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C. Eriksen
3 - 0
J. Vertonghen
S. Aurier
2 - 0
T. Delaney
Yellow Card
Son Heung-Min
J. Vertonghen
1 - 0
S. Aurier
Yellow Card

Match Stats

53% 46%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 5 5
Total Passes 596 521
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Spurs' focus now returns to Premier League action and their away trip to Burnley this weekend, while Dortmund head to rock-bottom Nurnburg in the Bundesliga. They'll need a good win there to shake this defeat from their heads. That's all for now! Goodbye!
Spurs will now travel to Dortmund with an impressive lead and have to be favourites to make the Champions League quarter-finals for the first time since Harry Redknapp's side did it in 2010-11. Dortmund will have three weeks to reflect on their hesitant approach to that game.
This could go down as one of Spurs' great European nights. Tottenham simply had too much for Dortmund who were strangely passive. Spurs saw out a first half that Dortmund just edged then they grabbed the lead through Son, who's surely entered Spurs folklore now. Vertonghen and Llorente completed the rout late on, but it could all have been different but for that Lloris save at the end of the first half.
V. Wanyama
M. Sissoko
90' + 1' Spurs make their final switch - Sissoko off. Wanyama on. They've done their job.
90' + 1' Dortmund show they're still awake, just. Gotze finds the new entrant Guerreiro, whose left-footed shot whistles past Lloris' right-hand post.
E. Lamela
Son Heung-Min
90' The game is slowed by a raft of changes as Spurs settle for the result. Son is deservedly clapped off. Lamela comes on for him. There will be two added minutes.
Raphaël Guerreiro
J. Sancho
88' Dortmund make their final change. Sancho - who's looked bright tonight - is replaced by Guerreiro.
J. Bruun Larsen
C. Pulisic
88' Favre has had enough. Pulisic is hauled off and replaced by Larsen. He'll rue his wastefulness earlier.
C. Eriksen
86' Eriksen weighted that corner perfectly. His team now have a commanding lead in this tie that Dortmund look unlikely to pull back.
86' GOAL! 3-0 SPURS! What did we tell you? Spurs win a corner on their left off Schmelzer. Eriksen whips the ball in and it's nodded straight into the net by Llorente. Dortmund look done for already.
Lucas Moura
84' Spurs make their first sub - Lucas is replaced up front by Llorente. No doubt the Spaniard will love all the crosses coming in.
S. Aurier
84' Aurier's cross for that goal was fantastic. Spurs have gone about their job impressively in this second half - Dortmund less so.
J. Vertonghen
83' GOAL! 2-0 SPURS! Spurs are in control of this tie now. Sissoko robs Gotze of the ball and passes wide to Aurier. The Ivorian whips in a quick cross towards the far post from deep which Vertonghen reaches just in time to lash it into the net! It's his first Champions League goal for Spurs.
82' Alderweireld stands with the ball on the halfway line, wondering why on earth Dortmund aren't bothering to press him. Eriksen gets impatient and has a shot blocked.
80' Spurs have had eight shots to Dortmund's one this half. The visitors have been oddly subdued. 
78' A nice one-two for Spurs and Sissoko is off down the right. He holds the ball up but Dortmund get the ball back soon enough. Looking at the replay of Lucas' first shot a few moments ago, Spurs had a claim for handball by Delaney there. A minor VAR check ruled it out.
M. Schmelzer
D. Zagadou
77' Dortmund make the first change of the game. Zagadou is replaced by Schmelzer.
76' Eriksen's corner causes confusion in the box. It bobbles for Lucas who bursts onto the scene to shoot on the volley. Again, it's blocked, but that could have gone anywhere. Spurs get another corner. This time Lucas skies his shot.
74' Eriksen pings another excellent ball to Vertonghen on the left. His cross is picked up by Son at the far post. The South Korean passes back inside to Eriksen, whose long-range shot is blocked. Spurs corner.
