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Liverpool v Leicester City Live Commentary, 22/12/2021

PEN 5 - 4
3 - 3
A. Oxlade-Chamberlain (19)
Diogo Jota (68)
T. Minamino (90+5)
J. Vardy (9)
J. Vardy (13)
J. Maddison (33)
(FT 3 - 3)


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Liverpool go into the draw along with Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea and will find out shortly who they'll be facing in the semi-final. They'll meet Leicester again next Tuesday, but before that, they have Leeds United on Sunday, with Leicester facing a tough trip to Manchester City on the same day.
Liverpool are through to the EFL Cup semi-final after beating Leicester 5-4 on penalties. It was 3-3 after normal time, with Minamino scoring a stoppage-time equaliser to take it to the shootout. Kelleher saved Thomas' effort to give the hosts the advantage, but Minamino hit the crossbar when he had the chance to win it. Bertrand's effort was then saved before Jota beat Schmeichel to win it for Liverpool.
JOTA SCORES! And Liverpool have won it! He places his spot-kick into the bottom left corner, and even though Schmeichel guesses right, he can't stop it from hitting the back of the net. 5-4 Liverpool!
SAVE! Bertrand had to wait a while to take his spot-kick as they found the ball. It's another poor penalty and Kelleher dives the right way to bundle it off the line.
OFF THE BAR! Schmeichel was diving to his right and Minamino tried to follow everyone else's example. He goes high and hits his effort off the top of the crossbar. 4-4!
Iheanacho scores! It's another emphatic spot-kick as he sends Kelleher the wrong way, firing his shot into the top right corner.
Keita scores! He's just given Liverpool the advantage in the shoot out! Schmeichel goes the right way again, but Keita fires his shot into the top left corner. 4-3 Liverpool!
SAVE! Thomas is next up, but Kelleher saves it! It's not the best penalty, nowhere near the corner, and it's a comfortable height for the keeper to push it away.
Oxlade-Chamberlain scores! Still all level here, and Schmeichel's mind games don't put off the midfielder. The keeper dives the right way, but Oxlade-Chamberlain fires picks out the corner.
Albrighton scores! Albrighton fires his shot down the middle, but Kelleher is diving to his left and gets nowhere near this one.
Firmino scores! He stuttered his run-up to try and catch out Schmeichel, and he just gets away with it! The keeper dives the right way but can't get down in time to keep it out. 2-2!
Maddison scores! It's another good penalty, with Kelleher again guessing right. Just like Tielemans though, he lifted his effort high over the keeper.
Milner scores! He curls his shot into the bottom right corner and Schmeichel is static on his line. He can't sort his feet out in time and can only watch as it hits the net.
Tielemans scores! It's an emphatic penalty to get the shootout underway. Kelleher dives the right way, but Tielemans rifles his effort into the top left corner, giving the keeper no chance.
Minamino's late equaliser means that Liverpool and Leicester are going to penalties! Vardy got a quick double early in the first half, with Oxlade-Chamberlain pulling one back for Liverpool. Maddison then rifled in a brilliant effort to put Leicester 3-1 up at the break. Liverpool made changes at the start of the second half that paid off, with Jota pulling the first one back before Milner set up Minamino's late goal to keep them in with a chance of reaching the semi-finals.
J. Milner
90' + 5' Milner had so much time on the ball and he was able to pick out a wonderful cross which took Leicester's defenders out of the game.
T. Minamino
90' + 5' MINAMINO EQUALISES! It has been coming, and Liverpool have finally levelled the score! It's a brilliant cross onto the edge of the box from Milner and Ndidi completely misses it. Minamino is waiting behind him and has time to take a touch before firing his shot past Schmeichel and into the far bottom corner. 3-3!
90' + 3' CHANCE! Liverpool are running out of time to find an equaliser here, but they're still keeping the pressure on Leicester. Keita slides it through for Oxlade-Chamberlain, who hits the shot first time from just outside the box, but it swerves wide of the far post.
