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90' + 2'
A. Belotti
G. Di Lorenzo
0 - 5
S. El Shaarawy
B. Cristante
0 - 4
A. Romagnoli
S. El Shaarawy
0 - 3
A. Belotti
V. Grifo
0 - 2
F. Bernardeschi
C. Biraghi
0 - 1

Match Stats

20% 79%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 11
Total Passes 213 863
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Italy ITA Italy 10 10 0 0 37 4 +33 30 W W W W W
2 Finland FIN Finland 10 6 0 4 16 10 +6 18 L W W L L
3 Greece GRE Greece 10 4 2 4 12 14 -2 14 W W W L D
4 Bosnia-Herzegovina BIH Bosnia-Herzegovina 10 4 1 5 20 17 +3 13 W L L W L
5 Armenia ARM Armenia 10 3 1 6 14 25 -11 10 L L L D W
6 Liechtenstein LIE Liechtenstein 10 0 2 8 2 31 -29 2 L L L D D


Final Tournament


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Liechtenstein travel to face Finland, second in the group, while Italy play Bosnia and Herzegovina as they look to see out their 100% record in qualifying.
There goes the full-time whistle! Italy are confirmed as Group J winners following their win over Liechtenstein, who battled admirably after going 1-0 down early on to Bernardeschi's strike, but eventually collapsed when Belotti nodded a corner in 20 minutes from time. Romagnoli then headed home powerfully and substitute El Shaarawy flicked in a fourth, before Belotti's diving header capped things off in stoppage time. It finishes 5-0 to Italy! 
G. Di Lorenzo
90' + 2' Di Lorenzo got a little lucky with a deflection as he tried to beat his man, but was given far too much time to pick out Belotti with a cross from inside the box.
A. Belotti
90' + 2' GOAL!! This has turned into a rout! It's far too easy for Di Lorenzo to beat his man and line up a cross into Belotti, who dives in to head home from very close range! It's now 5-0 to Italy!
90' Romagnoli pings a lovely cross-field ball for Di Lorenzo to attack, but he can't steer it goalwards or back across the box and it goes behind off him for a goal-kick.
L. Bonucci
C. Biraghi
88' Left-back Biraghi is now replaced by a centre-back in Bonucci, meaining the left-footed Romagnoli goes out wide to fill in for the final few minutes.
86' SAVE! Grifo feints to make a yard on the right and crosses into an unmarked El Shaarawy in the middle. The winger takes a touch and volleys at goal, but Benjamin Buchel reacts well to hold on!
S. Tonali
Yellow Card
84' Tonali goes in rashly on Hasler and picks up a yellow card for his troubles.
S. Wolfinger
S. Yildiz
83' Winger Yildiz makes way for Wolfinger in Liechtenstein's third and final change.
B. Cristante
82' Cristante could see his team-mate was onside and fizzed an excellent low ball to him. All the winger had to do was pick his spot.
S. El Shaarawy
82' GOAL!! El Shaarawy adds another! The substitute is being played onside by a defender who has failed to step up with the line and simply flicks the ball past the goalkeeper from close range following a low cross from Cristante. It's 4-0 to Italy now!
81' Belotti takes a very neat touch past a defender in the box but doesn't react quickly enough to it and ends up losing the ball. He's looked a little sluggish tonight.
79' SAVE! El Shaarawy, having just notched an assist, looks to grab himself a goal as he dances infield from the left before smashing a shot at goal, but Benjamin Buchel does well to deflect it over!
S. El Shaarawy
77' Substitute El Shaarawy had plenty of time to pick the AC Milan centre-back out from the left, and came up with a pinpoint cross to match his vision.
A. Romagnoli
77' GOAL!! It's 3-0 to Italy now! El Shaarawy lifts his head on the left wing and curls an excellent ball onto the head of Romagnoli, who had stayed forward following a corner. He heads really firmly at goal and while Benjamin Buchel gets a hand to it, he can't keep it out as the power takes it past him and into the corner! 
76' Kaufmann chests a cross from the right behind but only narrowly clears his own bar! That was too close for comfort.
S. Tonali
F. Bernardeschi
74' With the win seemingly wrapped up, Bernardeschi is replaced with a holding midfielder in Tonali as Roberto Mancini switches to a 4-3-3.
72' That goal has surely settled the contest. It has been a tight affair to this point, with Liechtenstein holding out admirably following the early goal they conceded, but it is unlikely they will be able to claw it back from here.
V. Grifo
70' Grifo's delivery was accurate and had plenty of pace, and the winger did well to spot Belotti unmarked at the back post.
A. Belotti
70' GOAL!! Belotti makes it 2-0 to Italy!! The hosts have looked vulnerable from corners all night and a good delivery is finally met cleanly, with Belotti heading into the ground across the keeper and into the far corner! Martin Buchel got back on the line to head clear, but completely misjudged the bounce of the ball and ended up ducking under it! 
