Fly Emirates Group Planning Milan Partnership

The Rossoneri’s recent financial difficulties could be eased with a new sponsorship deal...
As Milan’s financial deficit makes front page news with a proposed sale of Kaka reported to go through in the coming days, it seems the Rossoneri could have found another means of balancing the books further as the Fly Emirates Group look to agree a sponsorship deal.

According to Il Sole 24 Ore, the wealthy Al Matktoum family are looking to enter feet first into a deal with the Milan club that would see the Rossoneri bring in a proposed €20m for an initial deal, that would see the Emirates logo take pride of place on the Milan jersey in place of current sponsors Bwin.

Should the initial deal go through it could signal the beginning of a long-standing relationship which would tie the two parties together in a much bigger deal including a new stadium. Such a agreement could net the Rossoneri an increased revenue of over €400m and would certainly ease the need to sell any future stars.

With the Rossoneri faithful currently enduring nervous times as they wait for the conclusion of the Kaka saga, the recent news from the Italian financial times could prove to be the silver lining they have been waiting for.

Stefano Federici,