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Milan v Juventus Live Commentary, 21/05/2016

0 - 1
Morata (110)
Stadio Olimpico
(FT 0 - 0)


FULL-TIME! Juventus have won the Coppa Italia! That completes a domestic brace for the Old Lady, with a solitary extra-time strike from substitute Morata enough to secure the silverware for Allegri's men. Milan gave a great account of themselves, but a lack of killer instinct ultimately cost them. That's all that we have time for, we hope to see you again next time.
JUST WIDE! Mauri takes aim from the edge of the box, but the ball swerves centimetres wide of the right-hand upright! So close.
D. Rugani
Yellow Card
Rugani is cautioned for a late challenge on a full-flight Balotelli.
Balotelli wastes a free-kick opportunity with a terrible delivery, with the ex-Liverpool man then brought down by Rugani. The substitute has undoubtedly made a difference here tonight.
There are three minutes of stoppage time.
Yellow Card
Morata gets shown a card and is given a stern talking to by the referee.
J. Mauri
Yellow Card
Mauri gets a yellow for his part in an altercation with Morata.
The referee is needed to get involved on the sideline, with things boiling over a little. Morata is one of the players involved, with Mauri drawn into some afters too. Even Allegri is getting involved!
Mandzukic goes down heavily, after an aerial clash with Zapata, with the Croatia international taking as long as he can to take the momentum of the dying minutes for Milan.
G. Chiellini
Yellow Card
Chiellini picks up a booking in the dying stages, with the referee opting to brandish a card seemingly for dissent.
No penalty! Honda goes down in the penalty area, claiming a clip of his heels, but the refere isn't interested, with Chiellini appearing to move out of harm's way. Zapata picks up the loose ball, but blasts a poor effort way over the bar.
Juve are sitting back and asking Milan to attack them, with Brocchi knowing that they need a goal in order to stay in this contest. Given the fact that both sets of players have worked so hard over the course of the contest, the Rossoneri don't look as though they have much left to give.
Slightly over 5 minutes remain in this tie, with Juve getting close to a domestic brace. Allegri's men are happy to make the pitch big and stroke possession around, making the Rossoneri chase despite their fatigue.
M. Balotelli
J. Kucka
Kucka is withdrawn, with penalty-expert Balotelli put into the game with Milan desperately needing a goal to take this contest to a shoot-out.
J. Cuadrado
Cuadrado makes his way down the right-hand side, before clipping a lovely diagonal ball into the substitute.
GOOOOOOOOOOOAL! MORATA MAKES IT 1-0! HE'S ONLY JUST COME ON! Cuadrado drives down the right-hand side, before clipping a great cross to the back post! Morata sweeps home a first-time finish and races towards the stands.
J. Mauri
R. Montolivo
A tired Montolivo limps off, with Mauri coming into the fray.
Allegri throws caution to the wind, replacing Hernanes with Morata for the final 10 minutes or so.
Kucka drives down the right-hand side, before attempting to cut back a cross from the byline, but Mandzukic tracks all the way back in to make a vital sliding interception. The resulting corner is curled in by Bonaventura, but Juve lash a hurried half-clearance away, before Montolivo blasts the rebound well over.
We are quickly back underway in the second half of extra-time in the Coppa Italia final. Plenty of tired legs are out there now.
Kucka blasts terribly over the crossbar, signalling the half-way point in extra-time. Only 15 minutes stand between these two sides and penalties.
There is one minute of stoppage time in the first half of extra-time.
A. Barzagli
Yellow Card
Barzagli is the latest in what is becoming a long list of bookings in this second half, after a late tackle on Bacca.
Kucka cuts back a cross from the right byline, but nobody is present on the edge of the box to fire home. Moments later, Bacca tries his luck with an over-head kick, but the ex-Sevilla man's effort arcs narrowly over Neto's crossbar! That was audacious.
Cuadrado drives down the right, before feeding a low pass towards the edge of the box, but Zapata steps out to intercept. Moments later, Pogba takes aim from 20 yards out, but Donnarumma dives out at full stretch to deny the Frenchman.
M. Niang
Yellow Card
Niang gets a deserved booking for a cynical foul in the middle of the park.
