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R. Brewster
O. Norwood
Penalty Goal
1 - 2
A. Rüdiger
Own Goal
1 - 1
M. Mount
T. Werner
0 - 1
C. Basham
Yellow Card

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31% 68%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 3
Total Passes 338 756
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Chelsea are now unbeaten in their last four games and move up to fifth in the table, just one point behind Liverpool. Their attention turns to the FA Cup and their meeting with Barnsley. United stay bottom of the table, ending their short winning run, but Wilder will be hoping they can bounce back quickly when they host Bristol City in the FA Cup fifth round.
Tuchel's unbeaten run in charge of Chelsea continues with a 2-1 win over Sheffield United. Mount put the visitors ahead just before half-time when he picked out the bottom corner. United got back into it though after a mix-up between Rudiger and Mendy meant the defender scored an own goal. Jorginho put his side ahead again from the spot after Ramsdale fouled Werner and Sharp had a chance to score a late equaliser, but his overhead kick was saved by Mendy.
90' + 6' SAVE! It's a great cross into the box by Lundstram on the right and Sharp goes for the spectacular with an overhead kick in the middle. He hits it well, sending the shot over Christensen's shoulder, but Mendy gets down well to push it away and preserve Chelsea's win.
90' + 5' Chelsea are trying to keep the ball in the corner now as the game heads into its final minute. Mount wins a free-kick on the left and between him and Hudson-Odoi, they manage to run down the clock a little bit.
90' + 3' A little more space is starting to open up for United now as Kovacic sloppily gives the ball away in midfield. Brewster switches the ball out to Bogle on the right but he sends his cross straight into Mendy's gloves.
90' + 1' BLOCK! The free-kick is swung in from the left for United and Kante's header falls to Brewster on the edge of the box. Rudiger makes the first block, but the substitute gets another chance, only to hit that one against Rudiger as well.
90' United are still pushing for a late equaliser as Lundstram drifts out to the left to get on the ball. He drills a dangerous cross into the six-yard box and it's just cut out by Rudiger ahead of Sharp in the middle.
88' McGoldrick squares the ball to Lundstram, who is running onto it from deep in midfield. He hits the shot first time under pressure from Kante but fires it high over the crossbar and into the stands.
R. Brewster
O. Norwood
86' Final roll of the dice for United now as Brewster comes on in place of Norwood.
85' Azpilicueta plays a long ball over the top for James, but he can't find any space on the right. He plays a one-two with Mount to try and pull away from Egan, but they're forced backwards by United.
83' Chelsea are keeping the ball well again and are happy to keep it in their own half as they try to draw United out of their shape. The visitors aren't in any hurry to move it upfield at the moment.
81' Ramsdale goes long with his clearance to try and set his side on the front foot and McBurnie nods it down on the edge of the box, but he's closed down quickly by the Chelsea defenders and he loses out.
79' James is in a lot of space on the right of the box, but he has nobody up with him in support. He tries to hold the ball up before crossing it to Hudson-Odoi at the far post, but a deflection takes it out for a corner.
77' It's another good run down the right by Fleck as he rides the challenge from Alonso and touches it onto Lundstram ahead of him. He floats a great cross into the box, but none of his team-mates are at the far post and Azpilicueta clears it.
N. Kanté
T. Werner
75' Final change for Chelsea now, and it's Kante that's coming on for Werner because of an injury.
74' It's a brilliant run by Fleck as he weaves through four Chelsea defenders to get into the right on the box. It's a tight angle when he gets the shot away and Rudiger slides back to block his effort.
72' United win a free-kick on the left and it's a great cross into the middle from Norwood. It misses everyone at the near post and Rudiger gets there just ahead of Sharp to stop him from having a simple tap-in.
70' Nine of Jorginho's 11 Premier League goals have come from the penalty spot (82 per cent) - this is the highest ratio of any player with 10+ goals in the competition's history.
B. Sharp
K. Bryan
68' Second change for United now and Wilder is bringing on Sharp in place of Bryan.
67' Mount swings another good cross into the box from a corner for Chelsea and Azpilicueta runs onto it at the near post. He flicks his header on but ends up sending it wide of the far post.
65' United are closing the ball down high up the field, but they just can't get close to Chelsea at the moment. The home side are keeping their shape well though and making it difficult for Chelsea to get in behind.
63' Ramsdale has been down receiving treatment while the substitutions were made as he was caught on the head by Werner during the foul for the penalty. He's back to his feet quickly though and he'll be able to carry on.
D. McGoldrick
O. Burke
62' There's a change for United as well, with McGoldrick coming on to replace Burke.
