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90' + 1'
Víctor Díaz
Yellow Card
Omar Ramos
Yellow Card
Álvaro Morata
T. Kroos
3 - 0
45' + 1'
G. Bale
Álvaro Morata
2 - 0
G. Bale
1 - 0
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In the end, Madrid have managed to leave with what, on paper, looks like an easy victory, but the hosts were far from their best on what was a slightly disappointing day for them. They nonetheless remain top of the La Liga table heading into the international break but know that there is still work to be done when they return, especially with a big clash against Atletico awaiting them in two weeks' time.
No, he can't. Ronaldo steps up and unleashes a shot from the free-kick, but it's woefully hit by the Portuguese and sails high and wide of the goal. That wasn't good at all!
Víctor Díaz
Yellow Card
Marcelo embarks on another marauding run towards the Leganes box before being cynically dragged to the ground by Diaz, who receives a yellow card and gives away a free-kick in a dangerous position. Can Ronaldo make it count with a late goal?
The fourth official has indicated that there will be two minutes of added time.
Rodriguez and Vazquez link up nicely over on the right-hand side of the penalty area before the Colombian darts towards the near post with the ball at his feet, but he was in a slightly offside position when he received it and the linesman's flag is raised just as he's about to shoot.
Madrid break forward on a late attack before winning themselves a free-kick in a dangerous position just outside of the Leganes penalty area. Rodriguez steps up and tries to dink a curling shot into the top right-hand corner of the net, but it isn't hit well enough and ends up sailing a few yards wide of the near post.
Ouch! Marcelo clearly isn't happy with Ramos' challenge a few moments ago, and he gets his revenge by catching the midfielder on the back of the leg with a nasty challenge from behind. The referee decides not to book him, however, and just awards a free-kick to Leganes deep inside their own half of the pitch.
Omar Ramos
Yellow Card
A clearly frustrated Ramos chops Marcelo to the ground as the two battle for the ball near to the halfway line, and the Leganes substitute picks up a needless yellow card as a result.
Víctor Díaz
M. Mantovani
Leganes have also made a substitution, with Mantovani, who has been booked, making way for Diaz.
Lucas Vázquez
Álvaro Morata
Madrid have made a late change, with Vazquez coming on to replace Morata.
Leganes try to push forward on a late attacking move down the left flank through Gabriel, but the Brazilian, who has seen little of the ball today, is easily out-muscled and dispossessed by Rodriguez just outside of the Madrid penalty area and is unable to carve out a chance on goal.
A lofted pass forward finds Bale on the right-hand side of the Leganes penalty area. He brings the ball down well and cuts on to his left foot before shooting, but he's closed down quickly and is unable to direct his strike towards goal.
T. Kroos
Kroos did well to pick out Morata with a clever pass forward, but once again the Leganes defence failed to deal with a run forward and will be frustrated about making a poor mistake.
Álvaro Morata
GOAL! Madrid have a third! Morata skips past both Bustinza and Mantovani before penetrating the penalty area, and he then wraps up a good performance with a well-placed, side-footed strike that flies past the limbs of Serantes and into the top left-hand corner of the net.
Bustinza busts forward on a great run as he tears through the empty space in the middle of the pitch. He heads towards the Madrid penalty area before teeing up Szymanowski, but the Argentine is caught in an offside position and the linesman's flag is raised as soon as he spins and tries to shoot.
Great save by Navas! A lofted pass forward takes the Madrid defence by surprise and sets up Szymanowski on the edge of the penalty area, but the Argentine is closed down by Carvajal just as he unleashes a shot and his effort ends up being tipped over the top of the crossbar by a lovely one-handed stop from Navas.
It's all Madrid at the moment as the home side continue to enjoy the vast majority of possession inside the Leganes half of the pitch. They've looked far better since the break, and, as a result, the visitors have barely been able to get anywhere near the ball.
Rubén Pérez
Meanwhile, Perez has made way for Luciano for Leganes.
J. Rodríguez
Isco makes his way off the pitch to be replaced by Rodriguez in Madrid's second change of the afternoon.
Morata, who has been a handful for the Leganes defenders today, once again gets fouled from behind just outside of the visitors' penalty area, this time from a foul by Bustinza. Ronaldo steps up and fires a shot from the resulting free-kick, but his strike is poor and flies straight in to the middle of the Leganes wall on the edge of the box.
