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Porto v Borussia Dortmund Live Commentary, 25/02/2016

0 - 1
Casillas (23 og)
Estádio Do Dragão


The referee blows his whistle for the final time and brings an end to what was a very comfortably game for Dortmund. The German side are surely the team to beat after easily finding a way past a Porto team that, over two legs, were thoroughly disappointing. In the first leg the Dragons were too defensive-minded, which allowed their opponents to control the game, whilst tonight they never got going, which meant that the Black and Yellows could patiently pass the ball around under very little pressure.
And now Kagawa goes close! Dortmund earn themselves a corner on the left wing, which is taken short and sent to Schmelzer. The full-back heads towards the byline and cuts a great pass back to the Japan international, who then charges towards the near post before scuffing a close-range strike straight into the side-netting.
Mkhitaryan hits the post! A half-hearted Porto attacking move breaks down, allowing Dortmund to fly forward on a blisteringly quick counter. The Armenian charges into the left-hand side of the penalty area and beats two defenders before unleashing a thumping low shot, but it deflects off the woodwork after beating Casillas.
M. Pereira
Yellow Card
Pereira becomes the latest player to enter the referee's book for a poor challenge.
The fourth official has indicated that there will be two minutes of added time.
It's all Dortmund at the moment as they patiently pass the ball around inside the Porto penalty area. It's been a comfortable evening for the visitors, who have never had to play at their best due to a poor performance from the hosts, who just never got going.
Brahimi hits the crossbar! Porto pile forward and pepper the Dortmund penalty area with two really good crosses. The second causes the visitors problems and ends up bouncing over to the Algerian midway inside the box, but he ends up firing his first-time strike straight on to the woodwork after beating the outstretched arms of Burki. What a great chance that was!
Aubameyang finds himself in a pocket of space on the right wing and immediately fires a looping cross over to the back post, where it finds Ramos. However, the Colombian striker is slightly off balance and, as a result, ends up sending his 10-yard header flying comfortably over the top of the crossbar and out for a goal-kick.
After spending the majority of the past 10 minutes on the back foot, Porto are finally able to push out of their own half of the pitch and embark on a quick counter-attack. Angel does well to fly down the left wing before sending a low cross into the heart of the penalty area, but Subotic is there to easily deal with the danger.
Mkhitaryan darts into the right-hand side of the Porto box and immediately tries to back-heel the ball to Ramos, but Marcano sticks out a foot and knocks it away from the Colombian striker before he's able to get a shot away from close range. It's all Dortmund at the moment, and they are fully in control of the game.
Mkhitaryan goes close again! The Armenian drifts out to the left-hand side of the penalty area and receives the ball in space after Ramos does well to hold it up under pressure. He then tests Casillas with a low cross-cum-shot that the goalkeeper is just about able to push away with his feet.
Dortmund score, but once again it's ruled out! This time it's Kagawa who marginally strays into an offside position after flying through the Porto back line and latching onto a pass from Ramos. He then cuts the ball back to Mkhitaryan, who knocks it into the back of an empty net, but by that time the linesman's flag is already raised high.
Chance for Suk! The South Korean striker darts into the right-hand side of the Dortmund box and beats Schmelzer far too easily before testing Burki with a low shot, but the Swiss goalkeeper comes out on top and pushes the strike away with a strong save.
Brahimi has brought a sense of urgency to Porto's attacking moves since coming on, and he seems to be enjoying himself whenever on the ball. After a Dortmund attack breaks down, the Algerian flies forward on a great run before penetrating the visitors' penalty area, but his final touch lets him down and sends the ball rolling into the hands of Burki before he can get a shot away.
The ball pinballs around the Porto penalty area, with no player able to fully clear the danger. It eventually bounces out to Weigl, who is plenty of space 25 yards away from goal, but the midfielder ends up firing his first-time volley several yards wide of the near post.
H. Herrera
Meanwhile, Herrera has come on to take the place of Evandro for Porto.
A. Ramos
M. Reus
Borussia Dortmund
Dortmund have made their final change of the game, with Reus making way for Ramos.
Great goalkeeping by Casillas! A lofted pass is flung down the left wing, where Reus darts forward in an attempt to latch on to it. He is almost able to do so but at the vital moment the Spanish goalkeeper flies out to the edge of his box to deal with the danger with a sliding interception.
Y. Brahimi
Silvestre Varela
Porto have made their second alteration of the evening, with Brahimi coming on to replace Varela.
It's continuing to be far too easy for Dortmund, who are finding plenty of space in the middle of the pitch. Over the past few minutes Porto have started to push slightly further forward, but they're leaving far too much room behind themselves, which is allowing the visitors to hit them on the counter.
Aubameyang scores, but it's ruled out! Once again, Dortmund hit Porto on the counter and take advantage of the hosts' disjointed back line. They work the ball around wonderfully well before Mkhitaryan tees up the aforementioned Gabonese striker, but just as he thumps a great strike into the back of the net the linesman's flag is raised for offside, bringing his celebrations to a premature end.
Layun steps up and unleashes a low strike from the resulting set-piece, but it isn't hit with enough accuracy and ends up flying comfortably wide of the far post.
N. Şahin
Yellow Card
Borussia Dortmund
Ouch! The ball bounces around just outside of the Dortmund penalty area before falling to Danilo, who is clattered into by Sahin just as he makes contact with it. The Turkish midfielder's boot was high and dangerous, but the referee decides to only show him a yellow card, even though he easily could have seen red.
R. Bürki
Yellow Card
Borussia Dortmund
Burki takes slight too long with his goal-kick, and the referee decides to book him for timewasting, even at this relatively early stage of the game.
Suk goes down inside the penalty area, but nothing is given! The recently-introduced striker is immediately involved in the action as he bursts into the box before seemingly being tripped over by Bender, but the referee ignores the Porto players' pleas and allows play to go on.
Suk Hyun-Jun
V. Aboubakar
Porto have made their first change of the night, with Aboubakar, who has had a tough evening, making way for Suk.
Rúben Neves
Yellow Card
Neves cynically drags Sahin back whilst battling with the midfielder in the centre of the pitch, and as a result he becomes the second place to receive a yellow card.
What a chance for Aboubakar! Layun flies forward on a great run before picking out Pereira, who quickly spins and sends a through-ball into the path of Marega. The winger is left in far too much space by Schmelzer and breaks forward before sending a low cross towards the near post, where it finds the striker, but his close-range flicked effort is well saved by the outstretched left hand of Burki.
It currently looks as if Dortmund are the team chasing four goals, as they are dominating possession as they patiently pass the ball around inside the Porto half of the pitch. The hosts are lacking the intensity needed to trouble the visitors and, as a result, it's proving to be an easy evening for the German side.
A poor pass by Marega sums up just how badly it's going for Porto at the moment. The Malian winger initially does well to get down the right wing before trying to beat Schmelzer. He then spins and knocks a through-ball past the left-back and towards the byline, but there's absolutely no one there and the pass ends up rolling harmlessly out of play for a goal-kick.
Mkhitaryan steps up and curls a great cross into the heart of the Porto penalty area, but it fails to find a yellow shirt and is instead cleared away by a strong header from Marcano.
Dortmund start the second half on the front foot as they patiently work the ball around inside the Porto half of the pitch. Aubameyang drifts out to the right wing and skips past Angel before being clumsily tripped over by the Spaniard, resulting in a free-kick for the visitors in a dangerous position near to the corner flag.
And we're underway once again!
N. Şahin
İ. Gündoğan
Borussia Dortmund
And the second is Sahin, who takes the place of Gundogan in the heart of midfield.
N. Subotić
M. Hummels
Borussia Dortmund
Dortmund have decided to make a double substitution during the half-time break. The first player to come on is Subotic, who replaces Hummels.
It's been a frustrating opening 45 minutes for Porto, who head into the half-time break knowing that it's now almost impossible for them to be able to progress to the next round of the competition. A Dortmund away goal is the last thing that they would have wanted, but it's exactly what happened after the visitors tore the hosts apart on the counter-attack, with Mkhitaryan, Reus and Aubameyang all playing their part in the goal. Since then it's been far too easy for the German side, who have looked comfortable when having to defend due to their Portuguese opponents lacking belief and urgency on the ball.
The two teams are making their way back out onto the pitch ahead of the start of the second half.
Schmelzer is finding plenty of joy down the left wing, and he does well to penetrate the penalty area before firing a low cross-cum-shot that Pereira deflects out for a corner. Mkhitaryan curls the set-piece into the middle of the box and towards the towering figure of Hummels, but Danilo is there to beat the centre-back to the ball before the referee blows his whistle and brings an end to the first half.
The fourth official has indicated that there will be just one minute of added time.
Almost a terrible mistake by Bender! The defender picks up the ball midway inside the Dortmund half of the pitch and tries to send the ball back to Burki, but his attempted pass is poor. Aboubakar immediately chases after it and is involved in a determined race with the Swiss goalkeeper, but the latter comes out on top and is eventually able to thump the ball away from danger.
