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W. Ndidi
D. Gray
1 - 1
P. Zabaleta
Yellow Card
Ç. Söyüncü
Yellow Card
M. Noble
Red Card
F. Balbuena
0 - 1

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64% 35%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 7 3
Total Passes 552 327
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Until then however, thank you for joining us - and have a good week!
Both sides now turn their attention to the EFL Cup this week as they look to book passage into the quarter-finals. Leicester play on Tuesday, when they host Southampton at the King Power Stadium; West Ham face off against Tottenham a day later at London Stadium.
A first Premier League goal for Wilfried Ndidi since May 2017 rescues a point for Leicester City after a heroic showing from 10-men West Ham United held them at bay for so long. A wicked deflection off the man who gave the Hammers their lead, Fabian Balbuena, saw the Foxes capture something from a second half where they had almost 75 per cent of possession - and with it, arrest their losing streak in the top flight. At full-time at the King Power Stadium, it finishes Leicester City 1-1 West Ham United.
90' + 6' Albrighton wrestles another shot towards goal from the centre of the box but Cresswell throws himself in the way with some last-ditch defence.
90' + 5' Okazaki puts a header straight to Fabianski but the flag is up again to deny the Foxes man. There's surely only a few minutes left now.
90' + 4' After a prolonged stoppage, Amartey is stretchered off and both sides are down to 10 men for these final few minutes.
90' + 2' The game however has ground to a complete halt though; Amartey is down on the edge of the West Ham box with medics swarming around him. There's oxygen out there too; the Foxes man looks to be in serious trouble.
90' + 1' Ogbonna! It's a miss for the West Ham man following an Antonio break and from 12 yards out in the box too. The Hammers man can't believe it either and hangs his head.
90' Four added minutes are on the clock for either side to snatch this. Does either side have something extra in the tank?
D. Gray
89' Gray supplies the assist and West Ham are absolutely shattered. A man down, they have hung on for so long - but the Foxes look set to walk away with at least something from this encounter.
W. Ndidi
89' NDIDI FOR LEICESTER! 1-1! THE FOXES ARE ALL SQUARE! It's a deflection - and a wicked one - off Balbuena's backside to send the shot curling into the top-left corner but the hosts won't care! They're level!
88' Ndidi has it in the back of the net - but the flag is up again! The linesman has twice ruled out goals for the Foxes now; West Ham still grimly hang on at the King Power Stadium.
86' Antonio! A West Ham counter almost catches Schmeichel out but the keeper manages to wrestle the ball back under control.
P. Zabaleta
Yellow Card
85' Zabaleta is belatedly booked for a challenge on Iborra. The West Ham right-back is lucky to not get a second yellow a moment later too for a challenge on Gray that the referee misses.
82' Leicester do race away down the other end, but Okazaki is flagged for offside on the back of Gray's pass, In the build-up, Chilwell and Zabaleta clashed; tensions are rising in these final few minutes.
81' Ogbonna! He nearly puts a header behind Schmeichel from Snodgrass' free-kick but can't get the weight or angle on it. Leicester have to get back down the other end as soon they can now.
A. Ogbonna
Felipe Anderson
81' West Ham also take the chance to add another defender, taking off Felipe Anderson and bringing on Ogbonna.
S. Okazaki
Ç. Söyüncü
80' Before the free-kick can be taken though, Leicester bring on Okazaki for Soyuncu to add even more threat to their attack.
79' Down the other end, Soyuncu makes a ragged challenge on Antonio and concedes the foul. It's a great set-piece chance for West Ham for once.
78' Gray cuts a neat path around the West Ham defence on the line but cannot get his scuffed shot past Fabianski.
76' Amartey is flagged for offside on the right edge of the Hammers box now as he runs onto a short ball from Albrighton. Time is starting to run out for Leicester.
A. Cresswell
G. Diangana
75' West Ham make another swap now, bulking up their defence with Cresswell on for Diangana.
74' Vardy gets a glancing foot onto an Albrighton pass curled in from the right wing, but doesn't make enough contact to change its direction towards goal.
72' Vardy has scored one goal in his previous 11 league games as a substitute, though it was in his most recent such game against Manchester United.
70' Another corner to Leicester now, which Gray wins off a weaving run that Zabaleta wards off. West Ham successfully see the set-piece out of the box and the Foxes are pushed back to halfway.
68' Maguire! The England defender puts his header in the middle of a scrum for a corner onto the crossbar. The Foxes are hurling everything they can at West Ham right now.
66' Ndidi becomes the latest man to shoot, after Chilwell's low cross hooked in from the left wing on the back of a speedy run slips behind Maddison. The attempt clips off his fellow Foxes man though and goes wide at the right post.
65' Maddison lashes an effort wide of the left post from outside the box after Zabaleta and Rice crowd him. West Ham's defence is hanging on with some solid last-gasp plays.
