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120' + 1'
Marcos Llorente
2 - 3
105' + 1'
Marcos Llorente
2 - 2
Marcos Llorente
João Félix
2 - 1
Roberto Firmino
2 - 0
G. Wijnaldum
A. Oxlade-Chamberlain
1 - 0

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71% 28%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 11 6
Total Passes 854 363
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Thanks for joining us for this gripping second leg, where Atleti have progressed at Anfield. Until next time, goodbye!
Liverpool are set to claim a record-breaking Premier League title triumph. Atleti are struggling to qualify for next season's Champions League. But it is the Spanish side who will be in the last-eight draw.
Liverpool's reign as European champions is over. They could scarcely afford to concede at Anfield but, with Adrian enduring an awful outing, Atleti scored three. The Reds had the first two goals of the evening, through Wijnaldum and then, in extra-time, Firmino. But Llorente hit twice and then teed up Morata, with Adrian questionable on at least two of the goals.
120' + 3' FULL-TIME: Liverpool 2-3 Atletico Madrid (AET, 2-4 agg)
Marcos Llorente
120' + 1' Llorente, after two goals, has an assist, returning the favour to Morata, sending the striker clear of Gomez.
120' + 1' GOOAAALLLL!!! MORATA! 3-2 Atleti! 4-2 on aggregate! That's the tie! And it is awful from Adrian once again. Morata races through and shoots straight through the goalkeeper. Anfield is in song, but the European champions are out.
120' There will be a minimum of two minutes of added time.
Yellow Card
120' YELLOW: Atleti lose the ball, and Partey concedes a foul. Saul kicks the ball away and accepts a booking.
Yellow Card
119' YELLOW: Morata reacts angrily and goes nose to nose with Alexander-Arnold, which is enough for a booking, too.
T. Alexander-Arnold
Yellow Card
119' YELLOW: Alexander-Arnold is clearly incredibly frustrated. He barges Morata to the ground by the corner flag in front of the Atleti fans.
118' Liverpool do not look capable of rescuing this tie. Alexander-Arnold gives up a cheap throw-in in his own half, and Morata then wins a corner. The striker celebrates wildly in front of the Atleti fans.
117' Milner lets Atleti off with a needless foul. Liverpool work the ball well to the right for Minamino to cross, but Vrsaljko gets up to meet Van Dijk in the air. The ball loops up and Oblak is struggling, but Milner challenges his leap, giving Atleti a free-kick inside the six-yard box.
115' Mane overcomes a challenge from Lodi and cuts inside, looking to curl a shot into the top-left corner. Oblak can watch that one wide, though. It is very flat at Anfield. Liverpool still need two goals.
T. Minamino
Roberto Firmino
113' SUB: Firmino thought he might have won this tie, but now he is off for Minamino as Liverpool chase the game.
112' Wide! Really wasteful from Origi! Liverpool are patient on the edge of the area, but then the substitute, with no sight of goal, blasts a long way wide. Atleti get a breather.
110' Really disappointing from Alexander-Arnold. Partey concedes a corner from Gomez's long throw, but the set-piece swings out of play before arriving in the middle. Oblak does well to save Mane's back-post header, but it is a goal-kick regardless.
109' Mane is muscled off the ball in the area, but there is no foul. Atleti simply clear and prepare for the next attack, and Salah is challenged.
108' It looks like Gomez might be left to defend on his own as Liverpool throw every available body forward. Firmino wins a corner, but Vrsaljko heads away.
107' Atleti are camped in their own box. Mane sends in a low ball that Oblak parries away, and Atleti clear.
106' KICK-OFF: Firmino takes the kick-off as Liverpool prepare for an ambush on the Atleti goal.
J. Giménez
Á. Correa
106' SUB: Atleti will back themselves to see this out. Gimenez is on for Correa as another defensive option.
D. Origi
G. Wijnaldum
106' SUB: It is a double Liverpool change, with Origi - last year's Champions League hero - on for Wijnaldum.
