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90' + 4'
F. Fernández
Yellow Card
S. McQueen
D. Tadić
M. Gabbiadini
0 - 1
Oriol Romeu
Yellow Card
Ki Sung-Yeung
Yellow Card

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53% 46%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 8
Total Passes 416 372
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For Swansea, the defeat is a devastating one. They were arguably the better of the two sides for much of the night but were made to pay for sloppy defending at a set-piece, leaving them with a huge job to do on the final day of the season. They simply must win against Stoke to have any chance of remaining in the top tier.
The referee blows his whistle for the final time and the Southampton players and staff immediately burst into celebration. It's a hugely important victory for them, and it could end up securing their place in the Premier League for another season. They aren't quite safe yet, but they've taken a huge step towards making that a reality.
90' + 6' Another thumping pass is fired into the Southampton penalty area as Swansea desperately try to score a late equaliser. It's cleared by the visitors but only as far as Fernandez, who shoots from 20 yards out but can't guide his strike through the sea of defenders camped in front of him. That should be that...
F. Fernández
Yellow Card
90' + 4' A poor pass from Jordan Ayew fails to find Clucas, and it allows Long to break away on a swift counter-attack. He's quickly clattered into by Fernandez, though, and the defender is shown a late yellow card for his cynical challenge.
90' + 2' And now Abraham goes close! A lofted pass is fired into the visitors' box and picks out Abraham, who does really well to get the better of Hoedt. He then spins and shoots, but his half-volleyed strike sails over the top of the crossbar.
90' + 1' Great chance for Long! Space opens up for the Irishman and allows him to sprint into the right-hand side of the Swansea penalty area. He then unleashes a rocket of a shot but can only find the side-netting.
90' The fourth official has indicated that there will be six minutes of added time.
89' Jordan Ayew twists and turns deep down the right wing and wins Swansea a late corner. A low cross is then fired in and deflected over to the far post, where Jordan Ayew is caught in an offside position.
88' Sloppy play by the home side allows McQueen to break down the left flank and win his side a throw in. It's eventually sent down to Hojbjerg, who tries to hold up the ball near the byline but ends up knocking it behind for a goal kick.
86' Narsingh manages to get the better of Bertrand as they battle for the ball on the right-hand side of the Southampton penalty area. He then sends in a dangerous cross that's only cleared as far as Ki, who quickly shoots but fires his audacious volley well wide of the goal.
84' Great chance for Abraham! Narsingh is caught by Bertrand out wide, and Swansea are awarded another free kick in a decent position. Ki's cross into the penalty area is a good one and picks out Abraham, who sends a bullet header towards goal that McCarthy does really well to tip over the crossbar.
S. McQueen
D. Tadić
83' And Tadic has made way for McQueen, who comes on to help see his side over the finish line.
T. Carroll
A. King
82' Carroll has come on to replace King in Swansea's third and final change of the night.
80' Southampton win themselves a corner thanks to good play by Hojbjerg, and Tadic's cross into the penalty area is another that causes problems for the home side. A follow-up cross then picks out Austin, who manages to send his headed attempt towards goal but fails to get the better of Fabianski.
79' Almost a chance for Tadic! A looping cross is fired into the heart of the Swansea box and goes close to picking out Tadic, but, despite his best efforts, the Serbian can't quite latch onto the ball in front of goal.
77' With little under 15 minutes remaining, Southampton are enjoying a decent period of possession as they patiently hold onto the ball inside the hosts' half of the pitch. Unsurprisingly, they don't seem to be in too much of a hurry to push forward.
L. Narsingh
K. Naughton
75' Swansea have made another attacking change, with Narsingh coming on to replace Naughton.
74' Swansea push forward from the restart and win themselves a free kick over on the right wing, but Ki can't quite pick out a team-mate inside the penalty area and the visitors are easily able to hold on.
M. Gabbiadini
72' GOAL! Yes they can! Tadic steps up and curls a cross over to the far post, where it's nodded down into the path of Austin. The striker's quick shot is well saved by McCarthy, but Gabbiadini is there to poke the ball into the back of the net from close range. Huge, huge goal for Southampton!
71' Southampton patiently pass the ball around as they make their way deep into the Swansea half of the pitch, where Tadic fires a cross off Ki and behind for a corner. Can they make it count?
