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Venezia v Juventus Live Commentary, 11/12/2021

1 - 1
M. Aramu (55)
Morata (32)
Stadio Pierluigi Penzo


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Juventus drop down to sixth in the table and are 10 points behind the leaders Milan. They're unbeaten in their last four, and travel to Bologna next time out. Venezia stay in 16th and end their losing run. They have Ternana up next in the Coppa Italia.
Venezia hold Juventus to a 1-1 draw. The visitors had a bright first half, with Morata putting them ahead before the break with a clever close-range flick past Romero at the near post. Venezia came out for the second half on the front foot and Aramu pulled them level with a brilliant curling effort from outside the box. The hosts had the better chances after that, but they couldn't find a way past Szczesny again.
90' + 2' CHANCE! Soule drifts away from Busio down the right and cuts back inside to open the space for a shot. He gets a lot of power behind it, but it's always rising and it sails just over the bar.
S. Kiyine
Yellow Card
90' Kiyine is late as he slides in on Morata from behind and he's booked for the challenge.
89' Peretz nudges Rabiot off the ball before trying to switch play out to Aramu on the left again. He's peeled off the back of De Scigliio, but the right-back read it well and makes a good interception.
M. Soulé
M. Locatelli
87' Another change for Juventus now and it's Locatelli that's going off for Soule.
86' Cuadrado runs at Peletz and wrongfoots the substitute as he cuts inside from the left. He skips past the challenge from Caldara but takes a heavy touch as he does so and Modolo hooks it clear. 
84' Forte's pressure forces De Sciglio to give the ball away and Aramu breaks quickly on the counter. Tessmann makes the overlapping run down the left, but he sends his cross straight into Szczesny's gloves.
82' Aramu picks his head up just inside Juve's half and spots that Szczesny has just drifted off his line. It's an audacious effort from him from a very long way out and it's always heading wide of the near post. 
F. Forte
T. Henry
80' And Forte is also coming on in place of Henry.
D. Peretz
D. Črnigoj
79' Crnigoj is also making way, with Peretz replacing him.
P. Mazzocchi
T. Ebuehi
79' There's a triple change for Venezia now as well. Ebuehi is the first to make way, with Mazzocchi on for him.
78' Busio is caught on the ball by Rabiot, but Juventus look nervous whenever they win back possession. Bentancur makes a good run down the left, but Rabiot slices his pass straight out of play.
R. Bentancur
F. Bernardeschi
76' And Bernardeschi is the last to be taken off, with Bentancur replacing him.
Alex Sandro
L. Pellegrini
76' Pellegrini is also taken off, with Alex Sandro on in his place. 
M. Kean
Kaio Jorge
76' Juventus are making a triple change as they look to try and find a late winner. Jorge, who came on for the injured Dybala in the first half, goes off for Kean.
74' Morata is holding off Ebuehi on the left of the box and he's running out of room. He goes to ground and he's asking for a penalty, but it looks like he tripped over his own feet and he's told to get up.
72' Cuadrado breaks down the right before Haps steps in to set Venezia on the counter. He tries to thread it through for Kiyine ahead of him, but De Sciglio is there to break it up.
70' CHANCE! Romero is being put under pressure by Jorge and the keeper ends up selling Caldara short. Morata races in to intercept it before pulling it back for Jorge, but his effort hits Bonucci and bounces wide. 
68' It's clever footwork from Pellegrini as he leaves Ebuehi in a tangle and lifts a deep cross into the box. Modolo heads it against Cuadrado's outstretched arm to win a free-kick.
66' Pellegrini takes the first corner short to Cuadrado, but his cross hits Tessmann. He swings the second one into the box, only for it to be cleared by the first man, and Venezia break on the counter. 
T. Tessmann
E. Ampadu
64' Ampadu, who was booked just over a minute ago, caught Cuadrado with a late challenge and some of the Juve players are asking why he hasn't been shown a second. Zanetti does the smart thing by taking him off, and Tessmann is on in his place. 
E. Ampadu
Yellow Card
63' Ampadu was late with a challenge earlier on in Juventus' attack, so the referee takes it back and shows him a yellow card.
F. Bernardeschi
Yellow Card
62' Bernardeschi is late with his challenge on Kiyine, and he isn't happy with the referee when he's shown a yellow card. 
61' None of the Juventus players are picking up Henry on the edge of the box, so he decides to have a go when he's picked out by Aramu. It's a poor effort though that flies high and wide.
59' Kiyine lifts it over the top of Juventus' defence to pick out Busio, who stayed onside. He couldn't turn to get a shot away, so he tried to square it into Henry instead, but De Ligt stepped across just in time to intercept the cross.