J. Henderson
106' SUB: Henderson was returning from injury. He is off for Fabinho.
What a remarkable 15 minutes of football. Firmino had Liverpool in front in the tie for the very first time, only for Llorente to then score twice and give Liverpool a mountain to climb. They need two more goals, without conceding, in the next 15 minutes.
105' + 3' EXTRA-TIME HALF-TIME: Liverpool 2-2 Atletico Madrid (2-3 agg)
105' + 1' Morata did not look to be going anywhere, but Llorente's run gave him an option, and the powerful finish beat Adrian low to his left. Simeone is on the pitch celebrating.
Marcos Llorente
105' + 1' GOOAAALLLL!!! LLORENTE AGAIN! It's 2-2 and Atleti lead 3-2 on aggregate! Liverpool are on the ropes! Atleti break in the final moments of the first half of extra-time. Llorente makes a good run to take a square pass from Morata, jinks inside of Henderson and gets the shot off under pressure from Milner. It flies into the bottom-right corner.
105' There are two minutes of added time at the end of this first additional period.
João Félix
103' SUB: Morata is coming on for Atleti, perhaps to provide an outlet up front. Joao Felix makes way, having provided a crucial assist.
101' Oblak jumps for an Alexander-Arnold free-kick but lets the ball go. The ball deceives everyone and, after a corner is initially awarded, the referee gives a goal-kick.
100' There were 167 seconds between Firmino's goal and Llorente's reply. It was Firmino's first Anfield goal since netting against Porto in April 2019 - 337 days ago.
99' Atleti have something to defend again! We will not have penalties now. Henderson crosses, and the ball drops for Salah. He blazes over.
98' It is a tale of two goalkeepers, and Anfield is hushed. Oblak has been brilliant. Adrian has hardly had a thing to do, but his error has Atleti on course for the last eight.
João Félix
97' It is so clinical from Atleti. Joao Felix did not rush in possession when Adrian presented him the ball 40 yards from goal, but he quickly found Llorente.
Marcos Llorente
97' GOOAAALLLL!!! LLORENTE! Atleti are back in control! It's 2-1 to Liverpool but 2-2 on aggregate! The visitors have scarcely threatened, but awful goalkeeping from Adrian allows them a swift response! Adrian hacks a clearance straight to Joao Felix, who feeds Llorente. A low shot beats the goalkeeper, who does not appear to dive properly. He slips. It is a strange, strange goal.
95' That goal is so harsh on Oblak. He has been sublime, but he was left stranded on the ground from the initial header as Firmino scored. Anfield rises to chant the name of Liverpool's number nine.
Roberto Firmino
94' GOOAAALLLL!!! FIRMINO! 2-0 Liverpool! 2-1 on aggregate! His first goal at Anfield all season! Wijnaldum scored the first and creates the second. He bursts down the right and crosses for Firmino, whose header bounces back out off the post. The striker's luck is in, though, and the ball falls for him to tap in.
92' SAVE! It's Oblak again! Alexander-Arnold slips in Wijnaldum, who shoots hard and low but finds the goalkeeper in his path. Wijnaldum gathers the rebound and dinks in a cute cross, but Firmino mistimes the header and the ball bounces beyond Mane.
91' Correa leads an early Atleti charge, attempting to trade passes with Joao Felix, and goes down just inside the area. No foul, though.
91' KICK-OFF: Joao Felix gets this additional period started!
Š. Vrsaljko
K. Trippier
91' SUB: Trippier, who has been really good up against Mane and Robertson, makes way for Vrsaljko.
Liverpool were warned by that offside Saul goal. Having dominated the match but scored only once, through Wijnaldum before half-time, Alexander-Arnold's foul nearly cost them the tie. The Reds must now score in extra-time to avoid penalties, knowing an Atleti away goal would leave them needing two.