70' Abraham has made a positive impact since coming onto the pitch, and he's forcing the Southampton defence into doing a lot of work as they try to deal with him. He sprints towards the box and carves out some space for himself before shooting, but his low strike is well saved by McCarthy in the middle of the goal.
M. Gabbiadini
J. Bednarek
68' Bednarek gingerly makes his way off the pitch to be replaced by Gabbiadini in an attacking chance by Hughes.
67' Bednarek is being seen to by the Southampton medical team, and he's thankfully managing to sit up once again after receiving an almighty blow to the head. He looks incredibly groggy and will most likely have to make way.
65' Ouch! Bednarek rose high alongside McCarthy and received a fist to the side of the head as they both tried to latch onto the ball. It's left the Polish defender in a heap on the floor and in serious discomfort.
64' Abraham gets the better of Stephens over on the edge of the penalty area and whips a low cross into the penalty area that Hoedt is just about able to knock behind for a corner. Ki whips it into a dangerous area, but McCarthy is there to punch the ball away from danger.
S. Long
N. Redmond
63' Long has come on to replace Redmond in Southampton's first alteration of the evening.
62' Abraham goes close to testing McCarthy with his first touch of the game, but, after rising high to latch onto the free kick, he can't quite send his effort towards goal and Southampton hold on again.
T. Abraham
M. Olsson
62' That will be Olsson's last contribution, as he's been replaced by Abraham in an understandably attacking switch from the home side.
61' Olsson twists and turns over on the left wing as he tries to get the better of Cedric, and he's tripped over by the Portuguese as he attempts to skip past. The Southampton wing-back isn't at all happy with the decision, but it's presented Swansea with a great opportunity to launch the ball into the box.
59' What an opportunity for Austin! The corner is whipped towards the far post and quickly results in a second, which is played back to Cedric after failing to pick out a Southampton player. The wing-back's cross back into the box is excellent and perfectly picks out Austin, but he sends his close-range header straight into Fabianki's hands.
58' A lovely cross from Bertrand can't quite pick out a team-mate inside the box, but it bounces out to Cedric on the right-hand side of the penalty area. He gets the better of Clucas and sends a low cross towards the near post, where it's deflected behind for a corner.
56' Tadic steps up and sends the resulting set-piece right onto the head of Hojbjerg, but the Dane can't guide his attempted header towards goal and allows Olsson to blast the ball out for a throw in.
55' Space opens up for Redmond, who quickly counter-attack down the left flank. He then cuts into the penalty area and tries to shoot, but Naughton does well to close down the space before the ball is poked behind for a corner.
53' Ki breaks down the right wing after latching onto a clever pass forward from King, but Hojbjerg does well to dart back and put pressure on the South Korean, denying him the opportunity to unleash a cross.
51' For the first time since the break, Southampton are able to knock the ball around as they try to find a way through the sea of white shirts camped in front of them. A lofted pass eventually finds Tadic, who then tees up Austin to unleash a thumping strike that Fabianski does well to hold onto.
49' A scuffed clearance from McCarthy spins over his head and behind for another Swansea corner. It's whipped in by Clucas and cleared only as far as Olsson, who unleashes an audacious volley from 30 yards out that unsurprisingly flies well wide of the goal.
47' Excellent save by McCarthy! Jordan Ayew cuts inside and drives into the middle of the pitch before unleashing a wonderful curling strike, but McCarthy does brilliantly to tip it over the crossbar before it can find the top corner of the net.
46' We're underway once again!
The two teams are making their way back out on to the pitch ahead of the start of the second half. Neither side have made any substitutions during the half-time break.
Most people were expecting a nervy and close-fought affair, and that's exactly how it's been so far. Swansea have arguably been the better of the two sides, but neither team have managed to carve out too many clear-cut chances on goal. Will they push further forward as the game wears on, or sit back and defend what could prove to be a vitally important point?
45' + 1' A clever pass from Cedric rolls down the right channel and manages to find Tadic in a pocket of space. The Serbian then sends a dangerous cross into the box, where Mawson is just about able to blast the ball away from danger.
45' The fourth official has indicated that there will be just one minute of added time.
