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R. Jiménez
Rúben Neves
2 - 2
C. Tosun
1 - 2
Rúben Neves
1 - 1
P. Jagielka
Red Card
M. Keane
0 - 1

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57% 42%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 5
Total Passes 547 409
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Under the circumstances Silva won't be too displeased with today's draw, but Everton certainly could have left victorious if they had made at least one of their chances count. Nonetheless, there are plenty of positives for him to take away from the game, and next weekend's meeting with Southampton promises to be a fascinating one.
Wolves weren't able to pick up a victory from their first Premier League game in over six years but they certainly provided plenty of entertainment! Last season's Championship winners did well to fight back from 1-0 down before doing the same in the second half, but at times their conservatism denied them the opportunity to push on and claim all three points.
90' + 4' Wolves attempt to push forward on one last attacking move as lofted pass is fired up towards the Everton box. Jota brings the ball down and shoots, but his effort is woefully hit and sails high and wide of the goal.
90' + 3' Bonatini breaks into the Everton box and looks set to whip a cross over to the far post, but Everton are just about able to deal with the danger. Wolves are piling plenty of bodies forward as they desperately try to carve out one final chance on goal.
90' + 2' Niasse and Baines link up deep down the left flank after decent build-up play from Everton. The full-back then tries to swing a cross into the penalty area, but it's underhit and fails to find a team-mate.
90' The fourth official has indicated that there will be four minutes of added time.
88' A poor attempted clearance from Holgate can only find Jota just outside of the Everton penalty area. The Portuguese looks set to shoot, but he's closed down and dispossessed by Coleman before he can do so and the visitors just about manage to hold on.
L. Digne
86' Richarlison is indeed replaced, with debutant Digne coming on to take his place.
86' This doesn't look good for Richarlison, who is down on the ground and seems to be in quite a bit of discomfort. It looks as if he's going to have to make way.
M. Gibbs-White
João Moutinho
85' Moutinho receives a rousing round of applause from the home fans as he's replaced by Gibbs-White.
84' Poor from Coleman! Once again, Everton are presented with an excellent opportunity to retake the lead, but Coleman's cross towards Niasse is overhit and fails to find the substitute in front of goal.
83' Excellent tackle by Bennett! Everton quickly break forward on a great counter-attack as they try to take the lead once again, but he's brilliantly dispossessed before he can set up Walcott in front of goal.
O. Niasse
C. Tosun
81' Everton have made a late substitution, with Niasse coming on to take the place of Tosun.
Rúben Neves
80' It really has been a great performance from the Wolves captain, who has a goal and assist to his name. Everyone good Wolves attacking move has come through the Portuguese.
R. Jiménez
80' GOAL! Wolves have equalised! Yet another cross is fired into the Everton box, and this time it works. A brilliant cross from Neves curls into the penalty area and picks out Jimenez, who beats Keane in the air before nodding a downward header straight past Pickford.
79' Once again Wolves push forward through Doherty, but Everton are just about able to deal with the danger. The home side are finally piling plenty of bodies forward but are really struggling to break down the Toffees' stubborn defence.
77' Chance for Jimenez! Doherty's latest cross is much better and picks out Jimenez, who quickly shoots but isn't able to guide his first-time volley past the body of Keane.
Rúben Vinagre
Jonny Castro
76' That will be Jonny's final involvement in the game, as he's been replaced by Vinagre.
75' Wolves patiently pass the ball around before Doherty eventually curls a cross into the middle of the Everton box. It can only find a blue shirt before falling to Jonny, who shoots but sends a wild effort high over the crossbar.
73' Keane is there to clear the corner, but only as far as Neves. The midfielder then tries to swing a cross back into the penalty area, but it's underhit and thumped away by Walcott.
72' Bonatini is quickly brought into the game by a clever throughball from Jimenez, but he's dealt with well by Holgate and the young defender pokes the ball behind for a corner.
Léo Bonatini
Hélder Costa
71' Wolves have understandably decided to make an attacking switch, with Costa making way for Bonatini.
