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Leicester City v Chelsea Live Commentary, 12/05/2019

0 - 0
King Power Stadium


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So, Leicester finish the season in ninth place after a much-improved run of form under Rodgers towards the end of the campaign. Chelsea have claimed third spot in the Premier League, but unlike their opponents, their season isn't over just yet as they still have the Europa League final against Arsenal to look forward to at the end of May.
Leicester and Chelsea share the points in their final Premier League game of the season in a 0-0 draw. Both sides created a lot of good chances in the game and came closest to finding the back of the net in the first half. Barkley had a good opportunity three minutes in when he was left unmarked in the box, but his strike was aimed straight at Schmeichel. Leicester then had a counter-attack just before half-time but Vardy's final ball to Tielemans was poor and took the chance away from his side before Higuain put the ball wide of the target from close range minutes later. The second half was end-to-end, but neither of the sides could produce enough quality to get a winning goal.
90' + 2' Loftus-Cheek does really well to get past Tielemans in midfield and plays the ball to Alonso who has got forward from left-back. He squares it into the middle where Giroud is running onto it, but Evans is in the right place to get it clear.
90' Chilwell is once again given a lot of space down the left wing and he curls a wonderful throughball into Okazaki, but the substitute can't get on the end of it. It goes through to Vardy, who wasn't expecting it, and Caballero is quickly off his line to collect it.
88' Pedro whips a corner into the box for Chelsea but none of the players have made the run to the near post to get on the end of it. Evans reaches it first and clears the ball to set up a counter-attack for Leicester.
86' Leicester are more than happy to just let Chelsea keep the ball in their own half at the minute as they slowly play passes between their defenders while they wait for some space to open up in midfield.
O. Giroud
G. Higuaín
84' Final roll of the dice for Chelsea now as well as Giroud comes on to replace Higuain.
H. Barnes
J. Maddison
Leicester City
84' Last change of the game for Leicester now as Barnes comes on to replace Maddison.
82' The Chelsea fans are asking for a penalty after two of their players went down under challenges in the box. Loftus-Cheek was the first to go down after being caught by Simpson, but the ball bounced to Hazard who tried to set himself for a shot. He's closed down quickly by Schmeichel and Maguire and goes to ground as well, but the referee waves away both claims.
80' Once again, Leicester win the ball back and go straight on the counter-attack. This time it's Chilwell leading the move as he drives down the left wing and into the box. He takes it to the byline and just as he squares his cross into the middle, Azpilicueta gets across to block it.
78' Leicester are stuck in their own box at the minute as Chelsea patiently try to work the ball into the final third. So far though, they haven't been able to find a way through the home side's back line.
M. Kovačić
R. Barkley
76' Sarri's second change of the game sees Kovacic replace Barkley.
D. Simpson
M. Albrighton
Leicester City
76' Second change of the game for Leicester sees Albrighton go off to be replaced by Simpson who, like Okazaki, is playing his final game for Leicester today.
75' Barkley has a go from outside the box after he sees some space opening up ahead of him. His effort is straight at Schmeichel though and it's a comfortable save for the goalkeeper.
73' Leicester have a free-kick in a very good position on the right wing and Maddison tries to cut it back to Choudhury who is on the edge of the box. He was being heavily marked by Pedro though who reached the ball first and cleared the danger for Chelsea.
71' Higuain is getting more and more frustrated as the game goes on as he hasn't been able to get as involved in the second half. He's just given the ball away and then caught Chilwell in his attempt to win it back.
E. Hazard
69' Chelsea make their first change now as Hazard comes on to replace Willian.
68' Evans made a good challenge to block Pedro from getting into the box, but he hurt himself in the process. He's gone down in the box, but he's able to get back to his feet without needing any treatment.
S. Okazaki
W. Ndidi
Leicester City
66' Rodgers makes an attacking change with his first substitution of the game. Ndidi comes off and is replaced by Okazaki who receives a loud cheer from the crowd as he comes on for his final appearance for Leicester.
64' Loftus-Cheek rides the challenge from Ndidi really well to pick out Pedro who's running into the box. Barkley's run pulled the defenders away from him and the space opens up in the middle, but Pedro's effort is wild and it sails high over the crossbar.
62' Loftus-Cheek's treatment is taking a bit longer, but he's back on his feet now and he'll be able to carry on.
60' Tieleman is involved in a clash of heads again, but this time it's with Loftus-Cheek. Both players are down receiving treatment for it at the minute, but Tielemans is, once again, quickly back to his feet.
58' Chelsea are committing a lot of players forward every time they attack, which is causing plenty of problems for them when Leicester win the ball back.
56' Leicester break on the counter-attack once again and it's Albrighton leading it from the right wing. He has a lot of space and he squares the ball towards the far post where Vardy is making his run. Azpilicueta makes a brilliant block to intercept it though and send it out for a corner.
