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Netherlands v Sweden Live Commentary, 03/07/2019

1 - 0
J. Groenen (99)
Groupama Stadium
(FT 0 - 0)


That will do it for our live coverage of this Women's World Cup match between Netherlands and Sweden! We hope you enjoyed following along, and will join us again soon!
With this win, the Dutch will appear in their first ever Women's World Cup final when they face the United States on Sunday. As for Sweden, they will play England in the third-place match on Saturday.
Well, it wasn't the best of matches but after what ended up being over two hours of football, Netherlands win and advance to the final. They looked the more dangerous side after the introduction of van de Sanden and finally managed to break the deadlock in the 99th minute through the right foot of Groenen. Sweden tried to push forward to get back into the match, and had plenty of half-chances, but wound up being unable to score in a Women's World Cup semi-final for the first time in their history. The chance they'll most rue though will surely be Fischer's attempt in the 56th minute which cruelly hit the post. On the whole, Netherlands probably deserved to win, but they'll have to be far better if they are to lift their second consecutive major trophy on Sunday.
120' + 8' FULL-TIME: Netherlands 1-0 Sweden
120' + 7' Play starts back up after the serious injury to Asllani.
120' + 5' Asllani is strapped to a stretcher, with a brace on her neck, as they prepare to carry her off the pitch. Sweden will be forced to play what remains of this match with just 10 players.
120' + 2' Asllani is down on the pitch after being on the receiving end of a headed ball. The medical staff run out to check on her.
120' + 1' CHANCE! Van de Sanden pushes up the right, dribbles past her defender, has a clear shot on goal.... and fails to even hit the target from incredibly close range! Miedema, and many of the Dutch fans, are wondering why the pass wasn't played instead.
120' Van de Sanden tries to take the ball to the corner but is dispossessed on the first attempt and Sweden push upfield.
118' Van Lunteren perfectly times a sliding challenge on Jakobsson in the box and knocks the ball behind and away from danger! If she'd gotten that wrong it could have easily been a penalty!
117' A through-ball to Janogy is overhit and rolls safely into the arms of van Veenendaal.
D. van de Donk
Yellow Card
116' Van de Donk, who has been in a fair few skirmishes in extra time, is shown yellow for a foul on Asllani.
115' Van de Sanden does well to clear a loose ball in the box after a Swedish corner.
114' Van de Donk goes to ground, shields the ball, and is deemed to have been fouled... much to the chagrin of Glas.
M. Larsson
S. Blackstenius
111' Blackstenius will not extend her scoring streak as she comes off for Larsson.
J. Andersson
M. Eriksson
111' Eriksson, who started to show her temper, is replaced by Andersson.
110' Eriksson knocks van de Donk over on the right wing, and Netherlands will have a chance to double their lead from a dangerous free-kick.
108' Roord has the ball in the box and tries a snap-shot to the bottom-right corner of goal but skews her attempt wide. Goal-kick to Sweden.
106' The referee's whistle sounds again as we enter the final 15 minutes of play!
It took almost 100 minutes, but Netherlands finally managed to take the lead after a brilliant strike by Groenen. Sweden then started to push forward more, trying to find a leveller, but their approach has become more frenetic than measured, which could open up a chance for their opponents on the counter. That having been said, Sweden have never been held goalless in a Women's World Cup semi-final... can they keep that trend going today?
105' + 2' HALF-TIME IN EXTRA TIME: Netherlands 1-0 Sweden
105' Play stops again due to another foul, this time Eriksson was impeded by Miedema.
103' Zigiotti is fouled by Roord in her own half, and it will be a free-kick for Sweden.
101' As things stand, Netherlands will face the United States in the final.
J. Groenen
99' GOOALLLL!!!! NETHERLANDS TAKE THE LEAD! Groenen runs onto a loose ball just outside the box and struck a right-footed shot across the goalkeeper and into the bottom-left corner of goal! The Dutch fans are going crazy in the stands! Netherlands 1-0 Sweden
99' For those wondering, this is the first ever Women's World Cup semi-final to go to extra time.
97' Van de Sanden has been heavily involved in the last 10 minutes of gameplay. The end-product has left much to be desired, but Sweden are struggling to contain her nonetheless.