69' Wolves were presented with a great opportunity to go on and win this game when Jagielka saw red but they've failed to do enough since then. Their conservative approach has let Everton get back into the contest, and they now have just over 20 minutes to find another equaliser.
C. Tosun
67' It was Tosun who poked a deft pass into the feet of Richarlison, who was given far too much space by the Wolves back line. The home side really should have done a lot better defensively.
67' GOAL! What a finish by Richarlison! Everton have been on top for the last 10 minutes and have deservedly retaken the lead. Tosun holds up the ball well before teeing up Richarlison, who sprints into the box and finds the far corner with a sublime strike.
65' Huge opportunity for Walcott! Tosun drifts over to the right flank, where he swings a great cross over to Richarlison at the far post. The Brazilian nods the ball down to Walcott, but the forward can't sort his feet out in time to shoot.
63' Despite being a man down, Everton are enjoying a pretty comfortable spell in possession at the moment. Wolves don't seem to be in a rush to press their opponents, which is allowing them to dictate the pace of the game.
61' Jimenez goes close! A lovely pass from Bennett splits the Everton back line in two and picks out Jimenez, who rushes into the penalty area and shoots but has his effort well saved by Pickford.
60' Everton cause problems for Wolves with a well-executed corner that manages to pick out Keane. The defender rises high above his marker and sends a header towards the far post, where Tosun almost manages to latch onto it.
59' Huge chance for Tosun! Wolves are caught open at the back, allowing Tosun to break towards the penalty area. He has Walcott to his right but decides to shoot himself, resulting in a relatively straight-forward save for Patricio. Was it the right decision? I'm not so sure.
58' Everton aren't able to clear the danger from their own half of the pitch, allowing Wolves to push forward once again. Neves picks up the ball in space and quickly shoots, but his long-range effort fails to trouble Pickford and sails over the crossbar.
56' Space opens up for Jonny, who bursts through the middle of the pitch before finding Jota out wide. The Portuguese then swings a great cross into the box, but annoyingly for him there's noboy there to meet it.
54' Everton bring an end to another decent Wolves attacking move before breaking away on a counter-attack of their own, but Richarlison's cross-field pass can't quite find Walcott, who was in acres of space out wide.
52' Jimenez makes a good run into the left-hand side of the Everton penalty area and latches onto a well-placed lofted pass. He then sets up Jota to take on Coleman, but it's the Irishman who comes out on top before being fouled on the byline.
50' More good play by Everton over on the left wing results in a corner. Baines steps up and crosses, but Wolves are eventually able to clear the danger before Walcott is flagged offside as the visitors come back again.
48' Tosun and Baines link up well over on the left wing before the latter tries to find a way past Moutinho and into the penalty area, but the Portuguese stands tall and denies the full-back a way through.
46' We're underway once again!
The two teams are making their way back out on to the pitch ahead of the start of the second half. Neither side have made any substitutions during the half-time break.
It didn't look likely Wolves were going to be able to find an equaliser before Jagielka saw red, but they've now been presented with an excellent opportunity to go on and win this. On too many occasions their build-up play has been slow, although Moutinho and Jimenez have done well when going forward.
What a thoroughly entertaining first half that was! It looked as if Everton were going to head into the break the happier of the two teams thanks to a debut goal for Richarlison, but Wolves fought back through Neves and are now on the front foot thanks to Jagielka's straight red card. Silva has a huge team talk on his hands...
45' + 3' The first corner is just about dealt with by Wolves, with Moutinho blasting a strange clearance behind for another one. It manages to pick out Keane, but his downward header is tame and easily collected by Patricio.
45' + 2' The 10 men of Everton break forward as they try to fashion a chance just before the half-time break, but, after bursting into the box, Coleman can't find a way past Jonny and has to settle for a corner.
45' The fourth official has indicated that there will be three minutes of added time.
Rúben Neves
44' GOAL! What a strike by Neves! The Portuguese eventually steps up and shoots from the resulting free-kick 20 yards away from goal, and he sends it flying off Pickford's palm and into the top right-hand corner of the net.
