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R. Sterling
David Silva
S. Sydorchuk
D. Harmash
D. Harmash
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Yellow Card
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Full time at the Etihad as the referee mercifully blows the final whistle. Manchester City progress to the quarter-finals of the Champions League after a 0-0 stalemate on the night and 3-1 aggregate victory over a terribly insipid Dynamo Kyiv outfit, who never even attempted to make an impact on this second period. Not the mact vintage of European matches, but Manuel Pellegrini and the Man City faithful won't care! Thanks for joining us - see you next time!
Toure goes on a commanding run down the right wing as this Dynamo defence looks increasingly more stretched. The Ivorian doesn't have much support though, and a speculative shot on goal eventually goes harmlessly by the post.
Four minutes of added time have been signalled by the referee here and a collective groan sounds out in the Etihad stadium as the fans realise their viewing of this match has been unnecessarily extended. Where did the official get four minutes from anyway - nothing has happened!
SAVE FROM HART! Dynamo put together their first real bit of decent play of the second half as Yarmolenko dances his way into the penalty area before eventually teeing up Iakovenko, who smashes a strike at goal. The City keeper actually finds himself away from his post around 12 yards out, but remains big to make the solid block.
Five minutes of normal time remaining here and City could probably stick Joe Hart up top as their centre-forward for the remainder of play and Dynamo still wouldn't find a way of finding the net. The lack of ambition they have showed tonight has been disappointing, and slightly troubling!
YARMOLENKO MISSES FROM SIX YARDS! Antunes, who has put in some stunning deliveries so far this evening, comes up with yet another one which is sent wickedly into the centre of the box. The Ukrainian forward rises high inside the area to glance a header at goal, but it drifts beyond the bottom corner! Eventually, he breathes a sigh of relief as the referee flags for offside.
We get our first glimpse of Sterling since being introduced into the action as he picks up possession down the left wing. He goes on a marauding dribble looking to stretch this Dynamo defence, but ends up surrendering the ball after Vida comes in with an excellent tackle.
R. Sterling
David Silva
Another substitution from Pellegrini here and entering the action is Raheem Sterling, who actually put in one of his performances of the season in the first leg a few weeks ago. He will replace David Silva on this left flank.
Much better from City this time as Aguero pops up around 25 yards out before turning to take on the Dynamo defence. He decides against going for the strike himself and instead opts for a delicate pass in behind the backline for Silva, but the former Valencia attacking midfielder can't get to the ball before the onrushing Shovkovskiy.
Is there someone, anyone on that park who can save the viewing audience by grabbing a goal here? This would be up there with some of the most insipid second-leg ties at this stage in the history of the Champions League - so much so that it actually comes across like both sides could have did without the match being played at all!
City find themselves moving forward in a two-versus-two attack, with Toure and Aguero looking to combine. The latter eventually receives the ball from his team-mate in the left channel, and attempts to take on Khacheridi with a feigned shot before driving towards goal, but ends up being superbly dispossessed by the big defender.
SAVE FROM SHOVKOVSKIY! Navas takes on Antunes at left-back and opens up his stride with a pacey dribble to the byline before reversing a perfect cross to the edge of the area for Toure, who attempts to whip a strike to the left-hand post. The Ivorian doesn't catch it particularly sweetly, though, which allows the Dynamo goalkeeper to make the stop.
Just over 20 minutes remaining at the Etihad and after a relatively positive beginning to the second half, the game has reverted back to the turgid pace of the first period. The Manchester City fans haven't been singing for quite a long period now, and you can't really blame them as this is terribly boring stuff on show.
Strangely, it remains to be seen exactly what Sergei Rebrov actually wants to achieve from this match here tonight. Yes, they may indeed get an away draw in the Champions League against a bigger side, but is that really a consolation considering they have never really given the game a go to try and progress with a few away goals?
S. Sydorchuk
D. Harmash
Third and final change from Dynamo Kyiv here as they try in vain to save their European season. Leaving the pitch is Garmash, who is on a yellow card which way have contributed to his withdrawal, and he will be replaced by Sergiy Sydorchuk.
Hart had that superb cross from Antunes to deal with in the first half, but it has took until now for him to be called into action again as he gets down comfortably to deny Yarmolenko, who had typically cut in from the right wing to smash a strike at goal with his left foot. Never really troubling the Manchester City goalkeeper.