95' Van de Sanden outpaces her defender, cuts infield, and crosses the ball to the back post where... no one was waiting.
J. Olme
Yellow Card
94' Zigiotti picks up a yellow card for leaping through the back of van de Donk.
93' Lindahl does well to come off her line early and knock away a cross that was en route to the head of Miedema at the back post.
91' The referee blows her whistle yet again, and extra time is underway!
While this match has not lived up to it's billing, there were still plenty of chances from both sides. Netherlands' best opportunity came, unsurprisingly, off the forehead of Miedema but Lindahl managed to tip it onto the crossbar to keep things level. Sweden were similarly denied by the woodwork when Fischer had a fiery low strike bounce off the left post and bounce away from danger. Neither were able to take their chances though and, as a result, we head into extra time.
90' + 5' END OF 90 MINUTES: Netherlands 0-0 Sweden
90' + 4' Van Lunteren wins a header over a Swedish player, but the former is called for the foul.
90' + 2' Netherlands have a throw from just about on top of the corner flag that eventually lands at the feet of van de Sanden who has a rocket of a shot parried wide by Lindahl!
90' There will be five minutes of added time.
89' Blackstenius makes a lung-busting run through the middle and makes it all the way to the edge of the box before van der Gragt hammered it out for a throw.
88' Eriksson takes the free-kick, goes for goal, and her attempt skims the top of the net. Goal-kick to Netherlands.
87' Van de Donk loses the ball to Asllani just right of the penalty area, fouls the Swede, and concedes a dangerous free-kick with just minutes remaining.
S. Spitse
Yellow Card
85' Spitse is shown yellow for a foul on Asllani, just the third for the Dutch at this entire tournament.
84' Van Veenendaal punches away the cross which falls to Asllani who tries a shot on the half-volley, but launched it high above the cross bar.
83' Sweden bring up all of the defenders for another corner, and will be hoping that van de Sanden will not get a counter opportunity from this one.
82' Groenen still looks a bit shaken, but will continue for Netherlands.
81' Groenen blocks a clearance and immediately crumples down on the pitch with the trainers run out to check on her.
M. Janogy
L. Hurtig
79' Hurtig is withdrawn as Janogy steps into the Swedish attack.
J. Olme
E. Rubensson
79' Zigiotti comes on for Rubensson who got the start due to Bjorn being ill.
77' It looks like Sweden are preparing a double substitution.
75' Sweden bring up the defenders for their sixth corner of the match.... and it's blocked which launches a Dutch counter-attack through van de Sanden.
73' Having just entered the match, van de Sanden beats Eriksson down the right only to hit the first defender with the ensuing cross. The good, and the bad of the Dutch winger on display there.
71' Netherlands have another move forward stall on the edge of the box. It 's starting to look as though it will take a moment of brilliance, or a set-piece, for the Dutch to bulge the net today.
S. van de Sanden
L. Beerensteyn
71' Netherlands finally make the change we predicted at half-time as Beerensteyn is replaced by van de Sanden.
69' Asllani gets to the byline, dribbles in towards goal, plays a ball centrally, and van Veenendaal easily claims it on the floor.
67' PENALTY SHOUT! Hurtig goes down in the box after a sliding challenge from van Lunteren and screams for a penalty that the referee squarely denies!
65' CHANCE! Miedema hit a looping header that had seemingly beaten the 'keeper to the top-right corner of goal, but Lindahl managed to get a finger to it and pushed the ball onto the crossbar! What a chance, what a save!
63' Van Beerensteyn drives to the byline and attempts a cross that's blocked behind by Eriksson. Corner to Netherlands.
62' Asllani goes through the leg of Groenen, and Netherlands will have a free-kick.
60' 30 minutes left! Can either side find the back of the net and take a step closer to the Women's World Cup final?
59' Jakobsson continues to find space whenever she wants on the right, though the quality of crosses has dropped a bit in the second half.
57' OFF THE POST! After the ball bounced around the penalty area, Fischer collected it in the box and unleashed a low strike that seemed destined for the bottom-left corner of goal, but it hit the post and van Lunteren clears it away! How unlucky for the Swedes!