90' + 2' Milner lets the ball bounce up in front of him, not realising that Soumare is waiting just behind him. The midfielder pounces onto it and pokes it through to Vardy, but he can't get the better of Gomez to get a shot away.
90' There's another injury problem for Leicester here, and it looks like Maddison is down holding his knee. He's quickly back to his feet after treatment though and will be able to carry on.
L. Thomas
Yellow Card
Leicester City
89' Thomas is trying to run the clock down by delaying the throw-in. After the jeers start in the crowd, the referee shows him a yellow card for time-wasting.
88' Leicester sloppily give the ball away again and Williams has acres of space down the right. He tries to curl an early cross into the box and Thomas sticks out a leg to block it.
86' Keita touches it out to Oxlade-Chamberlain down the left and he drives past two Leicester players to get into the box. He skips past another challenge but ends up overrunning it straight out of play.
84' Gomez tries to slide it through to Jota down the middle, but Ndidi makes another important interception. It looks like he's trying to set Iheanacho on the counter, but there's too much on the clearance and it goes all the way back to Kelleher.
82' GREAT SAVE! Milner is tripped, but he managed to touch it to Keita, so the advantage is played. He fires a shot on goal, but Jota is following it in through the middle and tries to help it on with his head. Schmeichel reacts brilliantly though to quickly push it wide.
O. Beck
K. Tsimikas
80' Final change for Liverpool now as Beck comes on in place of Tsimikas.
79' It's a brilliant throughball from Oxlade-Chamberlain to pick out Firmino, who does well to bring it under control with three Leicester players around him. He forces his way into the box before taking a loose touch which gives Schmeichel the chance to clear it.
78' Liverpool are keeping Leicester penned back in their own half here and Milner switches it out to Williams. He takes it around Thomas before trying to beat Schmeichel at his near post, but he fires his shot into the side netting.
76' CHANCE! Jota pushes his way into the box, and the ball pinballs away from him as he rides the challenges from the Leicester defenders. Ndidi manages to poke it away, but only to Oxlade-Chamberlain, who fires it over the bar.
J. Maddison
Yellow Card
Leicester City
74' Keita is away from Maddison, so he sticks his leg out behind him to trip the midfielder. The free-kick is given against him, and he sarcastically applauds the referee as he's shown a yellow card.
73' There's a late challenge from Konate on Albrighton and it's riled up both sets of players. Tielemans isn't happy that Liverpool didn't kick the ball out so the substitute could be given treatment, and the referee has to go over to have a word.
72' CHANCE! The corner is swung in for Liverpool and Tsimikas hits it first time on the volley, but it's blocked by Vestergaard. The left-back gets a second bite at it, only for Vestergaard to block it again and Leicester eventually clear their lines.
70' The home fans are urging their team upfield again as they search for an equaliser, and it's a brilliant switch of play out to Williams from Tsimikas. Thomas is giving him no time, but the right-back does well to earn a corner.
T. Minamino
68' Minamino didn't give up when the challenges came in from the Leicester players, and it paid off as the ball bounced kindly back to his feet.
Diogo Jota
68' JOTA SCORES! Liverpool have been pushing, and they've pulled another goal back! There's a mix-up between Ndidi and Albrighton and the ball bounces into Minamino's feet. He touches it through to Jota in the box, and he fires his shot across goal and Schmeichel can't keep it out on the stretch. 3-2!
66' Leicester don't clear their lines properly from a corner, and it comes out to Milner on the right. He tries to float a deep cross into the far post, but it's over everyone's heads.
64' Keita wins the ball back deep in his own half and is allowed to carry it a long way upfield. He has Firmino up ahead of him but he overhits the throughball, and his head drops into his hands as it rolls out for a goal-kick.
62' Tsimikas gets away from Albrighton on the left again and whips a good cross into the near post. Ndidi misses it and Jota glances it on behind him, but his header is always bouncing away from goal before Thomas clears his lines.
