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X. Shaqiri
Yellow Card
P. van Aanholt
1 - 2
E. Pieters
Yellow Card
J. McArthur
R. Loftus-Cheek
1 - 1
X. Shaqiri
1 - 0

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41% 58%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 2 2
Total Passes 283 411
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For Stoke, they play fellow relegation contenders Swansea in their final Premier League game for the forseeable future next week - whilst Palace could face a second side condemned to the drop in as many games when they host bottom-placed West Bromwich Albion on the last weekend of the season. Until then however, thank you for joining us - and have a good weekend.
You don't go down because of one game; you go down because of your whole season. Xherdan Shaqiri gave Stoke a much-needed lead in the first half - but goals for James McArthur and Patrick van Aanholt ensure that their stay of 10 years and a day in the top-flight comes to an end, as Palace secure their status for another year. At full-time at the bet365 Stadium, it finishes Stoke City 1-2 Crystal Palace - and the hosts are relegated to the Championship.
90' + 5' Palace play it around midfield - and the referee blows for full-time! Stoke City are relegated from the Premier League!
90' + 4' Shaqiri steers a cross from the left into the Palace box - and Shawcross just sticks it over the crossbar with his glancing header. That may be the last chance for the Potters.
90' + 3' Benteke is now fouled by Zouma in the Stoke box, but the referee waves play on and the hosts cart it downfield in a desperate last play.
90' + 2' A corner to Palace now, as Bauer puts it out, and Stoke manage to clear it away before Benteke can cause any serious problems in the box.
90' Five added minutes for Stoke to find a miracle.
X. Shaqiri
Yellow Card
89' Shaqiri gets a booking now for a rather nasty challenge on Loftus-Cheek as fans begin to trickle out of the bet365 Stadium.
J. Schlupp
A. Townsend
88' Smiles all around for Palace as Townsend is replaced by Jeffrey Schlupp for their final change. In the Stoke dugout, Paul Lambert looks forlorn.
P. van Aanholt
86' Palace hit the front through Patrick van Aanholt! Stoke City are on the verge of ending their Premier League stay as an attempted clearance from Ryan Shawcross falls into the path of the fullback who, one-on-one with Butland, slots it under the keeper. The Potters have buckled once again this campaign - and this time, it's the collapse that will send them to the Championship. The visitors lead 2-1.
86' It's a poor corner from Shaqiri, and Allen can't quite take it in, allowing Palace to break away from their own half.
E. Pieters
Yellow Card
85' Pieters is booked for a challenge in the build-up to that Loftus-Cheek effort but Stoke make an excellent counter and win their first corner of the game.
84' Loftus-Cheek! The Palace man goes himself rather than playing a one-two with Zaha and puts the ball over the crossbar with a screaming effort.
82' Corner to Palace after Allen clips out a Loftus-Cheek ball; Stoke manage to smother it away. It's do-or-die time for the Potters right now but they can't seem to escape the chokehold of the visitors.
P. N'Diaye
Yellow Card
81' Ndiaye gets a booking now for a challenge on Zaha as Palace come again through midfield.
79' Benteke stumbles in trying to place a shot from 10 yards out off a Zaha pass; Butland manages to herd it out at the left post without touching it for a goal-kick.
77' Palace split Stoke open once again through Townsend, who plays a lovely cut-back off the left flank to Zaha in the middle of the box; his fellow forward's finish is terrible though, putting the ball somewhere into the crowd behind.
T. Campbell
G. Johnson
77' Johnson departs for Stoke and Tyrese Campbell takes his place.
76' Shaqiri is put into the Palace box with a neat through-ball, but is pinged for offside, though he falls over himself in attempting to strike regardless.
74' Now Pieters wins a free-kick in return off Zaha, 25 yards away from goal in the Palace half; Shaqiri meets it to lift it back in for Allen, whose header drifts over the crossbar.
72' Zaha wins a free-kick off a foul from Pieters 30 yards out on the right and steers it in; Milivojevic gets the first touch and pushes it wide to the left.