90' + 3' FULL-TIME: Liverpool 1-0 Atletico Madrid (1-1 agg) - extra-time to come
90' + 3' OFFSIDE! Remarkable! What a finish to the match! Alexander-Arnold concedes a really needless free-kick, giving Atleti a chance to win this at the last. Lodi delivers, and Saul heads into the top-left corner. The Atleti coaching staff pour onto the pitch, but Saul is blatantly offside. The flag is straight up. He should not have been caught. Liverpool survive.
90' + 1' SAVE! A fairly comfortable one for Oblak, but this is a chance for Salah! Liverpool throw in cross after cross, before their talisman can shoot on his favoured left. He does not quite catch it, though, and the goalkeeper holds on.
90' There will be a minimum of two minutes added time. We look to be heading for extra-time.
88' OVER AGAIN! It's another Mane overhead kick! He controls from Van Dijk's knockdown and goes for the spectacular, but once again the ball flies over the top.
88' It is all Liverpool in the closing stages. Alexander-Arnold has a free shot at goal, but Saul blocks. He intercepts again when the same man attempts to cross, giving up a corner.
87' SO CLOSE! Dazzling from Salah! He beats Koke, then Lodi and then Saul on the right. Moving further and further inside, the winger lashes at his finish and misses the top-left corner. Big chance.
86' Since the start of 2017-18, Milner has provided 11 assists in the Champions League. Only Kylian Mbappe (12) has more in this period.
85' OVER! Mane with the bicycle kick! Milner gets in down the left and picks out Wijnaldum, who cannot time his header. The ball instead loops up for Mane, in the middle of the area, but he cannot keep a spectacular volley down.
84' Uncertain from Oblak! He flaps at Wijnaldum's cross-cum-shot from the right, and Liverpool keep pushing.
83' Milner is straight into the action, flying into a 50-50 challenge after Robertson's cross is blocked on the left. He succeeds only in conceding a goal-kick, though.
J. Milner
A. Oxlade-Chamberlain
82' SUB: An interesting change. Oxlade-Chamberlain has been very good, but Klopp calls on the experience of Milner in his place.
81' OVER! Robertson still cannot hit the target! Liverpool work a set-piece on the right really well, and Alexander-Arnold tees up his fellow full-back from 20 yards. The shot is powerful but drifts high and wide.
81' Felipe clears! Trippier miscontrols on halfway, and Mane breaks. A lovely sweeping pass finds Salah, but he cannot control first time, and Felipe gets in to hack clear.
79' The visitors move the ball down the right through Trippier and then Llorente. Joao Felix cannot pick out Correa in the centre, and Saul instead thunders a left-footed volley well wide as the ball sits up.
77' Atleti are just trying to play a little where possible. If they score one, Liverpool will need two.
75' Atleti have Liverpool under pressure for once, working the ball really well in the left corner. But a pass towards Correa runs for Gomez, who is then fouled in the area. Liverpool recover with a free-kick.
73' Atleti cannot get out, but Correa chases after Van Dijk as he recycles possession. The Atleti man fouls his opponent, prompting an angry response, but there is nothing more than a free-kick given on halfway.
72' Oxlade-Chamberlain has been Liverpool's best performer so far. He wins a corner from Lodi, but Alexander-Arnold's delivery is uncharacteristically poor. Robertson finally returns the ball to the box, yet Oblak can collect Van Dijk's header under no pressure.
70' Simeone is urging Atleti to calm down and slow the game, as it has been a little chaotic at the back in recent minutes. They win a free-kick to relieve a little pressure.
69' SAVE! BLOCK! Liverpool are turning up the heat again! Alexander-Arnold thunders in a shot from 25 yards, and Oblak only parries as far as Robertson. But the left-back again cannot score, as Trippier blocks brilliantly.
68' Oblak has been superb, but he almost gifts Liverpool one, making a mess of a left-wing corner. He is grateful to see the ball drop safely on the toe of Koke just past the post.