R. Bertrand
K. Dewsbury-Hall
Leicester City
60' And Dewsbury-Hall is also being taken off, with Bertrand on in his place.
J. Vestergaard
Ç. Söyüncü
Leicester City
60' Soyuncu isn't going to be able to carry on and is led off the field by the medical team. Vestergaard is on for him.
N. Keïta
J. Henderson
59' Liverpool are using this stoppage to make their fourth change. Henderson, who has just come back from illness, goes off, with Keita replacing him.
59' Soyuncu overstretched himself when blocking the shot from Firmino, and he's pulled up. The medical team are on to see him and Vestergaard is warming up in case he's needed.
57' BLOCK! Minamino makes another good run down the left and takes two Leicester defenders out of the game with his low cross. Firmino doesn't hit it first time, which gives Soyuncu the chance to slide in and block his effort.
K. Ịheanachọ
P. Daka
Leicester City
56' Second change for Leicester now, and it's Iheanacho that's coming on for Daka.
54' Williams' cross is blocked by Ndidi, but the clearance loops up to Minamino on the edge of the box. He brings it down before stepping away from Soyuncu to curl a shot on goal, but it's blocked by Thomas.
52' GOOD SAVE! Dewsbury-Hall trips when he tries to break, but Gomez can't latch onto the loose ball, and Ndidi picks out the midfielder again. He drives through Liverpool's half and cuts it back onto his right foot to take the shot, but Kelleher pushes it wide.
50' Leicester win a free-kick in midfield, and Maddison takes it quickly, drilling it forward for Daka to chase down the left of the box. He slips before he can bring it under control though and Williams sees it out of play.
48' Henderson threads it through for Jota on the right of the box, and he brilliantly spins away from Soyuncu before pulling it back into the middle. It's just behind Firmino, and Ndidi cuts it out ahead of Minamino.
46' Liverpool get us back underway for the second half!
J. Milner
T. Morton
46' And Morton is the other player taken off, with Milner on for him.
Diogo Jota
C. Bradley
46' Bradley is also making way, with Jota on to replace him.
I. Konaté
B. Koumetio
46' Liverpool are making a triple change at the start of the second half as they look to get back into this game. Koumetio is the first to go off, with Konate on in his place.
Rodgers will be pleased with how his side have played after missing two games, and they look in control of this game. Liverpool have still had some good chances though, and Klopp does have the option of Jota on the bench if he wants to add something different to his attack in the second half.
Leicester take a 3-1 lead over Liverpool into half-time. Daka had an early effort saved before Vardy drilled in the opener just nine minutes in. Just over three minutes later, he got his second as he slotted in from close range. Oxlade-Chamberlain pulled one back for Liverpool before Maddison restored the two-goal cushion with a brilliant finish and Vardy was denied a first-half hat-trick by a brilliant Kelleher save.
45' + 3' Williams fizzes a dangerous low cross through Thomas' legs and Minamino is hovering in the box for Liverpool. Ndidi reads it well and sticks out a leg to stop it from reaching the forward and Schmeichel scoops it up.
45' + 1' Into four added minutes at the end of the first half, and Albrighton floats a lovely cross in from the right. Daka has peeled away from his defender to try and reach it, but Kelleher comes out to intercept it.
44' Henderson switches it out to Minamino and he twists away from Tielemans to get away down the left. Albrighton is alert to it though and makes a good tackle to win it back for Leicester.
M. Albrighton
Ricardo Pereira
Leicester City
42' Pereira is led straight off the field, and Albrighton is brought on in his place.
41' Pereira has gone down again and it looks like he's still struggling after that tackle from Morton earlier in the game. The medical team are on to see him again, but it looks like his game is over.
40' Williams and Bradley are linking up well down the right for Liverpool, but they can't pick out a cross into the box. They both have a bite at it, but Leicester are crowding out their own box to keep the hosts out.
38' OFF THE POST! It's a poor touch from Gomez and Vardy pounces onto it. He's one-on-one with the keeper, who rushes off his line, but Vardy chips it over him. Kelleher got the slightest of touches on it though, and that takes it onto the inside of the post.
