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90' + 3'
M. Rashford
Yellow Card
Pablo Sarabia
Yellow Card
R. Lukaku
M. Rashford
1 - 2
W. Ben Yedder
J. Correa
0 - 2
W. Ben Yedder
Pablo Sarabia
0 - 1

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51% 48%
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Shots On Target 3 6
Total Passes 486 475
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Plenty of boos were ringing around the stadium as the two teams made their way off the pitch, and it's safe to say that there will be an inquest from the home side after this evening. Mourinho's tactical approach was a puzzling one, and it's resulted in them beaten in a European home game for the first time since 2013.
The omens looked good for United heading into tonight's game, but a truly terrible performance from Jose Mourinho's men has resulted in them crashing out of the Champions League. Sevilla took advantage of the opportunities presented to them, and a wonderful four-minute display from Ben Yedder proved to be decisive in the end.
Sevilla push forward on one final attacking move as they comfortably manage to hold onto the ball. United look absolutely shattered and totally bereft of confidence. That should be that for the visitors, who are on their way into the final eight.
M. Rashford
Yellow Card
Rashford catches Mercado from behind as the defender charges down the right wing, resulting in a yellow card for the youngster and a free-kick for Sevilla that, unsurprisingly, they take their time with.
What an opportunity for Ben Yedder to wrap up his hat-trick! The striker breaks through the United back line and goes one-on-one with De Gea, but somehow he ends up firing a tame strike straight into the feet of the goalkeeper. He really should have buried that!
The fourth official has indicated that there will be four minutes of added time.
Pablo Sarabia
Yellow Card
Sarabia becomes the latest player to receive a booking for trying to slow down the game. He, and the rest of the Sevilla players, won't mind at all.
J. Geis
J. Correa
After receiving his yellow card, Correa is replaced by Geis for the final few minutes.
J. Correa
Yellow Card
Bailly beats Correa to the ball on the left-hand side of the United penalty area and is clattered into by a cynical sliding challenge from the Argentine. It leaves the referee no choice but to book him.
G. Pizarro
F. Vázquez
Pizarro has come on to replace Vazquez in a late alteration by the visitors.
Great chance for Rashford to make it 2-2! A looping cross is fired into the heart of the Sevilla box and picks out Rashford, who jumps high and latches onto the ball but sends a downward header just wide of the near post.
M. Rashford
Rashford's cross in from the corner was a decent one but really should have been cleared by the visitors. How costly could that prove to be?
R. Lukaku
GOAL! Lukaku has pulled one back for United! A bouncing corner isn't fully dealt with by the visitors' back line, allowing Lukaku to latch onto it in front of goal and blast the ball into the back of the net. Is this the start of a great comeback?
And now Lukaku goes close! Mata charges down the right flank and fires a low cross into the box, where Lukaku shoots but, under pressure from Lenglet, sends his strike high over the crossbar.
Ben Yedder almost wraps up his hat-trick! Correa sprints into the left-hand side of the box and shoots, but his low strike is well dealt with by De Gea. The ball then rolls out to Ben Yedder, who shoots but can't get the better of Smalling.
What a great chance for Smalling! A United free-kick curls over to the far post and looks set to pick out Smalling, but the centre-back can't quite get a foot on the ball in front of goal.
W. Ben Yedder
Yellow Card
Yellow card Wissam Ben Yedder
J. Correa
It was Correa who took advantage of poor defending to nod the ball over to Ben Yedder. Once again United were poor defensively, and it's surely all but ended their chances of reaching the quarter-finals.
W. Ben Yedder
GOAL! It's a second for Sevilla! A set-piece isn't dealt with at all well by the home side, allowing Ben Yedder to pop up at the far post and send a looping header towards goal. De Gea tries his best to keep the ball out of the net, but he can only palm the ball just over the line.
A. Valencia
And the second is Valencia, who is replaced by Mata.
A. Martial
J. Lingard
United have made a double substitution as they desperately try to find a way back into the game. The first player to make way is Lingard, with Martial taking his place.
The crowd are understandably restless as United try to push forward from the restart. They're struggling to do so with the intensity needed to break down Sevilla, who now find themselves in a wonderful position with quarter of an hour to play.