69' Cristante sees an effort cannon back off a defender and Italy keep probing before Bernardeschi's own deflected strike curls behind for a corner.
67' El Shaarawy has taken up his place on the left wing, with Grifo moving across to the right and Bernardeschi now playing in a free role behind Belotti.
65' SAVE! What a save from Sirigu! Liechtenstein's bright spark tonight, Salanovic, cuts inside before curling a wonderful effort towards the top-right corner that seems destined for the back of the net! However, Sirigu makes an exceptional save to deny him! 
S. El Shaarawy
N. Zaniolo
63' Meanwhile El Shaarawy is introduced for Zaniolo in an attacking move by the Italy boss.
Y. Frick
R. Gubser
63' Gubser, who has worked up front with little service, now makes way for Yanik Frick.
61' WIDE! Yildiz meet's Goppel's left-wing cross but can only nod wide of the target from a promising position! Liechtenstein need to be more clinical.
60' Grifo then fires a low cross into Romagnoli six yards out following the second corner, but the centre-half gets his feet in a muddle and is offside anyway.
59' SAVE! Biraghi lines up a shot from the edge of the box following the delivery and forces a low, diving save out of Benjamin Buchel in the bottom corner! 
58' Italy have a corner and bring Romagnoli and Mancini forward again. The Azzurri have looked threatening from set-pieces so far.
N. Frick
M. Polverino
56' Polverino is replaced by Noah Frick in midfield as Kolvidsson freshens up his team.
54' BLOCK! Mancini flicks on a corner and Zaniolo is all on his own at the back stick. He controls and tries to slip it into the corner at the near post, but it's blocked off the line! 
52' SIDE-NETTING! Belotti drifts in behind and collects a pass before rifling an effort into the side-netting from a tight angle. The Torino striker found space well there, but couldn't test the keeper.
50' WIDE! Belotti receives the ball on the edge of the box with his back to goal and turns before lashing a shot wide of the target. He should have played Bernardeschi in to his right rather than taking an off-balance shot that never looked like troubling the goalkeeper.
49' CHANCE! Belotti spurns a great chance as a left-wing cross finds him unmarked in the centre of the box, six yards from goal. He fails to direct a shot on goal, however, and the chance goes begging as he's caught back on his heels.
48' Zaniolo appears to have shaken off that injury to his arm and is moving freely so far.
46' We're back under way for the second half!
Despite their low possession numbers, Liechtenstein have looked a threat on the counter attack, particularly through Salanovic, who has looked their best player. He has caused Di Lorenzo plenty of problems with his pace and has given Sirigu something to think about too. If the hosts are to get anything from this, expect the winger to be involved.
There goes the half-time whistle! Italy scored with their first attack of the game to take the lead inside two minutes, with Bernardeschi guiding the ball into the top corner from Biraghi's low cross. The visitors have dominated the ball, boasting over 80% possession, but could not find a second goal or significant opening. It's 1-0 to Italy at the break.
45' + 1' CHANCE! Sirigu misjudges a tackle completely and misses the ball as he rushes off his line, leaving an empty net to tap into! A poor touch sees it come loose, however, and the goalkeeper can breathe a sigh of relief as he gathers at the feet of Gubser.
44' Zaniolo is down and appears to be in some pain. He landed awkwardly on his right arm as he slid in to challenge for the ball. 
42' SAVE! Salanovic wriggles into space down the left again and smacks a shot to Sirigu's right. It's swerving just wide but the goalkeeper takes no chances and tips it behind! 
40' SHOT! Bernardeschi hits a free-kick with plenty of pace and keeps it on target, but it's too close to the goalkeeper, who keeps it out!
38' Italy have a chance to break into some rare space, but the attack comes to a halt as Bernardeschi is penalised for handball with Belotti waiting in the middle for a cross.
36' The hosts do get out down their left, with Salanovic leading the charge again. Romagnoli has to concede a corner as the ball is fizzed in low towards Gubser at the near post, but the set-piece comes to nothing.
34' Italy are starting to really suffocate Liechtenstein now, whose counter-attacking threat has significantly diminished in the last 10 minutes or so.
32' Mancini tries an excellent ball over the top into space but Belotti hadn't made the run. The striker had to be more alert there.
30' BLOCK! Belotti gets to the byline inside the box down the right and tries to volley the bouncing ball at goal, but catches it scruffily and it's behind for a corner.
29' Zaniolo leans back and blazes an effort over the bar from outside the box. He seems keen to try his luck from that distance.
27' NO PENALTY! Verratti is again at the heart of an intricate move and Zaniolo goes over in the box as he latches onto the ball, but the referee waves his complaints away. The defender looked to have won the ball.
25' Verratti dances his way past a number of challenges and releases the ball as he gets into the box, but Goppel does well to slide in and send it behind past the far post for a corner.
