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Netherlands v Cameroon Live Commentary, 15/06/2019

3 - 1
V. Miedema (41)
D. Janssen (48)
V. Miedema (85)
G. Onguéné (43)
Stade du Hainaut


That's all from us today folks, we hope you enjoyed the game!
It now looks like Netherlands will battle it out for top spot in Group E with Canada, who face New Zealand later tonight. Meanwhile Cameroon could still qualify and they played well today, with plenty of positives coming from their performance.
Netherlands secure their place in the knockout stages of the World Cup with a 3-1 victory over Cameroon. It was 1-1 at the break, but Netherlands started the second half quickly, with Bloodworth scoring from close range to make it 2-1 after some poor Cameroon defending from a free-kick. Cameroon then started to push forward as Netherlands dropped the pace of their game and had a couple of chances. However, the Dutch managed to get a third goal late on, with Miedema breaking the Dutch goalscoring record to clinch the three points.
90' There will be a minimum of two minutes added time played.
88' Cameroon are struggling at the back now, they look short of ideas and confidence, with Netherlands sensing the victory is now wrapped up.
M. van Dongen
K. van Es
86' Final Netherlands change following the goal, with Van Es replaced by Van Dongen.
L. Beerensteyn
85' Beerensteyn with a lovely ball into the path of Miedema, who had drifted out to the left wing. The Arsenal striker then produced a fine finish to make it 3-1.
V. Miedema
85' GOOOAAALLL! Miedema with her second goal of the game to make it 3-1! She is now the record goalscorer for Netherlands, that's her 60th goal for her country. The striker hasn't been involved too much during the second half, but she came to life in the box there! Cutting inside from the left, taking on the Cameroon defence and then powering the ball into the back of the net, with the shot just having too much pace on it for Ngo Ndom.
83' This is much better by the Dutch, that chance a few moments ago for Cameroon seems to have kicked them back into life and they are once again pushing forward in search of a third goal.
81' CLOSE! Huge chance for Cameroon! Terrific run by Onguene to beat Bloodworth and pull the ball to Akaba in the six-yard box, but her shot is deflected narrowly wide of the post. It looked like that was heading into the back of the net.
79' Cameroon's goal was the first goal the Netherlands conceded in 443 minutes of play (March 6, vs China).
77' There is still plenty of time left on the clock for Cameroon to get back into this game, but they aren't showing any signs of scoring at the moment. Netherlands look happy to see the game out now.
H. Akaba
G. Enganamouit
75' Cameroon make their third and final substitution, with Enganamouit replaced by Akaba. The final roll of the dice, with 15 minutes left to play.
74' The corner delivery into the box is poor, not enough height on it and Netherlands easily clear the danger. Wasted opportunity.
73' Corner to Cameroon now, a good chance to get players forward from the back and test the Netherlands goal.
J. Roord
D. van de Donk
71' Second Netherlands substitution with Van de Donk replaced by Roord, who scored against New Zealand.
70' The game is quite stretched now, with Cameroon trying to push players forward, but Netherlands are defending well and are not allowing their opponents any goalscoring chances.
R. Feudjio
Yellow Card
68' Another Cameroon player is booked, this time it is Feudjio after her late challenge on Martens just inside her own half.
C. Meyong
G. Mbeleck
66' Cameroon also make a change, with Mbeleck heading off the pitch and she has been replaced by Meyong Menene.
L. Beerensteyn
S. van de Sanden
66' Netherlands now with their first change of the game, with Van de Sanden coming off and she has been replaced by Beerensteyn.
64' In 19 previous encounters between African and European sides at the Women’s World Cup, only two African teams have managed to secure victory (D2 L15) though one of them was Cameroon (2-1 v Switzerland in 2015 and Nigeria 2-0 Denmark in 1999).
62' The pace of the game has dropped in the last couple of minutes, with Netherlands showing less intent to push forward, just taking their time on the ball and with set pieces.
A. Nchout
M. Abam
60' Cameroon make their first substitution of the game, with Abam replaced by Nchout.
58' Terrible effort! Enganamouit gets caught in two minds and ends up firing a shot towards goal from 40 yards out, but she gets it all wrong, dragging the ball well wide of the Netherlands goal.