66' CROSSBAR! Agonisingly close from Robertson! Partey brilliantly carries the ball 40 yards up the field after a scramble on the edge of the Atleti area, only to loose out to Henderson. Liverpool break, and Salah gets in on the right. He tricks his way past Lodi, but a low shot is deflected, looping up beyond Oblak. Robertson is arriving and heads against the crossbar with the goal gaping!
64' Henderson has looked a couple of times towards Robertson on the left flank, fancying him against Trippier. The ball is good on this occasion, but Robertson clearly pushes his opponent, giving away a free-kick. This could start to get nervy.
62' Great strike! Saul goes for goal from 60 yards, with Adrian off his line, but the ball drops wide. It had the distance, and Adrian might have been scrambling had Saul hit the target.
60' SAVE! JUST! A rare Atleti opening almost prompts a precious away goal. Joao Felix shoots low on the break, and Adrian makes a meal of it, spilling the ball at Correa's feet. The goalkeeper at least reacts well to smother as Correa looks set to score. Big chance.
59' SAVE! Oblak once more! He has been brilliant! Alexander-Arnold sweeps in a right-wing free-kick to the back post, and Firmino does not make a clean contact. The ball is moving goalwards, though, and Oblak blocks.
58' This result would take the match to penalties, but Atleti look happy to sit in and protect this scoreline for a spell. Salah twice fails to get in down the Liverpool right.
56' As Anfield delights in mocking Costa, Atleti attack. But Joao Felix shoots straight at Oblak from distance, a tame effort easily held.
Marcos Llorente
Diego Costa
56' SUB: A defensive change as Atleti look to gain a foothold in this match. Costa is furious that he is the man to make way, with Llorente on.
55' Correa concedes a free-kick on the Liverpool left, and Robertson delivers. Oblak flaps at the ball, but Koke clears.
54' SAVE! Oblak comes to Atleti's rescue once more! Oxlade-Chamberlain has peppered shots at goal, and his latest effort is hard and low from 25 yards. The goalkeeper stoops to turn the ball away.
52' Good effort! Salah feeds Oxlade-Chamberlain in the area, but he fires high across the face of goal. It is good play, and Liverpool are staying patient, waiting for their opportunity to push the ball into the box.
50' Salah does really well to hold off Lodi and then beat Koke on the right, but Firmino does not read the disguised pass into the area. Liverpool keep moving, and Mane appears to have a huge chance on the left. His volley is saved by Oblak, though, and the offside flag goes up.
48' SAVE! Selfish from Salah! Wijnaldum frees the winger with a lovely pass in behind. But Salah goes alone, with options in the middle, and shoots straight at Oblak.
47' Alexander-Arnold created three chances for his team-mates in the first half, the most of any player in this game.
46' KICK-OFF: Salah gets the second half under way!
Four of Wijnaldum's five Champions League goals have come in the knockout rounds of the competition, with three of them headers.
For a long time, that was a very frustrating half for Liverpool. Given a scare by Costa inside a matter of seconds, they worked Oblak with some regularity thereafter but looked set to go into half-time goalless. Then Wijnaldum popped up, as he so often does, and the tie is all square.
45' + 2' HALF-TIME: Liverpool 1-0 Atletico Madrid (1-1 agg)
45' + 1' Mane wins a corner from Partey, but Wijnaldum cannot control Alexander-Arnold's deep delivery at the far post.
45' + 1' There will be a minimum of one minute added time at the end of the first half.
45' Determined to protect parity in the tie heading into half-time, Liverpool get everyone back to defend a Trippier long throw. Henderson wins a free-kick.
A. Oxlade-Chamberlain
43' It is a lovely Oxlade-Chamberlain cross that finds Wijnaldum unmarked, but there is still a lot to do to beat Oblak. Great goal.
G. Wijnaldum
43' GOOAAALLLL!!! WIJNALDUM! 1-0 Liverpool! 1-1 on aggregate! It's him again! And what a time to score. The midfielder sends a powerful header down and beyond Oblak from just in front of the penalty spot. What a lift for the hosts!