72' Dortmund have their first extended spell on the ball for a while. Spurs drop in to defend. Foyth and Sanchez conspire to make a routine clearance more anxiety-inducing than it needs to be.
71' Sanchez gifts Dortmund the ball again. Pulisic picks up the ball but trips over his own feet and Dortmund's chance to counter is gone. 
69' Pulisic wriggles free of Aurier and has a cross blocked. Dahoud, who's been very quiet, picks up the ball and tests Lloris with a token low shot from outside the box.
67' Spurs keep the ball for a while with Dortmund electing not to venture forward and leave space behind them. The away side are staying disciplined but look short of ideas.
65' Spurs look more comfortable in possession and are starting to sparkle now. Sissoko, who's drifted wide right, powers forward and aims for Moura in the centre. Toprak hooks the cross away from danger.
63' This game really has opened up since Spurs' goal. Vertonghen almost repeats his assist for Son after overlapping down the left. This time it's too close to Dortmund's defenders and is bundled out for a corner.
62' Eriksen's corner finds Vertonghen who heads straight at Burki. Up the other end, Pulisic finds himself with the ball in Spurs' box but is quickly crowded out.
60' Spurs get a few chances. First, Eriksen gets a shot from outside the box that Burki saves easily enough, then Vertonghen takes a free-kick quickly and sets the Dane free again. This time, his looped pass is headed over by Zagadou. Spurs corner.
58' A Lloris long clearance is headed on by Spurs but Dortmund win the ball back. Vertonghen beats Sancho to the loose ball and heads straight torwards Dortmund's goal. He soon gets a rush of blood to the head and balloons his shot high and wide.
57' Dortmund haven't had a sniff of goal yet this half. Sancho gets clipped by Vertonghen as the young English winger drops deep to receive the ball. Dortmund free-kick.
55' The Dane steps up and can only hit Dortmund's yellow-and-black wall. Dortmund win a free-kick soon after.
T. Delaney
Yellow Card
53' Delaney is booked for that challenge. Eriksen prepares to take it...
53' Dortmund are still trying to get their heads around that goal. Spurs work the ball back to Lloris and combine well down their left to find Son, who twists on the edge of Dortmund's box and is tripped by Delaney. Spurs free-kick in a promising position.
50' Son gets in on the action again as he takes on Toprak. This time he can't get past Dortmund's Turkish defender. The South Korean really is a talisman for this Spurs side.
49' Son loves scoring against Dortmund. That's 9 goals in 11 senior career games he's scored against them now. What's more, that was Spurs' first shot on target - and what a shot it was.
J. Vertonghen
47' That was a fantastic cross by Vertonghen, but Hakimi should have done far better there. That'll make this tie very interesting now.
Son Heung-Min
47' GOAL! 1-0 SPURS! Yes, they can! Eriksen intercepts Hakimi's lax pass and passes to Vertonghen. The Belgian has all the time in the world to arc a cross towards Son, who volleys the ball spectacularly past Burki from close range!
46' Spurs kick off this second half. Will either side light up this first leg with a goal? 
Spurs' blank in the first 45 minutes won't worry them unduly - they've scored eight of their nine Champions League goals this season in the second half. They need to be wary of Dortmund's threat on the counter-attack, though, and avoid handing the visitors a precious away goal.
That was an absorbing first half, even though it was low on chances. Spurs gradually grew into the game but didn't create many opportunities of note. Dortmund had the best chance on the brink of half-time from Zagadou's header. All to play for in the second half.
44' Hakimi wins a corner off Sanchez right by Spurs' goal-line. Dortmund take it short to Sancho, who finds Zagadou rising in the area! Lloris dives low to his right to push the defender's header away!
42' It's a little scrappy in midfield. Hakimi gets forward again and crosses, but a block takes all the power out of it. Lloris rises high to grab it.