Carvajal breaks forward and puts Rico under pressure, forcing the Leganes full-back in to conceding a throw-in. It fails to result in a chance on goal for the home side, however, as the visitors get enough bodies back to successfully deal with the danger.
L. Modrić
M. Kovačić
Madrid have made their first alteration of the game, with Kovacic, who seems to be limping slightly, making way for Modric.
M. Mantovani
Yellow Card
Mantovani clatters into the back of Morata and brings the striker crashing to the ground, resulting in the Leganes defender becoming the latest player to be booked.
Leganes try to muscle their way into the Madrid penalty area before a loose ball is picked up by Alberto just outside of the box, but the midfielder's low effort lacks the power needed to beat Navas and ends up rolling straight into the hands of the Costa Rican.
Madrid win themselves a free-kick over on the left wing, and Kroos whips it straight on to the head of Bale. The Welshman has his back to goal but spins quickly before sending a header towards Serantes, but it's straight at the goalkeeper and is easily stopped.
Alberto goes close! Leganes push forward on their first real attacking move of the game before Szymanowski whips a lovely cross into the heart of the Madrid penalty area, but the ball flies just past the head of Alberto, who had burst into the box in an attempt to reach the cross.
Omar Ramos
D. Machís
Leganes have made their first substitution of the day, with Machis making way for Ramos.
Carvajal does well to keep the ball in play deep down the right flank and skips past his marker before whipping a cross into a dangerous position inside the Leganes penalty area, but Mantovani is there to make sure that the ball can't find a white shirt in front of goal.
Kovacic is caught on the ankle by Szymanowski and wins a free-kick for Madrid in a dangerous position. After taking his time eyeing up his target, Bale steps up and unleashes a curling strike, but it takes a deflection off the Leganes wall that sends the ball out for a corner.
Isco powers his way towards the Leganes penalty area before teeing up Marcelo, who then curls a lovely cross towards the near post. Bale sticks out a foot as he desperately tries to reach it, but the ball ends up flying just past his boot.
Bale goes close again! Ronaldo does well to keep the ball in play deep down the left flank before whipping a wonderful cross straight on to the head of Bale, but the Welshman's excellent header from the far post is saved by an excellent diving stop from the goalkeeper.
Chance for Bale! The Welshman skips past Insua, who has struggled to deal with the goalscorer this afternoon, with ease and heads into the Leganes penalty area before trying to beat Serantes, but his low shot is sent slightly too near to the goalkeeper and is well saved.
A lofted, cross-field pass from Kroos finds Bale deep down the right flank and the Welshman quickly curls a cross towards Ronaldo, but the Portuguese is beaten to the ball by Insua and misses out on the chance to increase his side's lead.
And we're underway once again!
The two teams are making their way back out on to the pitch ahead of the start of the second half. Neither side have made any substitutions during the half-time break.
It hasn't been the best first-half performance from Madrid, who have looked sluggish in front of goal but nonetheless head into the break with a 2-0 lead thanks to a Bale brace. The Welshman has arguably been the hosts' best player thus far, but Leganes, who had defended well for three-quarters of the opening period, will feel frustrated with their inability to hold on and keep the scoreline level after initially doing so well to frustrate their opponents.
Álvaro Morata
Morata used his height well to set up Bale from the free-kick, but Leganes will be disappointed with their defending. They didn't do nearly enough to try and close down the striker, whilst Insua fell asleep and failed to track the run of Bale.
G. Bale
GOAL! It's 2-0! Madrid win themselves a free-kick over on the right flank, which Kroos launches towards the far post. Morata rises high and meets the ball well before nodding it down to the edge of the six-yard box, where Bale comfortably skips past Insua before poking a close-range shot past Serantes and into the back of the net.
The fourth official has indicated that there will be just one minute of added time.
Chance for Szymanowski! Bale is brought down over on the left wing, but Leganes play on and quickly push forward on a blisteringly quick attack. A lovely cross is fired into the penalty area and finds Szymanowski in a great position in front of goal, but his thumping strike deflects off Varane and just over the top of the crossbar.
Pablo Ínsua
Yellow Card
The Leganes free-kick is easily dealt with by the home side, who then break forward on a quick counter-attack. Morata muscles his way through the middle of the pitch before taking on Insua, who cynically drags the striker to the ground and receives a booking as a result.