O. Iakovenko
O. Husyev
Another change from Rebrov here and it sees Gusev leave the action to be replaced by Oleksandr Iakovenko.
OFF THE POST FROM JESUS NAVAS! City move forward with a sweeping attack, with Toure leading the charge. The former Barcelona man slides a lovely pass into the feet of his team-mate inside the box, who lashes a low strike aimed at the bottom corner, only to see his attempt cannon off the inside of the woodwork! Closest we have came to a goal so far!
We are just approaching the hour mark in the game now and City have improved a little since the break in their pursuit of the opening goal. The latest passage of play involves Toure, Silva, and Aguero with a neat exchange of passes down the left channel, with the Argentine eventually getting the shot away from a tight angle, but it goes wide of the left-hand post.
D. Harmash
Yellow Card
Confirmation of the booking for Garmash.
YAYA TOURE! HOW CLOSE WAS THAT! The Ivorian attempts to add to his tally for the season with a whipped free kick attempt up and over the wall. It looks destined to find the top corner, but just fails to dip at he last minute and just flashes a yard over the crossbar! Unlucky!
Brilliant stuff from Aguero! The talented striker picks up the ball just outside the centre circle and takes it past one, two, three, challenges before bursting his way into the final third. Before he can get any further forward, though, Garmash gives him a clip to the heel, which will likely result in a booking. Free kick to City around 30 yards out.
It will be interesting to see how Manchester City approach this second period here, as they are basically through to the quarter-final barring a miracle comeback from Dynamo. However, they haven't been in the best form as of late so this would be a good opportunity to regain some confidence - especially with Manchester United coming up at the weekend.
Clichy takes on Vida down the left wing and then send superb cross whistling towards the near post, where Aguero is sniffing around looking to turn an attempt on target. Before the Argentine can get there, Dragovic comes in with a brilliant clearing tackle to keep it at 0-0.
Unconventional goalkeeping from Shovkovskiy! City heap pressure on the opposition defence and a cross is eventually lashed along the penalty area, which Garmash attempts to clear only to horribly slice towards his own goal! The Dynamo keeper actually does brilliantly in the end to take the touch with his chest before launching possession up the park away from danger.
Fernandinho once again finds himself in an advanced position in midfield and receives the ball to feet before attempting to turn, only before going down under the slack challenge of Miguel Veloso. Free kick to City in a very useful area around 30 yards out.
D. González
Ł. Teodorczyk
A change to report at the break and it comes from Sergei Rebrov. Strangely, their central striker, Teodorczyk, is the man coming off and he will be replaced by Derlis Gonzalez, which will likely see Yarmolenko move into a more central role. Playing without a recognised centre-forward when you need three goals?
The second period is under way in this Champions League last-16 clash!
Half-time at the Etihad Stadium. So far so good for Manchester City here as they go into the break at 0-0 vs Dynamo Kyiv with their 3-1 lead from the first leg still comfortably intact. The visitors have been slightly disappointing in their pursuit of the three goals needed to progress to the next round, while Manuel Pellegrini's outfit have professionaly seen out in the opening 45 minutes. Second period to come.
Demichelis launches a pass down the left flank for Fernandinho, who eats up the space with a neat run into the final third. The Brazilian uses the run of Aguero to shield a lovely pass in behind the defence for Silva, but Shovkovskiy proactively comes off his line to claim possession at the feet of the Spaniard.
Three minutes of added time have been signaled by the official here which sounds about right as we have already had two players forced off of the pitch due to injury. Can anyone break the deadlock before the managers give their half-time team talks?
Navas somewhat makes up for his previous error as he stays alongside Gusev for 30 yards as the Dynamo man dribbles into the central area with pace. Eventually, the Spaniard reclaims possession and calmly passes back to Hart, earning a warm bit of applause from the Etihad faithful.
Desperately poor from Navas. The former Sevilla winger, who had a pretty tough time against Norwich at the weekend, leads a Manchester City charge forward with an initially good bit of play down the right wing, but ends up suffering the wrath of the fans after putting far too much pace on a pass to Aguero, who looked poised to get a strike away.
The former Atletico Madrid attacker pops up down the left wing this time and finds Clichy on the overlap with a neat pass. The Frenchman then reverses a teasing cross low into the box, which Navas attempts to get on the end of, but Antunes is on hand to clear in the nick of time before a threat can be made to Shovkovskiy.