44' A half-hearted 20-yard strike from Redmond bounces behind for a corner that bounces around dangerously inside the penalty area. It looks set to find Austin in front of goal, but Naughton does really well to get his head to it first.
43' Austin goes close! After spending the last 10 or so minutes on the back foot, Southampton push forward down the right wing and carve out a really good chances on goal, but Austin can only send his thumping volley straight into the hands of Fabianski.
42' Andre Ayew twists and turns on the right-hand side of the visitors' penalty area as he wriggles away from Hojbjerg. He then sends a cross-cum-shot towards the far post, but it's overhit and sails high over the crossbar.
40' It's all Swansea at the moment as we near the half-time break. They're piling plenty of bodies forward as they desperately try to carve out a chance on goal, and they're doing well to put Southampton under plenty of pressure.
Oriol Romeu
Yellow Card
38' Romeu stretches as he tries to latch onto a loose ball, but his attempted interception is poorly timed and he instead ends up tripping King to the ground to earn himself a booking.
37' Mawson embarks on a great run through the middle of the pitch as Swansea push forward yet again. He then sends the ball over to Olsson, whose cross into the box is a good one but can't quite find the head of Mawson in front of goal.
35' What an opportunity for Clucas! A brilliantly placed cross from King perfectly picks out Clucas in the heart of the penalty area, and the midfielder then sends a glancing header just a yard or so wide of the far post.
34' The home side push forward once again and this time do well to win themselves a corner. They can't make it count, though, as the ball is launched straight into the hands of McCarthy at the far post.
33' Swansea patiently pass the ball around inside the Southampton half of the pitch as they try to carve out some space for themselves. Olsson eventually knocks a pass down the left wing and towards Jordan Ayew, but Bednarek is there to latch onto it ahead of the Ghanaian.
31' Chance for Austin! The striker manages to pick up the ball on the edge of the box after good play by Hojbjerg on the break, but he ends up firing a low shot into the hands of Fabianski in the middle of the goal.
29' Jordan Ayew battles his way down the right-hand side of the Southampton penalty area before chipping a cross towards the far post. He can't quite pick out a team-mate, though, as McCarthy is there to collect the ball.
27' A poor pass from Roberts can only find a Southampton player, allowing the Saints to quickly counter-attack. It's poorly executed, though, and Bertrand loses the ball out wide as he tries to cut inside.
25' The resulting set-piece is dealt with by the visitors, but it results in a throw in deep down the right wing. Naughton's ball into the box eventually finds its way to Jordan Ayew, who gets his head to it but sends an effort on goal high over the crossbar.
24' Jordan Ayew drifts over to the right wing and gets the better of two Southampton players before poking the ball back to King. The midfielder sends another chipped pass forward, and it's a dangerous one that Cedric is forced to head behind for a corner.
22' King does well to pick out Jordan Ayew with a chipped pass over to the left flank, where the forward spins past Bednarek and sends a cross into the penalty area. It's dealt with by McCarthy, albeit with an unconvincing punch.
Ki Sung-Yeung
Yellow Card
20' The ball pinballs around the edge of the Southampton box as Swansea try to carve out a chance on goal, but it's the visitors who come away on top and quickly counter-attack. It's immediately brought to an end, though, as Ki sends Hojbjerg tumbling with a cynical trip that earns him the game's first yellow card.
18' Space opens up for Hojbjerg, allowing the Danish midfielder to break towards the hosts' penalty area. He then works the ball over to Redmond, who tries to spin and shoot but is intercepted by a well-timed tackle from Roberts.
16' Austin is brought down from behind as he battles for the ball, and Southampton are awarded a free kick midway inside the Swansea half of the pitch. It's quickly sent up to Tadic, but the Serbian is immediately closed down and loses out to Olsson.
14' Redmond gets the better of Naughton out wide and Southampton try to embark on a quick counter-attack down the left flank, but Fernandez does well to dart across the pitch and win the ball back for the home side.
12' Andre Ayew goes close! The striker manages to charge into the Southampton box and looks set to shoot, but Hoedt is just about able to poke the ball away before he can do so. The ball seemed to accidentally hit the defender's arm, but the referee immediately waved away Swansea's pleas for a penalty.