41' Spurs are getting more chances but Dortmund look worrying when they're in full flight. Vertonghen nicks the ball off Hakimi and hands Dortmund a throw.
39' Sancho is unhappy after he hits the deck as he approaches Spurs' area. It looks like no one touched him.
37' Winks gets a shot from outside Dortmund's box but it bounces wide. Spurs have had almost 70% possession in the last 15 minutes. 
36' Son, getting free down Spurs' left, whips a half-cross and half-shot away. Burki sees it off at his near post.
35' Lloris drops low to save as Spurs stand off and Delaney has a chance to shoot. The ball pops up for Winks, who looks forward for Son but his pass has too much on it for the South Korean to catch. 
34' Aurier's clever back-heel allows Foyth to continue his run from centre-back, giving him a free cross from the right. He cuts back to Eriksen who can't keep his shot down. Spurs are slowly growing into this match.
33' Lucas and Eriksen combine to offer up a shot for Son just outside Dortmund's box. It's blocked. Vertonghen's cross for Lucas is booted out for a throw by Zagadou. Dortmund hold firm.
32' Spurs' passing woes continue as Dortmund pack the centre. Son almost finds an opening as he twists and turns against Delaney but he can't keep the ball in play.
30' Hakimi barges Vertonghen over by Dortmund's corner flag just as the Belgian's about to cross. No foul, and a goal-kick. Vertonghen claps semi-sarcastically.
29' There's cries for a foul as Sissoko is brought down by Delaney but there's nothing in it. You sense the first goal in this game will be hard fought for.
28' Dortmund don't keep the ball for long. Spurs continue to tap it around their defence and the base of their midfield, not really getting anywhere. Foyth spots Vertonghen free on the left wing and overcooks the pass. This is a minor issue for Spurs.
26' Spurs' back three isn't giving them many out-balls as Dortmund are covering the whole pitch so well. Dortmund win a throw on the right and now have their own chance to attack.
25' Foyth's ball over the top is mopped up easily by Zagadou. He can deal with headers like that all day. Spurs run out of ideas and go back to Lloris. Dortmund are frustrating them right now.
23' Dortmund put some lovely passes together as they approach Spurs' defence. Hakimi looks to shoot from a tight angle but a deflection takes all the sting out of it. Lloris drops low to claim.
21' Sancho skips and dances past Sanchez down Dortmund's right and looks for Gotze in the centre of the box. Sanchez catches up and gets in the right place to clear.
20' Spurs only half-clear the free-kick and Witsel has a pop from range that doesn't really give Lloris much to worry about.
19' Sancho lays off to Hakimi who's arrived on the overlap. Sissoko slides in and brings the Moroccan down. Dortmund free-kick on the right of Spurs' box.
18' Spurs pass the ball around their back three. Sanchez has another forward pass to Eriksen cut out. Spurs' defenders don't look the most comfortable in possession. 
16' Alderweireld makes another clearance after Sancho takes a heavy touch just when it looks like he might be through on goal. Dortmund look a big counter-attacking threat.
15' Foyth almost gets Spurs into trouble! The Argentine can't get his feet together on the edge of Spurs' penalty area and loses out to Pulisic, who hits the side netting from close range! To be fair, Lloris had his near post well covered.
14' In contrast, Dortmund are sitting off when Spurs have the ball. Sanchez passes the ball straight to a yellow shirt and forces Son into giving away a foul. He smiles ruefully.
13' Witsel dallies on the ball and is bundled over by Lucas. Dortmund win a free-kick in a deep position. Spurs are clearly trying to unsettle Dortmund's possession game.
S. Aurier
Yellow Card
12' Dortmund deal with the corner and Aurier gets an early yellow card for hauling down Pulisic as the away side try to counter.
12' Spurs are seeing the better of the play in the early stages. Aurier gets up the right flank and wins the home side's first corner of the game off Diallo.