Yellow Card
And Nacho has also been booked for dissent after protesting against the referee's decision.
T. Kroos
Yellow Card
Machis tries to muscle his way down the right flank before being brought down from behind by Kroos, who becomes the latest player to receive a yellow card.
Isco's pass forward was wonderful, but Bale's run into the box was brilliant. The Leganes defence momentarily fell asleep and didn't do well enough to track the Welshman, whilst Serantes didn't get a strong enough hand on the ball to push it away from danger.
G. Bale
GOAL! Madrid have finally found the back of the net! A lovely lofted pass from Isco flies over the Leganes defence and into the path of Bale, who breaks past Serantes inside the penalty area before putting his side 1-0 up with one of their first clear-cut chances of the game.
Leganes are guilty of giving the ball away, and Isco immediately takes advantage of the mistake by breaking forward and picking out Ronaldo. The Portuguese is in a good position just outside of the penalty area and quickly unleashes a low strike towards the bottom left-hand corner of the net, but it's poorly hit and fails to hit the target.
Poor play from Madrid allows Szymanowski to pick up possession over on the left flank before charging forward on a marauding run through the middle of the pitch, but he has no one with him to offer support and is easily dispossessed by Varane after being closed down by three white shirts.
Bale battles his way down the right wing before winning Madrid's first corner of the game. It's fired to the near post by Kroos and fails to beat the first man before the ball finds its way to Isco, but the midfielder is unable to test Serantes with a thumping strike from just outside the penalty area that is easily blocked by a wall of green shirts.
Leganes are given the chance to string together a series of good passes just inside the Madrid half of the pitch before Gabriel threads a through-ball into the path of Szymanowski down the right flank, but the Argentine's run is slightly mistimed and the linesman's flag is raised as soon as he makes contact with the ball.
It just isn't working for Madrid, who, bar Ronaldo's great opportunity a few minutes ago, have caused the Leganes defence very few problems. The home side have looked very flat thus far, with Morata barely seeing any of the ball in advanced positions due to poor play from his midfielders.
Marcelo and Machis clash over on the right wing, resulting in a free-kick for Leganes in a dangerous position. The set-piece is fired in to the Madrid penalty area and finds Gabriel in space over on the left, but his overhead pass towards the far post fails to find a teammate in front of goal.
Madrid come back once again as they try to increase the tempo of their attacking moves and attempt to put more pressure on the Leganes back line, but this time it's Isco who unleashes a wild shot from the edge of the penalty area that sails high and wide of its intended target.
What a miss by Ronaldo! The Leganes back four fall asleep and allow a lofted pass to fly over their heads and into the path of the Portuguese forward. He brings the ball down well before thumping a volleyed strike towards goal, but there's far too much power behind his effort and it fails to cause Serantes any problems.
Bale cuts inside from the right wing and beats his marker before sending a lovely cross over to the far post, but, off balance, Morata is unable to hit the target with his header from a tight angle and ends up sending it looping a few yards over the top of the crossbar.
Marcelo charges forward before being dispossessed deep inside the Leganes half of the pitch, and the visitors push forward on another counter-attack. They work the ball around nicely before slowing down the tempo of their attacking move, which allows Madrid to get plenty of bodies back to deal with the danger.
Cristiano Ronaldo
Yellow Card
Ronaldo is brought down by a hefty tackle over on the left wing, and he isn't at all happy with the referee's decision to wave play on. He berates the man in charge as he shows his displeasure, and he ends up receiving a yellow card for having slightly too much to say.
And now Szymanowski goes down inside the penalty area! A curling cross is flung into the middle of the Madrid box and almost finds Szymanowski, but the Argentine does down whilst wrestling with Carvajal and immediately screams for a penalty. There didn't seem to be too much contact, however, and the referee immediately tells him to get back to his feet.
Marcelo picks up the ball on the halfway line and immediately launches a long ball down the left flank and into the path of Morata. The striker battles with Mantovani before going down under a challenge from the Leganes defender, but the referee isn't interested and waves away his protests.
Isco is brought down just inside the Leganes half of the pitch and Madrid are awarded another free-kick. It's taken quickly and sent short before being worked over to Carvajal on the right wing, but the lofted pass towards the full-back is slightly overhit and, despite his best efforts, he's unable to keep the ball from bouncing out of play.
