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M. Arroyo
W. Ayoví
2 - 1
G. Zardes
C. Dempsey
2 - 0
J. Jones
Red Card
A. Valencia
Yellow 2nd/RC
C. Dempsey
J. Jones
1 - 0

Match Stats

42% 58%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 3
Total Passes 310 410
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That's all for our live coverage from CenturyLink, thanks for following along. Goodbye!
Up next for the USA is the winner of Argentina v Venezuela on Saturday, while Ecuador will go home having to lament a missed opportunity tonight in Seattle. They took too long to get going and paid dearly, as they're denied just a second ever appearance in the Copa America semi-finals.
FULL-TIME: USA 2-1 ECUADOR. Clint Dempsey and Gyasi Zardes book the Americans a place in the semi-final for the first time since 1995, as Michael Arroyo's goal isn't enough to propel the Tricolor's comeback attempts, with both teams down to 10 men.
S. Birnbaum
G. Zardes
WIDE! A wild scramble ensues in the area following an Ecuador corner, but it's eventually bundled behind for a goal-kick! The hosts will use the stoppage to make their final change... Steve Birnbaum replaces Zardes.
LAST-DITCH CLEARANCE! Shades of Jesus Corona as Arroyo dances through the defence, gliding past four defenders with great poise! Brooks stands firm, however, and boots the ball clear at the vital moment! One push left for Ecuador to keep this game alive!
INCHES WIDE! Near heartbreak for the Americans as a low cross into the area proves a tricky one for Brooks, who scuffs a clearance agonisingly wide of his own goal with Guzan rooted to his spot!
There will be four minutes added on at the end of this match!
How's he still running?! Wood has been going all out since the opening kick-off and he hasn't let up in the slightest! He chases down another lost cause in attack and winds up winning the USA a free-kick high up the pitch - a chance to run vital seconds off the clock.
Anywhere will do for the USA now as Ecuador throw everything but the kitchen sink at the American goal. They're taking the aerial route in attack, feeding crosses into the box for the likes of Valencia, Arroyo and Jamie Ayovi to attack, but Brooks and Cameron have been up to the task.
B. Guzan
Yellow Card
Time-wasting starting to ensue now and the referee puts an end to it straight away as Guzan goes into the book.
J. Ayoví
J. Paredes
All hands on deck now for Ecuador as they bring striker Jamie Ayovi on at the expense of right-back Juan Carlos Paredes.
G. Zusi
A. Bedoya
A second change for the hosts as Graham Zusi enters the fray at the expense of Bedoya, who is suspended for the next match, should the USA progress.
WHAT'S HE PASSING FOR?! The Yanks are carved apart at the back by some wonderfully intricate one-touch passing from Ecuador! Arroyo gets through in the area, but he tries to square it instead of having a clean strike at goal, and the USA snuff it out!
STAT: Both these teams have made just one previous appearance in the Copa America semi-finals. Ecuador in 1993 (lost to Mexico) and USA in 1995 (lost to Brazil).
OFF THE WOODWORK! The American's lead is hanging by a thread! You can cut the tension in this stadium with a knife! Enner Valencia, who has been a force in the air throughout, gets on the end of another cross, sending a header off the frame of the goal and behind!
K. Beckerman
C. Dempsey
Klinsmann makes a change in an attempt to solidify the spine of his team, bringing Kyle Beckerman on for Dempsey.
M. Arroyo
ECUADOR FIND A LIFELINE! It's straight from the training ground! Walter Ayovi squares for Arroyo atop the area from the resulting free-kick, and the Club America attacker rifles a superb finish through the crowd and into the back of the net!
W. Ayoví
Assist Walter Orlando Ayoví Corozo
A. Bedoya
Yellow Card
Bedoya picks up a booking and he will be suspended for the semi-finals as well, should the USA hold on.
C. Ramírez
C. Gruezo
Ecuador bring on defender Cristian Ramirez, a strange one indeed, with Gruezo replaced. The Ferencvaros man has five previous caps and no goals to his name.
USA enjoy a bit of possession in the attacking half as they provide their defence with a bit of respite ahead of an inevitable final push from Ecuador over the last 20 minutes. Quinteros is very active on the touchline as he prepares another substitute. Now or never for Ecuador...
