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90' + 2'
Marcos Alonso
T. Werner
1 - 2
H. Ziyech
1 - 1
45' + 3'
S. Agüero
Penalty Miss
45' + 3'
É. Mendy
Penalty Save
R. Sterling
S. Agüero
1 - 0

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48% 51%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 5
Total Passes 537 580
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City will have their eyes on Manchester United's game against Aston Villa tomorrow, but they will only be confirmed champions if their rivals lose. They don't play again until Friday when they face Newcastle United. That win lifts Chelsea above Leicester City into third place and they have another big game in midweek as they host Arsenal.
Alonso's late goal seals a 2-1 win for Chelsea over Manchester City. The hosts took the lead in the first half when Sterling fired past Mendy, but Aguero's fluffed Panenka penalty was saved by the keeper just before the break. Ziyech pulled Chelsea level with his low shot into the bottom corner and the visitors also had three goals ruled out for offside - two for Werner and another for Hudson-Odoi. Alonso won it in stoppage time though when he drilled his effort over Ederson.
T. Werner
90' + 2' It was a great run from Werner off the back of Dias and he pulls back a low cross into the middle to set up Alonso.
Marcos Alonso
90' + 2' ALONSO SCORES! Werner's run drew the defenders towards him, opening up space in the middle and Alonso made a late run into the box. He hit the German's cross first time, lifting his shot over Ederson and into the back of the net. 2-1 Chelsea!
Gabriel Jesus
Yellow Card
90' Jesus slid in to try and nick the ball off Pulisic, but he completely missed the ball and took the American's legs out from under him and it earns him a yellow card.
88' Zouma misses his clearance and the ball falls for Sterling. The defender tries to get back and clumsily brings Sterling down so the City players are all asking for a penalty. There wasn't much in it though and the referee tells the captain to get back to his feet.
86' CHANCE! Gundogan is starting to cause Chelsea some problems down the left and he squares another low cross into the near post. He picks out Foden this time and he tries to flick it onto the far post, but he sends it rolling wide of the target.
84' Gundogan switches play out to the right when he can't find a way past Azpilicueta and Cancelo cuts inside to get away from Alonso before having a shot. He's curling it towards the far top corner, but it's always rising and it doesn't trouble Mendy.
82' It's end-to-end at the moment with both sides chasing a winning goal and Sterling is running onto Rodri's pass into the box. He controls it with his first touch, but Zouma gets back and times his tackle perfectly to block the shot.
81' OFFSIDE AGAIN! Yet again, the visitors are celebrating only for the offside flag to cut them short! It's a great move from Chelsea and James curls another dangerous cross into the box that Hudson-Odoi lifts over Ederson, but he set off too early and it won't count.
O. Zinchenko
B. Mendy
80' The final change for City sees Benjamin Mendy making way for Zinchenko.
79' OFFSIDE! It's a good throughball from Jorginho to pick out Werner and he turns before driving into the box. Laporte is trying to get back but can't get close and Ederson misses it when he rushes off his line. Werner slots it into the empty net, only for the offside flag to deny him again.
78' CHANCE! City break quickly on the counter after a Chelsea corner and Jesus is allowed to carry the ball a long way. When he gets to the box, three Chelsea defenders try to crowd him off the box so he has a shot, but drags it wide of the far post.
C. Hudson-Odoi
H. Ziyech
76' Final change for Chelsea now and it's the goal scorer, Ziyech, that's making way for Hudson-Odoi.
75' Ziyech has scored his first Premier League goal in 18 games. He hadn't scored in the league since getting Chelsea's opener in their 3-0 win at Burnley in October.
73' GREAT CHANCE! James drives forward down the right to get away from Benjamin Mendy before curling a dangerous cross into the six-yard box. Werner is sliding onto it, but he was just put off by Dias stretching for it ahead of him and he can't tap it in.
İ. Gündoğan
Ferran Torres
71' Torres is also being taken off, with Gundogan on in his place.
P. Foden
S. Agüero
70' Guardiola is making a double change now and Aguero is the first to make way, with Foden replacing him.
N. Kanté
68' Chelsea are making their second change of the game and it's Kante that's going off for Jorginho.
67' It's patient play from City now as they try to get their lead back, but the hosts look out of ideas. Rodri is given time on the ball in midfield, but he can't pick out a forward pass and plays it back to Laporte.
65' Chelsea are on the attack again now and City just can't get close to the quick break. James squares it to Pulisic, who tries to pick out Ziyech to his right, but he plays it behind the goal scorer and Dias clears his lines.
63' Azpilicueta's first cross into Ziyech got caught under his feet, but his second attempt was much better to set up the goal.
H. Ziyech
63' ZIYECH EQUALISES! It was good build-up play from Chelsea to open up some space and Ziyech hovered on the edge of the box to get it back from Azpilicueta. He takes a touch to set himself before drilling a low shot into the bottom corner and Ederson couldn't reach it. 1-1!
62' Chelsea are still dominating in possession, but they're struggling to find a way in behind City. Azpilicueta lifts the ball into Gilmour and he touches it on for Pulisic, but he can't find a way past Benjamin Mendy.