63' Vardy with the header! It's an inch-perfect Albrighton cross and the England man really should be tucking chances like those under the crossbar rather than other it when only five yards out.
62' Albrighton with the double attempt! The first sees the Foxes man meet a wonderful cross at the right post and leathers it towards Fabianski. The keeper stops it with another great save, and tips it back to the Leicester man whose second shot is softer and saved with greater ease.
D. Gray
K. Iheanacho
61' Leicester also make a swap, adding Gray to the attack in place of Iheanacho.
M. Antonio
J. Hernández
61' Indeed, the Hammers bring on Antonio to replace Hernandez.
60' Still no equaliser for Leicester as the hour-mark arrives and it looks like West Ham are about to make a change.
58' Vardy earns a corner for Leicester on the right; West Ham get a goal-kick however after Chilwell swings the set-piece out of play.
57' Should Leicester have a penalty? Maddison goes down in the Hammers box, albeit softly, and the referee waves his appeal away; then, Iheanacho's close-range shot takes a glance off Zabaleta's hand. Again, no spot-kick is forthcoming and West Ham are let off the hook.
55' Vardy! The substitute's header isn't too far away from the goal after he catches Albrighton's hanging cross with a glance. West Ham hold firm however and keep their lead.
53' Ndidi sees a massive gap from 25 yards out and blasts a shot towards goal from the right flank that sails comfortably wide at the near post.
51' Vardy tips a lovely pass across the box seeking Albrighton at the right post, except the linesman flags him for offside in the build-up, handing the free-kick to the Hammers.
50' Chilwell squares a fast pass in off the left wing for Vardy, though the striker just oversteps it and Balbuena is able to clear.
48' Diangana nips after a throughball from Diop but is flagged for offside; there is then a prolonged tete-a-tete between Schmeichel and referee Michael Oliver on whether the decision was for a free-kick or goal-kick.
Ç. Söyüncü
Yellow Card
47' Soyuncu comes in on Hernandez as West Ham look to string together a fast attack down the right wing and the Foxes man is handed a booking for his troubles.
46' We're back underway at the King Power Stadium - can Leicester make their manpower advantage tell and snatch a comeback win?
J. Vardy
R. Ghezzal
46' Leicester have indeed introduced Vardy at the break, and he replaces Ghezzal for the Foxes.
Manuel Pellegrini may be forced to restructure his line-up with the exit of his captain and may make the choice to switch to a back five in order to preserve his side's lead. Claude Puel however may resist the urge to bring Jamie Vardy straight into the fray now his side holds an extra player over their opponents - but then again, the England man could perhaps give his side some extra firepower.
Fabian Balbuena's close-range follow-up means West Ham hold a one-goal lead at the break at the King Power Stadium - but it is the Foxes who hold a one-man advantage after Hammers captain Mark Noble was shown a straight red for a challenge shortly afterwards. Though they trail, it is the hosts who finished the first half in the ascendancy; can the visitors cling onto their lead and find three vital points? At half-time, it's Leicester 0-1 West Ham.
45' + 1' Masuaku slips around Maddison as he cuts into the box and clears to the wing; a few plays latter, Chilwell's follow-up is lofted well over the goal.
45' Two added minutes of stoppage time incoming.
44' Diangana now concedes possession on the edge of his own box with a horror-show of a pass intercepted by Ghezzal; the latter's touch through to Iheanacho catches him offside however and the flag goes up.
42' West Ham are on the ropes again as Leicester crash another attack in. Fabianski misses a touch from Iheanacho eight yards out but the Foxes forward skews it wide and the Hammers are able to clear though Masuaku.
40' What a stop by Fabianski! Leicester win a free-kick closer to the West Ham box on the right and Maddison whips it in. Iborra lands a gorgeous header on the end of it but some superb reflexes deny him at close-range.
M. Noble
Red Card
38' Noble sees red! And just like that, the game changes! The West Ham captain is given his marching orders by referee Michael Oliver after he comes in studs up on Ndidi. The Hammers may be in the lead - but they are down to 10 men for the rest of this game now.
37' Vardy, who of course had to depart early due to illness against Arsenal last time out, is warming up on the touchline now. A half-time swap might be incoming for the hosts.
35' The noise from the visiting Hammers fans is dwarfing that of the home crowd right now; as Maddison and Chilwell both lose possession cheaply, it's clear the hosts are looking a little guileless.
33' Maddison looks to level things up with a right-footed effort from outside the box but his shot sails somewhere into the stand behind, wide and over the crossbar.
32' That's a bit of misfortune for the Foxes. They've generally looked the brighter of the two sides, even if they have had less chances but that goal has left them reeling.
