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90' + 3'
H. Kane
R. Sterling
2 - 2
L. Griffiths
2 - 1
L. Griffiths
1 - 1
A. Oxlade-Chamberlain
0 - 1
E. Dier
Yellow Card

Match Stats

39% 61%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 9
Total Passes 314 495
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 England ENG England 10 8 2 0 18 3 +15 26 W W W W D
2 Slovakia SVK Slovakia 10 6 0 4 17 7 +10 18 W L L W W
3 Scotland SCO Scotland 10 5 3 2 17 12 +5 18 D W W W D
4 Slovenia SVN Slovenia 10 4 3 3 12 7 +5 15 D L W L W
5 Lithuania LTU Lithuania 10 1 3 6 7 20 -13 6 L D L L L
6 Malta MLT Malta 10 0 1 9 3 25 -22 1 L D L L L


Final Tournament
Possible Play-off


Well, what an end to the game that was! After being a relatively laid-back affair for most of the evening, the contest suddenly burst into life thanks to two splendid free-kicks from Griffiths. It looked as if Scotland were going to be able to leave with a memorable victory, but in-form Kane added to his Premier League Golden Boot with a first international goal since May 2016 to equalise in the dying seconds.
R. Sterling
90' + 3' That was a brilliant cross by Sterling to pick out Kane in front of goal, but Scotland really should have done better. They seemed to switch off defensively and allowed the Tottenham Hotspur striker to break forward too easily.
H. Kane
90' + 3' GOAL! Kane has equalised late on! A lovely, swinging cross from Sterling sails over to the far post and picks out Kane, who skips through Scotland's defensive line before beating Gordon with a side-footed, close-range volley. What a game this has turned into!
J. Defoe
J. Livermore
90' + 2' Substitution Jake Livermore Jermain Defoe
90' + 2' England immediately fly forward and win themselves a free-kick just outside of the Scotland box in a very dangerous position. Dier steps up and shoots, but his effort is well saved by Gordon in the middle of the goal.
L. Griffiths
90' GOAL! He does! What a strike! The Celtic man easily beats Hart with yet another brilliantly shot, as this time he curls one into the left-hand side of the net to give Scotland the lead heading into injury time.
89' Another direct ball causes problems for England, with Smalling this time charging out before committing a clumsy challenge. Once again, Scotland have been presented with a free-kick in almost exactly the same position to the last. Can Griffiths punish England once more?
L. Griffiths
87' GOAL! Yes, they can! Griffiths steps up and unleashes a brilliantly curling strike that flies past the outstretched limbs off Hart and into the top right-hand corner of the net. That was beautifully hit!
86' Ouch! Cahill comes charging out and catches Fraser with a high foot, resulting in a Scotland free-kick 25 yards away from goal. Can they make it count?
R. Sterling
D. Alli
84' England have made their second alteration, with Alli making way for Raheem Sterling.
83' Griffiths, who has seen much more of the ball during the second half than he did in the first, is able to shoot from the edge of the England box once again, but this time his strike isn't a particularly good one and fails to hit the target.
82' A bit of space opens up for Lallana a few yards outside of the Scotland penalty area and allows him to quickly unleash a shot, but he's unable to catch the ball well enough and sends it straight into the hands of Gordon in the middle of the goal.
C. Martin
I. Anya
81' Scotland have made a late attacking alteration, with Anya making way for Chris Martin. It looks as if they're going to go more direct as they desperately try to find an equaliser.
79' With little over 10 minutes left to play, England are, unsurprisingly, sitting relatively deep as they try to hold on to their slender lead. They don't seem to be in too much of a rush to push forward.
77' Griffiths is presented with a great opportunity to force Hart into making a save with a dinked shot from the edge of the penalty area, but he can't hit the target and his effort sails a few yards wide of the near post.
75' Excellent chance for Lallana to make it 2-0! Oxlade-Chamberlain takes advantage of poor defending by Scotland as he charges down the right wing on a promising run. He then chips a lovely cross right on to the head of Lallana, who, somehow, can't hit the target with his first-time header.
73' The resulting free-kick is swung in by Bertrand and manages to find Dier at the near post, but his headed effort sails high and wide of the goal and behind for a goal-kick.