This game is getting very scrappy indeed, with no real quality on show. Juve are lacking presence in the midfield third, with Milan managing to cause a few problems on the counter-attack. The cup could end up in either outfits' hands, at this point.
Alex Sandro fires in a low cross from the left-hand side, but a delivery from the Brazilian is well blocked, with Donnarumma then claiming a second cross from the former Porto man. Juve try to settle things down with some slow possession, before Pogba drives to the byline, but Kucka tracks back to deny the Frenchman.
Honda fires in a delivery from the right-hand side, with Neto taking no chances and pushing the ball over his crossbar. The resulting corner is met by Zapata, but the Colombian defender is penalised for a big shove on Chiellini in the build-up.
Dybala has the chance to whip in a free-kick delivery from the left-hand side, but Donnarumma claims it. The opening five minutes have been slow and scrappy, with chances continuing to be at a premium. Set-pieces could be the way that this contest is settled.
Cuadrado tries to take a quick long-throw into Mandzukic, but the Croatia international is quickly robbed of the ball by De Sciglio. The Rossoneri threaten in turn on the break, but a looping cross into the penalty area is claimed well by Neto.
Extra-time is underway in the Coppa Italia final! Milan have given a good account of themselves thus far, but chances have been few and far between across the 90 minutes that these players already have under their belts.
FULL-TIME! Pogba fires straight at Donnarumma, signalling the end of 90 minutes in Rome. This one is going the full length of 120 minutes, with the Coppa Italia still all to play for.
Chance for Bacca! The Colombian is narrowly beaten aerially, before the rebound evades De Sciglio at the back post due to a block. The set-piece is angled in, with Poli firing over, meaning that Neto has an easy goal-kick to take.
There are two minutes of stoppage time at Stadio Olimpico.
Niang loses out on the ball, with Juve looking to counter immediately. Dybala takes aim from an outrageous distance, but the ex-Palermo striker drags his shot abysmally shy of the right-hand upright.
K. Honda
Yellow Card
Honda gets a yellow card for sliding in and cynically bringing down Pogba.
Milan are moving the ball well with a few minutes of normal time left on the clock. Pogba intercepts however, before a driving run from the France international is halted by a sliding tackle.
M. Niang
A. Poli
Poli takes his leave after putting a real shift in, with Niang introduced to offer a bit more dynamism and pace on the break.
The last five minutes are rapidly approaching now. Honda dances into the penalty area, before earning a corner from Rugani. The set-piece comes to nothing, however, with Milan wasting another chance to threaten. This is getting rather nervy indeed.
Lemina tries his luck with an audacious effort from 30 yards out, but the Gabonese midfielder loses his footing in the process and shoots terribly wide. The youngster goes down with a touch of cramp, possibly, but is back to his feet quickly.
Pogba takes aim from the best part of 30 yards out, after turning his man, but the Frenchman then blasts a powerful effort straight down Donnarumma's throat. Things are getting a little desperate now, with extra-time looking likely. Alex Sandro curls in a cross, but Montolivo clears.
Montolivo appears to be harbouring a knock, with the Rossoneri captain pulling up after playing a poor pass out of play. He will play on, however. Milan might be tempted to sit back and see this through into extra-time, as Juve aren't offering anything at all, at present.
We're into the final 15 minutes in this final, with extra-time appearing to be on the horizon. Lemina feeds Mandzuckic down the left-hand side, with the Croatia international then cutting back a cross, but Donnarumma claims it easily.
J. Cuadrado
S. Lichtsteiner
Cuadrado replaces Lichtsteiner for the Bianconeri, with the Colombian having the pace and trickery to make a difference tonight.
Lichtsteiner is picked out at the back post, but the Switzerland international can only direct a header straight into Donnarumma's arms! Moments later, De Sciglio breaks down the left, but an angled cross from the Italy international is gobbled up by Neto.
Both coaches are desperately trying to ask for more from their players, but fatigue might start to creep into the equation in the next 10 minutes or so. Mandzukic is the subject of a long pass forward from Juve, but Zapata covers across and lashes a hurried clearance upfield.