42' Mane cannot benefit from an initial poor Trippier touch, but then steals the ball back from his opponent. Oxlade-Chamberlain collects a square pass but curls comfortably wide from 25 yards.
41' A big cheer goes up as Alexander-Arnold clatters Joao Felix with a hard but fair challenge. The defender leaps to his feet to shout at the felled striker afterwards, too.
39' Salah twists and turns in the area, but Savic prods behind for a corner. Atleti are made to work hard in front of their own goal from the set-piece, defending Alexander-Arnold's delivery, then Henderson's looping cross and then another bouncing ball. Felipe and Savic, in particular, are standing tall.
38' Liverpool win a corner on the left, but Oblak punches initially, and then Atleti head clear. Robertson is beaten in the challenge by Correa, who then gets to the ball ahead of Henderson, too. The Liverpool captain brings down Correa, but there is no card to the frustration of the visiting coaching staff.
36' SAVE! Oblak again! Firmino looks certain to score! Alexander-Arnold crosses towards goal, and Firmino appears to get the slightest touch on the ball inside the six-yard box. Oblak is alert, though, parrying away.
35' Liverpool are unbeaten in their last 25 home games in European competition (including qualifiers), winning 18 and drawing seven. A stalemate will not be enough here, though.
34' SAVE! Oblak spills... but gathers the loose ball! Alexander-Arnold gets Liverpool back on the attack with a glorious long ball to Salah, who follows up a fine touch with a show of strength against Lodi. His square pass tees up Mane from 20 yards, but the shot is straight at Oblak. Firmino cannot react to the rebound.
33' Atleti were dangerous from an earlier corner, but Robertson heads clear this time after Van Dijk had knocked the ball behind. Atleti keep the attack going, however, with Liverpool forced back in their own half.
31' Twice in quick succession Correa looks very bright picking up the ball on the right. Atleti beat the Liverpool press, but Correa cannot find Joao Felix in the centre.
30' Costa is fulfilling his role so far. The forward very deliberately fouls Wijnaldum, then hugs both the felled midfielder and Mane by way of a fairly insincere apology.
28' Liverpool are being frustrated at the moment. Forever probing, there is no route through a sturdy Atleti defence. Trippier is doing a good job keeping Mane in check.
26' More Liverpool pressure! Salah wins a corner, and Alexander-Arnold sends it in. Felipe clears the first effort, but the second reaches Van Dijk at the far post. The defender nods across the face of goal, and Atleti clear for another corner. The set-piece is high over Van Dijk's head this time, though.
25' There is no outlet for Atleti at the moment. Firmino cannot control in the box, allowing the visitors to clear, but the ball is quickly coming back.
23' Costa is perhaps fortunate to avoid a booking. He throws the ball away as Adrian goes to take a Liverpool free-kick.
21' Liverpool want a penalty again! Van Dijk challenges for a cross and wins a corner. Robertson delivers once more, and Mane goes up. The ball bounces off an Atleti head onto Felipe's unwitting arm at close range, but there is no penalty given. Atleti are then unhappy with an Alexander-Arnold challenge. No card.
20' Mane goes in behind on the left and wins a corner. Robertson delivers, Firmino flicks a header on, and Partey blocks. Liverpool want a penalty for handball, but the referee is not interested.
18' CHANCE! Atleti put bodies in front of Adrian from a left-wing corner, and it almost pays off. The ball is fizzed in, with Felipe first to it just past the near post. He cannot direct his header on target, but Adrian would not have been able to get there.
17' Balls in behind are causing Liverpool some problems still. Van Dijk only belatedly spots Correa's run and is forced to concede a corner.
16' Oblak has conceded just 37 goals in his first 49 Champions League appearances. The record for the fewest goals conceded by a goalkeeper in his first 50 appearances is held by Dida (35), followed by Victor Valdes (38).
15' All of a sudden, Atleti are now very deep. Even Costa and Joao Felix are within 30 yards of their own goal.