54' Willian is causing Leicester a lot of problems at the start of the second half and this time he picks out Barkley's run into the box. He tries to aim his shot low and across goal, but he drags his effort and it rolls wide of the far post.
52' Chelsea have a free-kick in a good position on the right wing and Willian whips it into the crowd of players in the middle of the box. Leicester clear the cross but only as far as Willian once again who picks out Alonso on the edge of the penalty area. He aims his strike towards the top corner, but it's always rising and it sails over the crossbar.
50' Albrighton is down receiving treatment after a heavy collision with Loftus-Cheek. It takes him a while to get back to his feet and it looks like he'll be able to carry on for now, but Rodgers has got substitutes warming up just in case.
48' TIELEMANS COMES CLOSE! Maddison plays the corner to Tielemans on the edge of the box once again and the midfielder hits a powerful how towards goal. Caballero is diving towards his near post, but the effort is just wide of the target.
47' Leicester clear the ball and pick out Vardy who is alone in the Chelsea half. He keeps the ball well as he runs into the box, but he's tracked by Azpilicueta the whole way which means that he can't put his cross into the middle.
46' Leicester get the game back underway for the second half!
Leicester have created some good opportunities for themselves in the first half, but they haven't been able to get Vardy into the game as often as they would have liked. If they can work the ball up the field a little quicker, then he would be able to cause the Chelsea defenders some real problems. Chelsea have also looked dangerous in the final third when they get forward, but Sarri could do with bringing on Hazard to try and add something different to his side's attacking play.
Leicester and Chelsea go into half-time level at 0-0 with both sides coming close to breaking the deadlock in the first half. Barkley almost gave Chelsea the lead in the third minute when he was left unmarked in the middle of the box, but Schmeichel spread himself to make the save. Just before half-time, Leicester broke on the counter-attack, but Vardy's ball into Tielemans at the far post was poor which meant the midfielder couldn't get his shot on target. Higuain then came close just before the whistle when he fired his effort wide from very close range.
45' + 1' HIGUAIN COMES CLOSE! It's a great ball into the middle from Barkley to pick out Higuain who was very close to the goal line when he receives it. Somehow, he manages to put his shot wide of the post.
44' GREAT CHANCE FOR LEICESTER! The ball is cleared by Chilwell and he picks out Vardy on the left wing. He's got a lot of space to run into, but he waits until he gets into the box to square his cross back to Tielemans. It's not the best pass as it's ahead of the midfielder but he just reaches it on the stretch. Caballero comes across to close him down though and gets enough on it to take all the pace off it and make the save.
42' Zappacosta is getting forward a lot more down the right wing at the minute and he's getting in some good positions high up the right wing. His final ball into the box has been letting him down though as once again Chilwell is there to block the cross.
40' LOFTUS-CHEEK COMES CLOSE! The ball was bouncing around in the box as Leicester failed to clear Pedro's cross and it falls to Loftus-Cheek. He takes the shot from just outside the penalty area and it's just wide of the top corner.
39' The momentum has switched back in Chelsea's favour at the minute as they start to pile pressure on Leicester once again. Barkley picks up the ball in midfield and travels forward with it as he waits for some space to open up, but he ends up tripping over it which allows Maguire to win back possession for the home side.
37' Leicester brilliantly work the ball up the right wing with some short passes between the Chelsea defenders before Albrighton crosses it into the box. He almost picks out Vardy, but Azpilicueta reaches it first and is able to clear it.
35' David Luiz and Tielemans both challenge for a ball and clash heads in the process. The medical staff for both teams are on the field giving them treatment and Tielemans is quickly back to his feet. It takes the Brazilian a bit longer to get back up, but it isn't a serious injury and he will be able to carry on.
33' Chelsea win two corners in quick succession and both of them are whipped into the box by Willian. He can't pick out a team-mate in either of them though, and Leicester are able to clear the danger.
31' Leicester have a free-kick on the left wing and it's Chilwell that puts the cross into the box. Vardy has just drifted to the left, away from the crowd in the middle, and he's able to flick his header on target. It's straight at Caballero though and it's a comfortable save for the keeper.
Yellow Card
30' Jorginho receives the first yellow card of the game after catching Maddison with a late challenge.
29' HIGUAIN COMES CLOSE! Maguire started to drop back into the box which allowed Higuain some space to get his shot away after being picked out by Willian. The Argentine struck his shot low to the bottom corner but it's just wide of the post.
28' Chelsea have been struggling to find a way through the Leicester defence in the past few minutes and they are now patiently trying to work the ball out to the wide players as a way to get into the box.
26' Leicester play a short corner out to Tielemans who takes the ball to the edge of the box before firing his shot on target. It's going for the corner, but it ends up being a comfortable save for Caballero.
25' Albrighton squared the ball to Maddison on the edge of the box who did really well to keep it while getting round Barkley. He tried to curl his shot into the top corner of the net, but it took a deflection on its way through and goes out for a corner.