55' Jakobsson is played down the right and has her ensuing cross headed out for a throw by van de Donk.
53' Netherlands pass the ball around the opposing penalty area, but can't seem to find a meaningful point of ingress and the ball eventually goes out for a goal-kick to Sweden.
51' It looks more like a 4-4-2 from Sweden at the moment, especially in attack, as Asllani joins Blackstenius on the front line.
49' CHANCE! Blackstenius holds the ball up before turning and driving into the box! She opens up her body and oh... van Lunteran somehow recovers and blocks the shot! That surely would have been a goal had it not been for the intervention of the defender!
48' Van de Conk and Fischer go in for a 50-50 ball and after the clash, both get up and the Dutch continue to push forward.
46' The referee's whistle sounds once more, and this match is back underway!
J. Roord
L. Martens
46' Martens, who has been dealing with a toe injury throughout this tournament, is taken off with Roord the replacement.
It will certainly be interesting to see how these sides approach the remainder of the match. Netherlands have been a little slow and hesitant in attack thus far and could benefit from bringing on van de Sanden to stretch the defence and create more space for van de Donk and Spitse in the midfield. As for Sweden, they've looked the brighter side going forward thus far and will likely wait until the 60th minute before making any substantial changes.
This match has been very even thus far and the 0-0 scoreline reflects that at the break. Netherlands have been a bit lackadaisical thus far, not really pressing the issue until the final minutes of the half. They certainly have the quality to break through the Swedish defence at some point, but head into the dressing room with just one shot on target to their name. Sweden, on the other hand, have looked lively in possession, especially down the right via Jakobsson who has threatened with multiple passes and crosses in from wide which have caused problems for the Dutch defence. Their best chances came in a flurry of action in the 37th minute when Rubensson had a shot blocked before Hurtig’s follow-up was kicked away by van Veenendaal. While things have been a little tepid thus far on the whole, there’s certainly cause for excitement heading into the second half considering that 14 of the 20 combined goals scored by these sides at this Women’s World Cup have come after the break.
45' + 3' HALF-TIME: Netherlands 0-0 Sweden
45' + 2' Netherlands have started to turn up the pressure here in the final moments of the half. Can they steal a goal before the whistle?
45' There will be three minutes of added time.
45' Miedema tries to sort her feet out on the edge of the box and does eventually shoot only to see her shot immediately blocked away by the Swedish defence.
44' Rubensson fouls van de Donk on the left, and Netherlands will have a dangerous free-kick with little time remaining in the half.
42' Things have been a bit stop-start with the injuries and fouls thus far, but hopefully they liven up with half-time looming.
40' The Dutch defence pass the ball amongst themselves as they look for a route forward.
38' Fischer fouls Beerenstyn and Netherlands will have a free-kick in their own half.
37' SAVE! After a bit of a goal-mouth scramble, van Veenendaal managed a kick-save on a close-range effort from Hurtig to keep her side level!
37' Jakobsson whips in a cross from the right that van Veenendaal failed to get a solid hand to, and a defender had to knock it behind to prevent any further damage. Sweden will have a corner.
35' Fischer tries to fizz a pass over to Glas on the right wing, but the pass has too much on it and the latter can't catch up to it. Throw Netherlands.
33' Another stoppage now after a clash of heads between Asllani and van der Gragt. Both seem alright to carry on though.
32' It looks like Beerensteyn will try to continue, though van de Sanden continues to warm up vigorously.
31' Beerensteyn is down on the pitch after a collision with Rubensson and play is halted.
29' Things are just about dead-even in terms of possession with Sweden holding onto the ball just .4 per cent more than the Dutch thus far.
27' Glas has done an excellent job of marking Martens thus far, and now wins another battle between the two before hitting the ball upfield.
25' Brilliant acrobatic interception from Bloodworth as Sweden attempted an incisive pass to Jakobsson in behind the defence.
23' Blackstenius nearly got to a pass that Jakobsson had played into the box, but a Dutch defender got there first, hit it off the striker, and it will be a Dutch throw.
21' Sweden, after a long spell of possession in the opposing half, are forced to play all the way back to Lindahl and reset.