36' CHANCE! Leicester are almost caught out straight away, as Williams breezes past Thomas and he drags it back to Minamino on the right of the box. He had time to take a touch, but hit it first time, and blazes his effort high over the bar.
35' Pereira was down when the goal went in for the visitors and he's receiving treatment while his team-mates finish up their celebrations. It looks like a problem with his knee, but he's going to be able to carry on.
J. Maddison
Leicester City
33' WHAT A GOAL! It's Williams that's caught on the ball this time, and Dewsbury-Hall lays it off to Maddison. Oxlade-Chamberlain tries to tackle him, but the ball bounces straight back to the Leicester man. He has a quick glance up from outside the box and goes for power as he rifles it over Kelleher and into the roof of the net. 3-1 Leicester!
32' SAVE! Vardy gets the ball on the halfway line and he drives through the middle. He has Daka in support, but he's looking for a hat-trick as he weaves between the challenges. He overruns it in the end though, nudging Morton to ground to keep hold of it before his shot is blocked by Kelleher.
31' Tielemans goes long to Thomas down the left and he can only cushion it down for Daka with Bradley at his back. It's just out of the forward's reach on the stretch though, and Liverpool break on the counter.
29' Ndidi dawdles on the ball after Schmeichel plays it out to him and just manages to get it away from Minamino. He sells Soumare short, and he does have his pocket picked by Firmino. He slots in Minamino, but his shot is blocked by Soyuncu.
27' Nobody is putting any pressure on Koumetio and he slots a throughball straight through the middle to Minamino. He switches it out to Tsimikas on the left, but this time, his cross is blocked by Pereira.
25' SAVE! Vardy is trying to set up a goal this time as he spots Maddison's run down the left of the box. He forces him wide with the slightly overhit pass, but Maddison still gets a shot away. His effort takes a deflection, and it's held by Kelleher at the near post.
23' Pereira spins away from Tsimikas and tries to curl a low cross into Vardy's feet on the edge of the box. Koumetio is alert to the danger though and makes a good interception to stop him from getting through on goal again.
21' Minamino makes another great run down the left, but Ndidi is giving him no time on the ball when he gets into the final third. He goes to ground looking for a free-kick after his cross is blocked, but he only gets a corner.
Roberto Firmino
19' Firmino was being marked tightly by Ndidi, who was stopping him from getting a shot away, but he did well to poke it back to Oxlade-Chamberlain to set him up instead.
A. Oxlade-Chamberlain
19' OXLADE CHAMBERLAIN SCORES! It's brilliant work from Tsimikas down the left to hold off Pereira and loop a deep cross in. It's cushioned down for Williams, but Firmino can't find space for a shot. He touches it to Oxlade-Chamberlain on the edge of the box and he drills it past Schmeichel into the bottom corner. 2-1!
17' It looks like Leicester are in again here as Dewsbury-Hall plays another good throughball onto the edge of the box. Daka is chasing it down, but Kelleher is quickly out to touch it away from the forward.
15' Liverpool look rattled after the two quick goals, but they're trying to push upfield. They look to Oxlade-Chamberlain again, who does well to squeeze it through to Minamino, but he can't get a cross into the box.
P. Daka
Leicester City
13' Daka has so much space down the left and Bradley can't get close to him. It's a good, low cross into the middle for Vardy to latch onto.
J. Vardy
Leicester City
13' VARDY SCORES AGAIN! Just over three minutes after his first goal, he's doubled Leicester's lead. Dewsbury-Hall's pass opens up Liverpool's defence to pick out Daka, and he fizzes a low cross into the box. Vardy gets in between the two defenders this time and slots it past Kelleher from close range. 2-0 Leicester!
T. Morton
Yellow Card
11' Morton slides in late on Pereira, taking the right-back out and it earns him the first yellow card of the game.
