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90' + 2'
G. Higuaín
M. Pjanić
1 - 1
J. Cuadrado
Yellow Card
A. Acquah
Yellow 2nd/RC
P. Dybala
Yellow Card
A. Ljajić
0 - 1

Match Stats

61% 38%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 5 2
Total Passes 544 353
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Juventus JUV Juventus 38 29 4 5 77 27 +50 91 W W L D D
2 Roma ROM Roma 38 28 3 7 90 38 +52 87 W W W W L
3 Napoli NAP Napoli 38 26 8 4 94 39 +55 86 W W W W W
4 Atalanta ATA Atalanta 38 21 9 8 62 41 +21 72 W W D D D
5 Lazio LAZ Lazio 38 21 7 10 74 51 +23 70 L L L W W
6 Milan MIL Milan 38 18 9 11 57 45 +12 63 L W D L D
7 Internazionale INT Internazionale 38 19 5 14 72 49 +23 62 W W L L L
8 Fiorentina FIO Fiorentina 38 16 12 10 63 57 +6 60 D L W D L
9 Torino TOR Torino 38 13 14 11 71 66 +5 53 W L L D D
10 Sassuolo SAS Sassuolo 38 14 7 17 60 61 -1 49 L W W D W
11 Sampdoria SAM Sampdoria 38 12 12 14 49 55 -6 48 L D D L D
12 Cagliari CAG Cagliari 38 14 5 19 55 76 -21 47 W L W L W
13 Udinese UDI Udinese 38 12 9 17 47 56 -9 45 L D L D L
14 Chievo CHI Chievo 38 12 7 19 43 61 -18 43 L L D D W
15 Bologna BOL Bologna 38 11 8 19 40 58 -18 41 L L W L W
16 Genoa GEN Genoa 38 9 9 20 38 64 -26 36 L W L W L
17 Crotone CRO Crotone 38 9 7 22 34 58 -24 34 W L W W D
18 Empoli EMP Empoli 38 8 8 22 29 61 -32 32 L L L W L
19 Palermo PAL Palermo 38 6 8 24 33 77 -44 26 W L W D W
20 Pescara PES Pescara 38 2 9 27 35 83 -48 15 D W L L L


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What a crazy end to the game that was! Juventus had performed poorly for most of the night but, when it mattered most, managed to dig themselves out of a deep hole. Higuain (who else?) was the man of the moment, and finally beat Hart with an excellent low strike that left the goalkeeper with no choice. Torino will feel incredibly frustrated at having to leave with just one point, especially after Acquah received a red card under controversial circumstances.
Ball after ball is flung into the Torino penalty area as the home side desperately try to find a late winner, but the visitors, who look shaken after conceding so late on, are just about able to deal with the danger. Can Juventus carve out one last chance on goal or will that be that?
G. Higuaín
GOAL! Juventus have equalised late on! Torino's back line is finally broken after being put under plenty of pressure. Pjanic picks out Higuain on the edge of the penalty area, and the Argentine spins before shooting. The strike is beautifully hit and flies into the bottom left-hand corner of the net, just a yard or so past the outstretched arm of Hart.
M. Pjanić
Assist Miralem Pjanić
Iturbe breaks towards the Juventus penalty area after another one of the hosts' attacks fails to result in a chance on goal, and he's clumsily brought down from behind by Mandzukic, resulting in a free-kick for Torino in a promising position. It's wasted by Iturbe, however, as his strike sails high over the top of the crossbar.
The fourth official has indicated that there will be four minutes of added time.
It's now or never for Juventus, who are throwing every available body forward in search of an equaliser. Their attacking moves are lacking the speed and creativity needed to trouble Torino, however, and the visitors are doing well to keep them at bay.
Almost an own-goal by Luca Rossettini! A curling cross into the heart of the Torino penalty area isn't dealt with by Hart, who charges out but completely misses the ball. It instead deflects off the head of Rossettini, who sends it sailing a few yards over the top of his own crossbar.
Juventus push forward on another determined attack, but, once again, they're unable to turn possession into a chance on goal. Torino do well to deal with the danger and then break away through Belotti, who heads down the left wing and then holds up the ball as he tries to run down the clock.
J. Iturbe
Iago Falqué
Juan Iturbe has come on to replace Falque for the final seven minutes of the game.
Wild strike by Asamoah! Cuadrado showcases fancy footwork as he weaves into the penalty area and sets up Mandzukic. The Croatian quickly pokes the ball back to Asamoah, who shoots from the edge of the box, but his effort is poor and sails high and wide of the goal.
Higuain charges into the Torino penalty area as he tries to get a shot away, but he's unable to get the better of the visitors' hard-working back line. He loses out to Moretti, who is then barged to the ground by Lichtsteiner and wins a free-kick for his side that, understandably, they take their time with.
Alex Sandro
P. Dybala
Dybala has a worrying look on his face as he makes way for Alex Sandro. It seems he may have felt a slight twinge.