Pablo Sarabia
That was good play by Sarabia in the build-up but United were poor there. They conceded possession far too easily and then left both Banega and Sarabia in acres of space.
W. Ben Yedder
GOAL! Ben Yedder gas fired Sevilla into the lead! A great pass from Banega picks out Sarabia in acres of space, allowing him to tee up Ben Yedder. The striker quickly gets the better of Bailly, setting him up to fire a wonderful low shot past De Gea and into the bottom corner of the net.
W. Ben Yedder
L. Muriel
Sevilla have made a much-needed attacking alteration, with Ben Yedder coming on to replace Muriel.
Decent strike by Pogba! The Sevilla midfielders back off the Frenchman ever so slightly and allow him to shoot from 25 yards out, but his thumping strike bounces a yard or two wide of the far post.
A clever chipped pass from Banega bounces into the United penalty area and picks out Vazquez. The Italy international quickly fires a cross-cum-shot across the face of goal, where it's easily collected by De Gea ahead of Muriel.
Smalling commits a foul of his own out wide, and now Sevilla are presented with an opportunity to whip the ball into the box. They can't make it count either, though, as Sarabia's cross fails to find a team-mate in front of goal.
No, they can't. Rashford steps up and shoots, but there's far too much power behind the strike and it curls several yards wide of the far post.
Rashford quickly cuts inside from the left flank and takes on Sarabia, who barges into the young winger and concedes a free-kick in a dangerous position. Can United make it count?
Escudero gets himself into a good position deep down the left flank and fires a low cross into the hosts' penalty area. It goes close to finding Muriel, but Bailly is there to make sure it doesn't.
A lofted pass from Sanchez bounces into the Sevilla box and picks out Lukaku, who quickly shoots but, once again, can't get the better of Lenglet and has to settle for a corner that's comfortably cleared by N'Zonzi.
P. Pogba
M. Fellaini
United have made their first substitution of the evening, with Fellaini making way for Pogba.
United push forward with good purpose once again as Rashford breaks towards the box. He can't quite tee up Sanchez but the ball deflects back to Fellaini, who shoots from 20 yards out but sends his effort wide of the far post.
Almost an opportunity for Muriel! Sarabia quickly sprints down the right flank and sends a bouncing cross into the heart of the penalty area. It does well to pick out Muriel, but, under pressure from Bailly, he can only poke the ball out for a goal-kick.
Great block by Lenglet! More good play Lingard sets up Sanchez to shoot, but the Chilean can't get the better of Lenglet and the Sevilla defender pulls off a vital block in front of goal.
A clever pass from Young penetrates the Sevilla penalty area and finds Lukaku, who holds off Lenglet and manages to shoot. His strike lacks the power needed to beat Rico, however, and it's comfortably saved.
Poor from Rashford! A clever pass from Sanchez curls over to the right wing and picks out Rashford in a decent position. He then tries to pick out Lukaku in the middle of the box, but his attempted cross is poor and sails high and wide of the goal.
And now Correa goes close! The winger, who has arguably been of Sevilla's better players this evening, dances his way through a sea of United players before getting a shot away, but it ends up trickling wide of the far post and can't quite hit the target.
Excellent chance for Lingard! Lukaku momentarily loses possession, but he does well to win it back and charge down the right flank. He then fires a low cross into the box and towards Lingard, who controls the ball, spins and forces Rico into making a great diving save.
N'Zonzi clatters into Sanchez with a slightly mistimed sliding challenge, resulting in a free-kick for United in a promising position. It's chipped towards the far post, but nobody in a red shirt can get near the ball and Sevilla easily hold on.
What a tackle by Bailly! Correa is left all alone, allowing him to break into the penalty area and latch onto a clever pass from Sarabia. He then tries to shoot, but he's dispossessed by a wonderful piece of defending from Bailly before he's able to do so.
We're underway once again!
The two teams are making their way back out on to the pitch ahead of the start of the second half. Neither side have made any substitutions during the half-time break.
A few groans of discontent can be heard as the two teams make their way off the pitch, and it's no wonder why. United have been far from their best this evening, and they've struggled to cause too many problems for a Sevilla back lie that have barely been tested. They're certainly going to have to do much more after the break if they're to ever find a way in front.