56' There have been quite a few fouls throughout the game that are stopping it from flowing freely. Cameroon are keeping the ball well at the moment, but are rushing their final ball in attacking positions.
54' Neither team are able to get the ball down and control it at the moment, it's switching between the two sides, with Netherlands trying to break forward on the counter and catch Cameroon off guard as they push forward themselves in search of another equalising goal.
52' Another break in play as Onguene is down injured again. The Cameroon manager is insisting that an elbow went into the chest of his player, but nothing is given by the officials.
50' Miedema is now the joint top scorer in the history of the Netherlands Women team with 59 goals, level with Manon Melis. Miedema is just 22 years old!
D. Janssen
48' GOOOAAALLL! Netherlands are ahead once again, they lead 2-1! They take the free-kick short, with Spitse playing it short to Groenen who was unmarked down the right and she whips a low ball into the six-yard box, which Bloodworth misses at first, but it bounces off a Cameroon defender and falls straight back to her just a couple of yards out and she fires the ball into the back of the net.
47' Free-kick to Netherlands in a good position after Van de Donk is fouled and Spitse is going to take it.
46' The second half is underway!
Netherlands have been unable to get the ball down and play their game, with Cameroon pressing them high and using their physicality to frustrate the European champions.
It's 1-1 at the break after two goals in two minutes at the end of the first half. Netherlands took the lead on 41 minutes with Miedema powering the ball into the back of the net after a diving header, following an excellent cross into the area by Van de Sanden. However, Cameroon responded straight away, with Onguene breaking through on goal, rounding Van Veenendaal and then slotting the ball into the back of the net.
45' + 1' The Dutch counter quickly and Miedema finds herself with the ball in a good position in the box, but she takes an extra couple of touches rather than firing a shot at goal and the Cameroon defence manage to get back and clear the danger.
45' There will be a minimum of three minutes added time played.
R. Feudjio
43' Feudjio with a lovely ball over the top for Onguene to race onto the end of, she times her run to perfection, beating the offside trap, before beating the keeper and levelling the score.
G. Onguéné
43' GOOOAAALLL! Cameroon are level, it's 1-1! Netherlands led for just two minutes, with Cameroon responding in the best fashion. Onguene was played through on goal after a long ball over the top of the defence, she gets to the ball just ahead of Van Veenendaal, then slots the ball into the back of an empty net.
S. van de Sanden
41' Van de Sanden showed her quality there after a quiet opening period, she picks Miedema out perfectly in the box with the cross.
V. Miedema
41' GOOOAAALLL! Netherlands lead 1-0! Miedema with a superb diving header to fire her side into the lead. It comes after a quick one-two between Van de Sanden and Groenen down the right wing, with Van de Sanden whipping the ball into the box, which Miedema races onto the end of and gives the Cameroon keeper no chance.
39' There's just a few minutes left on the clock until the half-time whistle now, can either side break the deadlock before the end of the first half? Netherlands left it very late against New Zealand, scoring in the 92nd minute.
G. Mbeleck
Yellow Card
37' Mbeleck is booked after a high tackle on Groenen, with her foot appearing to strike the face of her opponent.
34' Van Lunteren is back on the pitch at right-back and she appears to have shaken off that knock. Netherlands will be hoping to break the deadlock before the half-time whistle here, but they are really being frustrated at the moment.
32' Another stoppage in play as Van Lunteren takes a painful fall following an aerial clash with Enganamouit. The medical team are taking their time with the right-back, to make sure there is no concussion.
30' There are a few Netherlands passes going astray at the moment, they aren't keeping it very well in the middle of the pitch as Cameroon are putting them under a lot of pressure, not allowing them time or space to create anything in the final third.
28' Netherlands won their opening match at a Women’s World Cup for the second successive edition (both 1-0 wins versus New Zealand). However, they suffered their first defeat in the tournament in their second group game in 2015 (0-1 v China).
26' Netherlands aren't having this game all of their own way at the moment, with Cameroon really starting to push forward and test the European champions defence. It's very open right now.
24' Onguene is down after she has her ankles clipped deep down the left wing, but the referee doesn't award a free-kick. The winger stays down and is receiving some medical treatment on the pitch.
