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PSG v Caen Live Commentary, 20/05/2017

1 - 1
A. Rabiot (13)
R. Rodelin (90+1)
Parc des Princes


As for PSG, the draw represents another frustrating result in what has been a disappointing season for them. Although it makes no difference to where they've finished, it's denied them the opportunity to pick up a 28th league win of the season, meaning that they've ended the campaign eight points behind Monaco.
What a huge goal that was for Caen! Because of Lorient's draw at home to Bordeaux, they needed to at least match the result to avoid dropping down into the relegation play-off spot. Thanks to Rodelin's late equaliser, they were able to do just that, and they've managed to finish the season in 17th place, narrowly outside of the dreaded bottom two.
Pastore almost puts PSG back in front! The home side burst forward and win themselves a late corner over on the left wing. It's swung towards the near post and finds Pastore, who then sends a glancing header just over the top of the crossbar and on to the roof of the net.
J. Delaplace
Delaplace's cross into the box was really well hit and picked out Rodelin perfectly, but the PSG defence really should have done better in dealing with the danger, especially this late in the game.
R. Rodelin
GOAL! Caen have equalised! An excellent low cross from Delaplace is fired into the middle of the penalty area and finds Rodelin, who gets the better of Maxwell before poking a first-time shot past Trapp and into the back of the net.
What a chance for Cavani to wrap up the win! The Uruguayan darts into the Caen penalty area on a lovely run before taking on Vercoutre. He gets the better of the goalkeeper and spins before shooting, but, off balance, he fails to hit the target and fires his effort high over the crossbar.
What a block by Imorou! A bouncing pass is poked into the Caen box and finds Matuidi in front of goal, but just as he's about to slot home PSG's second goal of the game, Imorou sticks out a foot to deny the midfielder with a brilliant, last-ditch interception.
Feret scores, but it's ruled out for offside! The captain is left in a pocket of space on the edge of the box and quickly gets a shot away. It wrong foots Trapp and flies into the right-hand side of the net, but as soon as the Caen players start to celebrate, the linesman's flag is raised against Tell, who was just an inch or so offside.
Two looping balls are fired into the heart of the PSG penalty area as they desperately try to score a late equaliser, but both are dealt with well by the home side before Kimpembe is barged to the ground and wins a free-kick.
V. Bessat
J. Makengo
Meanwhile, Vincent Bessat has come on to replace Makengo.
J. Leborgne
F. Guilbert
Caen have made a late substitution, with Guilbert making way for Jordan Leborgne.
One more goal would surely wrap up all three points for PSG, but it isn't quite working for them inside the final third of the pitch. They've struggled to cause too many problems for Vercoutre, and many of their passes in and around the box have been overhit and poorly placed.
Draxler goes close! Matuidi charges down the left-hand side of the Caen box before fizzing a dangerous pass across the face of goal, where it misses the outstretched leg of Draxler by the narrowest of margins. Any sort of contact surely would have resulted in a second goal for PSG.
With 10 minutes left to play and Caen starting to increase the tempo of their attacking moves, PSG are beginning to drop off ever so slightly as they try to protect their slender lead. As a result, the visitors are pushing an increasing number of bodies forward.
J. Draxler
Lucas Moura
Meanwhile, Julian Draxler has come on to replace Lucas for the home side.
J. Tell
R. Genevois
Caen have made their first alteration of the game, with Romain Genevois making way for Jordan Tell.
Another chance for Rodelin! Caen desperately push forward once again and set up Rodelin with a chance to score from midway inside the penalty area, but he can only send his audacious scissor kick several yards over the top of the crossbar.
K. Trapp
Penalty Save
The penalty was struck decently enough by Rodelin, but Trapp pulled off an excellent save to deny the striker. He gave the number 12 the eyes and forced him into placing the shot where he wanted it.
R. Rodelin
Penalty Miss
MISS! Rodelin steps up and tries to beat Trapp with a side-footed strike to his left, but the German guesses correctly and pulls off a wonderful diving save to keep his side ahead.
A curling cross into the PSG penalty area isn't dealt with at all well by the hosts' defence, allowing it to bounce out to Delaplace. The midfielder quickly cuts on to his left foot and tries to shoot, but before he can, he's barged to the ground by Kimpembe, leaving the referee with no choice but to point to the penalty spot.
B. Matuidi
T. Motta
PSG have made their second change of the night, with Blaise Matuidi coming on to replace Thiago Motta.
Another PSG attack comes to nothing, allowing Caen to break forward. Jean-Victor Makengo takes on Marquinhos over on the left-hand side of the box and is able to whip a pass across the face of goal, but there's nobody there to meet it, much to his frustration.
