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90' + 6'
M. Nakamba
R. Barkley
A. Jankewitz
Oriol Romeu
C. Adams
T. Walcott
J. Ward-Prowse
Yellow Card
R. Barkley
J. Grealish
0 - 1

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59% 40%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 5 4
Total Passes 487 336
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That win lifts Villa up to eighth in the table, three points clear of today's opponents and next up for them is West Ham. Southampton have now lost their last three league games on the bounce, but they stay in 11th. Hasenhuttl will be hoping they can turn things around soon and they travel to Manchester United on Tuesday.
Aston Villa hold on to seal a 1-0 victory over Southampton. Barkley gave the visitors the lead five minutes before half-time when he was left with a free header in the middle of the box and he picked out the bottom corner. Southampton dominated the second half and had some great chances to get back into it. Cash cleared Stephens' effort off the line and Ings did find the back of the net in added time, only for it was ruled offside by the tightest of margins.
M. Nakamba
R. Barkley
90' + 6' Villa are trying to run down the clock now as Nakamba comes on to replace Barkley.
90' + 5' Southampton are throwing everything they have at Villa now as they try to find the late equaliser they need. McCarthy pays another long ball over the top towards Adams, but he can't bring it down under pressure from Mings.
90' + 3' OFFSIDE! Bertrand drills a shot on goal and it's a great save by Martinez in the top-left corner of the goal. Ings is straight onto it though and he turns it in from very close range. The flag goes up when the ball hits the net and VAR checks it. It's the tightest of margins, but it won't count. Still 1-0! 
90' + 2' Villa break quickly and they're trying to take it into the corner. McGinn threads it into Grealish and he goes to ground under a challenge from Djenepo, but nothing's given and Southampton are on the attack again.
90' Villa have a free-kick just outside the left of the box at the byline and Traore drills it in. He picks out Barkley in space in the middle and he hits the shot first time. He leans back as he takes it though and fires it high over the bar.
A. Jankewitz
Oriol Romeu
89' Final change for Southampton now and it's Romeu that's making way for Jankewitz.
87' Villa just can't get out of their own half at the moment as Southampton continue to push forward. Ward-Prowse plays an early ball into the box this time from deep in the half, but it's straight into Martinez's gloves.
85' OFF THE LINE! The corner is swung in for Southampton and Martinez parries away Bednarek's header. It then falls to Adams but McGinn throws himself in front of it to make the block and the follow-up from Stephens is cleared off the line by Cash. Southampton can't believe they haven't equalised! 
84' GOOD CHANCE! Ings squares the ball into the box but it's cut out by Mings. He only clears it as far as Redmond though and his shot is deflected just over the crossbar.
83' Grealish does well to turn away from Romeu and he pulls the ball back to Traore in the box from the byline. He slips as he hits the shot though so there's no power on it and it's a comfortable stop for McCarthy.
81' Villa are still yet to have a single shot in the second half, but Grealish is trying to change that as he drives forward down the left again. He plays a one-two with Barkley to open up some space, but then can't get past Ward-Prowse.
79' The Villa players are waiting for the offside flag to go up against Ings, but it doesn't come and he has a clear run at goal. He sets himself for the shot when he gets into the box and Mings gets back to dispossess him with a brilliant last-ditch tackle just as the linesman flags.
77' Bertrand pulls it back to Ings and he knocks it past McGinn to get a clear sight of goal. He has a go from range, curling his effort towards the far post, but it's a comfortable save for Martinez.
75' CLOSE! Redmond spots Armstrong in a pocket of space on the edge of the box and tees him up the shot. The midfielder curls his effort around Mings and it almost sneaks in at the near post, but it's just wide of the target.
74' Villa break quickly on the counter with Grealish leading the attack through the middle. He touches it onto Watkins to his right but he ends up running straight into Bertrand as he tries to cut back inside.
72' Southampton are still pushing for an equaliser and Villa don't clear their lines properly from a corner again. It's headed on by Bednarek in the middle and Martinez is fouled by Adams when they both go for the ball.
70' GOOD SAVE! Ings drills a low throughball into the box and Adams turns before curling his shot on goal. It's straight down the middle, but Martinez gets down quickly to push it away before Cash clears the loose ball.
69' Ings' deft touch ends up playing in Armstrong on the left of the box but he is judged to have fouled Luiz when he went past him by the referee and a free-kick goes against him and the Southampton players' frustration is starting to show.
67' Konsa plays a long ball over the top from the halfway line and Targett cushions his header down for Grealish. He takes it to the byline before cutting it back, but he can only pick out Stephens in the six-yard box.
C. Adams
T. Walcott
65' Walcott very slowly makes his way off the field with the medical team before going down the tunnel and Adams replaces him.