HEADED OVER! Gaibor lifts a delicious cross in from distance to pick out the head of Enner Valencia. The striker rises above Cameron to meet it, but lifts a header onto the roof of the net! The centre-half has to be stronger in the air.
STAT: Zardes' strike was the first second-half goal conceded by either of these teams in the 2016 Copa America.
C. Dempsey
Dempsey continues to play a pivotal role in attack for the hosts as he grabs an assist to pair with his earlier goal.
G. Zardes
THE HOSTS HAVE A FOOT INTO THE SEMI-FINAL! Zardes does brilliantly to win a header inside the area, knocking it into the path of Dempsey. The striker sends a shot-cum-cross back into the centre as he's falling to ground, which Zardes bundles into the empty net!
J. Paredes
Yellow Card
Paredes flies through the air to try and bring down an aerial pass, and he nearly catches Wood in the face with his studs. Had there been contact, it could have been much worse for the right-back, but he escapes with a yellow.
F. Gaibor
C. Noboa
Noboa picks up a knock as he pulls up lame in midfield, prompting Quinteros into making the first change of the match. Fernando Gaibor of Emelec is on in his place, making just his seventh appearance for the national team.
OFFSIDE! Enner Valencia has the ball in the back of the net for Ecuador, but the linesman's flag denies them the equaliser. Besler was very deep on the near side making that an awfully close decision, but in this case the benefit of the doubt goes to the defender as opposed to the striker!
Surely changes are immanent for both sides. Ecuador need to replenish their attack with Antonio Valencia off, and could turn to Fidel Martinez to fill that void. The USA lost a lot of stability in midfield with Jones departing, a position Kyle Beckerman could certainly fit into.
Ecuador are very much on the ascendency as they look to exploit the newfound space on the pitch. They're showing plenty of reason for optimism on the front foot, lifting some inviting deliveries into the area for Enner Valencia. Brooks and Cameron have to be very alert here.
Jones got his hand up in the face of Arroyo and lashed out at him - which is the cause for the sending off. There wasn't much contact, but the referee felt the gesture was enough.
B. Wood
Yellow Card
Tensions rising here as Wood slides into a dangerous tackle and he goes into the book. That means he will miss the semi-final should the USA progress!
J. Jones
Red Card
A melee ensues afterward and Jones must have said or done something amongst the chaos as he's issued a straight red! We're down to 10-a-side! 
Antonio Valencia kicks out at Bedoya. He's already on a yellow so that will see him sent off!
STAT: The only previous meeting between these two sides at the Copa America came in 1993. Ecuador, the hosts that year, won 2-0 in Quito en route to a first-place finish atop Group A.
THEY'RE GETTING CLOSER! The Valencia's link-up from the resulting set-piece and it nearly results in an equaliser! Antonio flicks the delivery on towards the danger area, where Enner arrives to meet it, but he can't get enough on his header to test Guzan! A bit of power on that and he very well could have had the goal Ecuador crave!
Ecuador come out of the interval showing a bit of initiative. Noboa plays an inviting ball over the top for Arroyo, but the attacker's first touch lets him down. The Tricolor keep the pressure on, as Johnson is dispossessed, before Jones concedes a senseless foul on Montero near the corner flag.
Here we go again! The USA get the second half underway... no changes from either side at the break.
Clint Dempsey has the Americans ahead after 45 minutes, while Ecuador will be counting their blessings it isn't worse. The USA applied immense pressure, buoyed by their unquenchable desire to get on the front foot, and came close to doubling their lead on a few occasions. The Tricolor will try and draw on their late opportunity for a bit of motivation ahead of the second half, but they have a lot of work to do with momentum firmly on the side of the hosts.
SO NEARLY AN EQUALISER! Ecuador are gifted their best chance of the half in stoppage time by a dreadful giveaway by Bradley! It allows Montero through behind the defence, but Guzan comes up with a massive save to deny him at the near post!
There will be two minutes added on at the end of this first half.