Di Maria flies down the left wing on a great run and does really well to beat two players. He then swings a dangerous cross over to the far post, where Cavani is waiting, but Diomande is just about able to nod the ball behind for a corner.
As PSG begin to tire, Caen are starting to find slightly more joy when pushing forward. Space is starting to open up for them, and they could end up causing problems for the home side on the counter-attack if they keep playing this way.
Great save by Vercoutre! Kimpembe sprints towards the Caen penalty area on an excellent run before unleashing a thumping low strike from 25 yards out. It takes a deflection off a white shirt that wrong foots Vercoutre, but the goalkeeper is just about able to keep the effort from finding the back of the net with an outstretched right leg.
A completely misplaced pass by Rodelin is picked up by Di Maria on the edge of the Caen box, but, luckily for the striker, the Argentine doesn't seem to be expecting to receive the loose ball and can't do anything with it before the danger is dealt with.
A rare Caen attack down the left wing results in a corner for the visitors. It's curled in by Feret and almost finds Rodelin, but the striker is beaten to the ball just as he's about to make contact with it on the penalty spot.
Pastore quickly gets involved in the thick of action as he tries to weave his way into the Caen penalty area, but he's immediately closed down by a group of defenders and can't get a shot away before being dispossessed.
J. Pastore
G. Lo Celso
PSG have made their first substitution of the evening, with Lo Celso making way for Javier Pastore.
There's a bit of a coming together between the two sets of players after Kimpembe tangles with Karamoh over on the left wing, but the situation is quickly dealt with by the referee as the Caen striker receives medical treatment for a few moments.
Off the line! A lovely cross sails over to the far post and finds Cavani, who meets it brilliantly. He then beats Vercoutre with a glancing header that looks set for the back of the net, but Ben Yedder sticks out a foot to deny the Uruguayan at the vital moment.
No, they can't. Di Maria decides to shoot from the set-piece but can't beat the wall of white camped on the edge of the penalty area.
Rabiot powers down the right wing on a marauding run and then sets up Lucas, who tries to skip past Ben Yedder but is clattered into by the defender just a few yards outside of the Caen box. Can the home side make the free-kick count and double their lead?
PSG have started the second half the same way they ended the first, and they're comfortably holding on to possession deep inside the Caen half of the pitch without doing much with it. Once again, Di Maria is presented with a chance to swing a cross into the penalty area, but it fails to find a team-mate and is easily dealt with by the visitors.
Aurier is pulled to the ground by Imorou as he tries to cut in from the right flank, resulting in a free-kick for PSG in a great position. Di Maria steps up and curls a cross into the middle of the box, where Kimpembe loses his footing at the vital moment and can't latch on to it.
Smart passing just outside of the Caen penalty area by PSG sets up Lo Celso to poke a through-ball into the path of Lucas, but it's overhit by the Argentine and rolls straight into the hands of Vercoutre in the middle of the goal.
We're underway once again!
The two teams are making their way back out on to the pitch ahead of the start of the second half. Neither side have made any substitutions during the half-time break.
PSG are comfortably ahead as the two sides head into the half-time break, but they arguably should be further ahead. They've bossed possession and have made life tough for Caen, who have nonetheless done well to limit the hosts' chance on goal. As a result, they're still in with a chance of getting back into the game once the Parisiens begin to tire.
Once again, Di Maria causes problems when cutting in from the right flank before swinging a dangerous cross into the Caen box, but this time it's sent slightly too near to Vercoutre and the goalkeeper can easily deal with the danger.
The fourth official has indicated that there will be just one minute of added time.
Ben Youssef flies into Lucas and sends the Brazilian crashing to the ground with a hefty challenge, leaving the referee with no choice but to award PSG a free-kick in a promising position over on the right flank. Di Maria steps up and curls a beautiful ball over to the far post, where it somehow fails to find the head of Aurier a few yards out from goal.
After being pegged back by the Caen defence, Di Maria is forced into firing a looping cross into the heart of the Caen penalty area. Lucas is the only player there and does his best to try and latch on to the ball, but it's slightly overhit and can only find the hands of Vercoutre.
If Caen are going to score, it looks as if their only chance will come from a quick counter-attack. They're able to hit PSG on one after another of the hosts' attacking moves fails to result in a chance on goal, but, once again, Rodelin and Karamoh are unable to link up inside the penalty area and Marquinhos can easily clear the danger.
The home side come back once again, and this time it's Lucas who tries to break into the Caen box. He's unable to do so, however, as his low cross towards Cavani is underhit and fails to pick out the Uruguayan on the penalty spot.