Only 20 minutes are on the clock in Rome, with neither side looking likely to break the deadlock. This game could well go the full distance, with excitement proving to be a bit of a rare commodity tonight. Poli is released down the right-hand side, but can't keep the ball in play.
POGBA DENIED! The France international manages to wriggle his way into the box, before holding off Calabria and Zapata well. A low, stabbed effort from the former Manchester United midfielder is pushed away by a smart hand from Donnarumma, however!
Juve are trying to get this game under control, with Milan taking another breather to sit back in shape and allow their opponents the chance to push on. De Sciglio is forced to concede an advanced throw-in, after good work from Lemina, but chances continue to evade both outfits. This contest needs a goal.
Hernanes takes aim from long-range, but the ex-Inter midfielder blasts wildly over the crossbar. Less than half an hour remains at Stadio Olimpico, with chances proving to be very elusive indeed. Changes may well be needed to spark something.
Kucka makes his way into the opposition penalty area once again, but the Slovenia international's attempted cross is cut out easily. Brocchi's men have started the second half brightly, with the Bianconeri once again struggling to create anything against their hard working opponents.
P. Pogba
Yellow Card
Pogba picks up a booking, with the Frenchman showing his frustrations in the form of a poorly timed foul.
Alex Sandro
P. Evra
Evra is replaced for the Bianconeri, with Alex Sandro hoping to have another positive impact off the bench.
Calabria causes problems down the right-hand side yet again, but a cross from the young full-back is hacked away at the near post. Pogba tries to counter, but Montolivo tracks back to deny the young Frenchman an opportunity to threaten. The Milan captain throws his arms in the air wildly, asking for the Rossoneri fans to make more noise!
Mandzukic rises highest to try his luck with a powerful header, but the Croatia international can't turn his attempt on target. Neither the ex-Atletico Madrid man nor Dybala has been able to impress or craft any chances to trouble Donnarumma.
Neto has to be quick off his line to deny Bonaventura the chance to break into the penalty area, with both coaches standing on the edge of their technical areas deep in thought. We are getting into the realm of changes, with Allegri having more quality to call upon.
Calabria drives down the right, before curling a great cross into the penalty area! It deflects off a few players, with Bacca unable to stretch enough at the back post to take the ball under his spell. That was a huge chance! Juve try to respond on the break, but a clipped pass from Pogba is headed back to Donnarumma by De Sciglio.
Milan try to calm things down with some neat possession, but Juventus aren't keen to let the tempo drop. The referee might need to get more familiar with his book, given that some scrappy and cynical challenges are beginning to fly in.
Juventus have the chance to try their luck from a free-kick effort, which Pogba stands over with intent. The Frenchman tries his luck, but a deflection off the wall sends the ball looping over Donnarumma's goal and behind for a corner. The set-piece comes to nothing.
C. Zapata
Yellow Card
Zapata gets the first yellow card of the game, with the Colombian defender unable to get out the way of a marauding Chiellini.
Dybala feeds Lemina down the right-hand side, with the Gabonese midfielder firing in a low cross-cum-shot. Donnarumma pushes it to safety, with Mandzukic and Dybala bearing down on the teenage shot-stopper. Moments later, Dybala winds up a shot from 30 yards out, but Zapata makes a block.
Milan keep the ball moving from the off, with Brocchi hoping that his charges can recreate an impressive first-half performance. Kucka takes aim from the edge of the penalty area, but the Slovenian midfielder fires wide of the target with Neto having his angles easily covered.
We are back underway in the second half at Stadio Olimpico! Juve need to buck their ideas up, if they are to take the lead, with both Dybala and Mandzukic struggling to get into the game, not least due to robust defending from Zapata.
HALF-TIME! Juventus and Milan go into the break goalless, with the latter unable to capitalise on a fantastic start in Rome. Bonaventura has gone closest, with the Bianconeri only able to come into the contest during the last 20 minutes of play. Finally, however, it looks as though Allegri's men will be able to make a game of this after the interval.
There is one minute of stoppage time.