BEDOYA SQUANDERS A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY! Swift, clinical and decisive from the Americans on the counter, as they catch Ecuador lacking bodies in defence. The ball is worked through to Bedoya in the area, but with the goal at his mercy he can only roll a disappointingly tame strike straight at Dominguez!
STAT: The only previous meeting between these two sides at the Copa America came in 1993. Ecuador, the hosts that year, won 2-0 in Quito en route to a first-place finish atop Group A.
This is a better spell from Ecuador, as they keep possession for an extended spell in the final third, but the USA just seem to be a half-step quicker. They're so quick to close down on the man in possession, making it incredibly difficult on the Tricolor to pick out that decisive pass they so desperately need.
A. Valencia
Yellow Card
OUCH! Brooks is the victim again, this time with Antonio Valencia catching him in the midriff with a stray boot. The midfielder only had eyes for the ball, so there was no intent in it, but that's not enough to keep him out of the referee's book.
More pressure from the hosts is absorbed by Ecuador, who are hanging on for dear life at the moment. This first half will have flown by from a USA perspective, but the Tricolor will have felt like they've been out there for an eternity. They need to get into the break with no further damage done, and quickly regroup.
UH OH! This would be a massive blow for the USA should Brooks not be able to continue! He comes together with Arroyo in a rather innocuous-looking duel, but immediately after he comes up clutching his elbow. He's in obvious pain, but it would have to be something pretty serious to force him off in a match of this magnitude.
STAT: The only previous meeting between these two sides at the Copa America came in 1993. Ecuador, the hosts that year, won 2-0 in Quito en route to a first-place finish atop Group A.
THERE'S BROOKS AGAIN! The defender had himself a terrific group stage and he's at it again, throwing his body to ground to block Arroyo's shot from in close after a clever pull-back from Antonio Valencia. That may have been the Tricolor's best chance, and we're already half an hour into this match.
It's all a bit static from Ecuador in possession, and Quinteros is growing quite animated on his touchline. Ecuador are by no means out of this game - not by a longshot - but if they don't find a way to level the playing field a bit they could find themselves in an even bigger whole... and then it's an entirely different discussion.
Ecuador desperately need a positive spell in attack to give themselves something to draw upon. They need a way to halt the USA's momentum, as the Americans come close to scoring a second from a Dempsey strike inside the area, made possible by some terribly relaxed defending from the Tricolor.
If you could hear this crowd now! The atmosphere is absolutely electric as the backing for the host nation increases ten-fold with the goal! Not only is that a crucial lead for the Americans, but it should give them all sorts of confidence as well!
J. Jones
That was a fantastic first touch from Jones, far from an easy one at that, to serve it up on a platter for Dempsey to attack.
C. Dempsey
THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO SHOW FOR IT NOW! That can all be attributed to the terrific work rate of Wood to win the ball high up the pitch, keep the attack alive and pick out Jones atop the area. The midfielder lifts a stunning first-time cross onto the head of Dempsey who places a magnificent header back across goal and in at the near post!
STAT: Four of the USA’s five goals in the group stage were scored in the first half, while Ecuador have managed an even split – three before the interval, three after.
Ecuador don't seem to be bothered by all the possession the USA are getting through 20 minutes. The hosts were always favoured to start strong given the support in the stadium, but it's slowly starting to even out as the Americans have nothing but a large percentage of time spent on the ball to show for their determined play out of the gate.
LOOK AT THAT DETERMINATION! Wood was never favoured to get to that throughball, but he doesn't know the meaning of a lost cause, somehow beating Erazo for pace and sliding in to knock the ball past the keeper and into the centre of the area... but all his team-mates had given up the chase! It could have been the easiest of tap-ins had someone provided support!
HAS TO BE BETTER! Wonderfully worked set-piece routine from the Yanks as Johnson's corner is attacked by a clever run towards the near post from Cameron, which sees him elude his marker in traffic. He rises to meet it, with no pressure from a defender, but sends a glancing header surprisingly wide of the far post!
The USA are enjoying plenty of possession, buoyed by the excitable nature of this crowd. They're very direct in their approach, with Wood making some very encouraging runs off the ball up top to cause Mina all sorts of problems. All that's been lacking thus far is the final delivery.