72' Brown charges into Alli and catches the youngster with a hefty challenge, sending him crashing to the ground. England players all scream for a second yellow card for the Scotland captain, but, surprisingly, the referee keeps his cards in his pocket.
A. Oxlade-Chamberlain
70' GOAL! Oxlade-Chamberlain fires England into the lead! The Arsenal midfielder weaves his way into the right-hand side of the Scotland penalty area before unleashing a shot that Gordon can only palm into the bottom corner of the net. He really should have stopped that!
69' Smalling commits a clumsy challenge out on the right flank and gifts a free-kick to Scotland. It's swung into a dangerous position inside the England box, but the visitors are easily able to deal with the danger.
67' Great save by Gordon! A swinging Bertrand cross finds the head of Kane, who rises high above his maker in the middle of the box and forces Gordon into making a smart stop with a bullet header.
R. Fraser
R. Snodgrass
66' Meanwhile, Ryan Fraser has come on to take the place of Snodgrass and make his international debut.
A. Oxlade-Chamberlain
M. Rashford
65' England have made a change as they try to add a bit of a creative spark up front, with Rashford making way for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.
64' Dier fires a low pass into the path of Alli, who then tries to flick it over to Rashford from the edge of the penalty area. He makes poor contact with the ball, however, and it curls away from the Manchester United man and over to the right wing.
62' As was the case at the start of the game, Scotland are once again looking impressive when pushing forward. They're starting to find more joy on the break, with Griffiths putting in a really good shift up front.
E. Dier
Yellow Card
60' Dier clattered into McArthur in the build-up to Armstrong's chance on goal, and he's shown a yellow card as soon as the attacking move comes to an end.
59' And now Armstrong tries to test Hart with a shoot from a similar position to Robertson a couple of minutes ago, but, like the Hull City man, his strike isn't hit well enough and sails high over the goal.
57' Big chance for Robertson! Griffiths holds up the ball well on the left-hand side of the England penalty area before teeing up Robertson. The wing-back is in acres of space 20 yards away from goal and is able to shoot, but he can't hit the target and sends his strike over the top of the crossbar.
55' Lallana cuts inside from the left wing and skips past his marker before trying to pick out Kane inside the Scotland box, but it fails to find the striker under pressure from all three centre-backs and rolls through to Gordon.
53' England come back once again before Alli tries to set up Rashford. He has a chance to shoot but instead pokes a pass over to the Manchester United man, who is quickly closed down and fails to reach the ball in front of goal.
51' The corner is punched away by Gordon and allows Scotland to counter-attack quickly, but they're unable to do so quickly enough down the left flank and England manage to get plenty of bodies back to deal with the danger.
50' Livermore hits the post! The midfielder is able to penetrate the Scotland penalty area before shooting, but his low strike ends up smashing off the woodwork after taking a slight deflection off Lallana. The ball then pinballs around the box dangerously before another shot is finally unleashed, but this one is deflected behind for a corner.
48' Robertson makes a good run down the left flank before cutting inside and picking out Stuart Armstrong. His former team-mate quickly tries to find the wing-back with a through-ball into the penalty area, but it's slightly overhit and rolls out for a goal-kick.
J. McArthur
J. Morrison
46' Scotland have made one substitution during the half-time break, with James Morrison making way for James McArthur.
46' We're underway once again!
The two teams are making their way back out on to the pitch ahead of the start of the second half.
It wasn't the best of first halves for either side, although England will arguably be the happier of the two as they head down the tunnel. They looked rattled early on under good pressure from Scotland but did well to get back into the game after that, and since then they've impressed on a few occasions, particularly when attacking through Lallana on the left. They still don't seem to have fully got into the swing of things, however, so they'll need to increase the tempo after the break if they're going to find the back of the net.
45' Scotland are presented with one last chance to push forward before the half-time break, but they can't carve out a chance on goal from deep down the right flank before the referee brings an end to the opening period.
J. Livermore
Yellow Card
44' The resulting corner is whipped in by Rashford and towards Cahill at the far post, but it's overhit and fails to find the centre-back, allowing Tierney to easily thump the ball up towards the halfway line. It finds Snodgrass, but he's immediately clattered into by a challenge from Livermore that earns him a booking.