Pjanic gets himself into a good position just outside of the Torino penalty area, but instead of shooting he decides to tee up Higuain. The striker has his back to goal and spins quickly before trying to find Lichtsteiner, but his pass is poor and rolls harmlessly out for a goal-kick.
What a chance for Bonucci! A low cross is drilled into the heart of the penalty area by Pjanic and picks out Bonucci all alone in front of goal. The defender sticks out a foot and makes contact with the ball, but he can only poke his close-range shot straight into the hands of Hart.
J. Cuadrado
Yellow Card
A poor pass from Bonucci fails to find a team-mate and is instead cut out by Belotti, who then bursts forward. The striker isn't able to get far, however, as Cuadrado cynically brings him down from behind and earns himself a yellow card.
J. Obi
D. Baselli
Baselli, who has put in a fantastic shift this evening, seems to have picked up an injury and is forced off to be replaced by Joel Obi.
And now Higuain goes close! A high ball into the box finds Mandzukic, who battles hard with his marker before nodding the ball down to Higuain. With his back to goal, the Argentine tries to spin and shoot, but he's closed down by a group of defenders and the ball ends up rolling into the hands of Hart.
Huge interception by Moretti! Higuain slips into the left-hand side of the Torino penalty area before fizzing a lovely pass across the face of goal. It looks set to find Dybala in front of goal, but Moretti is there to cut out the danger at the vital moment.
Another Juventus attacking move fails to result in a decent chance on goal, allowing Torino to counter quickly. Benassi darts down the right wing and gets himself into a good position, but his curling cross into the penalty area is poor and sails over the head of every one inside the box.
M. Pjanić
T. Rincón
Rincon has made way for Miralem Pjanic in another attack-minded move by Massimiliano Allegri.
What a miss by Khedira! A lovely cross from Lichtsteiner sails into the Torino box and finds Mandzukic. The Croatian nods the ball down to Dybala, who then moves it on to Khedira, but, despite being completely unmarked in front of goal, the German somehow skies his first-time volley high over the top of the crossbar.
Space opens up for Baselli, who charges through the middle of the pitch on an excellent run. He does well to reach the Juventus penalty area and then unleashes a thumping strike, but it's well saved by Neto, who dives low to his left.
Juventus pile plenty of bodies forward as they try to carve out a chance on goal, and they do well to win themselves a corner. It's swung into the heart of the penalty area and towards Bonucci, but Hart is there to cut out the danger with a smart take.
M. Benassi
L. Boyé
Torino have made a switch, with Marco Benassi coming on to replace Boye.
Huge opportunity for Rincon! A lofted ball forward finds Bonucci, who then nods the ball over to Rincon at the far post. The Venezuelan rises high and beats his marker in the air, but he can't hit the target with his towering header and sends it just wide of the far post.
Torino immediately drop deep into their own half of the pitch as they try to hold on to their narrow lead. They're able to win back possession quickly, however, before a lofted pass is thumped towards Belotti. The striker can't reach the ball though, and it sails through to Neto.
Sinisa Mihajlovic was absolutely fuming with the decision to show Acquah a red card, and he made his feelings known to the referee and fourth official. As a result, he's been sent to the stands.
RED CARD! Acquah flies into Mandzukic and seems to win the ball cleanly, despite the Croatian flying to the ground. The referee doesn't agree, however, and he quickly shows the midfielder a second yellow card that results in an almighty fracas taking place.
G. Higuaín
S. Sturaro
Juventus have made an attacking alteration as they try to find a way back into the game. Sturaro, who has had a disappointing evening, has made way for Gonzalo Higuain.
Big chance for Mandzukic to equalise! Sami Khedira charges towards the Torino box on a great run before threading a clever pass into the penalty area and towards Mandzukic. The striker meets it well and then shoots towards the bottom left-hand corner of the net, but his effort ends up rolling the wrong side of the post.
P. Dybala
Yellow Card
Yellow card Paulo Bruno Dybala
A. Ljajić
GOAL! What a strike by Ljajic! The Serbian steps up and curls a beautiful strike off the underside of the crossbar and into the back of the net. Neto was left rooted to the spot in the middle of the goal. He had no chance of stopping that!
K. Asamoah
Yellow Card
Asamoah slides into Falque and tries to dispossess the Spaniard, but he ends up handling the ball whilst on the ground and concedes a free-kick in an incredibly dangerous position just outside of the penalty area.
Juventus desperately move the ball around on the edge of the Torino box before it finally falls to Mandzukic. The Croatian takes a quick touch and then shoots, but his snatched effort is poor and fails to trouble Hart.
Zappacosta gets himself into a good position deep down the right wing and then cuts inside towards the Juventus penalty area, but, not for the first time tonight, Rincon is there to cut out the danger.
We're underway once again!
The two teams are making their way back out on to the pitch ahead of the start of the second half. Neither side have made any substitutions during the half-time break.