70' Diouf nearly opens up Palace from the restart, rising to meet a Shaqiri free-kick from the right wing; his header back to Shawcross is botched by the defender and the visitors come away with the ball.
R. Loftus-Cheek
68' Loftus-Cheek picked out McArthur with a deft touch but his collection of Zaha's ball was something to behold as well. Stoke look shattered.
J. McArthur
68' McArthur levels for Palace! Could that be the goal that sends Stoke to the Championship? It's a swift, strong move from the visitors as they stretch City open; Zaha breaks, draws in Allen, then puts a flat cross left to Loftus-Cheek who plays onto McArthur to finish in the bottom-right corner under Butland. It's all square and the Potters are looking down the barrel.
Ramadan Sobhi
P. Crouch
67' The first change of the game for Stoke; Ramadan Sobhi comes on for Peter Crouch, in what may be his final game at the bet365 Stadium for the Potters. The Englishman gets a standing ovation as he departs; no other player has scored as many goals in the Premier League for City.
66' The eventual free-kick breaks down as from the effort, Sakho slips Zaha through into space, only to be pinged for offside.
G. Johnson
Yellow Card
64' ...and Johnson goes in the book for Stoke.
J. Tomkins
Yellow Card
64' A double booking now as, in forming the wall, both sets of players come together in a small scuffle. Tomkins is shown yellow for Palace...
C. Benteke
Y. Cabaye
63' Palace make a change now too as they look for the leveller; Cabaye departs and Christian Benteke takes his place.
M. Bauer
Yellow Card
63' Bauer gets booked now for a heavy challenge on Zaha and Crystal Palace have a free-kick some 35 yards out on the right.
62' End-to-end stuff at the bet365 Stadium as Shaqiri escapes the Palace midfield and lays it inside for Ndiaye; favouring his weaker foot, he tries to turn it in for Crouch, but can't stick the effort before Tomkins clears.
60' Milivojevic is the man who swings it in, looking for the far-left post and Tomkins; the Palace man can't keep it in though and puts it out for a goal-kick.
59' Free-kick to the visitors now after Townsend is fouled 30 yards out in the centre of the field. There are options here for Crystal Palace...
58' Offside against Townsend as the Palace man meets a Zaha ball coming through on the left. It's a matter of fine margins but Stoke have been let off the hook there.
56' Milivojevic wins a corner now for the visitors after he puts a shot in, deflected by Johnson; Palace play it short however and immediately lose possession to Allen.
L. Milivojević
Yellow Card
54' Luka Milivojevic gets a booking now as he is deemed to have intentionally put a hand to the ball in trying to slow Shaqiri's break.
54' Palace suddenly spark into life, with Loftus-Cheek putting van Aanholt away down the left with a break; the back winger can't turn his cross in for a fellow man though and Shaqiri is almost off again on the counter-attack.
53' Allen plays a lovely low ball down the right flank for Shaqiri to chase; it zips away under the eye of Sakho and the visitors get a goal-kick.
52' Crouch is pinged again by referee Atkinson now after he brings down a Palace defender in the box challenging for a Shawcross throw-in.
51' Crouch and Sakho have a bit of a wrestle challenging for a long ball from Butland; the Palace man earns the free-kick after the Potters forward puts him to the ground.
49' Loftus-Cheek nips through a gap in the Stoke defence after Zouma is caught in midfield, but Pieters manages to sweep in and put the ball away for a goal kick to the hosts.
47' Sakho gets a wayward leg to a Diouf ball after Crouch heads down on the egde of the Palace box and in the process, manages to stop Shaqiri from having a one-on-one chance on Hennessey.
46' We're back underway at the bet365 Stadium; can the Potters hold onto their lead for another 45 minutes or will Palace roar back to burst their balloon?
A fabulous free-kick from Xherdan Shaqiri means that Stoke City's dream of Premier League survival remains alive at the break - but the Potters haven't looked that convincing against a sterner Crystal Palace side. Will it be enough to give them the three points they desperately need though? At half-time at the bet365 Stadium, it's Stoke City 1-0 Crystal Palace.
