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V. van Dijk
A. Robertson
5 - 0
V. van Dijk
T. Alexander-Arnold
4 - 0
D. Origi
A. Robertson
3 - 0
S. Mané
T. Alexander-Arnold
2 - 0
S. Mané
T. Alexander-Arnold
1 - 0

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61% 38%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 10 3
Total Passes 627 392
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That's all for tonight, goodbye!
Liverpool remain on top of the Premier League table with a one point advantage over Manchester City, who beat West Ham 1-0 tonight, as they turn their attention to the Merseyside derby on Sunday. Watford drop down to eighth after that defeat due to Wolves' superior goal difference and Gracia will be hoping his side can bounce back quickly and return to winning ways when they face Leicester City on Sunday.
Liverpool dominated throughout the game and come out as deserved 5-0 winners over Watford. Mane opened the scoring with a header before doubling the lead with a wonderful backheel goal 10 minutes later. The Reds stayed on top in the second half and Origi added a third with some great individual play to create the space for the shot. Van Dijk then scored two headers in three minutes to cap off an impressive performance. 
90' + 2' Watford have seen a bit more of the ball in the last couple of minutes, but they look fatigued and out of ideas when they look forward to the final third. 
90' Robertson ghosts past Janmaat and is able to pick out Lallana's run into the box. It bounces off the midfielder though and he isn't able to do anything as it goes out for a goal kick.
88' Alexander-Arnold is the youngest ever player to assist three goals in a single Premier League game (20 years, 143 days).
86' Sema does really well to get past Fabinho on the left wing and get the ball to the byline. He manages to get a cross in, but it is blocked by Van Dijk and put out for a corner, which comes to nothing. 
N. Keïta
G. Wijnaldum
84' Klopp makes his final change as well and Keita comes on to replace Wijnaldum.
K. Sema
R. Pereyra
84' Final substitution for Watford now as Pereyra goes off and is replaced by Sema.
A. Robertson
82' Robertson's cross is perfectly weighted as he picks out Van Dijk and he leaves the defender with little work to do to score the goal.
V. van Dijk
82' ANOTHER GOAL FOR VAN DIJK! He once again rises the highest in the box to get on the end of the cross, but this time he just has to glance the header into the net. 5-0 Liverpool!
A. Masina
Yellow Card
82' Masina is shown a yellow card for a foul.
81' Liverpool are dominating possession straight from the restart again and Watford just can't cope with the attacking threat they pose.
T. Alexander-Arnold
79' Alexander-Arnold gets his third assist of the game and his delivery from the free-kick was once again perfectly hit as he picked out Van Dijk in the box.
V. van Dijk
79' VAN DIJK MAKES IT FOUR! He rises highest in the box and directs his header back across goal and gives Foster no chance to get to it as it nestles in the side netting. 4-0 Liverpool!
C. Cathcart
Yellow Card
79' Cathcart receives the first yellow card of the game for a foul.
A. Lallana
S. Mané
78' Second change for Liverpool now, and Mane won't be able to get his hat-trick today as Lallana comes on in his place.
77' GREAT SAVE BY ALISSON! The ball is put back into the box and Cleverley is the first to reach it and he loops the ball towards goal and the keeper is quickly off his line to smother the pass and put it out for a corner.
76' Watford have a good chance from a free-kick on the right wing which Pereyra swings into the box. Matip rises highest to get to the ball and clears it.
74' Gray comes close! Van Dijk reacts slowly which gives him a slight headstart on his run into the box. The angle is tight, but he gets his shot away and Alisson gets down well to get a hand to the ball and direct it off target. 
T. Cleverley
73' Cleverley comes on as the second change and he replaces Deulofeu.
A. Gray
T. Deeney
73' First of two substitutions for Watford as Gray comes on to replace Deeney.
72' Liverpool are not letting the Watford players have any time on the ball and the away side are starting to look frustrated as they can't get out of their own half.
J. Henderson
J. Milner
70' First change of the match is made by Klopp as he brings on Henderson in place of Milner. 
68' Watford are moving a lot slower on the ball now and aren't attacking with any real purpose. They do win a free-kick on the right wing, but the cross into the box is poor and Liverpool are able to clear it. 
A. Robertson
66' Robertson has a lot of time on the ball, but plays a simple, short pass to pick out Origi.
D. Origi
66' ORIGI MAKES IT THREE! He comes inside from the left wing and Janmaat can't get anywhere near it. He hits his shot between three Watford defenders and catches out Foster at his near post. 3-0 Liverpool!
64' Mane tries to switch play to the right wing, but Mariappa is able to intercept it. His clearance only goes as far as Wijnaldum though, and the midfielder has a go from outside the box, but it's an easy save for Foster.