10' Sissoko is pickpocketed from behind by Gotze. Winks quickly wins the ball back and immediately tries to set Son free but Spurs' smiling South Korean can't quite reach the through-ball.
8' Alderweireld angles another ball wide right to Aurier, but no one in white is in the box waiting to get on the end of the Ivorian's cross. The two sides are sizing each other up right now.
7' Eriksen finds Vertonghen coming forward from the left and his cross is headed away. Sissoko wins a second header and it lands straight to Lucas in the area, who flashes a shot past Burki's left-hand post. Not far off.
6' A Dortmund through-ball goes nowhere and Spurs have it again. It's a tentative game at the moment.
4' Spurs are playing a clear back three with Vertonghen at left wing-back. The home side seem happy to wait for Dortmund to come onto them at the moment. Son attempts to latch onto a loose ball and Burki claims.
2' Spurs win a throw on their right after Pulisic can't keep a pass in play. Vertonghen tries to get forward until Sancho forces him to pass back to Lloris. It'll be interesting to see how the young Londoner does for Dortmund tonight back on home soil.
2' The Wembley crowd are really up for this, with Spurs' songs ringing out around the stadium. Spurs hound Dortmund in their own half but the away side do a decent job of keeping the ball.
1' Dortmund gets this round of 16 tie underway after a stirring minute's applause for two lost footballing stars - Emiliano Sala and Gordon Banks!
The two sides walk onto the Wembley pitch and stand by side for the Champions League anthem. It never fails to raise the hairs on the back of your neck.
Spurs and Dortmund know each other well at this point, as they face each other for the third time in four years in European competition. In 2015-16 Dortmund dumped Spurs out of the Europa League 5-1 on aggregate in the round-of-16, only for Spurs to defeat Dortmund twice in their Champions League group last season. This tie really is finely poised.
Both Spurs and Dortmund have made four changes from the teams they put out in the league this past weekend. Tottenham take a more defensive approach than they did in their 3-1 win over Leicester City as Aurier, Alderweireld, and Foyth all come into the XI in what could be a back three. Lucas replaces Llorente up front. Dortmund boss Lucien Favre elects for the new centre-back pairing of Toprak and Zagadou after their 3-3 draw with Hoffenheim.
SUBS: Marcel Schmelzer, Marwin Hitz, Leonardo Balerdi, Jacob Bruun Larsen, Marius Wolf, Maximilian Philipp, Raphael Guerreiro.
BORUSSIA DORTMUND (4-2-3-1): Roman Burki; Achraf Hakimi, Dan-Axel Zagadou, Omer Toprak, Abdou Diallo; Thomas Delaney, Axel Witsel; Jadon Sancho, Mahmoud Dahoud, Christian Pulisic; Mario Gotze (c).
SUBS: Paulo Gazzaniga, Danny Rose, Fernando Llorente, Kieran Trippier, Oliver Skipp, Erik Lamela, Victor Wanyama.
TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR (4-3-1-2): Hugo Lloris (c); Serge Aurier, Davinson Sanchez, Jan Vertonghen, Toby Alderweireld; Moussa Sissoko, Juan Foyth, Harry Winks; Christian Eriksen; Son Heung-min, Lucas Moura.
Spurs' opponents are Borussia Dortmund, who currently look a realistic bet to win their first league title since 2012. Dortmund have lost a little rhythm since they breezed through their group last year, but they still have enough about them to pose a serious threat to Spurs' potential advance in this season's competition.
Tottenham's appearance in the Champions League knock-out rounds this year took some effort. Mauricio Pochettino's side had a bumpy ride to the round of 16, starting dismally in the group stage before a late draw in Barcelona sealed their progress. Plenty has changed for Spurs since then - will they bring their great league form, or the form that saw them knocked out of both domestic cups in four days?
Hello and welcome to our live text commentary of this UEFA Champions League round-of-16 first leg between Tottenham Hotspur and Borussia Dortmund at Wembley Stadium.