10' Olsson spots a run forward from Clucas and quickly tries to pick out the midfielder deep down the left wing, but his pass is closed down well and Swansea have to settle for a throw in instead.
8' Understandably, both sides are pushing forward with intent as they try to find a way in front early on. Moments after dealing with the danger at one end, Swansea attack towards the other, where King unleashes a 20-yard shot that McCarthy comfortably holds onto.
7' Southampton push forward once again as they enjoy a decent period on the ball. Redmond dances into the box and tees up Bertrand, who shoots from 25 yards out but sends a tame effort straight into the hands of Fabianski.
5' Tadic and Cedric link up well deep down the right wing before the latter spins and finds Romeu. The Spaniard then sends a cross into the penalty area, but it's underhit and easily cleared by Mawson.
3' After an even start to the game from both sides, it's Swansea who push forward on the first attacking move of the evening. It results in a free kick in a promising position, but Jordan Ayew ends up sending his strike straight into the wall.
1' We're off! It's Southampton who get us underway.
The two sides are making their way out onto the pitch, with just a few minutes to go until kick-off.
This will be the second managerial meeting between Carvalhal and Hughes. The Welshman defeated his opposite number in a League Cup tie when Stoke manager back in 2015, and he has already beaten Swansea once in the Premier League this season, winning 2-1 with the Potters in December.
Meanwhile, Southampton boss Mark Hughes has made two alterations to the team that featured in their last outing, with Maya Yoshida and Mario Lemina making way for Stephens and Redmond.
Carvalhal has decided to make three changes to the Swansea side that started the defeat against Bournemouth on the weekend, with Naughton, King and Clucas coming into the starting line-up to replace Van der Hoorn, Carroll and Dyer, respectively.
Southampton substitutes: Fraser Forster, Sam McQueen, Josh Sims, James Ward-Prowse, Guido Carrillo, Manolo Gabbiadini, Shane Long.
Southampton XI (3-4-2-1): Alex McCarthy; Jan Bednarek, Jack Stephens, Wesley Hoedt; Cedric Soares, Oriol Romeu, Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, Ryan Bertrand; Dusan Tadic, Nathan Redmond; Charlie Austin.
Swansea City substitutes: Kristoffer Nordfeldt, Mike van der Hoorn, Tom Carroll, Renato Sanches, Luciano Narsingh, Nathan Dyer, Tammy Abraham.
Swansea City XI (4-4-2): Lukasz Fabianski; Kyle Naughton, Federico Fernandez, Alfie Mawson, Martin Olsson; Connor Roberts, Ki Sung-Yeung, Andy King, Sam Clucas; Jordan Ayew, Andre Ayew.
There’s just over 15 minutes left to go until kick-off, so let’s have a look at how the two teams will be lining up this evening…
According to Opta, Swansea have won just two of their 11 previous Premier League meetings with Southampton (D3, L6), failing to score in seven of those games. The Saints, meanwhile, have lost just one of their five top-tier visits to the Liberty Stadium (W3, D1), keeping four clean sheets in the process.
Despite their recent struggles, Swansea have impressed at the Liberty Stadium since Carlos Carvalhal took charge, and they’ll be hoping they can make home advantage count this evening. Only Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea have left with wins since the start of the year, while both Liverpool and Arsenal were beaten when they visited the home of the Swans.
Swansea have the easier task on the final day, as they’re set to face already relegated Stoke City in a game that, no matter what happens tonight, will be a crucially important one. However, a dip in form has come at the worst possible time for them, as they’ve failed to win any of their last seven games, with the previous three consecutive outings ending in damaging defeats.
It’s Southampton who sit just outside of the relegation zone thanks to their superior goal difference, but with a horribly difficult game against champions Manchester City coming up on the final day of the season, they surely have to win tonight if they’re to avoid the drop. They’ve won just one of their last 10 games, though, as a last-minute goal condemned them to a frustrating 1-1 draw with Everton on Saturday.
Relegation six-pointers don’t come much bigger than this, as both sides head into tonight’s huge clash knowing a victory could prove to be the result that keeps them in the Premier League. Tied on 33 points with just two games left to play, this evening’s contest is arguably one of the two clubs’ most important of the entire season.
Good evening and welcome to our live coverage of today’s Premier League game between Swansea City and Southampton at the Liberty Stadium.