Another slightly wayward pass, this time from Bale, can only find a green shirt and allows Leganes to try and counter-attack quickly down the right flank, but Kroos is there to deal with the danger and tracks back well before winning Madrid a throw-in midway inside their own half of the pitch.
D. Machís
Yellow Card
Machis clatters into Marcelo as they battle for the ball down the left flank, resulting in the Leganes man becoming the first player to receive a yellow card. The resulting set-piece is flung into the penalty area by Kroos, but Varane's deflected header fails to test Serantes.
The home side lose the ball near the halfway line and gift Machis with a chance to counter quickly. The Venezuelan flies through the middle of the pitch on a great run before taking on Nacho on the edge of the penalty area, but the Madrid defender comes out on top and is easily able to deal with the danger.
Madrid patiently pass the ball around in the middle of the pitch as they try to find a way through the wall of green shirts camped in front of them. They're unable to do so, however, which results in Kroos unleashing an audacious lofted pass that fails to find Bale in front of goal and instead sails out of play for a goal-kick.
A deep cross into the box from Marcelo finds Morata, and the striker does well to rise high above his marker and nod the ball down to Isco. The midfielder controls the ball nicely before trying to skip past Szymanowski, but the Argentine sticks to his opponent like glue before poking the ball back to Serantes.
A sloppy, wayward pass from Varane is picked up by Szymanowski, who immediately breaks towards the Madrid penalty area. The Argentine links up well with Rico over on the left flank before trying to penetrate the box, but Kovacic is there to dispossess the forward with a well-timed sliding tackle.
And we're off! Leganes get us underway, attacking from right to left.
The two sides are making their way out onto the pitch, with just a few minutes to go until kick-off.
Meanwhile, Leganes boss Asier Garitano has made five alterations to the team that featured against Real Sociedad in their last outing, with Victor Diaz, Carl Medjani, David Timor, Omar Ramos and Miguel Guerrero making way for Unai Bustinza, Martin Mantovani, Alberto, Unai Lopez and Darwin Machis, respectively.
Zinedine Zidane has decided to make two changes to the Madrid side that started the draw against Legia Warsaw during the week, with Marcelo and Isco coming into the starting line-up to replace Fabio Coentrao and Karim Benzema, the latter of whom has picked up a slight injury.
Leganes substitutes: Brignoli, Diaz, Sastre, Ramos, Timor, Guerrero, Luciano.
Leganes XI (4-3-3): Serantes; Insua, Bustinza, Mantovani, Rico; Lopez, Alberto, Perez; Gabriel, Machis, Szymanowski.
Real Madrid substitutes: Casilla, Coentrao, Danilo, Asensio, Rodriguez, Modric, Vazquez.
Real Madrid XI (4-3-3): Navas; Carvajal, Varane, Nacho, Marcelo; Kovacic, Kroos, Isco; Bale, Morata, Ronaldo.
There’s just over 15 minutes left to go until kick-off, so let’s have a look at how the two teams will be lining up this morning…
Four defeats from their last five league games means that Leganes head into today’s clash just one point clear of the relegation zone in 17th place. Whilst a win today looks incredibly unlikely, Asier Garitano’s side will no doubt adopt a similar philosophy to the one that saw them draw against Atletico back in August as they search for what would be a hugely important point.
Leganes started their maiden La Liga season with an excellent 1-0 win away to Celta Vigo, and despite picking up a few positive results since then (most notably a goalless draw with Atletico and a 2-1 win against Deportivo La Coruna), it’s been a tough few weeks for the club from the outskirts of the capital.
A run of three consecutive league victories means that Madrid currently sit two points clear of nearest challengers Barcelona, and they will certainly be confident about their chances of winning again today, despite suffering a disappointing 3-3 draw against Legia Warsaw on Wednesday in a game that saw them surrender a 2-0 lead.
Atletico’s disappointing defeat against Real Sociedad yesterday means that Madrid can open up a six-point gap over their local rivals with a victory this morning, and it’ll be one that ensures that they head in to the international break at the top of the table, no matter what happens in Barcelona’s game against Sevilla this evening.
Good morning and welcome to our live text commentary of today’s La Liga game between Real Madrid and Leganes at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu.