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Key Events

R. Bensebaini
B. Bourigeaud
2 - 3
M. Dembélé
Penalty Goal
2 - 2
B. André
H. Ben Arfa
1 - 2
Bertrand Traoré
1 - 1
M. Niang
I. Sarr
0 - 1

Match Stats

58% 41%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 7 5
Total Passes 532 368
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Rennes find out who they're going to face in the final as Paris Saint-Germain face Nantes in the other semi-final tie. They haven't won the competition since 1971 though, so have set up the chance to win the competition for the first time in 48 years. Lyon's focus will now be firmly on the league where they currently sit in third place, just four points behind second place. There was a lot of positives to take from the game despite the loss though and Genesio will be hoping they can get back to winning ways when they face Dijon on Saturday. 
Rennes come out on top as 3-2 winners to secure their place in the Coupe de France final. Niang gave them the lead with five minutes left of the first half getting on the end of Sarr's cross and pushing the ball into the back of the net with his studs. It took Lyon less than two minutes of the second half to get back on level terms after the ball bounced around in the penalty area before nestling in the bottom corner through Traore's effort. Rennes then retook the lead through Andre's header beat Lopes but the captain then conceded a penalty which was coolly converted by Dembele. Bensebaini then secured the win for the visitors with nine minutes of the game left when he turned on the edge of his book and saw his driven shot beat Lopes at the far post. 
90' + 4' FULL-TIME: LYON 2-3 RENNES.
90' + 3' DEPAY COMES CLOSE! The cross is swung into the box from the left wing and the substitute rose the highest in the middle to get his head on the ball. It was just behind him when he made contact though and his header looped over the crossbar.
90' + 1' All of Rennes' players apart from Gelin are sitting back in their own half now and are trying to close the space to prevent Lyon from getting a late equaliser. 
89' Lyon are starting to get frustrated now as they can't get close to the Rennes players who have the ball. They know they need to score soon to take the game to extra-time, but a few needless challenges are going in and breaking up the rhythm of the game. 
M. Cornet
Bertrand Traoré
87' The other change for Lyon took a bit longer to come off the field, but Traore is the player to make way as Cornet comes on.
J. Gelin
M. Niang
86' Stephan makes his first change of the night as he brings off Niang and replaces him with Gelin. 
M. Terrier
M. Dembélé
86' First of a double change for Lyon now as Dembele goes off and is replaced by Terrier, who scored the winner when these two sides met on Friday. 
85' Zeffane has just gone down in the box with cramp which is allowing his team-mates a bit of a breather after Lyon's most recent attack. 
83' Lyon are seeing a lot of the ball once again after the restart and Aouar decides to have a go from distance after Depay picked him out. His effort is blocked in the box by Mexer though.
B. Bourigeaud
81' Bourigeaud is given in a lot of space on the left wing and he cuts the ball back right to Bensebaini's feet to set up the chance.
R. Bensebaini
81' BENSEBAINI GIVES RENNES THE LEAD AGAIN! He cuts inside from the left and is picked out when he has his back to goal. He calmly turns his defender though and aims his shot low, past the goalkeeper and into the bottom corner. 3-2 Rennes!
79' Rennes are keeping possession well once again, but there isn't a lot of pace there when they do go forward and Lyon are finding it easy to dispossess them before going on the counter-attack. 
77' Fekir is once again trying to make things happen and he has a chance to put his side ahead for the first time in the game. His long-range effort isn't very good though and it is high and wide of the target. 
M. Dembélé
Penalty Goal
75' DEMBELE SCORES FROM THE SPOT! He took a short run up and slotted the ball neatly into the right side of the net and sent the goalkeeper the wrong way to draw his side level again. 2-2!
C. Grenier
Yellow Card
75' Grenier is shown a yellow card for dissent. 
74' PENALTY TO LYON! Andre is the player penalised after Fekir's shot struck his arm and the Rennes players are furious with the referee. His hands were crossed in front of his chest, but the referee isn't changing his mind. 
73' Rennes are slowing the pace of the game down once again now by playing some short passes between their defenders, but Lyon are pushing high up the field and they are stuck in their own half. 
71' Ben Arfa swings a corner into the box and Nyamsi rises the highet to get on the end of it, but he can't direct his header on target and it rolls off the pitch close to the opposite corner flag.
H. Ben Arfa
Yellow Card
69' Ben Arfa receives a yellow card for dissent. 
M. Depay
L. Tousart
69' First change of the game is an attacking one by Lyon as Depay comes on to replace Tousart. 
68' Big appeals for a penalty from the Lyon fans and players as they feel that Aouar's shot hit an arm in the box, but the referee waves away the claim. 
L. Dubois
Yellow Card
66' Dubois is shown a yellow card for a bad foul on Bensebaini. 
66' Ben Arfa goes down in the box after a coming together between him and Marcal and he is asking the referee for a penalty which isn't awarded as he feels that it was a fair challenge. 
64' NIANG COMES CLOSE! Sarr is given a lot of space to put a cross into the box from the right wing and he picks out Niang in the middle of the box. The keeper had committed himself by diving to try and intercept the pass, leaving the forward with an empty net, but he hit his shot wide. 
63' Rennes are keeping the ball well as they try to get out of their own half and break down Lyon's shape and they are doing enough to frustrate their opponents. 
61' Bensebaini is up from left back and pulls the ball back to Bourigeaud who has cut inside from the left to receive it. His first touch is good, but Denayer gets across to make an important tackle to stop him from getting a shot away. 
59' Rennes have a free-kick on the right wing and Sarr is once again stood over it. His cross is put into a good area of the box, but Lopes is quickly off his line to come and collect it. 
57' Lyon are straight back on the attack after the restart and are trying to make something happen through Aouar down the left wing. So far though, he hasn't been able to put a good cross into the box and pick out one of his team-mates. 
H. Ben Arfa
55' The corner by Ben Arfa was worked really well as he beat the first man, but picked out his captain's run perfectly. 
B. André
55' RENNES RETAKE THE LEAD THROUGH ANDRE! From the corner, he made the run towards the near post and rose above his defender to get his head on the ball and fire it past Lopes to put his team ahead. 2-1 Rennes!
55' GREAT SAVE BY LOPES! The ball bounced out to Ben Arfa on the edge of the box and he struck his shot low to the far post. Lopes got down well though to get a hand to it and put it out for a corner. 
Yellow Card
53' Mexer is shown the first yellow card of the game for a bad foul.
51' Rennes have been giving away some needless free-kicks since Lyon scored the equaliser and they're frustration is starting to show as they can't keep the ball for more than one or two passes at the minute. 
49' Lyon are quickly back on the ball again after the restart and the Rennes players are struggling to cope with the pace in their attacks at the minute. Fekir leads the way and touches the ball onto Aouar to his left but he drags his shot wide of the far post and isn't able to trouble the keeper.
Bertrand Traoré
47' TRAORE SCORES EQUALISER TWO MINUTES INTO SECOND HALF! Lyon had a couple of chances within seconds of each other as Dembele squared the ball into the box. It bounced off NDombele and one of the Rennes defenders before falling to Traore who calmly slotted the ball under the keeper and into the back of the net. 1-1!
46' Rennes get the game back underway for the second half.
Genesio will be happy with the threat that his team posed in the first half, but he knows that his players need to be more clinical in front of goal if they want to find a way back into this tie. Fekir has looked dangerous for Lyon when he's on the ball though and if they play him in a bit quicker, he could be their best chance of a goal. Rennes will be happy with their performance in the first half, but they will know that they need to extend their lead quickly if they want to take control of the match. 
Rennes have the advantage at half-time in the semi-final of the Coupe de France as they lead 1-0. Both sides had good chances early in the half; Rennes came close through Mexer when his header went over the crossbar from a corner before Fekir almost gave Lyon the lead with two efforts on target within as many minutes, but Koubek was equal to both of them. Niang then put the away side ahead when he got on the end of Sarr's cross and pushed the ball into the net with his studs. 
45' + 2' HALF-TIME: LYON 0-1 RENNES.
45' + 1' The Lyon defenders are all over the place as Ben Arfa picks up the ball and dribbles his way past three players, but in the end, Denayer is able to dispossess him and get it clear.
45' Lyon are chasing a late equaliser in the first half. Dembele has the first chance as he picks up the ball on the edge of the box, but he doesn't take the shot until the angle is too tight and Rennes get it clear. It falls to Traore on the edge of the penalty area then though and he drives his shot low, but it's straight at Koubek and he makes the save.
44' All of the Lyon players apart from the goalkeeper have moved into Rennes' half of the pitch as they try to close them down high up the pitch and force them into a mistake that would gift the ball back to them. 
42' Lyon are keeping the ball well after the restart, but Rennes quickly move back into their shape to make sure the home side can't find a way into the box to get a fast equaliser.
I. Sarr
40' Sarr got his head up on the right wing and saw that he had the time to put in the cross and he picked out Niang in the middle brilliantly. 
M. Niang
40' NIANG GIVES RENNES THE LEAD! Sarr put a brilliant cross into the box and Niang stuck out his foot to beat Marcelo to the ball and push it past Lopes into the net. 1-0 Rennes!
38' Lyon seem to have found their foothold in the game once again and are forcing Rennes to sit back for the time being. 
36' FEKIR COMES CLOSE! It was well worked from the centre of the field by Lyon with NDombele leading the attack. He picked out Traore in the middle who touched it onto Fekir on the right side of the box. The angle was tight but he managed to get the shot away and Koubek got across well to block the effort with his legs. 
34' GOOD CHANCE FOR FEKIR! He sees some space ahead of him as he gets to the edge of the box and he drives a low shot across goal towards the far post. The keeper scrambles across his line but he is able to push the ball away and deny him. 
32' The rhythm has just gone out of the game in the past few minutes as both sides are giving away needless free-kicks. Rennes are the latest to be awarded one and Sarr is stood over it on the right wing. It's a poor set piece though as he hits his cross against the wall.
30' Fekir takes the corner that he just won and swings a good cross into the far post where three Lyon players are waiting. It's Dembele who gets on the end of it, and he makes good contact with the ball, but his header is straight at Koubek.
