tribunal of Naples after evidence of phone calls between Inter and referee designators came to light.

Moggi's legal team have been sifting through phone conversations in which they claim involved Inter president Massimo Moratti, and the then-referee designator Paolo Bergamo in 2006.

The court has heard how Moggi had been accused of violating article 1 of the sporting code in Italy, but he claims the new evidence has turned the tables.

"The thing is simple. Either everyone is innocent, or everyone is guilty. In this case, I think everyone is innocent," he told ANSA.

"Maybe people didn't expect this reality. I invite everyone to reflect. In anycase I am waiting for the judicicial evaluation and I am tranquil. I don't want to say anything else."

"People accused me of violating article 1 of loyalty, but I ask myself, the football federation (FIGC) and the tribunal of Naples why hasn't the same thing happened to Moratti who also spoke to the designator?"

The trial in Naples continues.

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