S. Kiyine
D. Johnsen
57' Venezia are making their first change of the game. It's Johnsen that's going off, with Kiyine on in his place. 
R. Haps
55' It was quick thinking from the left-back to square it to Aramu as he was quickly being closed down by two Juve defenders.
M. Aramu
55' ARAMU EQUALISES! It's been coming for Venezia! Johnsen couldn't bring the ball down and Haps pulls it back to Aramu before Locatelli can close him down. He sets himself and hits the shot first time from the edge of the D, curling it out of Szczesny's reach and in at the near post. 1-1! 
53' Morata has scored 20 of his 30 Serie A goals in away matches, including six of his last seven in the competition.
M. Caldara
Yellow Card
51' Morata would've been away if Caldara hadn't dragged him back on the halfway line. He can have no complaints as he's shown a yellow card.
50' Johnsen is in a foot race with De Ligt to reach Caldara's throughball, and the forward gets there. He switches it out to Busio on the left, and he cuts inside before curling a shot on goal, but it's straight at Szczesny. 
48' Ampadu and Crnigoj link up well on the edge of Juventus' box, getting between the defenders before Ampadu tries to slide it through to Henry. He wasn't on the same wavelength though and it rolls through to Szczesny.
46' Venezia get us back underway for the second half! 
Allegri will be pleased with his side's performance so far as they've looked in control. He'll be hoping they can put it out of sight after the break though. Venezia have shown bright sparks when they have gotten forward, but they'll need to be more clinical if they want to get back into this game. 
Morata's clever finish gives Juventus a 1-0 lead over Venezia at half-time. The visitors created the better chances, with Jorge, who came on for the injured Dybala, poking over from close range. Morata got the better of Romero from close range with a faint touch at the near post, and Cuadrado fired just wide before the break.
45' + 1' CLOSE! Cuadrado has acres of space down the right, and he doesn't even think about picking out a team-mate when he gets into the box. He fizzes a low shot across goal, which Romero can't block, but it's just wide. 
45' Szczesny goes long for Cuadrado and he rises ahead of Caldara to glance it on to Morata. He gets caught on his heels though and can't get there ahead of Romero.
43' Venezia are struggling to get out of their own half at the moment. Juventus are closing them down high upfield and when Johnsen tries to break forward, he loses out to Cuadrado.
M. Modolo
Yellow Card
41' It's a late one from Modolo as he steps on Jorge's foot, completely missing the ball. He gives away a free-kick and is shown a yellow card.
40' De Sciglio breaks on the counter, sliding it through for Bernardeschi ahead of him down the right. He squares it to Morata in the box and he slides it to poke it towards goal, but Romero gets behind it.
38' It's a good cross by Aramu, but Caldara can't rise high enough to send his header towards goal. Haps brings it down on the far side before laying it off to Crnigoj, but his long-range shot flies high over the bar.
36' Venezia can't keep hold of the ball at the moment and Pellegrini pushes forward down the left. He links up with Morata again, but he can't get any power on the shot and it's a simple save for Romero.
34' The incident that VAR was looking at was whether or not Bernardeschi had handled the ball in the build-up. They had to look at a few different angles, but in the end, saw nothing wrong as he brought it down on his chest. 
L. Pellegrini
32' Pellegrini gets the better of Ebuehi down the left again and uses the extra space he has to whip in a great cross.
32' MORATA SCORES! Pellegrini puts a brilliant cross into the six-yard box and Morata gets in front of his defender to get on the end of it. He flicks it past Romero at the near post and the keeper can't react quick enough to keep it out. VAR has a check to see if there was a handball in the build-up, but they can't see anything and the goal stands. 1-0 Juve! 
31' Venezia's corner is cleared by Juventus, but only as far as Busio on the opposite flank. He lays it off to Haps, who curls a good cross into the box, but Henry's header loops up into the air and Szczesny reaches it first. 
29' Pellegrini can't get anywhere near Henry as he lifts a cross into the near post for Aramu. He's about to flick the header on when De Ligt gets in front of him to take it off his head. 
27' GOOD SAVE! Pellegrini pushes his way past Ebuehi down the left and pulls it back for Morata in the six-yard box. He flicks it on and Romero gets down quickly to smother the chance.
26' Venezia are moving the ball upfield much quicker than they were before and Aramu picks out a good pass into Henry. He tries to lift his shot over Szczesny from the edge of the D, but his shot sails over the bar.
24' Venezia have another chance to break through Ampadu down the left, and this time, he picks out Johnsen with a great throughball. As he cuts inside, De Ligt slides in with a perfectly-timed tackle to deny him a shot.