45' + 6' A late throw-in for Stoke is taken by Bauer and that will be the last play of the half as referee Martin Atkinson blows for half-time.
45' + 4' A prolonged stoppage now, as Ndiaye is treated for an ankle injury.
45' + 2' Hennessey comes off his line to try and meet a Pieters cross - and bobbles it dangerously. Stoke are unable to press any advantage from the error and Palace manage to smother it out of their half without further problems.
45' Palace are very nearly back in the game too, as Loftus-Cheek meets a cross six yards out from the Stoke goal. Shawcross leathers it away with speedy reflexes, but it's a good reminder for the hosts that the danger is far from over. Four added minutes.
X. Shaqiri
43' Stoke score! Xherdan Shaqiri, take a bow! It's a hell of a goal from the Potters man, whose free-kick is curled neatly from 25 yards out into the close, top-right corner. Replays show it takes a glance off Loftus-Cheek on its way into the back of the net - but the hosts won't care. They have the lead after a lacklustre half with only a few minutes left before the break.
41' Free-kick to Stoke 25 yards out in the centre as Shaqiri is fouled by Loftus-Cheek after the Palace man looked to take the ball away from his own box following a half-chance for the hosts.
M. Kelly
J. Ward
40' Martin Kelly is the man who takes the place of Ward for Palace.
38' Ward goes down and looks to be struggling with a leg injury. Palace are going to be pushed into an early change here.
36' Zaha gets it short from the corner and puts a cut-back pass to Cabaye 25 yards out in space; the midfielder's effort is a poor finish however, lifting it well over the crossbar and into the stand behind.
35' Another dangerous run from Zaha releases Townsend into the Stoke box on the left; Zouma tracks back well enough to deflect the ball out for a corner.
34' Johnson cuts across Zaha's running line on the left as the Palace forward looks to break; the referee waves away any free-kick shout after the striker goes to ground.
32' The visitors play it shorter this time from the left, and Townsend goes down in the box. No penalty is awarded, but Stoke fail to bring the ball cleanly away too after the challenge, allowing Cabaye to stick a header just over the crossbar.
31' Palace swing it out beyond the box to van Aanholt, who sees his thundering shot blocked and put out by Johnson for a second corner.
30' Johnson pings a cross in for Crouch who can't quite reach it and Palace are able to counter down the right wing at speed. Zaha and Loftus-Cheek combine to threaten the Stoke box; Shawcross deflects an effort out for a corner.
28' Play resumes with Pieters alright to continue. Stoke have a shade over 40 per cent of the ball in this half so far; they don't look capable of seriously bothering Hennessey at the back either, with Diouf's attempt their only effort on goal so far.
26' Pieters goes down under pressure from McArthur, with the Stoke man appearing to be caught on the knee-cap. On the touchline, Potters boss Paul Lambart prowls with a frustrated expression.
24' Stoke come again with another break and cross, this time down the left from Bauer; Crouch goes up to meet it and in the process fouls the keeper Hennessey. Free-kick to Palace in their own box.
22' Chance for Diouf! Shaqiri breaks on the right wing, steps to the outside, and then puts an excellent cross into the box for a number of Potters players; the forward can't make a clean touch and ends up botching it wide at the far-left post.
21' Bauer manages to smartly earn a throw out on the left wing on halfway for Stoke, but Palace intercept his effort and push it long to Butland who starts a new City attack from scratch.
19' A brief pause in play now as Cabaye gets treatment for what looks like a knee injury on the sidelines.
17' Another free-kick for Palace, this time as Shaqiri brings down Zaha on the left wing. Again, the visitors fail to make much of the chance, and Stoke are able to ferry the ball back to midfield.
15' Close for Palace! Zaha, assisted by McArthur, finds himself with space on the right edge of the Stoke box; his low effort is sprayed wide at the far post though as he tries to turn around the incoming Zouma.
13' Free-kick now to the visitors as Crouch catches Cabaye on the back of the heel on halfway. Palace's inswinging effort isn't the strongest though and Shawcross clears with little problem.