Sanchez is dispossessed deep inside the United half of the pitch and the visitors quickly counter-attack through Banega. The Argentine brings Muriel into the move and sets up the striker to move the ball into the path of Correa inside the box, but his pass is poor and fails to find the winger.
Lingard and Rashford link up well over on the right flank as they easily get the better of three Sevilla players. Lingard then fires a low cross into the box and towards Fellaini, but Lenglet is there to knock the ball behind for a corner that's easily cleared.
Fellaini does well to win back possession for United before sending the ball over to Young. The full-back's cross fails to penetrate the penalty area but bounces back to Fellaini, who unleashes a thumping shot that's well blocked by Banega.
Rashford embarks on a brilliant run as he skips down the left flank and into the visitors' penalty area. He then tries to pick out Fellaini in front of goal, but the referee eventually awards a throw-in to Sevilla before United can make the attacking move count.
Great chance for Fellaini! The Belgian out-muscles Vazquez and quickly charges towards the Sevilla box. He plays a one-two with Sanchez and shoots, but Rico deals with it well at the near post.
Correa is dispossessed by Valencia as he cuts inside from the left wing, but the ball rolls back to Banega. The Argentine is left in too much space by the United midfielders and is able to get a shot away, but, luckily for the hosts, it's poorly hit and sails wide.
A decent Lingard cross flies over to the right-hand side of the Sevilla penalty area and picks out Fellaini. The midfielder rises high and nods the ball down towards Lukaku, but Lenglet is there to beat the striker to it.
A bit of space opens up for Lingard out wide and allows him to dart down the right wing. He takes on Lenglet and goes down after tangling with the defender, but the referee waves away his protests for a free-kick and allows play to continue.
Rashford picks up the ball midway inside the visitors' half of the pitch and quickly sends a looping cross towards the marauding Lukaku. It looks as if it's going to find the striker on the edge of the box, but he's put off by Lenglet and can't quite latch onto the ball.
Muriel goes close! Sloppy play by United gifts Sevilla with a great opportunity to counter-attack. Muriel breaks into the box and unleashes a shot, and it's one that bounces a couple of yards wide of the far post.
Sanchez whips a decent cross over to the far post, where Rashford tries to latch onto the ball but loses out to Escudero, resulting in a corner. The set-piece fails to result in a chance on goal, as the linesman's flag is quickly raised for offside as United try to nod the ball back into the box after it's initially half cleared.
Lingard makes a quick run into the Sevilla penalty area and tries to latch onto a through-ball from Sanchez, but Kjaer is comfortably able to read the danger and deal with it.
Sevilla are presented with another good chance to break forward after United lose possession, but Muriel is unable to control the ball with his back to goal and easily loses out to Smalling.
Vazquez is presented with the ball just outside of the hosts' penalty area and is in a decent position to pick out a black shirt inside the box, but his attempted pass is poor and brings a promising attacking move to a disappointing end.
Mercado gets himself into a good position over on the right wing, where he swings a looping cross into the United box. He can't quite pick out a team-mate, though, as De Gea comfortably deals with the danger.
Banega is left in far too much space deep inside the United half of the pitch, allowing him to spin and work the ball over to Vazquez. The Italy international quickly shoots, but there's too much power behind the strike and it fails to trouble De Gea.
Almost a costly mistake by Bailly! A terrible pass from the defender can only find a black shirt, allowing Sevilla to quickly counter-attack. Correa picks out Muriel and sets up the striker to shoot from 20 yards out, but the effort is a poor one and sails high over the crossbar.
Sevilla continue dominating possession as they continue to enjoy a decent period on the ball. Correa is eventually able to carve out a pocket of space for himself and shoot, but he can't guide it past Bailly on the edge of the penalty area.
N'Zonzi charges down the left wing and sends a poked pass through to Escudero. The full-back tries to get to the ball ahead of Rashford but is comfortably out-muscled by the youngster, who did well to deal with the defender.
