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D. Kim
Yellow Card
Yellow Card
J. Macuace
Yellow Card
A. Stamatelopoulos
Yellow Card
C. Goodwin
0 - 1

Match Stats

53% 47%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 2 1
Total Passes 331 302
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FULL TIME - Adelaide United have made it into the round of eight in the FFA CUP, after a 1-0 win over the Lions, thanks to a 32nd minute goal from Goodwin, which sealed the Lions fate.
90' + 4' CHANCE! Brindall-South is in the box, all by himself. He attempts to head it for goal and it is wide of the mark.
90' + 2' Isaias goes down behind play. It is very suspicious as nobody was near him. He is fine to continue.
90' We have three minutes of stoppage time to be added onto the clock.
D. Kim
Yellow Card
89' Yellow card Danny Kim
89' The Reds are looking to slow the pace of the game, happy to hold their current advantage.
87' Something needs to happens for the Lions and it needs to happen quickly.
85' The Lions are hoping the three changes will inject some fresh leg speed into the game.
B. Halloran
M. Boland
83' SUBSTITUTION REDS - The Reds make their second change of the night as Mirko Boland is off and Benjamin Halloran is on.
C. Maher
J. Macuace
83' SUBSTITUTION LIONS - Make that a triple say the Lions, with Jheison Macuace's night done and he is replaced by Chris Maher, in an all or nothing move by the Lions.
C. Glockner
A. Thompson
83' SUBSTITUTION LIONS - The Lions make it a double change with Andrew Thompson off and Carter Glockner on.
N. Reardon
J. Solórzano
82' SUBSTITUTION LIONS - The Lions make their first change of the match, as Jean Carlos Solórzano makes way for Nathan Reardon.
81' In the event the Lions score a goal in the last 10 minutes, we will go to extra time.
79' The Reds have a long way to go before the A-League season starts. They need to find some improvement.
77' Time is starting to be a factor that is playing against the Lions, if they wanted to score two goals to avoid extra time.
75' Solorzano is starting to make his presence felt around the ground.
73' The Lions have been running all over the Reds, but luck has not been on their side.
71' Shepherd has the ball on the edge of the box, after Brindall-South brought the ball in, but Galloway is able to block the shot on goal.
70' Shepherd turns around Boland like he wasn't there and he blasts the ball across the face of goal.
68' Once again the Lions press forward. How long can the Reds defence keep denying them?
66' The Lions have been impressive in the last few minutes. It is only their inaccuracy on goal that is keeping them out of the contest.
64' Maucauce with a brilliant header on goal which has Izzo beaten, but it bounces away from goal.
K. Ilsø
A. Stamatelopoulos
62' SUBSTITUTION REDS - The Reds make their first change of the match with Apostolos Stamatelopoulos making way for Ken Ilsø Larsen.
61' With just under 30 minutes of regular time left in the game, the Reds are still in the box seat, but the Lions are coming at them.
59' Carlos with the strike on goal and he hits the crossbar. The Lions attackers attempt to capitalise, but it just doesn't go their way.
Yellow Card
57' YELLOW CARD REDS - Isaías brings down Shepherd with intent. He is awarded a yellow card by the referee, as Isaias goes back to argue with the referee.
55' The Lions must look to their bench and refresh their personnel, as they are second to the ball in this half.
53' Goodwin with a link up ball to Boland, but he is unable to finish it.
51' The Reds have spent most of their time inside their attacking half in this second half.
J. Macuace
Yellow Card
49' YELLOW CARD LIONS - Macuace crashes into Isaias late and the referee is having none of that, pulling out a yellow card.
A. Stamatelopoulos
Yellow Card
47' YELLOW CARD REDS - Stamatelopoulos upends Borean and the ref instantly awards a yellow card.
46' SECOND HALF - The Reds kick off and we are back under way for the second half.
HALF TIME - The referee sounds the whistle and the Reds take a 1-0 lead into the main break, thanks to Goodwin swooping on an error from Brindell-South in the 32nd minute mark.
45' + 3' The Reds will be happy to go into the half time break holding a 1-0 lead, after the Lions pretty much dominated the game.
45' + 1' We have four minutes of additional time to play in the first half.
A. Thompson
Yellow Card
44' YELLOW CARD LIONS - Thompson goes into the ref's book after a crude challenge.
42' The game has slowed down a little as fatigue is starting to become an issue for both teams.
40' Simic knocks Marrone flat to the ground after a shoulder charge. Talk about making a statement?
38' The Lions are trying to find a way to put the pressure on the Reds but are starting to make some errors around the ground.
36' The Reds have the momentum as they are starting to retain more possession around the ground.
34' Izzo has remained on the ground. He appears to be suffering a bout of dizziness, caused by the lights at the ground.
C. Goodwin
32' GOAL REDS -  Brindell-South with a bad miskick, as he fails to clear it from inside the box, allowing Goodwin to swoop in and tap it into the back of the net. The Reds lead the Lions 1-0.
30' Richards is warming up on the sideline. He may well be getting his opportunity in the big time.
28' Play has been held up as Izzo is being spoken to by the trainer, for a possible concussion.
26' Simic takes the set piece, but he is unable to make the most of his opportunity.
M. Jakobsen
Yellow Card
25' YELLOW CARD REDS - Jakobsen with a late tackle and the ref steps up to him and awards the yellow card and the Lions now have a set piece in a very dangerous situation.
24' The Reds defence continue to be tested to the limit.
22' Maucuace is onside and he looks to turn and shoot, but Galloway was able to get in his way.
20' The way the Lions are playing, it may only be moments before they find the back of the net.
18' The Reds do not have happy memories playing at Perry Park, being eliminated from the FFA Cup last time they played here.
16' The Reds need to find a way back into the contest. There is no damage done as yet, with the scores still level at 0-0.
14' Adelaide have lost a couple of quality players in their squad, which will be interesting to see how they go this season.
12' The midfield battle is being won by the young Lions midfielders, which is not a positive sign for the experienced Adelaide United team.
10' Great ball into the box by Shepherd, but Carlos is one step off the pace and is unable to connect with the ball to tap it into the back of the net.
8' The Lions continue to push forward, as former A-League player Solorzano is starting to get into the game.
6' The Reds have some work to do, as they are second to the ball tonight.
4' The Lions are showing a clean pair of heels at the moment. Could we be witnessing another upset?
2' Awful marking by the Reds, which allowed Maucace through, but he is unable to make the most of his opportunity.
1' FIRST HALF - The Lions kick off and we are under way.
TEAMS - ADELAIDE UNITED (4-3-3) STARTING XI - Izzo (GK); Marrone, Elsey, Jakobsen, Galloway; Boland, Isaias, Lia; Kitto, Stamatelopoulos, Goodwin. SUBS - Richards (GK), Larsen, Halloran, D'Arrigo, Wilson. 
TEAMS - LIONS FC (4-3-3) STARTING XI - Borean (GK); Thompson, Jarrard, Simic, Brindell-South; Carlos, Kim, Hore; Macuace, Solorzano, Shepherd. SUBS - Cuminao (GK), Reardon, Cosgrove, Maher, Glockner. 
The Reds are used to their name in lights, being an A-League club, who only won the A-League less than two years ago. Adelaide United are looking to use the FFA Cup as a platform to return to their winning form, after a disastrous 2017/18 season.
The Lions are a National Premier League club in Queensland, who are hoping to keep the fairytale alive, in their FFA Cup journey.
Welcome to Perry Park for the FFA Cup Round of 16 match between the Queensland Lions FC and Adelaide United.
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