F. Balbuena
30' BALBUENA GIVES WEST HAM THE LEAD! 1-0! It's a vital goal for the Hammers who looked a little bit under the cosh in the opening exchanges - though they have a little bit of luck from it too. Felipe Anderson chips the free-kick in and Rice heads it in towards the defender. His first effort hits the left post and bounces back behind Schmeichel; the centre-back makes no mistake with his second chance, burying it into the back of the net from close range.
29' Masuaku hefts a cut-back cross off the left wing seeking Hernandez, though Chilwell heads it out of the box with a fine effort. The Foxes man then concedes a free-kick however 25 yards out after he fouls Diangana.
27' Ndidi concedes a free-kick just inside his own half and West Ham look to press their advantage quickly. Instead, they are forced back into their own half and only stop their reverse when Snodgrass wins another free-kick.
24' Snodgrass! Leicester fail to deal with a West Ham move after the Scotland international releases Noble into the box. The captain can't get a fair crack at it, but Felipe Anderson picks it up to play it back round to Snodgrass on the left and he just tucks his shot beyond the far post.
22' Albrighton hauls another looping cross into the box seeking Iheanacho, yet Fabianski is as safe as houses underneath it.
21' Snodgrass chances his luck for the Hammers from just outside the box, only to turn his right-footed effort wide at the left post by some margin.
19' Chilwell hooks a pass down the left wing to Ndidi who heads it on for Iheanacho - except the striker is nowhere to be seen, instead lagging back in midfield. A missed chance for Leicester there.
17' Zabaleta wins a throw deep in Foxes territory, in line with the hosts' box - but pinned back by Albrighton and Maguire, he can't find his man and Leicester win a throw of their own off him.
15' Ghezzal and Albrighton combine to slip around the left wing and make a mockery of Zabaleta; Ndidi however concedes cheaply a moment later and Leicester's attack stutters out.
12' From Leicester's weak corner, West Ham create their first full-flowing attack of the game, with Felipe Anderson eventually firing a low shot at Schmeichel from the right of the box that forces the keeper down low to save.
11' Albrighton cuts back on himself out on the left wing and whips a cross in. Balbuena attempts a clearing header and puts it perilously close to his own goal; Fabianski has to leap and tip it away from the top right corner to clear the danger.
9' Ghezzal taps in between two defenders for Iheanacho to chase into the box; Fabianski races off his line to leap upon it before the Foxes forward can reach it.
7' West Ham have lost more points from winning positions than any other Premier League team this season, with six.
5' It's a scramble in the box to claim the ball from the second corner and the Hammers only see it out as far as Albrighton who pulls a low shot wide of the far left post.
4' The Foxes come forward again however and win a corner on their left wing off Zabaleta. Masuaku ultimately clears Maddison's set-piece effort but only out for a second.
2' Iheanacho sticks a half-volley into the top-left corner - but the flag is up! West Ham have been let off the hook there after Albrighton found the forward with a sublime ball into the box.
1' We are underway in this 2018-19 Premier League clash between Leicester City and West Ham United!
The teams are out at the King Power Stadium and we're moments away from kick-off.
Eight of Leicester’s last nine Premier League goals against West Ham have been scored in the first half.
West Ham haven’t won back to back away league matches against Leicester since April 1997 though, when they had a run of four wins at Filbert Street.
Leicester's recent record over the Hammers is solid, having lost just one of their last seven Premier League games against them – but that defeat was in their most recent meeting in May 2018.
Subs: Joe Powell, Ryan Fredericks, Angelo Ogbonna, Conor Coventry, Adrian, Michail Antonio, Aaron Cresswell.
WEST HAM UNITED (4-1-4-1): Lukasz Fabianski; Pablo Zabaleta, Fabian Balbuena, Issa Diop, Arthur Masuaku; Declan Rice; Grady Diangana, Mark Noble, Robert Snodgrass, Felipe Anderson; Javier Hernandez.
Subs: Shinji Okazaki, Jonny Evans, Danny Ward, Nampalys Mendy, Jamie Vardy, Demarai Gray, Ricardo Pereira.
LEICESTER CITY (4-2-3-1): Kasper Schmeichel; Daniel Amartey, Caglar Soyuncu, Harry Maguire, Ben Chilwell; Wilfred Ndidi, Vicente Iborra; Rachid Ghezzal, James Maddison, Marc Albrighton; Kelechi Iheanacho.
Team news now and there are four changes for the Foxes. Jamie Vardy is the big name non-starter for Claude Puel, though he is named on the bench while Marc Albrighton, Rachid Ghezzal and Vicente Iborra are all added in midfield. As for the Hammers, Manuel Pellegrini is without Marko Arnautovic due to illness; there are starts however for Javier Hernandez and Grady Diangana.
Both sides are looking to arrest consecutive losing streaks following a pair of defeats each last time out - but will either be able to grab the three points on offer on a bitterly cold autumn day?
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the 2018-19 Premier League as Leicester City host West Ham United at the King Power Stadium.