14' SAVE! Big stop from Oblak! Mane's cross is cleared to Alexander-Arnold, whose hurried pass to Oxlade-Chamberlain is controlled well. The midfielder hammers in a low drive, but Oblak is down to save. Robertson centres again on the rebound, yet Atleti clear.
13' Atleti are not just sitting in at this stage. They are pressing high, looking to push Liverpool back.
11' Wijnaldum got two against Barcelona last season, and he is getting in the box at every opportunity. He cannot reach an Oxlade-Chamberlain cross, but the ball breaks to Henderson, who drags well wide from 20 yards.
10' Over the top! Mane does wonderfully to recover the ball after a slack Robertson pass, driving forwards and finding Salah. The winger cuts inside and shoots over. Oblak was not troubled.
9' Almost! Atleti go short with their set-piece to Partey, who picks out Trippier's late run towards the far post. The England international reaches the ball but can only volley his cross behind for a goal-kick.
8' Atleti manage to keep the ball for a spell to slow the pace of the game down, and then Gomez fouls Joao Felix on halfway. The visitors will know the importance of keeping this game tight early on.
6' Great work from Oxlade-Chamberlain! He beats both Partey and Lodi for pace, before a cross is blocked. Liverpool are well on top after that 15-second scare.
5' SAVE! It's straight at Oblak, but this is a great effort from Wijnaldum! In windy conditions, the midfielder meets Alexander-Arnold's cross with a header that flies goalwards. Oblak gathers well.
4' There is an early onslaught down the Liverpool left, with Wijnaldum almost getting in on a couple of occasions. He is offside as he collects a header from Robertson in the area, though.
2' Salah's first involvement sees a right-wing cross headed clear, and there are cheers of encouragement as Atleti can only knock the ball out of play, giving the ball back to Liverpool.
1' CLOSE! Atleti almost lead inside 15 seconds! Joao Felix plays a lovely pass between Gomez and Van Dijk, and Costa is onside. His shot is just wide of the right-hand post, but that is a very, very early warning.
1' KICK-OFF: Joao Felix gets us started to huge jeers from the home fans!
Klopp is yet to lose an Anfield Champions League game with Liverpool (W11 D4), last tasting defeat in a home match in the competition as Borussia Dortmund coach in 2014-15 (0-3 v Juventus).
Captain Henderson is back from injury for Liverpool. His return comes as a huge boost in an attacking line-up, with Fabinho starting on the bench. Adrian fills in for the injured Alisson in goal. Atleti's attacking options are improved from the first leg, meanwhile, as Joao Felix returns.
Subs: Antonio Adan, Jose Gimenez, Alvaro Morata, Thomas Lemar, Marcos Llorente, Yannick Carrasco, Sime Vrsaljko.
Atletico Madrid (4-4-2): Jan Oblak; Kieran Trippier, Stefan Savic, Felipe, Renan Lodi; Angel Correa, Saul Niguez, Thomas Partey, Koke; Diego Costa, Joao Felix.
Subs: Andy Lonergan, Fabinho, James Milner, Takumi Minamino, Adam Lallana, Divock Origi, Joel Matip.
Liverpool (4-3-3): Adrian; Trent Alexander-Arnold, Joe Gomez, Virgil van Dijk, Andy Robertson; Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Jordan Henderson, Georginio Wijnaldum; Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mane.
Let's get the team news from Anfield...
But the Reds have shown in recent seasons they are more than capable of delivering big European results on Merseyside. Their previous two-legged knockout tie saw Liverpool beaten in Spain, losing 3-0 to Barcelona, before recovering in spectacular fashion.
Holders Liverpool are set to clinch the Premier League title in the coming weeks, but Jurgen Klopp's men have work to do to defend their European crown. Saul Niguez scored early in Madrid, and Atleti held on for a 1-0 win. An away goal at Anfield today would cause Liverpool real problems.
Hello and welcome to our live text commentary of the Champions League last-16 second leg between Liverpool and Atletico Madrid!