23' WIDE! Hasler spots Sirigu off his line as Liechtenstein try to break quickly and he goes for the spectacular, but gets it all wrong and Sieigu can just watch it out of play.
21' SHOT! Zaniolo cuts onto his left and hits a dipping effort from the edge of the box towards the near post, but Benjamin Buchel shuffles across and holds it well.
20' Another cracking delivery from the left just about evades a number of players in the middle and Liechtenstein survive. They're struggling down that side.
18' Verratti plays a lovely, dinked pass into the box for Belotti, who had made a good run. However, the striker seems to lose his bearings as he lines up a volley and ends up taking a poor touch out of play.
16' Liechtenstein nearly play their way into trouble more than once as they try to pass through Italy's press in their own third, losing the ball twice and then recovering it before being saved by the referee's whistle as Cristante commits a foul.
15' Goppel has a pop from some distance but it swerves high and wide of Sirigu's goal. That won't trouble the keeper.
14' SHOT! Bernardeschi tries an acrobatic volley as he jumps before guiding the ball goalwards, but it's not a clean enough strike to trouble the goalkeeper, who takes it in.
13' Italy's quick interchanges are getting them into the box well, but they are finding themselves running into a wall of defenders as Liechtenstein pack the box in an attempt to stifle their opponents.
11' Italy seem to favour attacking down their left side and are getting plenty of joy from that flank as another enticing delivery comes into the box. It's a fraction over Belotti's head, however, and the loose ball is just nicked away from Grifo before he can strike it.
9' Italy's centre-backs are playing in the opposition half, with the likes of Verratti and Cristante freed up to offer creativity in the final third.
7' After a frantic start, Italy have settled a little on the ball now and are starting to dominate possession. 
5' CHANCE! Salanovic is proving a bright spark for Liechtenstein down the left and his pace causes Italy problems again as he drives into the box. He cuts inside on his right and tries to find the bottom-left corner, but his shot is a little too close to Sirigu, who just about hangs on!
4' Italy attack down the left again, but this time it's Grifo who crosses for the goalscorer, Bernardeschi. It's a floated delivery that the winger flicks towards the far corner, but it's well wide of the target.
M. Rechsteiner
Yellow Card
2' Rechsteiner is booked for that clumsy foul on Belotti as Italy celebrate.
C. Biraghi
2' Biraghi played on well after receiving the ball from Belotti, lifting his head to cut back for the run of Bernardeschi into the box from the right.
F. Bernardeschi
2' GOAL!! Italy take the lead! Bernardeschi makes it 1-0 with the visitors' first attack of the game. Advantage is played after Belotti is felled and Biraghi drives a low cross into Bernardeschi, who sweeps it into the top-left corner from just inside the box! 
1' BLOCK! Italy are a little too relaxed and a raking ball from right to left finds Salanovic in behind Di Lorenzo. The winger has pace to burn but his effort is saved, before Mancini slides in to block the follow-up! Bright start from the hosts!
1' We're off at the Rheinpark Stadion!
Liechtenstein head coach Helgi Kolvidsson makes two changes from his side's last encounter, a 1-1 draw with Armenia. Malin and Meier drop to the bench and are replaced by Hofer and Yildiz. Meanwhile, Roberto Mancini makes 10 changes from the Azzurri's 2-0 win over Greece, taking the opportunity to rotate his squad. Verratti is the only player to remain in the starting line-up.
Italy substitutes: Lorenzo Insigne, Jorginho, Sandro Tonali, Ciro Immobile, Armando Izzo, Leonardo Spinazzola, Stephan El Shaarawy, Nicolo Barella, Francesco Acerbi, Alex Meret, Pierluigi Gollini, Leonardo Bonucci
Italy XI (4-2-3-1): Salvatore Sirigu; Giovanni Di Lorenzo, Gianluca Mancini, Alessio Romagnoli, Cristiano Biraghi; Bryan Cristante, Marco Verratti; Federico Bernardeschi, Nicolo Zaniolo, Vincenzo Grifo; Andrea Belotti
Liechtenstein substitutes: Fabian Eberle, Ridvan Kardesoglu, Daniel Brandle, Livio Meier, Aron Sele, Andreas Malin, Sandro Wolfinger, Noah Frick, Yanik Frick, Claudio Majer, Lorenzo Lo Russo, Noah Frommelt
Liechtenstein XI (4-1-4-1): Benjamin Buchel; Martin Rechsteiner, Daniel Kaufmann, Jens Hofer, Maximilian Goppel; Martin Buchel; Seyhan Yildiz, Michele Polverino, Nicolas Hasler, Dennis Salanovic; Robin Gubser
Group leaders Italy - who have won each of their seven qualifying games so far - have already secured their place at Euro 2020, but avoiding defeat tonight against bottom-of-the-table Liechtenstein will confirm them as group winners ahead of second-placed Finland.
Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the Euro 2020 Group J qualifying clash between Liechtenstein and Italy at the Rheinpark Stadion.