Honda tries his luck from 25 yards out, but the Japan international is denied by a sliding block, with Chiellini mopping up the scraps. Calabria drives down the right, but the 19-year-old angles in a cross that loops horrendously over everyone. Milan keep their pressure on, but their move ends with Honda failing to hit the target from range.
We're into the final five minutes of the first half, with there a nice ebb and flow to this opening period in Rome. Lichtsteiner is robbed of possession, earning Milan the chance to break, but any service into Bacca results in the Colombian being easily outmuscled by Chiellini.
Kucka works his way down the right, before pass is set back to Poli on the edge of the box. The Italy international takes aim from 20 yards out, but balloons an awful attempt high and wide of the target. Milan can't afford to give up chances so easily.
Allegri's men are looking like their usual selves now, with the Bianconeri finally achieving some width from their marauding wing-backs. Milan have tired slightly and dropped off, allowing for Juve to build from the back and get into gear. Bonaventura does brilliantly to drive down the left, before earning a free-kick from Rugani, but the set-piece comes to nothing.
Dybala drives down the right-hand side with intent, before Lichtsteiner is fed to the right byline. The Swiss right-back fires in a low cross, but a bundled finish from Mandzukic is pushed away by Donnarumma! Juve keep their pressure on, but a secondary delivery from the Bianconeri is flicked to safety by De Sciglio.
Slightly over 10 minutes remain in the first half, with Juventus finally showing a little bit of drive and confidence. Milan are sitting back and absorbing a little bit of pressure, with Evra and Lichtsteiner finally able to affect the game in the opposition half of the field.
Chance for Evra! The ex-Manchester United left-back drives into the penalty area, but a rattling drive from the Frenchman deflects back onto his shin, onto Honda and then into the side-netting. That's the closest that the Bianconeri have come thus far.
Zapata lashes away yet another important clearance, with the Colombian defender sticking to both of his offensive opponents like glue. Milan win themselves a free-kick in a reasonable area, but Neto is able to claim Honda's cross with ease.
Juventus are finally able to settle down and retain possession, with Milan bound to struggle in terms of maintaining a high intensity throughout this entire 90 minutes. Mandzukic is nearly picked out by a long ball down the left-hand side, but Zapata covers across to intercept ahead of the Croatia international.
Chiellini slides into a brilliant challenge to deny Poli, with Milan continuing to race forwards and cause Allegri's men plenty of problems. The Bianconeri are struggling to impose their quality on this battle, with Mandzukic and Dybala unable to contribute anything of note.
De Sciglio cuts infield from the left-hand side, before unleashing a strike with his preferred right foot. The ball swerves before whistling its way over the crossbar. Moments later, Bonaventura fires a low shot just inside the near upright, but Neto makes a save! The Brazilian has to scramble to claim the rebound ahead of Bacca.
The referee is again involved, this time to deny Montolivo, after the Milan midfielder handled the ball inside the Juve penalty box. Pogba tries to drive into the final third, in a desperate attempt to spark this game into life, but Zapata is quick to step out and deny the Frenchman. Moments later, Donnarumma is quick off his line to deny Evra.
Bacca is left in a heap after a physical tackle, with Lichsteiner then fed to the edge of the penalty area. The Switzerland international slides into a scrappy challenge on Zapata, leaving the referee having no choice but to blow for a foul and give the Juve right-back his final warning.
Lemina, Hernanes and Pogba have been unable to take control of this contest, with Allegri maybe ruing the decision to only allow Cuadrado and Alex Sandro to have an impact from the bench. Mandzukic and Dybala have offered nothing, the Scudetto winners are struggling to get out of first gear.
Chiellini does well to intercept a through-ball that was threatening to creep into his penalty area. Juventus aren't being allowed to settle in possession at all at the moment, with the Rossoneri pressing very high upfield to disrupt Allegri's men's attempt to build from the back. The Old Lady look stunned.
A long pass looks for Bacca running in behind, with Milan continuing to call the shots and enjoy the early possession. Bonaventura is picked out in a dangerous area, after a good run down the right from Calabria, but the Italian midfielder can only stroke a terrible finish the wrong side of the near upright from eight yards out!