63' Walcott has gone down now and it looks like he has a hamstring problem as well after stretching to keep the ball away from Targett. He's getting some treatment, but just like Diallo, it looks like he won't be able to continue.
61' CHANCE! Barkley swings a free-kick into the box and Watkins has a free header in the middle. He flicks it onto the far post but sends it wide of the target. It wouldn't have counted anyway though as the flag goes up against him.
M. Djenepo
I. Diallo
59' Diallo makes his way straight down the tunnel with the medical staff and Djenepo is on in his place.
58' Diallo has gone down and it looks like he has a problem with his hamstring. He's receiving treatment on it now, but Southampton have substitutes warming up and it doesn't look like he'll be able to carry on.
57' Grealish touches it out to Targett who is making an overlapping run on the left and he squares a low cross into the near post. Watkins doesn't get there though and Stephens clears the danger.
55' Southampton are keeping Villa penned back in their own half at the moment as they push forward in search of an equaliser. They switch play out to Diallo on the left, but he can't find a way past Cash.
J. Ward-Prowse
Yellow Card
53' Ward-Prowse thinks he should have a throw-in so he puts his hands up to block the one that Watkins takes. It wasn't Southampton's throw though and he's booked for handball.
52' Barkley steps across Redmond and gives away a free-kick on the edge of the box. No surprises, it's Ward-Prowse standing over it for Southampton, but he can only curl his shot into the wall.
50' Traore doesn't clear his lines from a corner which allows Redmond to pick out Ings on the edge of the box. He lets it bounce before hitting his shot towards goal, but it's blocked by the crowd of players in the middle.
48' Ings is played in on the edge of the box but he has his back to goal so lays it off to Romeu. He plays it out to Diallo on the left and he drills a low cross into the near post, but it's dealt with by Mings.
46' Southampton get us back underway for the second half! 
Hasenhuttl will probably feel his side don't deserve to be behind at the break as they were the brighter team for most of the half. Their end product has been poor though and that needs to improve in the second half. Villa will need to make a much better start after half-time if they want to add to their lead or they could get caught out by Southampton.
Barkley's goal gives Villa a 1-0 lead over Southampton at the break. It took the visitors a while to grow into the game, but they took the lead when Grealish's first-time cross picked out an unmarked Barkley in the middle and he nestled it into the bottom corner. Watkins also saw two efforts saved by McCarthy. At the other end, Southampton have got into some good positions, but without testing Martinez.
45' Grealish has been directly involved in more Premier League goals this season (15 - six goals, nine assists) than he was last season (six goals, eight assists).
43' SAVE! Watkins is picked out on the edge of the box again and Bednarek initially does well to block the shot, but Watkins keeps hold of the ball and has another go. He drills this one towards the near post, but McCarthy holds onto it.
J. Grealish
41' Grealish runs onto the throughball and he swings a great cross into the box first time under pressure from Ward-Prowse.
R. Barkley
41' BARKLEY SCORES! Grealish swings the cross into the box and nobody spots Barkley's run through the middle of the box. He has a free header and uses the pace of the ball to help it past McCarthy and into the bottom corner. 1-0 Villa!
40' Villa are moving the ball upfield quicker again after that Watkins chance as Grealish breaks down the left again. He keeps his cross low, but can't pick out a team-mate as Bednarek clears it.
38' GOOD SAVE! Villa take the throw-in quickly which catches out Southampton and Grealish pulls it back for Watkins. He drags it away from Stephens to create space before firing a low shot on goal, but McCarthy gets down well to save it.
36' Ings plays it out to Armstrong in space on the left of the box and he has time to pick out his cross. He fizzes it into Romeu on the edge of the box and he hits the shot first time but ends up firing it high over the bar and into the stands.
34' Southampton are finding a lot of space down the right and Ward-Prowse breaks forward again. He pulls it back to Redmond on the edge of the box and he takes it past Mings before drilling a shot towards goal, but it's blocked by Konsa.
32' Villa's frustration is starting to show now as Watkins can't get into the box so he touches it back to Grealish. He isn't given any time by Romeu and he ends up fouling the midfielder in his attempt to create some space for himself.
30' CLOSE! Armstrong pulls it back for Bertrand who is unmarked on the edge of the box and he hits his shot first time. He keeps it low as he tries to pick out the near bottom corner, but it's just wide of the post.
28' Watkins pulls off the back of Bednarek and Targett tries to pick him out with an early throughball. His first touch is poor though and he can't bring it under control on the turn before he's dispossessed by Ward-Prowse.
26' Armstrong makes it to the byline on the left and he drills a low cross into the near post. There's a bit of confusion between Martinez and Konsa as Ings darts in to try and reach it, but Villa manage to clear their lines.