PSG move the ball around nicely just outside of the Caen penalty area before Rabiot tries to skip into the penalty area. He does well to beat one player and then takes on Ben Youssef, who sticks out a foot and dispossesses the midfielder with a well-timed sliding tackle.
Karamoh picks up the ball in a promising position on the halfway line and immediately spins before firing a lofted pass up towards Rodelin. The striker is in a pocket of space just outside of the box and quickly charges towards the ball, but Trapp is alert to the danger and meets it first.
Delaplace is bundled over midway inside the Caen half of the pitch, resulting in a free-kick for the visitors. It's thumped forward by Vercoutre and finds Ronny Rodelin on the edge of the PSG box, but he can't pick out Karamoh with his downward header.
Caen have struggled to cause too many problems for the PSG defence so far, but Delaplace has arguably been their most creative player. This time he's able to unleash a decent low shot from 30 yards out, but it lacks the precision and power to beat Trapp and rolls a few yards wide of the goal.
More good play by PSG out wide on the right allows Aurier to skip into the Caen penalty area before managing to get a cross away, but his pass over to the far post is slightly too deep and fails to find the head of Cavani.
Space opens up for Karamoh over on the left wing after the PSG wingers fail to track back and help out defensively. The striker patiently jogs to the box and then whips a low strike towards the near post, but it's poorly hit and fails to trouble Trapp.
Another chance for Aurier! Di Maria's cross from the resulting set-piece is a great one and picks out Aurier at the back post, but the full-back can't squeeze his header past Vercoutre and loses out to a reflex save from the goalkeeper.
The free-kick bounces around dangerously inside the penalty area before finally falling to Aurier, who pulls off an audacious overhead kick. It flies towards goal before being deflected over to Cavani, whose close-range headed effort is cleared for a corner.
I. Diomandé
Yellow Card
Ouch! Lucas easily gets the better of Ismael Diomande as he skips past the Caen defender deep down the right flank, but the Ivorian then sticks out a foot and sends the Brazilian crashing to the ground with a cynical challenge, resulting in a free-kick for the home side and a booking.
PSG patiently pass the ball around as they try to break down the wall of white camped in front of them. Maxwell eventually skips inside from the left wing and tries to pick out Di Maria, but is pass is mishit and gifts possession to Caen.
Huge chance for Yann Karamoh! The striker is left in far too much space by the PSG back line, allowing him to easily latch on to a lovely pass over the top. He then darts into the box and skips past a sliding tackle from Lo Celso before shooting, but he completely scuffs his effort and sends it wide of the near post. He really should have done better with that!
Thumping strike by Lo Celso! The young Argentinian is left in a pocket of space 25 yards away from goal and quickly spins before shooting. The effort is a good one and causes plenty of problems for Vercoutre, who has to dart across goal before parrying the shot away with a smart diving save.
Almost a chance for Cavani to make it 2-0! A lovely lofted pass is fired over the top of the sleeping Caen defence and towards Cavani, but the Uruguayan can't get the better of Vercoutre and is denied by the on-rushing goalkeeper.
PSG quickly push forward once again after comfortably winning the ball back from the restart, but Lo Celso's attempted back-heel towards Cavani from inside the box doesn't quite work and instead rolls into the hands of Vercoutre.
E. Cavani
Cavani did well to pick out Rabiot in a pocket of space, but the Caen back line completely fell asleep. No one closed down the midfielder, and all of the defenders seemed to stop on the spot as soon as the underhit effort was struck.
A. Rabiot
GOAL! PSG have taken the lead! The home side push plenty of bodies forward as they keep putting pressure on the Caen back line. Cavani cuts inside from the left wing and pokes a pass back to Rabiot, who, from 25 yards out, is easily able to side-foot a tame effort through the sea of white in front of him and into the bottom left-hand corner of the net.
Di Maria initially showcases lovely footwork as he twists and turns his way in from the left flank. He easily gets the better of three Caen players before sending a cross towards the near post, but it's poorly hit and is easily cleared by the head of Syam Ben Youssef.
Great save by Trapp! Space opens up in the middle of the pitch for Jonathan Delaplace, who skips towards the PSG box after getting the better of Giovani Lo Celso. He manages to reach the penalty area and then unleashes a wonderful strike, but it's well met by Trapp, who tips the effort over the top of the crossbar and out for a corner.
Another great opportunity for the hosts! Aurier battles with Emmanuel Imorou deep down the right flank and is able to win PSG their first corner of the net. It's fired towards Marquinhos and finds the Brazilian in an excellent position, but his downward header fails to find its way through to Vercoutre before Presnel Kimpembe's follow-up is blocked at the near post.