The hosts have an excellent width about them going forward, with Johnson especially eager to provide support on the overlap. Plenty of defensive responsibility will fall on the shoulders of Montero and Antonio Valencia to help track the runs, or it could be a long night for the Tricolor.
STAT: USA are making just their second appearance in the Copa America quarter-finals. They beat Mexico in their first trip to the knockout stage in 1995.
SPLENDID EFFORT! Montero shows his trickery on the ball to escape a tackle and cut in on his right. He tries to float an effort over the head of Guzan, who was cheating off his line, but sends a shot crashing onto the roof of the goal!
There's a lovely tempo to this match in the early stages! Both teams boast plenty of quality in the final third, so depending on their approach, it could very well continue this way. Ecuador respond by winning a corner of their own, but the Yanks are up to the task as the danger is cleared.
Ecuador pose plenty of threat on the counter and they show their hand early with an enticing break through Antonio Valencia on the right. He tries to curl an ambitious ball through for Enner Valencia, but Fabian Johnson - playing his natural position on the right tonight - is around with cover to snuff it out. Back the other way come the USA and Zardes wins a corner with a deflected shot.
THE COPA AMERICA QUARTER-FINALS ARE UNDERWAY! Ecuador in their yellow tops get us going, attacking right to left, with the USA in white with blue trim.
The fun is almost underway! The players take the pitch on what is an absolutely beautiful night for football in Seattle, in front of around 50,000 fans at CenturyLink. As expected, the hosts certainly aren't lacking in support, but there's enough yellow scattered about as these Ecuador fans ensure their own team has some backing in hostile territory.
Gustavo Quinteros makes just the one change as well for Ecuador, as Club America midfielder Michael Arroyo makes his first start of the tournament at the expense of striker Jamie Ayovi. Miller Bolanos is not yet fit to return to the starting line-up, though he has been included amongst the substitutes. Gabriel Achilier returns from suspension but he's also relegated to a place on the bench as Frickson Erazo keeps his place in the centre of defence.
After naming the same starting XI in all three group games, Jurgen Klinsmann is forced into a change tonight as DeAndre Yedlin misses out through suspension. In to replace him at right-back is Sporting Kansas City defender Matt Besler. Everything else remains the same for the hosts, though they will be walking a tight line as six players come into the match with a booking to their name, meaning they would be suspended for the semi-final - should they reach it - with a yellow card tonight: Alejandro Bedoya, Michael Bradley, John Brooks, Fabian Johnson, Jermaine Jones and Bobby Wood.
SUBS: Banguera, Ramirez, Gaibor, Martinez, Dreer, Mena, Larrea, J. Ayovi, Cazares, Arboleda, Achilier, Bolanos.
ECUADOR (4-2-3-1): Dominguez; Paredes, Mina, Erazo, W. Ayovi; Noboa, Gruezo; A. Valencia, Arroyo, Montero; E. Valencia.
SUBS: Birnbaum, Nagbe, Howard, Orozco, Beckerman, Kitchen, Pulisic, Wondolowski, Zusi, Castillo, Horvath.
USA (4-4-2): Guzan; Besler, Cameron, Brooks, Johnson; Zardes, Bradley, Jones, Bedoya; Dempsey, Wood.
Line-ups have been announced, so let's have ourselves a closer look at the teams set to square off tonight!
Ecuador get after you and they do it well. La Tricolor made it through as Group B’s second-place team largely due to their vaunted attack. They scored six goals in their last two group matches after a goalless draw with Brazil to open the tournament – and they’re tied for the lead in goals in South American World Cup qualifying. They’re starved of success at the international level, but belief in their camp has never been higher.
After their tournament got off to a less than ideal start, the USA bounced back with successive victories to leap Colombia into top spot in Group A. It wasn’t always convincing from their across the final two matches, but they got the job done and, in the end, what else matters? John Brooks and Brad Guzan had to bail them out on a few occasions, but they had four days off to patch things up as they get set to face one of the tournament’s most potent attacks.
And so it begins! Hello and welcome to our live coverage from CenturyLink Field in Seattle as USA and Ecuador get the Copa America quarter-finals underway!