63' MANE ALMOST GETS HIS HAT-TRICK! Origi's cross into the six-yard box is deflected and falls to Mane's feet. He turns and takes his shot, but there is a deflection on it that sends it high over the crossbar.
61' Important block from Hughes! Milner has time to turn in the box and set himself for a shot, but is dispossessed at the last second. It's not a good clearance though and it almost falls to Mane, but Hughes reacts the quickest and is able to take it away from him.
59' There is no one anywhere near Origi as he runs onto the ball on the left wing, but he takes too long to put his cross into the box so Janmaat is able to put it out for a corner, which comes to nothing for Liverpool.
57' Origi has two chances to have a shot on the edge of the box. His first effort is blocked by Mariappa, but it rebounds back to him and his second attempt is slightly closer. His second go is basically the same as the first and the defender is able to get in the way of it again.
56' Matip is the first to the ball from a Watford free-kick, but his clearance goes straight to Cathcart. He takes the shot first time on the volley, but the defender recovers well to block his effort.
54' Liverpool are slowing the pace of the game down a little bit now as they pass the ball between their defensive players. Watford are keeping their shape a little bit better now though as they all drop back into their own half. 
52' Mane does brilliantly to keep the ball as he skips past four Watford players. He tries to pick out a team-mate in the box, but his cross is blocked from close range.
50' Origi switches play to Salah with a great ball over the top of Watford's defence. He makes the angle too tight as he runs to the byline though and his cross is palmed out of play by Foster. 
49' Salah is being allowed a lot of time on the ball when he gets it and he tries to pick out Mane on the edge of the box. Cathcart clears it back to him though and he has a shot himself but it's blocked. 
47' Watford have kept the ball well in the opening minutes of the half and Hughes is able to get a cross into the box from the right wing. He overhits it though and it misses everyone in the box and goes out of play.
46' Watford get the game back underway for the second half.
Gracia might need to think about making a change if they want to find a way back into this game. Watford struggled to deal with Liverpool's attacking threat in the first half and even when they did manage to move the ball upfield, they couldn't produce anything of quality to then trouble the Reds' defence. Klopp will be very happy with his side's performance so far though, and if the result stays as it is, then they will remain in top spot on the Premier League table.
Liverpool lead 2-0 at the break after dominating the first half against Watford. Mane got his first of the game with a free header in the middle of the six-yard box before doubling his tally with a wonderful backheel finish over Foster 10 minutes later. Watford didn't have much to offer when going forward and didn't manage a single shot in the half. 
45' + 1' Mane leads a Liverpool counter-attack after a Watford free-kick and almost picks out Salah with a throughball, but he just overhits the pass and Foster beats him to it.
45' Mane has been involved in eight goals in just five Premier League games against Watford for Liverpool (5 goals, 3 assists). 
43' Some neat play from the Liverpool players creates some space for Robertson running into the box from the wing and he squares the ball into the six-yard box. Mane comes very close to getting on the end of it, but it's just ahead of him and he can't get his third goal of the game.
42' DEENEY COMES CLOSE! Deulofeu finds some space again down the right wing and whips the ball into Deeney. It takes a slight deflection as it goes through Robertson's legs and the forward can't sort out his feet quickly enough and he puts his shot wide of the post.
40' Deulofeu whips the ball into the box to try and find Deeney and Matip gets across just in time to make an important block and clear the ball. 
39' Watford are really struggling to get a foothold in this game and they look out of ideas as they try to find a way through Liverpool's midfield.
37' SALAH HITS THE POST! Watford's defence is all over the place and the Egyptian is able to get behind them once again. He takes the shot from a very tight angle and Foster gets enough contact on the ball to put it onto the post. 
37' Liverpool quickly win the ball back once again and some clever footwork from Milner in the box gets him past two Watford defenders. Foster is off his line very quickly to close him down and is able to clear the shot. It rebounds to Fabinho who has a go from long-range but his effort is high and wide.
36' Liverpool are so quick to close Watford down every time they lose the ball and the away side just can't get out of their own half at the minute. 
34' Watford are creating their own problems now by trying to overplay the ball near their own box. Doucoure tries to catch Milner out with a bit of skill, but it doesn't come off and he fouls the midfielder in an attempt to win it back. 
32' Watford have finally got possession in the Liverpool half, but every time they get into the final third, their passes get sloppy and they are gifting the ball back to their opponents.
30' Alexander-Arnold is again allowed space to put a brilliant cross into the box and it is straight across the face of goal, but none of his team-mates are able to get close to it. 
29' The wide players for Liverpool are being given so much time on the ball and it looks like the Watford players are nervous about getting too close to them.
27' Watford just can't get out of their own box at the minute as Liverpool pile on even more pressure. When Salah gets the ball on the edge of the penalty area, the defenders sit back and give him the space to get his shot away, but it's straight at Foster.