28' Lyon have a free-kick on the left wing now and Fekir is the player stood over it. It's a poor cross into the box though and he isn't able to clear the first man.
26' Ben Arfa takes a free-kick on the left and he puts it into a good area and almost picks out Nyamsi who has made the run to the far post, but there was a collision in the box and the referee pulls back play to award Lyon a free-kick. 
25' Lyon are struggling to get out of their own half at the minute as Rennes continue to pile more pressure on them high up the field.
23' BENSEBAINI COMES CLOSE! He gets into a good position on the edge of the six-yard box and tries to curl the ball into the top corner at the near post, but there's too much swerve on the shot and he can only find the outside netting. 
22' Marcelo plays a good ball over the top of Rennes' midfielders and defenders to pick out Dembele. The pass is just overhit though and the keeper is quickly off his line to collect it before the forward can get on the end of it. 
20' Rennes are growing into the game now and getting into some good positions down that right wing. From a throw in, Sarr puts a good cross into the far post where Bourigeaud is waiting, but he can only make contact with his shoulder and the chance goes to waste as Lyon are able to get it clear.
18' Sarr puts a good cross into the box from the right wing and Niang gets on the end of it. His first touch just takes it away from though and as Sarr is coming in to win it back, Marcal makes a good tackle to put it out for a corner.
17' The Rennes players are asking for a free-kick on the edge of the box as they feel that Fekir's pass hit a hand on its way through. The referee waves the claim away though and Lyon quickly try to mount an attack once again. 
15' Ben Arfa swings a corner into the crowd of players waiting in the middle of the box and Mexer rises above his defender to get on the end of it. He can't keep his effort down though and it sails over the crossbar. 
13' Rennes are trying to pick out Niang with long balls over the top of Lyon's midfield, but he is being closely marked by Lyon's defenders and there is no one there in support for him if he is able to bring it down. 
11' Rennes were trying to slow the pace of the game down a bit by keeping possession in their own half for a little while. As soon as they moved forward though, a sloppy pass instantly gave the ball back to Lyon, whose first thought was to go on the attack.
9' Fekir picks up the ball outside the box and goes for the long-range effort. It's a wild shot though and it's always curling high and wide of the top corner of the far post. 
8' Both sides are working the ball quickly into the final third when they win back possession. Lyon are the latest to go forward with Aouar putting a cross into the box, but Nyamsi slides in to clear it before it reaches Dembele. 
6' Lopes is currently down receiving treatment for a head injury after making a brave save as Niang was coming onto the ball. The forward stood on his head as he went for the ball, but the keeper is slowly getting back to his feet and it looks like he'll be able to carry on.
4' Rennes are getting a lot of joy down the right wing at the minute and whenever they get the ball into the final third, that looks to be their way into the box. Some good defending from Marcal stops them from getting into the penalty area though. 
2' Lyon are keeping the ball well early in the game and Dubois gets forward from right back to put a good cross into the middle of the box, but Mexer gets ahead of Traore to get it clear.
1' Dembele gets the game underway for Lyon!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away. 
Lyon are hoping to make it into the final for the first time in seven years, which is also the last time that they won the competition. Rennes, on the other hand, are looking to reach the final for the first time since 2014 in the hopes of picking up the trophy, something they haven't managed to do in 48 years. 
Julian Stephan has made three changes to the team that started that match, bringing in Bensebaini, Grenier and Bourigeaud. Doumbia and Honou both get a place on the bench. James Lea-Siliki is the other player to miss out.
Bruno Genesio makes two changes to the side that beat Rennes in the league, with Marcal and Traore both coming into the starting line-up. They replace Rafael and Depay who both drop down to the bench. 
RENNES SUBS: Romain Del Castillo, Souleyman Doumbia, Armand Lauriente, Sacha Boey, Abdoulaye Diallo, Jeremy Gelin, Adrien Hunou.
RENNES STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Tomas Koubek; Mehdi Zeffane, Gerzino Nyamsi, Mexer, Ramy Bensebaini; Clement Grenier, Benjamin Bourigeaud; Ismaila Sarr, Hatem Ben Arfa, Benjamin Andre; M'Baye Niang. 
LYON SUBS: Mathieu Gorgelin, Jeremy Morel, Rafael, Martin Terrier, Maxwel Cornet, Memphis Depay, Pape Cheikh.
LYON STARTING XI (4-3-1-2): Anthony Lopes; Leo Dubois, Marcelo, Jason Denayer, Marcal; Tanguy NDombele, Lucas Tousart, Houssem Aouar; Nabil Fekir; Bertrand Traore, Moussa Dembele. 
Lyon progressed to the semi-final with a convincing 3-1 win over Caen in the last round and have lost just one of their five matches since that quarter-final tie in all competitions (W3 D1). Rennes qualified with a 2-0 win over US Orleans in the last round, but haven't been on the best run of form since. They've won two of the five games, but are winless in their last three (D1 L2). The two sides also met in Ligue 1 on Friday, with Lyon coming out on top as 1-0 winners in that match.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Coupe de France semi-final meeting between Lyon and Rennes at the Groupama Stadium!