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T. Strakosha
Yellow Card
J. Akpro
C. Immobile
3 - 1
E. Haaland
G. Reyna
2 - 1
M. Hitz
Own Goal
2 - 0
C. Immobile
J. Correa
1 - 0

Match Stats

35% 64%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 7
Total Passes 378 705
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Borussia Dortmund BVB Borussia Dortmund 6 4 1 1 12 5 +7 13 W D W W W
2 Lazio LAZ Lazio 6 2 4 0 11 7 +4 10 D D W D D
3 Club Brugge CLU Club Brugge 6 2 2 2 8 10 -2 8 D W L L D
4 Zenit ZEN Zenit 6 0 1 5 4 13 -9 1 L L L D L


8th Finals
UEFA Europa League


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Lazio return to Serie A action against Bologna at home in their next outing on Saturday. Dortmund face a crunch clash hosting Schalke in the Bundesliga on the same day.
Lazio kick off their Champions League campaign with a convincing 3-1 win over Borussia Dortmund this evening. Ciro Immobile opened the scoring for the Italian outfit before an own goal from Marwin Hitz added a second to give them control of the game in the first half. Erling Haaland got a goal back for the visitors midway through the second period to bring them back into the contest. However, Jean-Daniel Akpa Akpro secured the three points for Simone Inzaghi's men, converting from close range from Immobile's cross 14 minutes from time.
90' + 4' Brandt latches on to a loose ball from the resulting corner, but he smashes his effort well over the bar. It sums up the evening for Dortmund.
90' + 3' SAVE! Brandt whips a dangerous cross into the box from the right flank. Sancho attacks the delivery and glances a header towards goal that Strakosha has to push over the bar.
90' + 2' Sancho makes a late burst at the Lazio defence, but his offload towards Brandt in the right inside channel is cut out by Acerbi.
90' There will be four minutes of added time.
88' OVER! Acerbi pushes forward from the back and clips a cross into the right inside channel. Muriqi attacks the delivery, but under pressure from Delaney sends his effort over the bar.
86' Lazio are in game management mode now. They're trying to take time off the clock any way they can.
T. Strakosha
Yellow Card
84' Strakosha is booked for timewasting.
84' OVER! Guerreiro draws a foul from Akpa Akpro and lines up the resulting free-kick 25 yards from goal. He strikes his effort over the wall, but the ball sails comfortably over the bar.
82' Fares surges forward down the left flank and floats a dangerous cross to the back post that just evades Muriqi and Caicedo.
81' PENALTY SHOUT! Witsel goes down in the box under pressure from Lucas, but the referee is not interested in Dortmund's appeal for a penalty.
M. Parolo
Luis Alberto
80' Luis Alberto is withdrawn for the final 10 minutes and is replaced by Parolo.
80' SAVE! Meunier digs out a hanging cross into the middle where Haaland rises to connect with a header. It's straight at Strakosha, but the keeper still has to turn the ball over the bar.
F. Caicedo
C. Immobile
80' Caicedo comes on to the field to replace Immobile in the final third.
M. Reus
78' Reinier replaces Reus for the visitors for the closing stages.
77' Luis Alberto raids into acres of space down the left flank and he tries to get the ball out of his feet to fire at goal. However, Hitz and Hummels do enough to put him off his strike, earning a goal-kick for the visitors.
C. Immobile
76' Immobile raids down the left flank and picks out Akpa Akpro to score from six yards out.
J. Akpro
76' GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! AKPA AKPRO SCORES!!! 3-1 LAZIO!!!! The Italian side are back in control as the forward steers his strike past Hitz. Immobile makes a good run in the left inside channel and opts not to pull the trigger. Instead he cuts his offload back to Akpa Akpro, who gets the wrong side of Guerreiro and guides his effort into the back of the net. Clinical from the substitute.
73' Sancho and Meunier combine down the right flank, but the Belgian just cannot beat the challenge of Fares covering back in the inside channel.