43' Kane can't spin round his marker on the edge of the penalty area but does well to keep the danger firmly on Scotland. He's then able to pick out Livermore in a pocket of space 25 yards away from goal, and the midfielder's quick shot is unconvincingly pushed over the top of the crossbar by Gordon.
41' Robertson, who has been pushed back into the Scotland half of the pitch for most of the game so far, spints down the left wing on a promising run before firing a low cross into the penalty area. He's unable to pick out Griffiths though, and the danger is easily cleared by Cahill.
39' Thumping strike by Lallana! Kane holds up the ball deep down the left wing before spinning and finding Lallana. He spins round Christophe Berra beautifully and then shoots, but a slight deflection sends it flying into the side-netting.
37' After enjoying a good start to the game, things have become slightly difficult for Scotland over the last 10 minutes. England are comfortably bossing possession inside their opponents' half of the pitch, with Lallana looking particularly dangerous when cutting in from the left.
35' Alli charges towards the Scotland penalty area before teeing up Rashford to his right. The pass is slightly overhit but the youngster manages to latch on to the ball before clattering into Tierney, resulting in a free-kick for the home side instead of the corner that the visitors were looking for.
33' Lallana twists and turns on the left-hand side of the Scotland penalty area before curling a cross over to Alli at the far post, but it's overhit and fails to find the head of the Tottenham Hotspur midfielder just a few yards away from goal.
31' Slightly sloppy play by Scotland gifts the ball to Alli, who quickly spins and tries to find Lallana with a through-ball. The Liverpool man doesn't seem to be on the same wavelength, however, and fails to latch on to the pass deep inside the hosts' half of the pitch.
29' Two huge opportunities for Kane and Rashford! A poor attempted headed clearance by Gordon can only find Kane, who immediately tries to beat the goalkeeper with a looping volley. It's cleared away by Tierney but only as far as Rashford, who then blasts a shot wide of the goal.
27' Hart, sporting a baseball cap due to the blinding sun, hasn't looked comfortable when put under pressure when in possession. This time it's Griffiths who closes him down quickly, forcing the goalkeeper into booting the ball out for a throw-in.
26' Walker cuts inside from the right wing and has a good opportunity to send a cross into the box, but he's decides not to and instead takes on James Morrison. He can't get the better of the midfielder, however, and the attack eventually comes to nothing.
24' England are doing much better now, and they're able to win themselves a corner over on the right wing. Rashford's cross in is a good one and almost finds Dier, but the ball fizzes just past the midfielder's head at the near post.
22' What a chance for Kane! Lallana weaves his way into the left-hand side of the Scotland penalty area on a beautiful run. He beats two defenders and then chips a deft pass into the path of Kane in front of goal, but the captain can't make contact with his attempted back-heel and Scotland are just about able to hold on.
21' Alli darts down the right-hand side of the Scotland box as he tries to reach a lofted pass forward from Livermore, but his first touch is poor and gifts possession back to the hosts before he can spin and cross.
20' England come back once again and this time it's Walker who chips a pass into the Scotland penalty area and towards Kane, but the striker is out-muscled and can't make contact with the ball before it's collected by Craig Gordon.
18' Great chance for Harry Kane! The striker, who has barely touched the ball so far, latches on to a lovely chipped pass from Dier before spinning past Kieran Tierney and shooting, but he can't hit the target with his volleyed strike and sends it high over the top of the crossbar.
16' An attempted Scotland attacking move fails to result in a chance on goal, allowing England to try and counter quickly. Eric Dier's pass down the right wing is poorly hit, however, and, despite his best efforts, Rashford is unable to chase it down.
14' After a slightly nervy start to the game from England, the pace of the contest has slowed down somewhat. Scotland still seem to be on the front though, and it's they who look more dangerous whenever pushing forward, particularly down the flanks.
12' Another good run and cross by Anya results in a corner for Scotland after Walker chests the ball behind. It's overhit, but Gary Cahill then clumsily blasts the ball out for a throw-in and allows the home side to keep pushing forward. They've certainly started the game well and are looking bright when attacking.
10' Griffiths' second corner is better and allows Scotland to regain possession after putting the England back line under plenty of pressure. Snodgrass then thumphs another cross into the box, but it's slightly overhit and fails to find a blue shirt in front of goal.