Stunning stop by Burki! Porto earn themselves another corner on the right wing, and the first quickly results in a second due to good defending by Schmelzer. Layun plays the second short before curling a cross over to the far post, where Varela rises high and beats Weigl to the ball before forcing the Dortmund goalkeeper into making an excellent diving save to stop his bouncing header from finding the back of the net.
So close from Evandro! Sloppy passing from Dortmund gifts possession to the Brazilian, who then embarks on an excellent run into the right-hand side of the penalty area. He skips past two defenders with ease before firing a low shot towards the bottom left-hand corner of the net, but it ends up trickling agonisingly wide of its intended target.
Once again, Porto try their hardest to carve out a chance on goal by darting down the right flank, and this time it's Pereira who earns himself a corner after playing the ball off Kagawa. This time, Layun decides to take the set-piece short before swinging a cross over to the far post, but Hummels is there to deal with the danger with a commanding headed clearance.
Weigl charges through the centre of the pitch before teeing up Gundogan, who spins quickly and sends the ball over to Reus. The forward picks out the run of Mkhitaryan, who darts into the box and meets the ball before trying to pick out Aubameyang with a low cross, but it fails to beat Angel and ends up resulting in a throw-in for Dortmund.
Marega battles with Schmelzer as he muscles his way down the right wing before eventually earning Porto a corner. Layun knocks it into the middle of the box, where it finds Danilo, but the defensive midfielder completely mistimes his jump and ends up sending his header bouncing over to the opposite flank.
Porto seem to have lost their confidence since going behind, and only Marega has been able to carve out a chance on goal. It's proving to be far too easy for Dortmund, who are being put under little pressure every time the hosts are in possession.
After defending resolutely for the past few minutes, Dortmund break forward on an attack of their own. Schmelzer flies down the left flank before trying to pick out Aubameyang with a curling cross, but Pereira does well to fling his body in the way of the ball to stop it from doing so.
Marega tries to break down the right flank once again, but he quickly finds himself out-numbered and is dispossessed by Weigl before he's able to unleash a cross. Dortmund are sitting deep and doing well to largely keep the hosts at bay.
Marega goes close! Porto are now pushing forward with real intensity, and that's exactly what they'll have to do if they are to have any chance of reaching the next round. The Malian winger flies down the right wing and cuts inside before unleashing a 20-yard strike, but there's slightly too much power on the effort and it ends up flying just over the top of the crossbar.
Own Goal
GOAL! Dortmund have scored an all-important away goal! The visitors fly forward on a blisteringly quick counter-attack as they swarm into the Porto half of the pitch. Mkhitaryan finds himself in space on the right-hand side of the hosts' penalty area and quickly picks out Reus, who unleashes a thumping volley that Casillas does well to save. The Spaniard can only push the ball into the path of Aubameyang, however, and striker then fires a close-range shot that deflects off both the crossbar and the goalkeeper before rolling over the back of the net.
Once again, Weigl picks up the ball in a pocket of space near to the halfway line and immediately tries to pick out a teammate with a long pass forward. It's well hit and finds the chest of Aubameyang, but the striker is quickly flagged for offside, despite replays showing that he was at least a yard on.
Porto patiently work their way down the right flank before earning themselves a throw-in deep inside the Dortmund half of the pitch. Pereira launches a long throw that finds Evandro at the near post, but the Brazilian is unable to pick out Aboubakar with his attempted nod on towards the striker.
After enjoying a bright start to the game, it's been a quiet five minutes for Porto, who are seeing a lot of the ball but are finding it increasingly difficult to find a way through Dortmund's resolute and well-organised back line. As expected, the visitors are set up to fiercely defend their two-goal lead.
Weigl picks up the ball in space in the middle of the pitch and immediately launches a lofted pass up to Schmelzer, who had made a good run down the left wing. The ball looks set to find the marauding full-back but just as it's about to Pereira rises high and cuts out the danger with a well-timed headed clearance.
Yellow Card
Almost a costly mistake by Bender! The midfielder, who is playing as a centre-back this evening, is caught sleeping on the ball just outside of the penalty area, allowing Neves to pick his pocket in a very dangerous position. The Porto captain is unable to find a way through the sea of yellow shirts in front of him, and Dortmund are finally able to breathe once again after Evandro fouls Weigl with a poor sliding challenge.
A lofted pass from Marega flies over to the left flank, where it finds Varela in space. The Portuguese winger controls the ball well and skips past Ginter before curling a dangerous cross into the Dortmund penalty area, but Burki does well read the flight of the ball and is easily able to collect it.