Kucka brings Milan upfield, before Bonaventura bends an awful cross straight out of play for a goal-kick. Brocchi's men have been very positive thus far, with a slightly weakened Juve line-up struggling to deal with some vibrant early running and pressure from the Rossoneri.
Pogba uses a neat piece of skill to try and wriggle into space in the MIlan box, but Calabria stands up to the Frenchman well. The Rossoneri counter, with Bonaventura taking aim from the best part of 25 yards out, but the ex-Atalanta midfielder blazes narrowly over the crossbar.
Milan win themselves a free-kick in a dangerous area, but the delivery is cleared behind for a corner. Bonaventura takes it short, before Honda is easily robbed of possession. Poli comes up in support, but the Italian utility man manages to give away a foul for an untidy tackle.
Juve are happy to press high upfield, with Romagnoli's attempted clearance charged down neatly by Dybala. Honda drives down the right flank, before looking to angle a cross into the box, but the Bianconeri clear their lines. Rushed, scrappy stuff in the opening minutes at Stadio Olimpico.
Dybala goes down heavily, after being caught late by De Sciglio. The Italy international protests his innocence, but the ex-Palermo man was definitely caught late. Juventus win themselves a corner on the left-hand side, but the set-piece comes to nothing, with Milan opting to lash a hurried clearance upfield.
Bacca cuts back a dangerous ball from the left byline, but Kucka is unable to make contact with it inside the penalty area! Evra carries the danger away from goal calmly. A bright start from Brocchi's men, who might need to be a little bit more clinical against one of Europe's meanest defences.
We are underway in the first half in Rome! Milan and Juventus will be looking to end their respective campaigns in the most impressive fashion possible, but given their form in the league the Bianconeri are the favourites.
Juventus substitutes: Buffon, Zaza, Morata, Alex Sandro, Cuadrado, Padoin, Asamoah, Sturaro, Rubinho, Pereyra.
Juventus starting line-up (3-5-2): Neto; Barzagli, Rugani, Chiellini; Lichtsteiner, Lemina, Hernanes, Pogba, Evra; Mandzukic, Dybala.
Milan substitutes: Diego Lopez, Mauri, Mexes, Menez, Luiz Adriano, Niang, Abbiati, Alex, Balotelli, Boateng, Locatelli, Bertolacci.
Milan starting line-up (4-2-3-1): Donnarumma; Calabria, Zapata, Romagnoli, De Sciglio; Montolivo, Poli; Honda, Kucka, Bonaventura; Bacca.
TEAM NEWS: Neto is given a chance in between the sticks, with Andrea Barzagli, Giorgio Chiellini and Daniele Rugani compensating for the absence of Leonardo Bonucci. Patrice Evra is preferred to Alex Sandro as left wing-back, with Stephan Lichtsteiner deputising for the benched Juan Cuadrado. Mario Lemina and Hernanes rotate into the midfield, with Mario Mandzukic offering a physical presence alongside Paulo Dybala up top.
TEAM NEWS: Cristian Zapata partners Alessio Romagnoli at centre-back, with young Davide Calabria starting at right-back. Andrea Poli will offer some industrious work alongside Riccardo Montolivo in midfield, with Keisuke Honda and Giacomo Bonaventura in the wide areas. Carlos Bacca starts alone up top, with Jan Kucka playing off him.
Over the course of the top-flight campaign, Milan amassed a whole 34 less points than the Bianconeri, which shows the potential gulf in class between these two sides. What the Rossoneri do boast, however, is 18-goal striker Carlos Bacca. This promises to be a very interesting clash indeed.
In the semi-final stages, the Bianconeri nearly fell apart, requiring a penalty shoot-out win to go through against Inter. The Old Lady surrendered a 3-0 aggregate lead against Roberto Mancini's men, but scraped through to tonight by the skin of their teeth. Milan, meanwhile, will want a trophy to make up for another disappointing top-flight campaign.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Coppa Italia final, as Milan come up against Juventus at Stadio Olimpico. Massimiliano Allegri's men will look to complete the double tonight, which would have been unthinkable months ago after a terrible start to their Serie A campaign. Cristian Brocchi is currently in charge for the Rossoneri, with silverware promising to put a feather in his managerial cap.