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Manchester United v West Ham United Live Commentary, 13/04/2019

2 - 1
P. Pogba (19 pen)
P. Pogba (80 pen)
Felipe Anderson (49)
Old Trafford


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That result takes United into fifth place in the Premier League table to close the gap to Chelsea to two points and takes them above Arsenal who don't play until Monday. Their attention turns back to the Champions League once again though as they travel to Barcelona on Tuesday for the Champions League quarter-final second leg. West Ham stay in 11th and miss the chance to close the gap to Watford above them, but there were a lot of positives for Pellegrini to take from the game despite the loss. He will be hoping his side can end their poor run of results when they host Leicester City next weekend.
Pogba scored two penalties to earn a 2-1 win for United over West Ham. The away side did find the back of the net after Felipe Anderson slotted the ball past De Gea, but the linesman flagged for offside. It was a tight decision and it looked like he was just onside, but the goal was disallowed. Less than 10 minutes later, Mata was brought down at the edge of the box by Snodgrass and Pogba coolly slotted the penalty down the middle of the goal after sending Fabianski the wrong way. The Hammers got a quick equaliser at the start of the second half though after Felipe Anderson got on the end of Lanzini's cross to push it past the keeper, who couldn't keep the shot out despite getting a hand to it. Antonio then came on and rattled the crossbar before forcing a brilliant save out of De Gea, but Martial was brought down at the other end by Fredericks to win another spot kick for United. Pogba beat Fabianski once again as he slotted the ball into the bottom corner to secure the points for United.
90' + 5' Smalling has given away a free-kick for West Ham on the halfway line after a challenge on the back of Snodgrass. West Ham took too long to put the ball into the box though and United were able to get it clear.
90' + 3' Fred is down after a challenge with Snodgrass which has given United possession back as West Ham have been keeping it well as they chase a late equaliser to earn them a point.
90' + 1' All of the United players are sitting back in their own half and Noble is struggling to pick out a team-mate ahead of him due to the space closing up meaning they are having to play it backwards to try and find another route upfield.
89' Pogba lifted the ball upfield to try and pick out Martial who was making a darting run through the middle of the field. Ogbonna got there first though and his header took it just out of the Frenchman's reach and Fabianski was able to collect it.
87' Jones is receiving treatment after being caught accidentally in the face by Rice. There's a lot of blood running down his face, but they're bandaging it up now and he'll be able to carry on.
86' Pogba is the first player since Ryan Giggs against Spurs in April 2010 to net two penalties in a Premier League game for United at Old Trafford.
84' Antonio has been causing United a lot of problems since he came on. Felipe Anderson puts a good cross into the box where the substitute is waiting, but there's a bit of confusion between him and Diangana and the chance went to waste as it bounced away from them both.
82' West Ham are looking to go straight on the attack once again after the restart and Anderson is leading the charge down the left wing, but he can't find a way into the box this time.
P. Pogba
Penalty Goal
Manchester United
80' POGBA SCORES FROM THE SPOT AGAIN! He approached it in a similar way to the first one, but this time he strikes the ball into the bottom-left corner. Fabianski went the right way, but he couldn't get close to it. 2-1 United!
R. Fredericks
Yellow Card
West Ham United
79' Fredericks is shown a yellow card for that challenge on Martial and he's lucky he didn't get a red as he didn't get anywhere near the ball.
79' UNITED HAVE ANOTHER PENALTY! Martial was left one-on-one with the keeper and Fredericks dived in and took out his legs, not getting close to the ball, in an attempt to stop the effort. The referee is in no doubt and he points to the penalty spot straight away.
78' GREAT SAVE BY DE GEA! West Ham crossed the ball into the box and Antonio made the run into the box to get on the end of it. His effort is on target this time but he headed it into the ground and De Gea gets his fingertips to the ball as it headed for the top corner to push it over the crossbar.
R. Fredericks
P. Zabaleta
West Ham United
76' Pellegrini makes his final change of the game now as he brings on Fredericks in place of Zabaleta.