24' Redmond has dropped deep to get on the ball and he's trying to make something happen for Southampton. Nobody is making the runs around him though and he eventually runs it out of play under pressure from McGinn.
22' Villa are finding it hard to get in behind Southampton at the moment as the hosts are sitting deep and closing down the space. Cash tries to get his side going down the right, but he's crowded off the ball by Bertrand and Armstrong.
20' Southampton break quickly and it's a great low cross into the box from Ward-Prowse on the right. Mings misses it and it's just ahead of Ings but Cash does really well to make the clearance for Villa.
18' Southampton are growing into the game now and are starting to get in behind Villa more. Diallo dribbles past McGinn before playing a throughball towards Redmond, but Mings steps across him to intercept it.
16' Southampton are looking to win five consecutive top-flight matches against an opponent for the first time since a run of five against West Ham between 1988 and 1992.
14' Villa don't clear their lines from a corner and Bertrand has another chance to put the ball into the box. He picks out Ings at the near post and he flicks it on, but none of his team-mates have made a run and the visitors are happy to see it out of play.
12' Grealish floats a free-kick into the box and Konsa pulls away from the crowd in the middle to head it back towards the penalty spot. McCarthy reacts quickly again though and he comes off his line to collect it.
10' VAR is having a look at that block by Cash as the Southampton players were all asking for a handball against the right-back. It bounced off his side before hitting his arm and the onfield decision for no penalty stands.
8' BLOCK! It's a lovely flick from Ings to get past Luiz at the byline and he picks out Armstrong in the middle. He hits the shot first time and it's blocked by Cash and Ings fails to turn in the rebound.
7' CHANCE! It's Barkley that picks out Watkins on the left with a throughball this time and he gets ahead of Bednarek to drill a shot across goal. He can't get it on target though and it rolls wide of the far post.
6' Villa have kept the ball well since the start of the game and are keeping Southampton penned back in their own half. It's patient play from the visitors, but they're struggling to get into the final third at the moment.
4' Villa win a free-kick in midfield and it's Barkley that steps up to take it. He curls a cross towards Mings at the far post, but McCarthy reads it well and is quickly off his line to collect it.
2' Targett plays an early ball into Watkins down the left and he does well to hold it up under pressure from Bednarek. He lays it off to Grealish, but he can't find a way past Stephens and into the box.
1' Grealish gets the game underway for Villa!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
Aston Villa opt against making changes to their starting line-up, employing the same XI that started against Burnley last time out. Martinez is protected by a back four of Targett, Mings, Konsa and Cash, while midfielders McGinn and Luiz sit just ahead of them. The creative trio behind the striker remains Grealish, Barkley and Traore - while Watkins starts at striker. 
Southampton make three changes from their 3-1 defeat to Arsenal on Tuesday. Bertrand replaces Jake Vokins at left-back, while Romeu and Redmond return to the starting XI, dropping Valery and Adams to the bench respectively. 
ASTON VILLA SUBS: Ahmed El Mohamady, Anwar El Ghazi, Keinan Davis, Bjorn Engels, Tom Heaton, Neil Taylor, Morgan Sanson, Marvelous Nakamba, Trezeguet. 
ASTON VILLA XI (4-2-3-1): Emiliano Martinez; Matthew Cash, Ezri Konsa, Tyrone Mings, Matt Targett; Douglas Luiz, John McGinn; Bertrand Traore, Ross Barkley, Jack Grealish; Ollie Watkins.
SOUTHAMPTON SUBS: Kayne Ramsay, Daniel N’Lundulu, Yan Valery, Shane Long, Alexandre Jankewitz, Fraser Forster, Che Adams, Moussa Djenepo, Caleb Watts.
SOUTHAMPTON XI (4-4-2): Alex McCarthy; Ryan Bertrand, Jack Stephens, Jan Bednarek, Ibrahima Diallo; Stuart Armstrong, James Ward-Prowse, Oriol Romeu, Nathan Redmond; Danny Ings, Theo Walcott. 
A rough patch of form has seen Aston Villa drop to 10th place after winning just once in their last five matches in the league. Having played fewer matches than those above them, Europa League is not out of the question for Dean Smith’s side - who could go just three points behind fifth place West Ham with an away win today. 
A win over Arsenal in the FA Cup gave the Saints a boost last weekend, before falling 3-1 to the same opponents in the Premier League just four days ago. The Saints sit in 11th position at the halfway point of their season, though they could jump as high as eighth with a win at St. Mary’s. 
Hello and welcome to our LIVE Premier League commentary of the fixture between Southampton and Aston Villa!