M. Holgate
G. Sigurðsson
43' Everton have decided to bring on defender Holgate to replace Sigurdsson.
42' Jota is still on the ground and looks to be in real discomfort. The Everton players and fans can't quite believe the decision the referee has made, but replays show that Jagielka's challenge was a reckless one.
P. Jagielka
Red Card
40' RED CARD! Everton are down to 10 men! A terrible first touch from Jagielka sends the ball over to Jota, who is immediately clattered into by a poor challenge from the defender. It leaves him writhing on the ground as the referee decides to show a straight red card. Huge decision!
40' Good play by Everton sees Tosun set up Sigurdsson to shoot with a deft flick into the penalty area, but the linesman's flag is raised as soon as his low shot is well saved by Patricio.
39' Poor play by Richarlison! Everton quickly counter-attack after winning back possession and look set to carve out a chance on goal, but after reaching the edge of the box, Richarlison's attempted pass to Walcott is poorly executed and fails to find the winger, who was in a great position.
37' Space opens up for Wolves as they pile bodies forward once again, but a poor pass from Jota fails to find the onrushing Doherty down the right wing and results in an Everton throw-in.
35' Jimenez twists and turns as he dances his way into the right-hand side of the Everton box and past Schneiderlin. He then heads towards the byline and tries to shoot, but he runs the ball out of play before he can do so.
33' Richarlison is clumsily fouled by Neves, resulting in a free-kick for Everton in a great position out wide. Once again it's Baines who sends a cross into the penalty area, but this time Wolves are able to clear the danger.
31' Everton come back once again, this time over on the left wing. Richarlison picks up the ball from Gueye and tries to find a way through the Wolves defence, but he's closed down well and quickly dispossessed.
29' After a period on the back foot, Everton are able to push forward over on the right flank. Walcott gets himself into a good position and crosses, but it's too low and easily cleared.
27' Wolves are seeing plenty of the ball at the moment but are struggling to do much with it. They've looked decent going forward on a few occasions but are more often than not failing to find a way through the sea of blue camped in front of them.
25' Jimenez and Jota link up nicely in the middle of the pitch as Wolves push forward on another decent attacking move, but Jonny's cross from the left wing is poor and fails to get the better of Coleman.
23' Wolves come back once again and are able to carve out a chance on goal for themselves, but Moutinho's half-volley from the edge of the penalty area is slightly overhit and sails over the crossbar.
21' A clever pass from Neves flies down the left wing and into the path of Jonny. Wolves then move the ball into the middle of the pitch as they try to find some space, but they're kept at bay by Everton and are forced into retreating.
19' Decent play by Wolves almost results in the home side carving out a chance on goal, but Doherty can't quite latch onto a cross-field pass from Boly in a good position and loses out to Richarlison deep down the wing.
M. Keane
17' Keane got a touch on the ball just before the Richarlison, nodding it down to the Brazilian on the edge of the six-yard box.
17' GOAL! Everton have taken the lead! It's Baines who steps up and sends a cross over to Richarlison, who manages to poke in from close range after initially failing to get his head onto the ball. What a start to his Everton debut!
16' Richarlison darts down the flank once again before being clumsily fouled by Doherty, who concedes a free-kick in a dangerous position. What can they do with this?
Yellow Card
14' Richarlison is clearly frustrated after being dispossessed, and he earns himself an early yellow card for a late sliding challenge on Moutinho.
13' Richarlison breaks down the left wing on a quick run after Everton win back possession, but the Brazilian is well marshalled by Wolves and is dispossessed before he's able to find some space for himself.
11' Everton are able to fashion their first chance on goal after good play between Walcott and Coleman out wide. The full-back takes advantage of sloppy play by Boly and shoots, but his low effort fails to trouble Patricio.
10' Costa looks as if he's going to be able to carve out a chance on goal after a lovely pass from Jimenez manages to pick out the Portuguese, but he gets his first touch all wrong and he's quickly dispossessed.