11' A tussle for possession in Palace's back-right corner sees the visitors struggle to clear their marks under pressure from Allen. They eventually win a throw-in and manage to take a little bit of pressure off their defence.
9' Smart, slick play from Bauer sees him slip around the back of the Palace defence on the left, though his flat pass across the box for Crouch goes straight to the keeper Hennessey instead.
8' Close for Loftus-Cheek! A neat inside step from the Palace man off the left foot puts him around Shawcross and he lifts a right-footer just around the top corner from outside the box. Early warning signs for Stoke so far.
6' Shawcross - the only survivor of the Stoke side who secure promotion to the Premier League a decade ago - moves a ball out wide to the left in midfield for Bauer; McArthur muscles in and then earns a free-kick as he tumbles.
4' The first half-chance for the hosts now, as Crouch chases a long ball down the left. He collides with Tomkins at the edge of the box and the Palace man comes away with a free-kick.
3' Palace advance down the right, after van Aanholt blasts a cross out wide looking for Townsend. The Eagles forward can't really bring it under his control and Stoke are able to clear their lines with ease.
1' We're underway at Stoke as City look to keep the dream of Premier League survival alive! It's the hosts who have the first chance though; Loftus-Cheek is threaded a ball into the box and he just pushes it wide to the left with a clumsy first touch.
The teams are out at the bet365 Stadium and we're moments away from kick-off...
Despite leading the way at Stoke for goal involvements this season (7 goals, 6 assists), Shaqiri has neither scored or assisted in any of his last eight Premier League games, despite playing the full 90 minutes in all but one of them.
Stoke are without a win in their last 12 league games (D7 L5) – the longest current winless run in English league football.
Lambert has won just one of his four Premier League meetings with Crystal Palace (D1 L2), with his sides failing to score in the other three games; current Eagles man Christian Benteke scored the winner in his only victory against them, for Aston Villa in December 2014.
Subs: Schlupp, Benteke, Lee, Sorloth, Kelly, Cavalieri, Wan-Bissaka
CRYSTAL PALACE (4-4-2): Hennessey; Sakho, van Aanholt, Tomkins, Ward; McArthur, Cabaye, Loftus-Cheek, Milivojevic; Zaha, Townsend
Subs: Adam, Ireland, Haugaard, Fletcher, Campbell, Sobhi, Cameron
STOKE CITY (4-4-2): Butland; Zouma, Johnson, Pieters, Shawcross; Ndiaye, Bauer, Allen, Shaqiri; Diouf, Crouch
As for Palace, they are unchanged from the side who put five past Leicester City last Saturday; England midfielder Ruben Loftus-Cheek will be looking to keep himself in the frame for a place on the plane to Russia alongside top scorers Luka Milivojevic and Wilfried Zaha who look to add to their tallies of 10 and 8 for the season respectively.
Team news in now and there is a single change between both starting XIs for today's game; Stoke make a single swap, with Glen Johnson replacing Bruno Martins Indi at full-back after overcoming a groin injury. Peter Crouch retains his starting position for the Potters; Xherdan Shaqiri slots in behind him in midfield.
Palace boss Roy Hodgson will want the win just as much too; victory for his side will see them mathematically confirm Premier League football for next season. The former England boss has managed to around the fortunes of the flagging Eagles after their goalless seven-game streak at the start of the campaign – and retention of that top-flight place will be a sweet reward for the 70-year-old.
Paul Lambert's men are almost out of chances. With all their relegation rivals in possession of a game in hand, bar bottom-place West Brom, it will take a small miracle for them to avoid the drop. A draw or even a win will keep the axe away – but perhaps only for a few hours. They could technically still be down by the end of the weekend, if Southampton, Swansea, Huddersfield and West Ham all win too.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the penultimate weekend of the 2017-18 Premier League as second-from-bottom Stoke City host Crystal Palace at the bet365 Stadium. The Potters' decade in the top-flight will end today if they lose to the Eagles;. is this the end of their ten-year tenure at the high-table?