22' CHANCE! Onguene gets through on goal and Dekker slips as she tries to make a tackle. The Cameroon winger then just has Van Veenendaal to beat, but she drags her shot just wide of the post. Best opportunity of the game.
20' If Cameroon can get the ball down the wings they might be able to cause Netherlands some problems as their opponents are playing three in midfield, so have little width, with the forward players not tracking back.
18' Van de Sanden clatters into Feudjio on the halfway line, a challenge that has the Cameroon bench up on their feet.
16' There is an excellent atmosphere inside the stadium, with the majority of the supporters cheering on Netherlands today, orange shirts all around the ground.
C. Manie
Yellow Card
14' Early yellow card for Cameroon captain Manie, after her late challenge on Van de Donk.
12' Decent effort! Enganamouit with a strike from long-range, it fizzes just wide of the Netherlands post, with Van Veenendaal looking like she had it covered.
11' This is much better from Cameroon, they have managed to get on the ball and are starting to cause Netherlands a few problems at the back, who don't look too comfortable.
9' Netherlands are looking to record five straight wins in all competitions for the first time since a run of 11 successive victories between June and November 2017.
7' It's all Netherlands at the moment, they are keeping the ball nicely and are forcing Cameroon to sit deep. Their pace is really causing the African side problems.
5' CHANCE! Superb run down the left wing by Mertens, she beats two players with her pace and skill, breaking into the penalty area, before she loses it and it looks like Ngo Ndom was going to gather the ball. However, Van de Sanden gets there first and pulls the ball back to Van de Donk on the edge of the box who tried to fire a shot towards goal, but she takes too long on the ball and Cameroon eventually clear the danger.
3' Netherlands showing great attacking intent already here, pushing forward in numbers and Van de Sanden looks dangerous down the right wing, using her pace to stretch the Cameroon defence.
1' Stoppage in play already here as Miedema is smacked in the face with the ball straight from kick-off, after Cameroon try to play a long ball forward. The medical team are on the pitch, but it looks like she will be fine to continue.
1' We're underway!
The teams are out on the pitch and the anthems are underway, with kick-off just a few minutes away! Stay tuned for all of the match action.
Netherlands have made just one change to the side that beat New Zealand, with Dekker replacing Van der Gragt who drops out with an injury. Roord is still on the bench despite scoring the winning goal in the opening game. Cameroon have made three changes, with Enganamouit, Ngo Mbeleck and Abam all coming into the starting XI, with Ngono Mani, Nchout and Awona dropping to the bench.
CAMEROON SUBS: Henriette Akaba, Ysis Sonkeng, Marlyse Ngo Ndoumbouk, Alexandra Takounda Engolo, Charlene Meyong Menene, Marthe Ongmahan, Ninon Abena, Madeleine Ngono Mani, Isabelle Mambingo, Augustine Ejangue, Ajara Nchout, Aurelle Awona.
CAMEROON (4-4-2): Annette Ngo Ndom; Yvonne Leuko, Estelle Johnson, Christine Manie, Claudine Meffometou; Gabrielle Onguene, Raissa Feudjio, Jeannette Yango, Genevieve Ngo Mbeleck; Michaela Abam, Gaelle Enganamouit.
NETHERLANDS SUBS: Renate Jansen, Loes Geurts, Victoria Pelova, Ellen Jansen, Inessa Kaagman, Liza Van der Most, Merel Van Dongen, Lize Kop, Lineth Beerensteyn, Jill Roord, Danique Kerkdijk.
NETHERLANDS (4-3-3): Sari Van Veenendaal; Desiree Van Lunteren, Anouk Dekker, Dominique Bloodworth, Kika Van Es; Jackie Groenen, Danielle Van de Donk, Sherida Spitse; Lieke Martens, Vivianne Miedema, Shanice Van de Sanden.
Meanwhile Cameroon suffered a 1-0 defeat to Canada in their opening group game, to leave them needing to pick up some points today, especially if Canada beat New Zealand later tonight.
Netherlands can secure their place in the knockout stages with a victory today, after they beat New Zealand 1-0 last time out, thanks to a stoppage time winner by Jill Roord.
Hello and welcome to our LIVE match commentary of the Group E Women's World Cup clash between Netherlands and Cameroon.