Almost a costly mistake by Federic Guilbert! Cavani weaves his way towards the Caen penalty area before eventually trying to tee up Lucas. Guilbert is there and immediately pokes the ball back to the Uruguayan, who now only has the goalkeeper to beat, but the defender does well to atone for his error with a well-timed sliding interception.
After a tough few minutes on the back foot, Caen are able to push forward on their first attack of the night and do well to win themselves a corner over on the left wing. It's swung in by Feret and towards the edge of the six-yard box, where Kevin Trapp can easily cut out the danger.
Adrien Rabiot bursts down the left wing and gets himself into a decent position before firing a cross into the penalty area. It deflects off a white shirt and towards Di Maria, but the Argentine ends up pushing Romain Genevois before he can reach the ball and concedes a free-kick.
And now Serge Aurier goes close! Lucas Moura embarks on a beautiful run as he sprints past three players and into the Caen box. He then tries to tee up Cavani with a clever sideways pass, but it's deflected away by an outstretched leg from Julien Feret. The defender's half clearance can only find Aurier, however, and the full-back then smashes his first-time strike just wide of the near post.
Early chance for Edinson Cavani! PSG quickly push forward through Angel Di Maria, who then swings a lovely cross into the penalty area. It finds Cavani completely unmarked in front of goal, but he's unable to make decent contact with the ball and fails to trouble Remy Vercoutre.
We're off! Caen get us underway, attacking from right to left.
The two sides are making their way out onto the pitch, with just a few minutes to go until kick-off.
Meanwhile, Caen boss Patrice Garande has made three alterations to the team that featured in their last outing, with Damien Da Silva, Vincent Bessat and Ivan Santini making way for Romain Genevois, Emmanuel Imorou and Ronny Rodelin.
Unai Emery has decided to make five changes to the PSG side that started the 5-0 thumping of Saint-Etienne last weekend, with the most notable inclusion being Giovani Lo Celso, who comes into the starting line-up to make his first start for the club. Meanwhile, Marquinhos, Serge Aurier, Thiago Motta and Angel Di Maria have also come into the side to replace Thomas Meunier, Thiago Silva, Blaise Matuidi and Julian Draxler, respectively.
Caen substitutes: Dreyer, Avounou, Leborgne, Malbranque, Bessat, Tell, Sane.
Caen XI (5-3-2): Vercoutre; Guilbert, Genevois, Ben Youssef, Diomande, Imorou; Delaplace, Makengo, Feret; Karamoh, Rodelin.
Paris Saint-Germain substitutes: Areola, Robail, Callegari, Guedes, Pastore, Matuidi, Draxler.
Paris Saint-Germain XI (4-3-3): Trapp; Maxwell, Kimpembe, Marquinhos, Aurier; Lo Celso, Motta, Rabiot; Lucas, Cavani, Di Maria.
There’s just over 15 minutes left to go until kick-off, so let’s have a look at how the two teams will be lining up this evening…
It’s certainly set to be a difficult evening for Caen, who have struggled for much of the season and, as a result, have enjoyed just one victory from their last 11 league games. They’ve traditionally struggled against PSG whenever the two sides have met, with last year’s champions beating them 6-0 in each of the previous two meetings. It’s now almost nine and a half years since they last won against Les Rouge et Bleu with only two of the last 11 meetings failing to result in wins for the club from the capital.
For Caen, their campaign remains as alive as ever heading into the final round. With just two points separating the Normandy side and the relegation zone, a defeat here today could send them crashing down to the second tier if other results don’t go their way. For that to happen, both Lorient and Bastia would need to win against Bordeaux and Marseille, respectively.
PSG have impressed in recent months and head into today’s game with just one defeat from their last 19 Ligue 1 outings, but the damage seemed to be done in the first half of the season and meant that they were never able to catch a rampant Monaco side. Nonetheless, they will be aiming to end the campaign with a 28th win, an impressive record that would surpass three of their last four title winning seasons.
Despite taking the battle for the top spot right to the wire, PSG head into the final league clash of the season knowing that it is Monaco, not they, who are this year’s Ligue 1 champions. For the first time since 2012, the Parisiens have surrendered the crown that, for four straight seasons, seemed impossible for others to remove, and it means that Unai Emery’s first campaign in charge will surely go down as a bitter disappointment.
Good evening and welcome to our live text commentary of today’s Ligue 1 game between Paris Saint-Germain and Caen at the Parc des Princes.