Aguero attempts to take the game with the scruff of the neck and give the fans something to cheer about with a powerful run down the right channel, taking on the Dynamo defence as he goes. The Argentine eventually finds a yard of space to rifle a strike at goal, but the attempt is dragged harmlessly wide of the right-hand post.
Just over 10 minutes remaining in the half now and there is a bit of a lull in the play which, again, plays right into the hands of Manchester City. They are taking no chances with tonight's game and have clearly set-up not to concede three goals rather than score themselves to guarantee progression, which you can't really begrudge them for, really.
Mangala makes the poor decision to move out of his position and attempt to win the ball 25 yards out, which creates a massive hole in behind. Dynamo take advantage and pounce on the counter, but the City substitute is let off the hook as Yarmolenko's pass into the space for Garmash lacks pace, which allows Clichy to intervene.
The game hasn't been much of a spectacle so far, but that is probably playing straight into the hands of Manchester City, who will be more than content with a 0-0 in the second leg if it means progression into the quarter-final. The impetus is with Dynamo to try and find the goals here tonight, but other than that wicked cross from Antunes a few minutes ago Hart hasn't been tested between the sticks.
Well, now that Kompany and Otamendi have both been forced out with injury, Dynamo should aim to heap more pressure on the new Manchester City central-defensive duo. Demichelis and Mangala haven't had the best of seasons, so it will be interesting to see how they react if Dynamo up the tempo in the final third.
Yarmolenko is forced to come deep to see a bit more of possession and collects the ball midway through his own half before turning neatly and going on a dribble down the right. However, any potential counterattack for Dynamo is swiftly halted by Toure, who steps on the foot of the tricky Ukrainian winger to concede the foul.
M. Demichelis
N. Otamendi
Unfortunately for Manuel Pellegrini, he has been forced into replacing both his first-choice centre-backs in the first half here, as Otamendi has failed to shake off the injury he picked up earlier. Coming on is Martin Demichelis, who will slot in alongside fellow substitute, Mangala.
Just about midway through the first half now and it perhaps isn't the goal-fest that many would have predicted. Dynamo Kyiv do indeed need three goals to progress here, so they should perhaps be showing a little more attacking ambition and be less afraid at coming on the wrong end of a hiding.
Yellow Card
A much more common yellow card this time as Antunes goes into the book after scything down Jesus Navas near the dugout.
Excellent goalkeeping from Hart! Antunes collects the ball a few yards in from the left touchline down the wing and ends up whipping a screamer of a cross into the centre of the area, where Teodorczyk smuggles an attempt at goal! The City goalkeeper is forced into action with the ball bouncing right in front of him, but does well to use his body and make the block.
N. Otamendi
Yellow Card
In one of the more strange yellow cards you will see in this season's Champions League campaign, Otamendi goes into the book for apparently coming back on to the pitch before the referee awarded him permission earlier when he was injured. Extremely petty from the official there, but to be fair to Buyalskiy he stayed at the side and has avoided a yellow.
City have Dynamo camped in and around their own penalty area at the moment with a decent little period of sustained possession. The ball eventually comes to Toure who picks out an outstanding diagonal pass deep down the right wing for Zabaleta, with the Argentine doing well to put back into the danger area with a cushioned header. Dragovic is on hand to clear, though.
Some worrying scenes for both City and Dynamo Kyiv here as both have a player down after a very nasty looking clash of knees in the middle of the park. It is Otamendi and Buyalskiy who are down for their respective sides, with the latter appearing to have come out of the altercation the worse of the two. However, after some physio attention it seems like they are okay to continue.
Aguero, who has been relatively quiet in the opening portion of the game, receives the ball to feet around 25 yards out and turns sharply before darting towards goal, but before he can pull the trigger, Gusev is back in a defensive position to reclaim possession for Dynamo.
City put together their best bit of play so far as Toure curls possession out wide for Silva, who subsequently releases Clichy near the byline. The cross is swung in to the back post from the Frenchman, and Aguero is keen to try and get on the end of it, but the hosts end up getting the corner as Shovkovskiy palms over the bar.
From looking at the way City have lined up in the early stages, it is clear that Fernando has been tasked with just marshaling the area in front of the defence, which allows Toure and Fernandinho to move forward and support. Silva and Navas are typically either side of Aguero, with the former cutting in from the left wing.