22' Bernardeschi whips a dangerous cross into the box from the byline and Modolo gets a glancing touch at the near post. That takes it over Morata in the middle and it's just out of Cuadrado's reach on the far side.
20' Venezia only half-clear another Juventus corner and Bernardeschi recycles it by pulling it back for Jorge. He lifts a looping cross towards the far post, but Romero gets there just ahead of Morata. 
18' Ampadu plays a great one-two with Johnsen to get away down the left, and he has two to aim for in the box. His cross is too close to the keeper though, and Szczesny collects it. 
L. Pellegrini
Yellow Card
16' Pellegrini slides in on Henry and takes out the forward's standing leg. He's protesting his innocence but is shown the first yellow card of the game.
15' CUADRADO! Morata has to stretch to keep possession on the edge of the box and his touch picks out Cuadrado in space. He sets himself before firing a shot across goal, but it's always swerving away from the far post.
13' CHANCE! Pellegrini's corner is headed down by De Ligt at the far post and Jorge sticks out a leg to try and poke it towards goal from close range. He can't keep it down though, and it flies just over the bar. 
Kaio Jorge
P. Dybala
12' Dybala's game is coming to an early end here. He's picked up an injury and makes his way off, with 19-year-old Jorge on for him.
10' It's a poor attempt at a clearance from Ampadu as he heads it straight to Cuadrado. He has time to take a touch before firing his shot, but Modolo quickly gets across to make an important block. 
8' Pellegrini clips a cross into the near post, but it's just too high for Morata to flick on. The clearance from Caldara falls straight for Dybala though. He fires his volley into the ground though and it bounces kindly back to Romero.
6' Cuadrado's free-kick is punched away unconvincingly by Romero straight to De Ligt on the left of the box. He takes it around Busio before slicing a cross straight out of play.
4' It's a good switch of play from Locatelli out to Bernardeschi on the left. He has Dybala waiting on the edge of the box but hits his low cross straight at Modolo, who hooks it away.
2' It's Venezia with all of the early possession here, but it's all in front of Juventus. Haps has space to run into down the left, but he's cut out by De Sciglio before he can whip a cross in.
1' Dybala gets the game underway for Juve! 
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Venezia lost their last two Serie A home meetings with Juventus (in 2000 and 2002), but they've never lost three such matches in a row against them in the competition.
Massimiliano Allegri makes seven changes from the Champions League win over Malmo, with only Bonucci, Rabiot, Bernardeschi and Dybala retaining their places. Morata is brought in to lead the line in place of Kean, despite him scoring the winner in that game. 
Paolo Zanetti makes six changes from the loss to Verona last time out. Ebuehi, Modolo, Haos, Busio, Johnsen and Ampadu, who is back from suspension, all come in, with Mazzocchi, Molinaro and Kiyine dropping to the bench. Pietro Ceccaroni is suspended, while Antonio Vacca and David Okereke are both injured.
JUVENTUS SUBS: Alex Sandro, Koni de Winter, Giorgio Chiellini, Moise Kean, Rodrigo Bentancur, Matias Soule Malvano, Fabio Miretti, Kaio Jorge, Mattia Perin, Carlo Pinsoglio, Daniele Rugani. 
JUVENTUS STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Wojciech Szczesny; Mattia De Sciglio, Matthijs de Ligt, Leonardo Bonucci, Luca Pellegrini; Adrien Rabiot, Manuel Locatelli; Juan Cuadrado, Paulo Dybala, Federico Bernardeschi; Alvaro Morata.
VENEZIA SUBS: Dor Peretz, Bjarki Steinn Bjarkason, Cristian Molinaro, Pasquale Mazzocchi, Daan Heymans, Michael Svoboda, David Schnegg, Luca Lezzerini, Sofian Kiyine, Tanner Tessmann, Francesco Forte, Arnor Sigurdsson.
VENEZIA STARTING XI (4-3-1-2): Sergio Romero; Tyronne Ebuehi, Mattia Caldara, Marco Modolo, Ridgeciano Haps; Ethan Ampadu, Gianluca Busio, Domen Crnigoj; Mattia Aramu; Thomas Henry, Dennis Johnsen.
After losing back-to-back games against Chelsea in the Champions League and Atalanta in Serie A in the space of a week, Juventus have bounced back. They've won their last three in all competitions, including a narrow win over Malmo in midweek to top their group in Europe, keeping a clean sheet in all of them. As for Venezia, they've lost their last three matches, which follows a three-match unbeaten run. They were 3-0 up at half-time in their last game against Hellas Verona but went on to lose 4-3.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Serie A meeting between Venezia and Juventus at the Pier Luigi Penzo!