9' Andrew Robertson sprints down the left wing before firing a cross off Kyle Walker and out for another Scotland corner. This time it's Griffiths who swings a cross into the box, where Chris Smalling volleys the ball behind with an unconvincing clearance.
8' Livermore and Ryan Bertrand link up well deep down the left wing before Marcus Rashford is brought into play. The youngster tries to dance his way into the Scotland penalty area but is quickly closed down by blue shirts, denying him a way forward.
7' England aren't able to fully clear the danger, allowing Scotland to quickly regain possession. Snodgrass picks up the ball out wide before spinning and setting up Leigh Griffiths, who then forces Joe Hart into making a comfortable save with a 25-yard strike.
6' The home side push forward once again through Anya, who is this time able to win the hosts a first corner of the afternoon. Robert Snodgrass steps up and curls a cross towards the near post, but it's poorly hit and fails to beat Jake Livermore.
5' Scotland move the ball around nicely just outside of the England penalty area before Ikechi Anya is set up over on the right flank. He brings the ball down well and then takes on Adam Lallana, but he can't get the better of the winger and loses out before he can send a cross into the box.
S. Brown
Yellow Card
3' It's only taken Scott Brown two and a half minutes to receive a yellow card. After a patient start to the game from both sides, Dele Alli receives the ball inside the Scotland half of the pitch and is immediately clattered into by Brown, leaving the referee with no choice but to book the Celtic midfielder.
1' We're off! England get us underway, attacking from left to right.
The two sides are making their way out onto the pitch, with just a few minutes to go until kick-off.
Meanwhile, England boss Gareth Southgate has made five alterations to the team that featured in their last outing, with John Stones, Michael Keane, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Raheem Sterling and Jermain Defoe making way for Gary Cahill, Chris Smalling, Jake Livermore, Marcus Rashford and Harry Kane.
Gordon Strachan has decided to make two changes to the Scotland side that started the victory at home to Slovenia, with Christophe Berra and Ikechi Anya coming into the starting line-up to replace Russell Martin and James Forrest, respectively.
England substitutes: Trippier, Forster, Lingard, Gibson, Stones, Jones, Defoe, Sterling, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Cresswell, Heaton, Butland.
England XI (4-2-3-1): Hart; Walker, Cahill, Smalling, Bertrand; Dier, Livermore; Rashford, Alli, Lallana; Kane.
Scotland substitutes: Marshall, McArthur, Naismith, Bannan, Fletcher, Forrest, Russell Martin, Chris Martin, Fraser, Hamilton, Cairney, Reynolds.
Scotland XI (3-4-2-1): Gordon; Berra, Mulgrew, Tierney; Anya, Morrison, Brown, Robertson; Snodgrass, Armstrong; Griffiths.
There’s just over 15 minutes left to go until kick-off, so let’s have a look at how the two teams will be lining up this afternoon…
England will be without Jamie Vardy after the Leicester City striker pulled out with an injury, but Premier League Golden Boot winner Harry Kane is not only available but starts as captain. The Tottenham Hotspur centre-forward hasn’t scored on international duty in over a year but will be eyeing up a return to form here this afternoon.
With six points separating themselves and England, Scotland’s only real chance of qualifying for next summer’s competition in Russia seem to rest on them managing to pip Slovakia and Slovenia to second place. With just two wins so far, that looks to be a big ask, but a shock victory today would give themselves a shot at potentially grabbing themselves a play-off spot.
With Slovakia in action against minnows Malta at the same time as this clash, England will be looking to pile more misery on their neighbours with a follow-up to last November’s 3-0 win at Wembley. Scotland haven’t beaten the Auld Enemy on home soil since 1985, although they did impress in their 1-0 victory against Slovenia in their last outing.
At the halfway stage of the qualifying process for next year’s World Cup, England sit unbeaten at the top of Group F with a comfortable four-point lead over their nearest challengers Slovakia. Only third-place Slovenia have managed to avoid defeat against the Three Lions so far, with no side yet managing to score a goal against them.
Good afternoon and welcome to our live text commentary of today’s World Cup 2018 qualifier between Scotland and England at Hampden Park.