19' Spitse lines up the first corner of the day, and Sweden will need to be careful as the Dutch midfielder has created the most assists at this tournament - and all four of them have come via set-pieces.
17' Martens draws the attention of two defenders on the wing and is forced to play the ball back to van Dongen behind her.
15' After being checked out, van Veenendaal seems fine to continue and play starts back up.
13' CHANCE! Blackstenius was played into the box by Jakobsson, and the former launched the ball towards goal but van Veenendaal manages to parry it away, and then dive on it! After the play, the 'keeper has stayed down and will receive attention from the trainers.
12' Asllani goes down in the box and looks up at the referee who ignores her mild shout for a penalty.
10' After an interception in the final third by Netherlands, Miedema was played into the box where she took a touch too many and lost the ball. That looked really dangerous initially!
9' Awkward moment at the back as the Dutch defence freezes after they though Hurtig had dribbled the ball behind. The Swedish winger tries her luck from a tight angle but van Veenendaal manages to get a hold of it, ending the move.
7' Beerensteyn makes her way to the byline and whips a cross towards Miedema that's cut out before it could reach the forward's head. Eventually, it's cleared by Sweden.
5' Rubensson skips past a couple of Dutch players in midfield before driving forward and playing Jakobsson into the box.
3' For those wondering why Bjorn is not on the pitch for Sweden, she was running a fever in the build-up to this match and, after warming up, it was decided that she should not start. Rubensson takes her place in midfield.
1' Referee Marie-Soleil Beaudoin blows her whistle, and this semi-final match is underway!
Both teams are out on the pitch as the national anthems ring around the Groupama Stadium. Not long to go until kick-off now!
These sides have never met in this competition before, though Netherlands have gone undefeated against Sweden in their last three matches overall (2W, 1D).
Sweden make one change after their impressive 2-1 win against Germany last time out with Hurting coming in on the left while Rolfo is suspended for yellow card accumulation. Initially, it was announced that Bjorn would play instead of Rubensson, but it’s being reported that the former is ill and will not start. Up front, Blackstenius was a bit disappointing in the group stages, but has turned things on in the knockout rounds, scoring the winning goal against both Canada and Germany. If she can score past the Dutch defence today, she will become the first Swedish player to score in three straight knockout matches at the Women’s World Cup.
Just one change from Netherlands after their 2-0 win against Italy in the quarter-finals as Beerensteyn replaces van de Sanden on the right. The latter has drawn some criticism for her performances at this tournament and finds herself on the bench because of it. The rest of the attack has been purring quite well throughout 2019 though, with Netherlands scoring multiple goals in eight of their nine matches this year. When this attack, led by Miedema and Martens, is at it’s best few can slow them down, let alone stop them.
Sweden substitutes: Jennifer Falk, Olivia Schough, Jonna Andersson, Julia Roddar, Zecira Musovic, Madelen Janogy, Elin Rubensson, Mimmi Larsson, Amanda Ilestedt, Julia Zigiotti Olme, Anna Anvegard.
Sweden (4-2-3-1): Hedvig Lindahl; Hanna Glas, Nilla Fischer, Linda Sembrant, Magdalena Eriksson; Nathalie Bjorn, Caroline Seger; Sofia Jakobsson, Kosovare Asllani, Lina Hurtig; Stina Blackstenius.
Netherlands substitutes: Jill Roord, Inessa Kaagman, Ellen Jansen, Loes Geurts, Lize Kop, Kika van Es, Renate Jansen, Liza van der Most, Shanice van de Sanden, Victoria Pelova, Anouk Dekker, Danique Kerkdijk.
Netherlands (4-3-3): Sari van Veenendaal; Desiree van Lunteren, Stefanie van der Gragt, Dominique Bloodworth, Merel van Dongen; Jackie Groenen, Sherida Spitse, Danielle van de Donk; Lineth Beerensteyn, Vivianne Miedema, Lieke Martens.
Now, let’s talk a look at the team news!
We should be in for a terrific match today as, not only will the winner seal a place in the Women’s World Cup final, but both sides come into this match tied with the third-most goals scored at this tournament (10 each).
Hello and welcome to our LIVE match commentary of the Women's World Cup semifinal match between Netherlands and Sweden.