11' Maddison steps up to take the free-kick on the right for Leicester and he's looking for Vardy through the middle. It's just over his head though and Kelleher rushes off his line to collect it.
J. Maddison
Leicester City
9' It was clever play from Maddison as he got his head up before the ball came to him, and played it into Vardy first time.
J. Vardy
Leicester City
9' VARDY SCORES! Oxlade-Chamberlain loses the ball in midfield and Leicester are quick to work it between the lines. Maddison squares it into Vardy on the right of the box, and he gets a yard on Koumetio. He drills his low shot across goal, and it sneaks under Kelleher's hand into the bottom corner. 1-0 Leicester!
7' There's a couple of sloppy passes from Leicester inside their own half and Tsimikas benefits from one. He whips an early cross into the box, that has Schmeichel scrambling back towards his line, but it bounces wide of the far post.
5' GOOD SAVE! It's a loose pass from Gomez and Soumare intercepts it before Dewsbury-Hall fizzes it forward for Daka. He drives into the box before taking on the shot from a tight angle, but Kelleher smothers it at his near post.
4' Liverpool break quickly on the counter, with Firmino touching it out to Minamino on the left. He drives forward before trying to squeeze it onto the penalty spot for the Brazilian, but it's well cut out by Soyuncu.
2' Tielemans has his pocket picked by Minamino and Oxlade-Chamberlain switches play out to the right. Bradley tries to lift it over the top for Williams to chase, but it's shielded out for a goal-kick by Ndidi.
1' Vardy gets the game underway for Leicester!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Leicester are winless in their last 10 EFL Cup ties against fellow Premier League sides (D8 L2), though five of those eight draws resulted in the Foxes progressing via a penalty shootout.
Brendan Rodgers makes just three changes to the side that beat Newcastle in their last match 10 days ago. Vardy is back to lead the line, with Soumare and Pereira also coming in. They're boosted by the return of Iheanacho, Vestergaard, Perez and Lookman on the bench, but Timothy Castagne, Harvey Barnes and Jonny Evans are all missing.
Jurgen Klopp rings in the changes, making 10 from their draw with Spurs on Sunday as only Morton retains his place. Koumetio makes his debut, partnering Gomez in defence. Milner, Jota, Keita and Konate are all amongst the substitutes. Andy Robertson is suspended after his red card in that game, while other key names are being rested today.
LEICESTER CITY SUBS: Kelechi Iheanacho, Ben Nelson, Ryan Bertrand, Jakub Stolarczyk, Ademola Lookman, Jannik Vestergaard, Marc Albrighton, Nampalys Mendy, Ayoze Perez.
LEICESTER CITY STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Kasper Schmeichel; Ricardo Pereira, Caglar Soyuncu, Boubakary Soumare, Luke Thomas; Youri Tielemans, Wilfred Ndidi; James Maddison, Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall, Patson Daka; Jamie Vardy.
LIVERPOOL SUBS: Owen Beck, Marcelo, Max Woltman, Kaide Gordon, James Milner, Naby Keita, Ibrahima Konate, Jarell Quansah, Diogo Jota.
LIVERPOOL STARTING XI (4-3-3): Caoimhin Kelleher; Conor Bradley, Joe Gomez, Billy Koumetio, Kostantinos Tsimikas; Jordan Henderson, Tyler Morton, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain; Takumi Minamino, Roberto Firmino, Neco Williams.
It's the first of two meetings between these sides in the space of a week, with the first offering the chance of a semi-final place for the winner. Liverpool beat Preston North End 2-0 to reach this round and are currently on a nine-match unbeaten run in all competitions, with their draw against Tottenham last time out ending a run of eight straight wins. As for Leicester, it took penalties for them to see off Brighton and Hove Albion in the last 16. Their last two matches have been postponed due to a Covid-19 outbreak in the squad; they'd won just one of their previous four before that (D1 L2), though that win was in their last outing against Newcastle United.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the EFL Cup quarter-final between Liverpool and Leicester City at Anfield!