G. Reyna
71' Reyna finds space on the right flank and he sends a dangerous low cross into the box that Haaland fires past Strakosha.
E. Haaland
71' GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! HAALAND GETS ONE BACK!! 2-1!!! Dortmund are back in the game with 19 minutes remaining. Haaland is in the right place at the right time to connect with Reyna's cross from the right flank. He coasts into the box unmarked and blasts a left-footed strike first time into the back of the net giving Strakosha no chance. Game on.
69' Dortmund are beginning to apply pressure to the Lazio backline. The home side are getting deeper and deeper towards their own goal.
V. Muriqi
J. Correa
67' Muriqi replaces Correa in the final third as Inzaghi freshens up his team.
J. Akpro
S. Milinković-Savić
67' Milinković-Savic makes way for Akpa Akpro for the home side.
66' OVER! Dortmund open up the Lazio defence with neat interplay between Reyna, Sancho and Reus. The latter lays the ball into the path of Guerreiro to strike at goal, but he can only send his left-footed effort from 20 yards over the bar.
J. Brandt
Ł. Piszczek
65' Piszczek is withdrawn for Brandt as Favre sends another forward on to the pitch.
63' Luis Alberto flicks the ball to himself from the resulting free-kick and he sends a cross deep into the left inside channel. Acerbi rises to head at goal, but it loops comfortably into the hands of Hitz.
G. Reyna
Yellow Card
61' Reyna goes into the book for a robust challenge on Marusic.
59' Reyna pounces on a poor clearance by Acerbi and tries to flick an offload towards Reus, but Hoedt is on the spot to make the interception.
58' BLOCK! Correa shrugs off two challenges in the final third and opens up space to strike on his left foot, but he sees his effort blocked by Hummels. Hitz races off his line to attempt to punch clear. He fails to connect with authority and has to win a challenge against Fares to ensure the ball travels away from danger.
57' Meunier raids forward down the right and he hammers a cross towards the near post. Acerbi is again the man on the spot for the hosts to clear.
55' OVER! Sancho raids forward down the right and rolls an offload towards Reus, but the forward can only dispatch his effort well over the bar.
53' Haaland probes in the final third, but he gets dispossessed by a inch-perfect challenge from Acerbi on the edge of the box before he can strike at goal.
W. Hoedt
Luiz Felipe
51' Luiz Felipe makes his way off the field and is replaced in the backline by Hoedt.
50' Luiz Felipe is down for the home side and may have to be withdrawn here.
50' SAVE! Haaland latches on to a long ball over the top and cuts inside to shoot on his left foot. He drills his effort low and hard, but it's straight at Strakosha, who makes the save.
49' Meunier tries to bustle his way forward in the final third, but he loses possession and then fouls Luis Alberto.
47' Lazio are straight on the front foot and win two corners, but Hummels and then Hitz repel crosses into the box from Luis Alberto.
46' We're back underway in this Champions League clash.
G. Reyna
J. Bellingham
46' Bellingham is withdrawn at the break for Reyna. Favre is bolstering his attacking options on the field.
Borussia Dortmund have been off the pace in the first half. Jude Bellingham made the error for the first goal, but he has not been alone in making mistakes at the back for the visitors. Lucien Favre needs a response from his team from the off in the second half.
Lazio are in control of their Champions League clash against Borussia Dortmund at the break. Ciro Immobile put the home side ahead in the sixth minute, dispatching a close-range strike into the net. Luiz Felipe's header was the nudged into his own net by Marwin Hitz to double their advantage. Simone Inzaghi will be thrilled with his side's performance in the opening period.
45' There will be one minute of added time.
44' Strakosha sends a clearance straight down the field for Immobile to chase. It just evades the run of the forward to skip into Hitz's hands just inside his box.
44' SAVE! Witsel turns in space 25 yards from goal and goes for a drive at goal. It gets deflected by Lucas and fortunately for the home side sails into the hands of Strakosha.