8' Sigurdsson drifts out wide and picks up the ball in a decent position before winning a corner for Everton. They're unable to make it count, though, as the ball is fired straight into the hands of Patricio.
6' Moutinho swings a cross into the box that's easily cleared, but Wolves quickly come back once again. A thumping pass is fired into the path of Moutinho, but the Portuguese can't quite reach the ball in a pocket of space out wide.
5' A poor attempted pass from Keane sails out of play for throw-in over on the left wing. It's sent down the flank and worked over to Costa, who then wins a corner for Wolves off the foot of Walcott.
3' After an even start to the game from both sides, it's Wolves who push forward on the first decent attack of the afternon. Neves eventually swings a cross into the penalty area, but it's overhit and lands on the roof of the net.
1' We're off! It's Everton who get the final Premier League game of the day underway.
The two sides are making their way out onto the pitch, with just a few minutes to go until kick-off.
As for Everton, Silva has decided to hand a starting spot to former Watford winger Richarlison, but Digne is the only other new signing to feature in today’s squad. Sandro, back from his loan spell to Sevilla, is on the bench, while Tosun will lead the line just in front of Sigurdsson.
Several new signings have gone straight into the Wolves line-up, with Patricio, Moutinho, Jonny and Jimenez all featuring from the start. It’s a big day for the latter, who is yet to fully convince since moving to Europe and will be aiming to nail down a regular starting position up front.
Everton substitutes: Mason Holgate, Sandro Ramirez, Lucas Digne, Oumar Niasse, Maarten Stekelenburg, Tom Davies, Dominic Calvert-Lewin.
Everton XI (4-2-3-1): Jordan Pickford; Seamus Coleman, Phil Jagielka, Michael Keane, Leighton Baines; Morgan Schneiderlin, Idrissa Gueye; Theo Walcott, Gylfi Sigurdsson, Richarlison; Cenk Tosun.
Wolverhampton Wanderers substitutes: Bright Enobakhare, Morgan Gibbs-White, John Ruddy, Romain Saiss, Ruben Vinagre, Kortney Hause, Leo Bonatini.
Wolverhampton Wanderers XI (3-4-2-1): Rui Patricio; Ryan Bennett, Conor Coady, Willy Boly; Matt Doherty, Joao Moutinho, Ruben Neves, Jonny Castro; Diogo Jota, Helder Costa; Raul Jimenez.
There’s just over 15 minutes left to go until kick-off, so let’s have a look at how the two teams will be lining up today…
Today’s game is going to be a tough one for Everton, but they’ve won each of their last five Premier League fixtures against newly promoted sides, keeping a clean sheet each time. They’re also unbeaten in their last six opening weekend games, with four of those ending in draws.
The fact that Everton finished eighth last season despite having such a messy campaign shows the amount of talent in their ranks, something that has swelled thanks to what looks like sensible spending over the summer. The Toffees have been handed a relatively friendly opening run of fixtures and will be looking to hit the ground running as they try to put last season firmly behind them.
It’s the dawn of a new era for Everton, who will be looking to put a poor season firmly behind them as they start their first campaign under Marco Silva. Ronald Koeman horribly misused funds last summer but Silva has been handed plenty more cash this year, resulting in £100m being spent bringing in the likes of Richarlison, Yerry Mina and Lucas Digne.
Wolves have strengthened an already impressive team over the summer and certainly look as if they’re going to fight hard for a place in the top half of the table. Experienced figures Rui Patricio and Joao Moutinho have joined the likes of Ruben Neves and Diogo Jota at the club, resulting in the West Midlands outfit understandably starting the campaign with plenty of optimism.
It’s not often a newly promoted side is one that neutrals are most excited to see in action, but that’s certainly the case with Wolves. A lot has changed in the six years since they were last in the top flight, with Nuno Espirito Santo’s dazzling brand of football seeing them comfortably collect the Championship title last season. Not content with merely avoiding relegation, many are tipping them to push for a top-10 finish.
Hello and welcome to our live coverage of today’s Premier League game between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Everton at Molineux.