23' Maddison has drifted into the middle from the left wing and tries to slip a throughball to Vardy on the edge of the box. The forward took it in well but could only find the side netting with his shot. He was offside though and play got pulled back for a Chelsea free-kick.
21' Chilwell is being given a lot of space down the left wing and he takes the ball to the byline when he receives it to put in his cross. It's aimed towards the far post and David Luiz just gets there before Albrighton to take it out of his path.
19' Willian chips the free-kick over the Leicester wall to Barkley, who timed his run really well to stay onside. He takes it down with a good first touch but then aims his effort straight at Schmeichel.
18' Ndidi plays a very sloppy pass which is intercepted by Pedro and then has to tackle him to try and win back possession for his side. He doesn't get the ball though and Chelsea have a free-kick in a good position in the middle of the pitch.
16' Leicester work the ball upfield really well after a brilliant switch of play from Choudhury to pick out Maddison. He slips the ball to Chilwell on the edge of the box and he has a go. His effort is on target, but it's a comfortable save for Caballero.
14' Willian was unmarked as he drifted inside from the left wing, but Evans was quickly across to cover him and close down the angle. The Brazilian drives his shot low from the edge of the box and Schmeichel gets down quickly to make the save.
13' Leicester have struggled to get out of their own half for most of the game so far. They've been trying long balls up to Vardy, but he's being tightly marked and hasn't been able to bring it down and go on the attack.
11' Willian spots Pedro's run into the box and picks him out with a good throughball. He had just drifted offside before the ball was played though and the linesman raises his flag.
9' A loose ball to Alonso is intercepted by Albrighton and he puts a good cross into the middle of the box. Vardy misses the ball but it bounces out to Choudhury on the edge of the penalty area. He takes the shot on the volley, but he can't keep the effort down as it sails over the crossbar.
7' Pedro has drifted out to the very edge of the pitch on the right wing and puts a great cross into the middle of the box where Loftus-Cheek is waiting unmarked. The midfielder gets to the ball, but it comes off his shoulder and bounces over the crossbar.
5' Chelsea are slowly working the ball upfield from the back now and are trying to play in their wide players as a way to get in behind the Leicester defence, but they haven't managed to do that just yet.
3' GREAT SAVE BY SCHMEICHEL! Maguire is caught ball watching and Barkley is able to get on the end of the pass that's looped over the top of the Leicester defence. He takes it down well and hits the strike but Schmeichel spreads himself wide to block the effort.
2' Jorginho committed a foul straight after the kick-off, giving Leicester possession. The home side have kept the ball well in the opening couple of minutes as they slowly build up an attack from the back.
1' Loftus-Cheek gets the game underway for Chelsea!
The teams are out on the field now, with kick-off just moments away.
Leicester are looking to complete the league double over Chelsea for the first time since the 2000-01 campaign, having won the reverse fixture at Stamford Bridge 1-0.
Maurizio Sarri makes six changes to the side that beat Frankfurt on penalties on Thursday - most notably, with Hazard dropping down to the bench. Christensen, Emerson, Kovacic, Giroud and Kepa are the other players to start on the bench as well. Caballero starts in goal, while Zappacosta, Alonso, Barkley, Pedro and Higuain also come into the starting line-up.
Despite losing to Manchester City in their last outing, Rodgers was clearly impressed by his side's performance as he names an unchanged team today.
CHELSEA SUBS: Kepa Arrizabalaga, Mateo Kovacic, Emerson, Olivier Giroud, Marc Guehi, Eden Hazard, Andreas Christensen.
CHELSEA STARTING XI (4-3-3): Willy Caballero; Davide Zappaccosta, Cesar Azpilicueta, David Luiz, Marcos Alonso; Ruben Loftus-Cheek, Jorginho, Ross Barkley; Pedro, Gonzalo Higuain, Willian.
LEICESTER CITY SUBS: Danny Ward, Shinji Okazaki, Wes Morgan, Danny Simpson, Kelechi Iheanacho, Harvey Barnes, Demarai Gray.
LEICESTER CITY STARTING XI (4-1-4-1): Kasper Schmeichel; Ricardo Pereira, Jonny Evans, Harry Maguire, Ben Chilwell; Wilfred Ndidi; Marc Albrighton, Youri Tielemans, Hamza Choudhury, James Maddison; Jamie Vardy.
Leicester are looking to finish the season in the top half of the table after a good run of form since Brendan Rodgers took charge and they come into this game having lost just two of their previous five matches in the league (W2 D1). Chelsea are guaranteed a top-four finish after they beat Watford last weekend and can finish as high as third if they win the game today. The Blues also secured a place in the Europa League final when they beat Eintracht Frankfurt on penalties in the semi-final on Thursday.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the final day Premier League meeting between Leicester City and Chelsea at the King Power Stadium!