Marcos Alonso
B. Chilwell
62' Chilwell is also taken off, with Alonso on in his place.
C. Hudson-Odoi
O. Giroud
62' Double change for Chelsea now and Giroud is the first to make way as he comes off for Hudson-Odoi.
60' Mendy almost plays himself into trouble after he gets the ball back from Chilwell and he's quickly closed down by McBurnie. He manages to clear his lines, but only to Fleck on the edge of the box, but his effort is straight at the keeper.
Penalty Goal
58' JORGINHO SCORES! It's a confident penalty from him and he does his trademark hop before striking the ball. Ramsdale is wrongfooted and the Brazilian slots it into the net to restore Chelsea's lead. 2-1 Chelsea! 
58' PENALTY TO CHELSEA! Kevin Friend goes over to the monitor to have a look at the incident and after seeing the replays, he points to the spot. Ramsdale is pleading his case, but Jorginho is placing the ball on the spot.
56' There are loud shouts for a penalty from the Chelsea players after Ramsdale comes off his line to close down Werner. He knocked the ball past the keeper, who missed it, before catching the German and VAR is having a look at this...
A. Rüdiger
Own Goal
55' OWN GOAL! McBurnie made a good run but Bogle's first touch is poor when it comes into him. Rudiger reaches the loose ball first and plays it back to Mendy, but the keeper rushed off his line and it rolls across the line and into the bottom corner. 1-1! 
52' At 22 years and 28 days old, Mount is the second-youngest player to score 10 Premier League goals for Chelsea, after only Arjen Robben (21y 342d).
50' Mount gives the ball away to Bogle on the edge of the box and he tries to float a first-time cross into the left of the box for McBurnie. There's not enough on it though and Christensen clears his lines.
48' United are on the front foot at the start of the second half and Lundstram finds himself in space on the right. He has a lot of team-mates to aim for in the box, but he can't beat the first man as Rudiger clears.
46' United get us back underway for the second half! 
Tuchel will be pleased with his side's performance so far as they've dominated the ball and taken their biggest chance in front of goal, so he'll be hoping for more of the same. As for United, they made a bright start but sat back as the half went on and they'll need to take more risks if they want to get back into the game.
Chelsea take a 1-0 lead over Sheffield United into the break. It's been a game of very few chances, with Burke coming the closest for the hosts 31 seconds in when he fired just wide. The only shot on target was the goal when Werner pulled the ball back to Mount and he nestled his shot into the bottom corner. United were awarded to a penalty after Basham was caught, but VAR overturned it as the defender was offside.
45' Chelsea aren't letting United have any time on the ball when they lose possession and are frustrating the home side by closing them down high upfield. This time, Kovacic nicks it off Lundstram and he sets his side on the counter.
T. Werner
43' Werner makes the overlapping run on the left to get the ball form Chilwell before drilling it into Mount in the middle of the box.
M. Mount
43' MOUNT SCORES! Nobody picks up his run to the edge of the box and he's in a lot of space when Werner picks him out. He hits the shot first time, sending it across goal and into the far bottom corner of the net. 1-0 Chelsea!
42' United are struggling to get out of their own half even when they do win the ball back now as Egan goes long with his clearance. McBurnie nods it down for Burke, but he's nudged off the ball by Jorginho.
40' Chelsea take their corner short and Werner is closed down before he can put a cross into the box. Chelsea switch it out to James on the right but end up overplaying it and United come away with the ball.
38' Lundstram tries to catch Chelsea out by playing an early cross into the box from deep on the left. McBurnie makes the run to the far post, but it's too close to the keeper as Mendy collects it.
36' Chelsea are moving it upfield a lot quicker now and Kovacic plays it forward for Chilwell to run onto. He drills his cross into the box first time where Mount hits the shot, but it's a good block by Bryan as the offside flag goes up.
34' Fleck's pass to Norwood is short and Azpilicueta intercepts it. He makes a run to the edge of the box before curling a good cross into the far post. Chilwell meets it, but he can't keep his header down and it flies high over the bar.
32' It's still all Chelsea as they continue to keep possession and are happy to do so in their own half. There's no urgency to push forward at the moment and United are staying in their shape well.
30' United win the ball back and break quickly once again to try and catch Chelsea out. Lowe spots Fleck making a run ahead of him down the left, but there's not enough on his throughball and Azpilicueta comes away with it.
28' Chilwell pulls it back for Werner in the box and he tries to chip his cross into the middle for Mount. Egan gets an important touch on it to take it over the midfielder and Bryan clears his lines.
26' It's a great run by Bogle after cutting inside from the right to get into the box as he skips past Kovacic and Christensen's challenges. He tries to pull it back for Burke, but he's blocked off by Rudiger.