60' PULISIC! Alonso does well to wrongfoot Cancelo and cut inside to fizz it into Pulisic on the edge of the box. He steps away from Ake before hitting the shot, but he leans back as he does, and blazes it high over the crossbar.
59' Chelsea are keeping the ball well again at the moment and they're keeping City penned back in their own half. They switch play out to Alonso on the left and he tries to drill a low cross into the box, but it's blocked by Dias.
57' Laporte spots Jesus' pulling off the back of Rudiger so tries to pick him out with a long ball over the top. The Chelsea defenders are claiming he was offside but the flag doesn't go out and Edouard Mendy rushes out of his box to see it out.
55' Pulisic drives forward down the right and he has Werner ahead of him, but he's standing offside again. He's forced to push forward before playing a throughball into the box, but Ederson rushes off his line to collect it.
53' City haven't lost any of their last 29 Premier League games when leading at half-time (W28 D1) since a 2-3 defeat against Wolves in December 2019.
51' Jesus' run is cut out by Rudiger, but the defender's clearance ends up falling for Aguero. He lets it bounce in front of him before hitting the shot on the half-volley, but it's straight down the middle at Ederson.
50' WERNER! Alonso pulls it back for Werner on the left of the box, but he has no one up with him in support. He cuts inside to get a better angle but ends up drilling his shot into the side netting.
48' Ake plays a wonderful throughball forward for Sterling to run onto down the left, but his low cross is blocked by Azpilicueta. Edouard Mendy stops it going out for a corner but is put straight under pressure by Aguero before he hooks it clear.
46' City get us back underway for the second half!
As it stands, City will be crowned Premier League champions if the result stays as it is, but Guardiola will want to see an improvement as they took their time to get going in the game. As for Chelsea, they were on the back foot at times and they'll need to take some more risks going forward if they want to get back into the match.
Sterling's goal separates the sides at the break, with City leading 1-0. It took a while for the game to get going and Werner had a goal disallowed for offside in the 32nd minute. It was City that took the lead though with Aguero's first touch setting up Sterling to fire it past Edouard Mendy. Just before half-time, the hosts had a chance to double their lead from the spot, but Aguero's Panenka was comfortably saved by the keeper.
É. Mendy
Penalty Save
45' + 3' Edouard Mendy had already started to dive to his right to try and make the save, but he had time to get back to his feet and stop the penalty from crossing the line.
S. Agüero
Penalty Miss
45' + 3' AGUERO's PENALTY IS SAVED! He tries to catch the goalkeeper out with a Panenka, going straight down the middle. There's no power on the shot and Edouard Mendy is able to hold onto it. Still 1-0!
45' + 2' PENALTY TO CITY! Jesus pokes a shot towards goal which is blocked and he tries to hold off Gilmour, but the midfielder's pressure ends up knocking him to ground. The referee has a good view of it and he points straight to the spot.
K. Zouma
A. Christensen
45' + 1' Christensen stayed down after failing to make the clearance before the goal and he's had to go off with what looks like a knee injury. Zouma is on in his place.
S. Agüero
44' Aguero's first touch was heavy when he got the ball off Jesus, but it ended up being a good knock-on for Sterling to open the scoring.
R. Sterling
44' STERLING SCORES! Christensen tries to clear his lines on the stretch but is just nudged off the ball by Jesus on the edge of the box. Aguero can't control it, but Sterling is following it in and sends his shot past Edouard Mendy and into the back of the net. 1-0 City!
43' GOOD SAVE! James threads the ball through to Ziyech and he turns towards goal before curling a great effort towards the far post from range. Ederson is stretching for it but gets both hands to it to push it away.
41' Both teams have struggled to get into the final third in the last few minutes, with both losing out in midfield due to sloppy passes. Laporte's ball is cut out by Kante, before the midfielder fouls Sterling in his attempt to keep hold of it.
39' City are keeping the pressure on Chelsea here and are starting to find a bit more room down their left. Sterling dribbles past James before touching it onto Mendy, but it's a wild cross from him that flies straight into the stands.
37' Cancelo tries to dance past Alonso down the right and just manages to squeeze a cross into the box for Aguero at the near post. He was slow to react though and Rudiger steps across to clear the danger.
35' SAVE! It's a poor pass from James that's cut out by Rodri and he sets Aguero on the counter. He chooses to play it out to Sterling on the left and he cuts inside before drilling a low shot on goal, but Edouard Mendy gets down to save it.
33' CHANCE! Chelsea are on the attack again and it's a good throughball from Gilmour into Werner this time. Laporte stays with him all the way so the forward tries to curl his shot around him, but he sends it wide of the far post.
32' OFFSIDE! Alonso's cross runs all the wall through to James on the edge of the box and he drills a low cross back across the box. It gets a slight nick off Laporte to take it into Werner and he fires his shot past Ederson, but he was standing offside and the flag goes up.
31' Chelsea are keeping the ball much better now, but for the most part, all of their possession is still in front of City. James tries to pick out Pulisic down the right, but he overhits it and Ake is there to clear the danger.