76' ANTONIO HITS THE CROSSBAR! He weaved his way past the United defenders to get to the edge of the box and curled his effort towards the top corner. De Gea was beaten and could only watch as the shot rebounded off the woodwork.
Andreas Pereira
M. Rojo
Manchester United
75' Rojo is the other player to come off and Pereira is on in his place.
M. Greenwood
R. Lukaku
Manchester United
75' Double change for United now. Lukaku is the first player to make way as he is replaced by Greenwood.
M. Antonio
J. Hernández
West Ham United
73' Second change by Pellegrini now and Hernandez goes off to a warm reception from the home fans as he's replaced by Antonio.
71' West Ham are pinning United back in their own half at the minute and causing them a lot of problems. Snodgrass' corner once again picks out Felipe Anderson at the near post and the Brazilian flicks it further into the box, but he can't pick out one of his team-mates and United are just about able to get it clear.
69' A long clearance from De Gea picks out Rojo high up the field and he nods the ball onto Martial who is making the run ahead of him. The Frenchman is quickly closed down by Zabaleta though and he runs the ball straight out of play.
67' Once again, the delivery into the box from United is poor and Ogbonna is able to get it clear. He can only get it as far as Rojo who is running onto the ball and the defender strikes the shot well and keeps it low, but it's straight at Fabianski and it's an easy stop for the keeper.
65' United have looked a bit more dangerous since Rashford's introduction and they are getting into good positions high up the field. The delivery into the box is poor though as they haven't been able to beat the first man with any of their crosses.
63' GREAT CHANCE FOR RASHFORD! He rose the highest to get on the end of the corner, but didn't make good contact with it and put the ball back into the crowd of players. Jones does play it back to him though and he has another effort with his head, but this time he can only fire it over the crossbar.
G. Diangana
M. Lanzini
West Ham United
62' Lanzini is unable to carry on after that injury and he is replaced by Diangana.
62' Pogba moved out to the right wing and put a good cross into the box. Rashford had made the run to the near post but he let it run for Lingard who was coming in behind him. Zabaleta reached the ball first though and he cleared the ball over the crossbar.
60' Lanzini is down receiving treatment for what looks like a groin injury which happened off the ball. The medical team are with him for quite a while but eventually he is back on his feet but it doesn't look like he'll be able to carry on for long.
58' GREAT SAVE BY FABIANSKI! Smalling has moved into midfield to try and make something happen for United and he picks out Rashford with a throughball. The substitute runs into the box and hits his shot low across goal and the goalkeeper gets down well to push the ball away with his fingertips.
57' Felipe Anderson is the first West Ham player to score home and away against United in the same league season since Jermain Defoe in 2001-02.
M. Rashford
Manchester United
55' First change of the game is made by Solskjaer and it looks like there's going to be a change in shape for the home side as he brings on Rashford in place of Mata.
54' GOOD CHANCE FOR ZABALETA! The corner is cleared by Smalling, but his header loops up and he can only find Zabaleta who brings the ball down and keeps his strike low and on target as he hits it through the crowd of players still in the box. There's not a lot of power on it though and De Gea gets down well to save it.
53' West Ham have come out for the second half looking a lot more confident than they did before the break. Felipe Anderson is being given a lot of space down the right wing and he wins a corner when Rojo does eventually come out to close him down.
51' United are trying to go straight down the other end to regain their lead, but there is no one in the box for them to pick out. Lukaku has moved out to the right wing to try and get on the end of the box which means that Lingard has no one to pick out with his cross.
M. Lanzini
West Ham United
49' The cross into the box from Lanzini looked like it was originally meant for Hernandez, but he did well to spot Felipe Anderson's run to set up the goal.
Felipe Anderson
West Ham United
49' FELIPE ANDERSON EQUALISES FOR WEST HAM! It's a poor pass out from De Gea which starts the move for West Ham and the cross into the box picks out the Brazilian next to the far post who stretches to reach the ball and push it on target. The keeper does get a hand to it but he can't prevent it from going across the line. 1-1!