24' Chelsea have lost just one of their last 23 Premier League matches against sides from Yorkshire (W17 D5), though it came in their trip to Bramall Lane last season.
22' Chelsea are still seeing a lot of the ball but it's all in front of United, who still have all of their players sitting back in their own half. The visitors are trying to open up some space but aren't having any luck so far.
20' Kovacic spots Werner's unmarked run into the left of the box and he tries to set him in on goal with a throughball. Basham reads it well though and he gets across to intercept it for United.
18' Mount swings the free-kick in from the left and it's Azpilicueta that meets it at the far post. It hits him on the shoulder which sends it on target, but it's an easy one for Ramsdale to deal with.
C. Basham
Yellow Card
17' Basham picks up the first yellow card of the game after he catches Werner on the stretch with a late tackle.
15' United have all of their players sitting deep in their own half and making it difficult for Chelsea to find a way through. The visitors switch it out to James on the right, but he ends up being forced back by Bryan.
13' NO PENALTY! VAR has a look at the incident and there's no doubt that it was a foul on Basham, but the replays show that he'd stepped into an offside position before he got the ball. The penalty decision is overturned and Chelsea have a free-kick.
12' PENALTY TO UNITED! Basham turns away from Chilwell before trying to pick out a pass and the left-back ends up catching him late in his attempts to win the ball back. The referee takes a minute to decide before pointing to the spot.
10' McBurnie has dropped deep to get on the ball, and he makes a good run into the box when Fleck plays him in. He tries to play it out to Bogle on the right, but it's cut out by Chilwell.
8' Chelsea are knocking the ball around in their own half and keeping possession well until they try to get into United's half. Kovacic turns away from Norwood, but his throughball into Mount is poor and Fleck intercepts it.
6' Ramsdale rushes off his line when Werner gets into the box and the German chips the ball over the keeper. Mount is running onto it through the middle, but Basham does brilliantly to get there just ahead of him and prevent a tap-in into the empty net.
5' United are breaking quickly when they do win the ball back. Lowe is pushing forward down the left, but he can't find a way past Azpilicueta to pick out Burke in the middle.
3' James plays a throughball into Werner on the right and he tries to cut inside to get a clear sight of goal. He's tracked all the way by Bryan though and his deflected cross ends up going out for a corner.
1' CHANCE! United win the ball back in midfield and McBurnie plays it forward for Burke to run onto. He's goalside of Christensen and fires his shot towards the near post, but ends up hitting it into the side netting.
1' Giroud gets the game underway for Chelsea! 
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
None of the last 15 league meetings between United and Chelsea at Bramall Lane have ended in a draw (nine United wins and six Chelsea wins).
Thomas Tuchel makes three changes to his side after their win over Tottenham on Thursday, with Christensen, Chilwell and Giroud all starting. Alonso and Hudson-Odoi are on the bench, but Thiago Silva is out with a thigh injury he picked up in that game.
Chris Wilder makes four changes to the team that lost to Manchester City last time out as he brings in Bryan, Lowe, McBurnie and Burke. McGoldrick and Sharp drop to the bench, while George Baldock is missing with a hamstring injury and Ethan Ampadu is ineligible to start against his parent club.
CHELSEA SUBS: Marcos Alonso, Tammy Abraham, Hakim Ziyech, Callum Hudson-Odoi, N'Golo Kante, Billy Gilmour, Kurt Zouma, Kepa Arrizabalaga, Emerson.
CHELSEA STARTING XI (3-4-1-2): Edouard Mendy; Cesar Azpilicueta, Andreas Christensen, Antonio Rudiger; Reece James, Jorginho, Mateo Kovacic, Ben Chilwell; Mason Mount; Olivier Giroud, Timo Werner.
SHEFFIELD UNITED SUBS: Rhian Brewster, Ben Osborn, Billy Sharp, David McGoldrick, Phil Jagielka, Wes Foderingham.
SHEFFIELD UNITED STARTING XI (3-5-2): Aaron Ramsdale; Chris Basham, John Egan, Kean Bryan; Jayden Bogle, John Lundstram, Oliver Norwood, John Fleck, Max Lowe; Oliver Burke, Oliver McBurnie.
Chelsea are unbeaten in their three matches under new manager Thomas Tuchel, winning the last two after drawing his first game in charge, and have kept a clean sheet in all three of those outings. They face United, who have won five of their last seven games in all competitions after their poor start to the season. They've won their last two at home and have a  chance to move off the bottom of the table if they avoid defeat today.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Sheffield United and Chelsea at Bramall Lane!