29' Alonso squares it to Werner and he lets it run across him before turning Laporte and laying it off to Pulisic. He touches it on for Alonso, who cut inside from the left, but he leaves it and there's no one waiting behind him.
27' Ake is in quickly to nick the ball off Azpilicueta and he threads it through for Sterling in the box. He wrongfoots Christensen with his first touch before trying to square it to Aguero, but it was behind the forward and Alonso clears his lines.
25' None of the last 11 Premier League meetings between City and Chelsea have finished level, with the Citizens winning seven to Chelsea's four.
23' Dias holds off Kante and whips a good cross into the edge of the box towards Aguero, but the forward just slips as it comes into him. Benjamin Mendy tries to keep it alive, but he ends up winning a corner as Alonso blocks his cross.
21' Ziyech plays a wonderful throughball down the left for Werner to run onto and get one-on-one with Ederson. He takes a very heavy first touch though which forces him out to the byline and City are able to get back into their shape.
19' Chelsea just can't get out of their own half at the moment as City continue to close them down high up the pitch. Kante has a chance to break through the middle but ends up fouling Rodri and giving away a free-kick.
17' CHANCE! City break quickly on the counter and it comes to Benjamin Mendy down the left, but his cross is blocked by Christensen. It bounces to Rodri, who slips as he takes the shot, but still gets it on target and it takes a block from Azpilicueta to send it wide.
16' Chelsea are moving the ball upfield quicker when they get hold of the ball now and Gilmour touches it out to James on the right. He drifts past Ake to swing a cross in, but it's too close to Ederson, who holds onto it.
14' James steps up to take the free-kick that Werner won after Alonso dummies it, but he can't get any height on the cross and it's blocked by the wall and cleared by the hosts.
R. Sterling
Yellow Card
12' Kante nicks the ball off Sterling to tee up Werner and the City captain tries to get back to make up for it. He slides in late and brings him down just outside the box to get the first booking of the game.
10' It's still all City at the moment and they're patiently playing out from the back to try and open up some space in behind Chelsea. Cancelo lifts a pass over the top to Jesus, who flicks it on, but there's no one behind him to bring it down.
8' Sterling is crowded off the ball, but he manages to touch it through to Aguero and his shot ends up bouncing off Jesus' back on the edge of the box. It falls for Benjamin Mendy though and he drills a low shot across goal, but it's always going wide.
6' Ederson plays the ball out to Dias on the right and he takes his time to try and pick out a pass until Ziyech closes him down. The defender ends up backing himself into a corner but just manages to get out of trouble.
4' Christensen completely misses his clearance and Torres runs onto it behind him before driving into the box. The Spaniard hits the shot just before Rudiger gets back, but he fires it high over the crossbar.
2' City are pressing Chelsea high up the field in the opening minutes of the game and are making it difficult for the visitors to get out of their own half. Azpilicueta chooses to go long for Werner but overhits the pass and Ederson sweeps it clear.
1' Werner gets the game underway for Chelsea!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
Victory for City would see them win the Premier League title for the fifth time, with only Manchester United (13) lifting the trophy more since its foundation in 1992.
Thomas Tuchel makes five changes to his side after their win over Real Madrid last time out, bringing in James, Ziyech, Gilmour, Alonso and Pulisic. Jorginho and Havertz drop to the bench, with Mason Mount, Thiago Silva and Ben Chilwell all being rested.
Pep Guardiola rotates his squad again and makes nine changes to the team that beat Paris Saint-Germain on Tuesday, with only Ederson and Dias retaining their places. Aguero, Sterling and Jesus are brought in to lead the line, while De Bruyne is left out of the squad due to not being fully fit.
CHELSEA SUBS: Jorginho, Emerson, Callum Hudson-Odoi, Olivier Giroud, Kai Havertz, Kepa Arrizabalaga, Valentino Livramento, Tammy Abraham, Kurt Zouma.
CHELSEA STARTING XI (3-1-4-2): Edouard Mendy; Cesar Azpilicueta, Andreas Christensen, Antonio Rudiger; N'Golo Kante; Reece James, Hakim Ziyech, Billy Gilmour, Marcos Alonso; Christian Pulisic, Timo Werner.
MANCHESTER CITY SUBS: Ilkay Gundogan, Phil Foden, Bernardo Silva, Riyad Mahrez, Zack Steffen, Eric Garcia, Oleksandr Zinchenko, Fernandinho, Kyle Walker.
MANCHESTER CITY STARTING XI (3-3-3-1): Ederson; Nathan Ake, Ruben Dias, Aymeric Laporte; Joao Cancelo, Rodrigo, Benjamin Mendy; Ferran Torres, Sergio Aguero, Raheem Sterling; Gabriel Jesus.
This is the first of two meetings between the clubs this month after they both booked a place in the Champions League final earlier this week. And City could wrap up the Premier League title this weekend with a win today. If they draw or lose though, they'll have to hope Manchester United don't better their result tomorrow. City have lost just one of their last seven in all competitions (W6) though that was a defeat to Chelsea in the FA Cup final, which was a win that set the Blues on a run of six games unbeaten in all competitions.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Manchester City and Chelsea at the Etihad Stadium!