After a relatively positive opening for City, that injury to Kompany has took a lot of the atmosphere out of the stands at the Etihad. Dynamo are actually starting to feel their way threateningly into the match, and if their deficit was lower threre could be some real nerves within the home side. Three away goals for the Ukrainian outfit is a big ask, though.
E. Mangala
V. Kompany
Eliaquim Mangala is the man chosen on to come on and replace Kompany at the back.
Dear, oh dear, Manchester City fans. The only thing worse for the hosts than an early Dynamo Kyiv goal here would be an injury to one of their key players, and sorry to report it has happened. Talismanic captain, Vincent Kompany, is the man down and it looks like a repetition of that ongoing hamstring problem. That'll be the Belgian out of action for a while...
Antunes, who returns to European action tonight after serving a ban in the first leg, opens up his stride with a powerful run down the left before exchanging a one-two with Gusev. The ball eventually makes its way into the City penalty area, but Zabaleta and Kompany combine effectively to clear the danger.
City have did well to establish themselves early on in proceedings here, which will certainly ease the nerves of the fans who were perhaps apprehensive after the abject performance against Norwich on Saturday afternoon. Plenty of tempo in the passing of Pellegrini's men.
The players are making their way to the pitch and we are almost ready for kick-off!
Dynamo Kyiv subs: Rudko, Danilo Silva, Yakovenko, Sydorchuk, Korzun, Gonzalez, Makarenko
Dynamo Kyiv (4-3-3): Shovkovskiy; Vida, Khacheridi, Dragovic, Antunes; Garmash, Veloso, Buyalskiy; Yarmolenko, Teodorczyk, Gusev.
Manchester City subs: Caballero, Kolarov, Mangala, Demichelis, M.Garcia, Sterling, Bony.
Manchester City (4-2-3-1): Hart; Zabaleta, Kompany, Otamendi, Clichy; Fernando, Fernandinho; Navas, Toure, Silva; Aguero.
For the Citizens, this tie without a doubt presents the greatest opportunity in the history of the club to progress to the quarter-finals of the Champions League. They have admirably made it through to the last-16 in the previous two seasons, but weren't much of a match to European juggernauts, Barcelona, in each of those occasions.
Sergei Rebrov's outfit have made it to the last-16 of the competition for the first time since the 1998/99 season. In order for them to progress to the quarter-finals, they will need to better their best away performance of the European campaign, which was a superb 2-0 win against Porto at the Estadio Dragao, by won goal. Due to Man City's first leg lead, even if Kyiv were to win 2-0 tonight, they would still face elimination.
Subsequently, it looks like Man City's best chance of further silverware this season may indeed be the Champions League as opposed to the domestic league where they are off the pace. However, the match tonight is by no means a formality as they come up against a Dynamo Kyiv outfit who have been good league form since returning from their winter break in the Ukrainian Premier League. Two consecutive victories against Dnipro and Karpaty have seen them move three points clear of their nearest title rivals, Shakhtar Donetsk.
City may have won the League Cup in domestic action just four days after that first leg, but their Premier League form has been decidedly abject in recent fixtures. Apart from a comfortable 4-0 win at home against league whipping boys, Aston Villa, in March they have been demolished 3-0 by Liverpool at Anfield, whilst also being shut out by relegation candidates, Norwich in a 0-0 stalemate on Saturday. Such form has left them a massive 12 points behind leaders, Leicester.
Manchester City themselves will certainly be extremely wary against any complacency, but they are in an excellent position to progress to the quarter-finals of the competition after the first leg a few weeks ago. In what has been dubbed their performance of the season by some, Manuel Pellegrini's outfit travelled to Ukraine to come out with a highly impressive 3-1 away victory, with Sergio Aguero, David Silva, and Yaya Toure all vitally getting on the scoresheet. However, the tie isn't totally dead for Dynamo, who have a ray of hope thanks to Vitaliy Buyalskyy's 58th minute strike.
With Manchester United knocked out in the group stage, Chelsea knocked out last week against PSG, and with Arsenal facing a near-impossible task of overcoming a two-goal deficit against current Champions League winners, Barcelona, it seems likely that the Premier League flag is going to be flown by the Citizens for the remainder of the season in Europe's premier club competition.
Good evening football fans! Welcome to LIVE coverage of the UEFA Champions League last-16 second-leg clash between Manchester City and Dynamo Kyiv from the Etihad.