Luis Alberto
Yellow Card
42' Luis Alberto clips the heels of Guerreiro and goes into the book.
40' BLOCK! Patric has to be on the spot to block a strike from Haaland, deflecting it wide of the right post after he latches on to a cutback from Guerreiro.
39' A loose ball almost falls for Milinkovic-Savic and then Marusic. Hummels has to take action to hoof it into touch. Dortmund need to get to half-time here.
38' Fares latches on to a clearance from Witsel on the edge of the box, but his strike on the half-volley smashes into a wall of yellow shirts.
36' SAVE! Luis Alberto tries to catch Hitz out with a curling delivery, aiming straight towards the net. The keeper has to backpedal to turn the ball over the bar.
36' Hummels is pressed into action in the left inside channel to block a drive from Immobile behind. The visitors are under immense pressure.
35' BLOCK! The resulting corner from Luis Alberto is cleared as far as Lucas on the edge of the box. He connects sweetly with a left-footed volley that soars towards the target. Delaney has to take action to head it over his own bar.
34' Luis Alberto is allowed to surge towards the edge of the Dortmund box. Hummels goes to close him down and has to divert his strike wide of the target.
31' Luis Alberto looks to turn defence into attack with a quick ball forward, but Correa is caught offside as he collects the pass on the edge of the box.
30' Hummels pushes foward down the right and angles a cross towards Haaland with the outside of the boot. Acerbi reacts in the middle to clear away from the forward on the slide.
28' CHANCE! Meunier should bring Dortmund back into the game. Haaland raids down the left flank and cuts a low ball back towards the penalty spot. The Belgian attacks the cross and goes with the side of his foot, but he guides his effort wide of the right post. A shocking miss.
27' Lazio have played the game to perfection in the opening 27 minutes. They have a comfortable lead and can continue to hit the visitors on the break.
25' Dortmund have a real challenge on their hands to get back into the game. The German outfit have been far too open at the back.
M. Hitz
Own Goal
23' GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! HITZ NUDGES THE BALL INTO HIS OWN NET!!! 2-0 LAZIO!!! The Italian side double their advantage as Hitz can only nudge Luiz Felipe's header into his own net. Luis Alberto puts his corner from the left flank on the money for the Brazilian to attack. He rises above Hummels and heads towards goal. Hitz tries to react, but can only guide the ball over the goalline.
22' CORREA HAS TO SCORE!!! Luis Alberto sends a offload behind the Dortmund defence and Hummels fails to make the interception. Correa pounces on the mistake and only has Hitz to beat, but he sees his effort saved by the keeper.
21' SAVE! Guerreiro latches on to an offload from Meunier and surges forward into the box. He keeps his feet under pressure from Acerbi, but he can only send a tame effort straight at Strakosha.
18' Dortmund are having real issues keeping possession. The pressure from Lazio has not been overwhelming - the German outfit have been very sloppy with their distribution.
16' BLOCK! Milinkovic-Savic slides a pass through to Immobile, who again shapes to shoot, but Hummels gets across to produce a vital block.
16' Guerreiro loses possession in his own half and Correa breaks forward. He tries to pick out Immobile through the middle, but the ball travels through to the hands of Hitz. Close for the home side.
15' SAVE! Patric releases the run of Immobile in the right inside channel. The Italian powers a strike at goal on his right foot, but Hitz reads the danger and produces a solid stop.
14' The Biancocelesti break with numbers at the Dortmund defence. Luis Alberto looks to thread a pass into the feet of Immobile, but Hummels is back to make the interception.
12' SAVE! Sancho lifts the resulting corner into the box and Piszczek attacks the cross with a header, but Strakosha reads the danger to turn it over the bar.
10' Meunier and Sancho combine down the right flank, and the former wins a corner off the legs of Lucas. 
8' Bellingham brings down Lucas in the middle of the park. It has been a tough start to the game for the Englishman.