Kagawa sticks out a foot and clumsily trips Danilo, and Porto are awarded a free-kick midway inside the Dortmund half of the pitch as a result. They take it short and try to break forward quickly, but they're immediately closed down by the visitors and are forced into working the ball back towards the halfway line.
Another chance for Mkhitaryan! Dortmund come back once again as they continue to pepper the Porto penalty area with crosses. Once again the ball finds its way over to the Armenian, who is in space on the right-hand side of the box, but his low shot is stopped by Casillas, despite a slight fumble by the Spanish goalkeeper.
Dortmund are finally able to push out of their own half of the pitch, and they work the ball around well before Gundogan is tripped over by Evandro, resulting in a free-kick in the middle of the pitch. They take it short and work it over to Schmelzer, who then curls a cross over to Mkhitaryan inside the penalty area. The Armenian fires a quick shot, but it bounces off the head of Marcano and out of the box.
Porto quickly put Dortmund under an incredible amount of pressure and force them into sitting deep down the right flank. Schmelzer is eventually able to get a pass away and finds Hummels, who spins and fires the ball straight into the feet of Neves. The captain immediately unleashes a thumping strike from just outside the penalty area, but it's slightly overhit and flies a few yards over the top of the crossbar.
Varela muscles his way down the left wing and beats Bender with ease before firing a low cross into the heart of the penalty area, but just as it's about to meet Aboubakar, Hummels sticks out a foot to stop the pass from finding the striker at the near post.
And we're off! Porto get us underway, attacking from right to left.
The two sides are making their way out onto the pitch, with just a few minutes to go until kick-off.
Meanwhile, Dortmund boss Thomas Tuchel has decided to make five alterations to the side that featured in last weekend’s 1-0 win away to Bayer Leverkusen, with Lukasz Piszczek, Sokratis Papastathopoulos, Erik Durm, Moritz Leitner and Christian Pulisic making way for Marcel Schmelzer, Ilkay Gundogan, Julian Weigl, Marco Reus and Shinji Kagawa.
Jose Peseiro has decided to make six changes to the Porto side that beat Moreirense on the weekend, with Jose Angel, Ruben Neves, Silvestre Varela, Evandro, Moussa Marega and Vincent Aboubakar coming into the starting line-up to replace Yacine Brahimi, Andre Andre, Hector Herrera, Jesus Corona, Chidozie Awaziem and Hyun-Jun Suk.
Borussia Dortmund substitutes: Weidenfeller, Subotic, Durm, Leitner, Sahin, Castro, Ramos.
Borussia Dortmund XI (4-2-3-1): Burki; Ginter, Bender, Hummels, Schmelzer; Gundogan, Weigl; Reus, Kagawa, Mkhitaryan; Aubameyang.
Porto substitutes: Helton, Oliveira, Herrera, Corona, Andre, Brahimi, Suk.
Porto XI (4-2-3-1): Casillas; Pereira, Layun, Marcano, Angel; Neves, Danilo; Varela, Evandro, Marega; Aboubakar.
There’s just over 15 minutes left to go until kick-off, so let’s have a look at how the two teams will be lining up this evening…
As for Dortmund, they head to the north of Portugal knowing exactly what they need to do, and that is to contain Porto and keep at bay a side that are guaranteed to push hard from the off. Thomas Tuchel’s men have on several occasions this campaign proven themselves able to defend resolutely, and last Sunday’s hard-fought victory away to Bayer Leverkusen (one that was done with a number of first-team players rested for tonight’s clash) saw them do exactly that as they extended their current winning run to four games. As a result, the Black and Yellows head into the game full of confidence about their chances of progressing in a competition that they have earmarked as being one of their main focuses this season.
Two goals down and in need of a strong attacking performance if they are to make it to the next round of the competition, tonight’s clash requires Porto to come out all guns blazing. A defensive-minded approach to last week’s first-leg game at Signal Iduna Park failed to work for the Portuguese side, and as a result it is their opponents who head to the Estadio do Dragao as the favourites to progress to the last-16. However, with 90 minutes of action left, this tie is far from over, and the Dragons will no doubt be boosted by the return of first-team regulars Maxi Pereira, Danilo Pereira and Ivan Marcano, all of whom are ready to be picked once again after missing the trip to Germany. Sunday also saw them pick up a morale-boosting 3-2 win at home to Moreirense (one that, like tonight’s game, required them to fight back from 2-0 down to win), and that will no doubt have filled them with much-needed confidence ahead of what is sure to be one of their biggest challenges of the season.
Good evening and welcome to our live text commentary of today’s Europa League last-32 second-leg tie between Porto and Borussia Dortmund at the Estadio do Dragao.