48' Masuaku turns and gets a bit of space ahead of Dalot and puts a good cross into the box to pick out Hernandez. The Mexican brings it down well despite pressure from Jones and is asking for a penalty when he goes to ground, but the linesman had already raised his flag for offside.
46' United get the game back underway for the second half.
United got into some good positions and looked dangerous in the first half, but apart from their goal, they didn't manage an effort on target. Solskjaer will be happy with how his side performed, but they need to be more clinical in front of goal if they want to double their advantage in the second half. Pellegrini will feel a bit aggrieved after some decisions went against West Ham before the break, but the Hammers seemed to have found their rhythm towards the end of the half and if they continue to play that way then they could cause United some problems.
Pogba's penalty gives United a 1-0 lead over West Ham at the break. West Ham made a bright start to the game and Felipe Anderson thought he had given his side the lead after 10 minutes when he slotted the ball past De Gea, but the linesman had his flag raised for offside. It was slightly harsh on the away side though as it looked like Dalot was just playing him on, but it was disallowed. Not long after, a clumsy challenge by Snodgrass on Mata gave United a penalty which Pogba confidently converted to give United the lead. Both teams created chances, but neither goalkeeper was really troubled.
44' GOOD SAVE BY DE GEA! Felipe Anderson gets away from his defender and takes the ball to the byline before squaring it back into a dangerous area close to the goal line, but De Gea gets down well to turn it away with his feet.
42' West Ham have a free-kick in a good position on the right wing and Lanzini puts a good cross into the box. He picks out Balbuena who rises above the defenders, but his header is well off target.
40' GOOD CHANCE FOR LUKAKU! A sloppy backwards pass from Noble finds Martial who plays a quick throughball to Lukaku. He made the run into the box before getting his shot away, but his effort was blocked and put out for a corner.
38' There is a lot of room between West Ham's defence when United go on the counter-attack and they are struggling to deal with their attacks at the minute. Lukaku once again puts a good ball into the box and picks out Lingard, but Ogbonna gets across and gets the ball clear, but only as far as Fred. The Brazilian has a go from long range, but it's high and wide of the target.
36' Mata weaved past Noble on the right wing and got into some space to get his cross away. Martial had made a run to the far post and he did get on the end of it, but it was a tight angle and he put his shot wide.
Yellow Card
Manchester United
34' Mata receives the first yellow card of the game after a bad challenge on Noble.
32' West Ham are trying to build up an attack from the back after winning back possession, but the forward players aren't making the runs ahead of the midfield so they are struggling to put a good ball into the box that would trouble United.
30' Pogba has been directly involved in 21 goals in the Premier League this season (12 goals, nine assists), more than in any previous season in Europe's big five leagues.
28' Dalot had made the run into the box from the right wing and was picked out by a good cross from Lukaku. He cut back inside to try and create more space, but his shot was poor as it sailed high over the crossbar.
27' GOOD CHANCE FOR POGBA! Lukaku picked up the ball on the left wing and cut the ball back to Pogba who had just made the run into the box. Instead of hitting the shot first time though, he set himself which allowed Zabaleta to get across and block the effort.
25' FELIPE ANDERSON COMES CLOSE! Snodgrass whips his corner into the far post where the Brazilian is waiting and he flicks it on towards goal, but it is just off target and Balbuena can't get his cross back into the box.
23' West Ham have a free-kick in a dangerous position after Pogba almost caught Snodgrass with a high boot. Lanzini takes the set piece, but his strike hits Pogba in the wall and his contact is enough to take it over the crossbar and out for a corner.
21' West Ham are straight on the attack following the restart. An important block by Lingard stops Lanzini from getting on the end of a cross, but he can only pick out Masuaku. The left-back puts a good ball into the box, but none of his team-mates have made the run to get on the end of it and it rolls straight out of play.