J. Correa
6' Correa collects Lucas' offload and picks out Immobile in the box to score.
C. Immobile
6' GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! IMMOBILE PUTS LAZIO AHEAD!!!! 1-0!! The Italian slots his strike past Hitz from close range, punishing the German outfit for losing possession at the back. Bellingham is closed down by Lucas and it allows Correa to slide a pass into the feet of Immobile in the box. He takes a touch before lifting his left-footed effort away from Hitz into the back of the net.
5' Luis Alberto feeds Fares in space down the left flank, but the wing-back gets his delivery all wrong sending his cross behind for a goal-kick.
5' Milinkovic-Savic tries to turn in the box, but he gets crowded out by yellow shirts before he can threaten.
3' Hitz has to be alert at the other end of the pitch to head clear from Immobile as he attempts to latch on to a long ball. The Dortmund keeper clears with his head into touch.
2' A long ball over the top from Guerreiro almost makes its way through to Haaland, but it skips away from the forward and into the hands of Strakosha.
1' We're underway at the Stadio Olimpico.
Lazio and Borussia Dortmund have only met twice previously, with Dortmund eliminating Lazio over two legs in the 1994/95 UEFA Cup quarter-final (0-1, 2-0).
Dortmund have made five changes to their side from their win over Hoffenheim. Haaland starts in the final third alongside Reus, replacing Brandt and Reyna. Bellingham becomes the youngest English player to start a Champions League game as he slots into the midfield for Dahoud. Delaney and Guerreiro start on the left flank.
Inzaghi has made four changes to his side that was beaten last time out by Sampdoria. Hoedt drops out of the side to the bench and is replace by Felipe in the backline. Parolo and Anderson are also withdrawn as Marusic and Fares operate on the flanks. Immobile replaces Caicedo alongside Correa.
BORUSSIA DORTMUND SUBS: Roman Burki, Mateu Morey, Mahmoud Dahoud, Julian Brandt, Reinier, Luca Unbehaun, Felix Passlack, Giovanni Reyna, Ansgar Knauff, Tobias Raschl, Dominik Wanner.
BORUSSIA DORTMUND (3-4-3): Marwin Hitz; Lukasz Piszczek, Mats Hummels, Thomas Delaney; Thomas Meunier, Jude Bellingham, Axel Witsel, Raphael Guerreiro; Jadon Sancho, Erling Haaland, Marco Reus.
LAZIO SUBS: Djavan Anderson, Nicolo Armini, Wesley Hoedt, Marco Parolo, Gonzalo Escalante, Felipe Caicedo, Pepe Reina, Szymon Czyz, Marco Alia, Jean-Daniel Akpa-Akpro, Vedat Muriqi.
LAZIO (3-5-2): Thomas Strakosha; Patric, Luiz Felipe, Francesco Acerbi; Adam Marusic, Sergei Milinkovic-Savic, Lucas Leiva, Luis Alberto, Mohamed Fares; Joaquin Correa, Ciro Immobile.
Borussia Dortmund are Champions League stalwarts embarking on their ninth-straight season in the competition. They were knocked out in the round of 16 last term, losing out at the hands of Paris Saint-Germain. Lucien Favre will be looking for a stronger surge from his team this time around. Die Schwarzgelben have enjoyed a good start to the season, winning three of their opening four matches in the Bundesliga, including a 1-0 triumph over Hoffenheim last time out.
Lazio return to the Champions League group stage for the first time since 2007. Simone Inzaghi's men finished fourth in Serie A last term to qualify for a passage through to the group stage and will be determined to make their mark. Lazio have not enjoyed a great start to the current term, taking only four points from their opening four matches in Serie A. They're winless in three games and were beaten 3-0 by Sampdoria last time out. The Biancocelesti need a response tonight.
Good evening and welcome to the live commentary of the Champions League F clash between Lazio and Borussia Dortmund at the Stadio Olimpico.
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