Correa goes close! Vazquez breaks down the left flank and swings a deflected cross behind for a corner. It's whipped in by Banega and picks out Correa, who gets a head on the ball and sends it just a yard or two over the crossbar.
A poor attempted clearance from Valencia can only find Escudero, and it presents Sevilla with their first opportunity to attack. They can't make it count, though, as Valencia gets back to dispossess Muriel on the edge of the box.
Rashford steps up and shoots from the resulting free-kick, but Rico does well to claw the effort away from the near post after it takes a slight deflection off the wall.
É. Banega
Yellow Card
Banega is dispossessed by Fellaini and immediately brings Sanchez crashing to the ground with a cynical sliding challenge, leaving the referee with no choice but to show him an early yellow card.
Lingard causes problems out wide before sending a clever cross into the Sevilla box, where Lenglet is just about able to get to the ball ahead of Lukaku, who was lurking with intent.
Good play in the middle of the pitch looks as if it's set up Lingard to burst down the left flank after getting the better of Kjaer, but the centre-back just about does enough to guide the ball out for a throw-in.
Early chance for United! Lukaku easily bullies Kjaer away from the ball as he spins round the defender and plays a one-two with Lingard. The big Belgian then unleashes a thumping shot from the edge of the box, but it ends up sailing wide of the far post.
We're off! United get us underway, attacking from left to right.
The two sides are making their way out onto the pitch, with just a few minutes to go until kick-off.
Meanwhile, Sevilla boss Vincenzo Montella has made just one alteration to the team that featured three weeks ago, with Jesus Navas making way for Simon Kjaer.
Jose Mourinho has decided to make four changes to the United side that started the first leg, with Bailly, Fellaini, Lingard and Rashford coming into the starting line-up to replace Lindelof, Ander Herrera, McTominay and Mata, respectively.
Sevilla substitutes: David Soria, Guilherme Arana, Nicolas Pareja, Johannes Geis, Guido Pizarro, Nolito, Wissam Ben Yedder.
Sevilla XI (4-2-3-1): Sergio Rico; Gabriel Mercado, Simon Kjaer, Clement Lenglet, Sergio Escudero; Steven N’Zonzi, Ever Banega; Pablo Sarabia, Franco Vazquez, Joaquin Correa; Luis Muriel.
Manchester United substitutes: Sergio Romero, Matteo Darmian, Victor Lindelof, Scott McTominay, Paul Pogba, Juan Mata, Anthony Martial.
Manchester United XI (4-2-3-1): David de Gea; Antonio Valencia, Eric Bailly, Chris Smalling, Ashley Young; Marouane Fellaini, Nemanja Matic; Jesse Lingard, Alexis Sanchez, Marcus Rashford; Romelu Lukaku.
There’s just under 15 minutes left to go until kick-off, so let’s have a look at how the two teams will be lining up this evening…
Sevilla squeezed past Istanbul Basaksehir in the Champions League play-offs, but they failed to win any of their group stage games away from the Sanchez Pizjuan. Most notably they were thrashed 5-1 by Spartak Moscow, although they did show good grit and determination to come from behind and hold Liverpool to a 2-2 draw at Anfield.
It’s been a mixed season for Sevilla, and that’s particularly been the case since Vincenzo Montella took over from Eduardo Berizzo in December. They’ve struggled to find much consistency under the former AC Milan boss, resulting in them winning just two of their last five games. They’ve done well in front of goal on the road, though, and their front line could cause some problems for United this evening.
Only Manchester City - on two occasions - have managed to beat United at home since Southampton came here and won over two years ago, with all three of their group stage games ending in relatively comfortable victories. The Red Devils’ impressive home form was quite clearly in Mourinho’s mind in Seville, and it’ll take an almighty effort from their opponents to leave them disappointed at the end of the night.
Tonight’s tie remains firmly in the balance thanks to a goalless draw at the Sanchez Pizjuan three weeks ago, although it’s arguably the home side who will be feeling more confident about their chances of progressing. As expected, Jose Mourinho’s team were pragmatic and defensively solid in the first leg, setting them up nicely for what should be a fascinating contest.
Good evening and welcome to our live coverage of today’s Champions League last-16 second leg between Manchester United and Sevilla at Old Trafford.