25' Pereyra finds himself in a lot of space in midfield as the Liverpool players sit back and he tries to play in Deulofeu ahead of him, but Van Dijk is in the right place to intercept the pass and clear the ball. 
23' Salah uses his strength to get past Masina before ghosting past Cathcart into the box and creates enough space to set up a shot. He leans back slightly as he takes it though and his effort sails high over the crossbar. 
22' Watford's defending has been poor so far and Salah almost gets in behind them again, but Mariappa recovers just in time to get ahead of him and clear the ball away. 
T. Alexander-Arnold
20' Once again, Alexander-Arnold puts a brilliant cross into the box to pick out Mane for the goal.
S. Mané
20' BRILLIANT FINISH FROM MANE! His first touch takes the ball slightly behind him and he turns his back to goal and backheels the ball over Foster's shoulder and into the empty net. 2-0 Liverpool!
18' Mane has scored his 13th Premier League goal this season, equalling his best ever haul in a single campaign in the competition (also 2016-17). 
16' LIVERPOOL COME CLOSE! Salah plays in Alexander-Arnold in the box and he squares a cross into the middle of the box. It's messy defending from Watford, but somehow the ball is put out of play and it doesn't end up in the back of the net.
14' Alexander-Arnold is getting a lot of space down the right side and he is once again able to put a good ball into the box as he looks for Salah. Foster is quickly off his line to intercept it though.
13' Liverpool mount a quick counter-attack and win a corner which Alexander-Arnold takes. He finds Mane at the near post, but he doesn't make good contact with the ball and it loops up into the air and Cathcart is able to get it clear. 
11' Watford almost get in behind Liverpool! Deulofeu gets the ball in the box and Van Dijk dispossesses him, but then makes a mess of the clearance and it takes two Liverpool players to put the ball behind for a corner.
T. Alexander-Arnold
9' Alexander-Arnold's cross into the box is brilliant and picks out Mane perfectly in between two Watford defenders. 
S. Mané
9' MANE GIVES LIVERPOOL THE LEAD! He has a lot of space on the edge of the six-yard box to meet an Alexander-Arnold cross. His header is out of Foster's reach and he finds the back of the net. 1-0 Liverpool!
7' All of the Watford players are sitting back in their own half at the minute as Liverpool slowly play the ball up from the back and the home side are struggling to find any space.
5' Liverpool are seeing more of the ball now and are quickly moving upfield when they get the chance. They haven't been able to get a ball into the box that will trouble the Watford defenders just yet though. 
3' Nervous moment for Foster! The keeper is taking his time to pass the ball out from his box, but Milner very quickly closed him down and got contact with the clearance. It loops up into the air, but Foster is able to catch it. 
2' Watford are seeing a lot of the ball in the opening couple of minutes, but every time they try to push forward into the box, they are dispossessed by one of the Liverpool defenders.
1' Salah gets the game underway for Liverpool.
The teams are out on the field now, with kick-off just moments away.
Liverpool have lost just one of their last 26 home matches in February in all competitions (W19 D6), in a 2-0 defeat to West Brom in February 2013. 
Javi Gracia names an unchanged Watford team to the one that beat Cardiff City 5-1 on Friday. The only change to the squad is Kabasele coming onto the bench to replace Miguel Britos. 
Jurgen Klopp has made just two changes to the side that drew with Manchester United on Sunday as Alexander-Arnold and Origi come in to replace Henderson and the injured Roberto Firmino.
WATFORD SUBS: Heurelho Gomes, Marc Navarro, Andre Gray, Domingos Quina, Ken Sema, Christian Kabasele, Tom Cleverley. 
WATFORD STARTING XI (4-4-2): Ben Foster; Adam Masina, Craig Cathcart, Adrian Mariappa, Daryl Janmaat; Roberto Pereyra, Etienne Capoue, Abdoulaye Doucoure, Will Hughes; Troy Deeney, Gerard Deulofeu.
LIVERPOOL SUBS: Simon Mignolet, Naby Keita, Jordan Henderson, Daniel Sturridge, Xherdan Shaqiri, Rafael Camacho, Adam Lallana. 
LIVERPOOL STARTING XI (4-3-3): Alisson; Andrew Robertson, Virgil van Dijk, Joel Matip, Trent Alexander-Arnold; James Milner, Fabinho, Georginio Wijnaldum; Sadio Mane, Divock Origi, Mohamed Salah.
Liverpool start the day on top of the Premier League table and are unbeaten in their last five matches in all competitions, but have only won one of those games (D4). Watford come into this game on a good run of form, having only lost one of their previous 11 games in all competitions (W6 D4).
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League match between Liverpool and Watford at Anfield.