P. Pogba
Penalty Goal
Manchester United
19' POGBA SCORES THE PENALTY! No stuttered run up by the Frenchman on this one as he takes it and he drives the spot kick down the centre of the goal and past Fabianski who had dived to his left. 1-0 United!
17' PENALTY FOR UNITED! A clumsy challenge by Snodgrass on the very edge of the penalty area takes out Mata's legs from under it and the referee quickly pointed to the spot.
16' Lukaku drops back to pick up the ball and he plays a quick throughball to Lingard. When he reaches the edge of the six-yard box, he squares the ball back across and Mata comes very close to getting on the end of it but it's just out of his reach.
14' United are trying to move the ball upfield quickly when they win back possession, but some of their passes have just let them down before they get to the final third. Martial is the latest player to give the ball away needlessly and West Ham go straight on the attack again.
12' Lukaku drifted out onto the right wing once again so he could pick up the ball and he put a very good cross into the box. Lingard and Mata had both made the run to the far post, but it was just a bit too high for either of them to get on the end of.
10' FELIPE ANDERSON HAS A GOAL DISALLOWED! Hernandez nods the ball down into the ground and he picks out Felipe Anderson who hit the shot first time into the back of the net. He had just drifted offside when the pass was played to him though and the linesman puts his flag up straight away.
9' West Ham are trying to make something happen down the right wing, but at the minute, United are keeping a lot of bodies in that area of the pitch to stop them from getting through.
7' West Ham are moving the ball upfield quickly whenever they do win the ball back, but so far their passes into the final third have been a bit sloppy and the United defence have been able to deal with them.
5' The corner was originally cleared by Ogbonna, but only as far as Fred who was waiting on the edge of the box. He let it bounce before hitting it on the volley but Balbuena was in the right place to block the shot.
4' Balbuena gave the ball away after a poor header to Lingard who managed to get the ball across to Lukaku who had drifted out to the right wing. He touches it onto Dalot and the right-back crosses the ball into the box, but it goes straight out for a corner.
2' West Ham have made a bright start to the game. After an early free-kick which Snodgrass played straight to Dalot, Masuaku won it back and decided to have a go from outside the box, but it was hit high over the crossbar.
1' Hernandez gets the game underway for West Ham!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
Only against Fulham (11), Leeds United and Arsenal (both 12) are United on a longer unbeaten run at Old Trafford in the Premier League than against West Ham (10 - W8 D2).
Manuel Pellegrini makes just three changes to the team that lost to Chelsea on Monday as Zabaleta. Snodgrass and Masuaku all start. Aaron Cresswell and Marko Arnautovic drop out of the squad while Fredericks starts on the bench.
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has made five changes to the side that lost to Barcelona in midweek. Ashley Young and Luke Shaw are both suspended, while Lindelof, Rashford and McTominay all drop to the bench. Jones, Mata, Martial, Rojo and Lingard all come into the starting line-up.
WEST HAMS SUBS: Adrian, Michail Antonio, Ryan Fredericks, Grady Diangana, Nathan Holland, Issa Diop, Pedro Obiang.
WEST HAM STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Lukasz Fabianski; Pablo Zabaleta, Fabian Balbuena, Angelo Ogbonna, Arthur Masuaku; Declan Rice, Mark Noble; Robert Snodgrass, Manuel Lanzini, Felipe Anderson; Javier Hernandez.
MANCHESTER UNITED SUBS: Sergio Romero, Andreas Pereira, Marcus Rashford, Mason Greenwood, Matteo Darmian, Victor Lindelof, Scott McTominay.
MANCHESTER UNITED STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): David de Gea; Diogo Dalot, Chris Smalling, Phil Jones, Marcos Rojo; Fred, Paul Pogba; Juan Mata, Jesse Lingard, Anthony Martial; Romelu Lukaku.
United come into this game having lost four of their last five matches in all competitions (W1), including two of their last three Premier League outings. West Ham aren't on a much better run, having won just two of their last six games (L4) and are winless in their last seven away matches (D1 L6).
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Manchester United and West Ham at Old Trafford!