It was a bit of a frustrating first half for Juventus, who were on the front foot for most of the period but couldn't seem to find a way past Hart. Benatia went close with a bullet header that hit the crossbar before Dybala forced the Englishman into making a smart save, but, either side of that, they didn't do enough to find that all-important opening goal.
Ljajic goes close! The Serbian, who has struggled to get into the game so far, twists and turns on the edge of the Juventus box before firing a lovely curling shot past Neto and just over the top of the crossbar. That was arguably Torino's best chance of the evening.
The fourth official has indicated that there will be just one minute of added time.
The resulting corner fails to result in a chance on goal before Cuadrado unleashes a rocket of a strike from 30 yards out. It isn't hit well enough to trouble Hart, however, and the goalkeeper can watch it fly comfortably wide of the goal.
Wonderful save by Hart! Dybala and Mandzukic link up brilliantly before the Argentine darts into the penalty area and takes on Hart, but the goalkeeper comes out on top with an excellent save at the near post.
C. Molinaro
Yellow Card
Cuadrado picks up the ball on the halfway line and quickly tries to spin round Cristian Molinaro, but he's cynically dragged to the ground by the full-back, resulting the referee getting out his yellow card once again.
Torino have certainly grown into the game and are doing well to limit Juventus' chances on goal. They've also started to find more joy when they're able to push forward, with Zappacosta doing particularly well deep down the right wing.
Almost a golden opportunity for Benatia! A lovely cross is curled into the Torino penalty area and bounces over to the far post, where Benatia sticks out a foot but can't make contact with the ball, despite his best efforts.
A. Acquah
Yellow Card
Dybala twists and turns as he weaves his way into Torino half of the pitch. He's brought down from behind by Afriyie Acquah and holds his face despite being pulled by the collar, and he wins his side a free-kick in a dangerous position as a result.
Kwadwo Asamoah is put under pressure by Zappacosta deep down the right flank and is forced into knocking the ball out for a corner. The set-piece is swung in and finds Belotti, who can only fire the ball behind him and away from goal.
Torino find it difficult to break through Juventus' hard-working midfield and instead try to find Belotti with a lofted pass forward. It fails to pick out the striker though, as, once again, Lichtsteiner dives in the way to cut out the danger.
Chance for Belotti! Zappacosta charges down the right flank and gets himself into a good position before swinging a cross towards Belotti at the near post, but the striker is put off by Bonucci and can only fire his first-time effort wide.
The corner is punched away by Hart and results in a quick counter-attack for Torino. Ljajic charges down the left wing on a great run before trying to beat Rincon on the edge of the penalty area, but the Venezuelan comes out on top with an excellent sliding tackle at the vital moment.
Cuadrado causes problems deep down the right wing once again before being fouled by Daniele Baselli, who isn't happy with the decision after seemingly managing to make contact with the ball. Dybala sends the free-kick over to Lichtsteiner, who then unleashes a thumping strike from the edge of the box, but Hart is there to parry the effort out for a corner.
Lovely play by Juventus! Dybala sets up Cuadrado with a little flick, and the Colombian then swings a beautiful cross into the heart of the Torino box. It flies towards Mario Mandzukic and finds the Croatian's outstretched foot, but his close-range volleyed effort takes a deflection that sends it just inches over the top of the crossbar.
A great cross is fired in from the left flank by Boye and picks out Falque on the edge of the penalty area. The Spaniard is in a good position and quickly unleashes a shot, but, slightly off balance, he can only send it well wide of its intended target.
Not far away from Lichtsteiner! The full-back links up nicely with Cuadrado deep down the right flank before whipping a cross-cum-shot towards the far post. It beats Hart and sails towards the roof of the net, but there's slightly too much power behind the unintended effort and sails just over the top of the crossbar.
Ouch! Lichtsteiner tries to clear the danger from the right wing and is caught on the top of the foot by Boye, sending the Switzerland international crashing to the ground. The Juventus players aren't happy with the challenge but the referee isn't particularly interested, and he initially allows play to go on before given both players a talking to.
Torino enjoy a good spell of possession as they try to put Juventus under a rare bit of pressure. Zappacosta gets himself into a decent position out wide and then quickly whips a cross into the box, where it's well thumped away by Benatia.
Chance for Stefano Sturaro! A lofted pass forward isn't dealt with well enough by the Torino defenders and bounces down to Sturaro, who then unleashes a thumping half-volley from the edge of the box that sails not far wide of the near post.
Mehdi Benatia hits the crossbar! A curling corner swings into the middle of the Torino penalty area and finds Benatia all alone. The defender meets it well and sends a bullet header towards goal, but it smashes off the woodwork after beating Joe Hart. The ball then bounces down to Bonucci, who unleashes a rocket of a strike from close range that, somehow, clears the goal.
No, they can't. Dybala steps up and unleashes a curling strike, but it's slightly underhit and flies into the wall of Torino players camped just in front of him.
E. Moretti
Yellow Card
Moretti seems to deliberately handle the ball just a few yards outside of the Torino box, resulting in a yellow card for the defender and a free-kick for Juventus in a very dangerous position. Can they make it count?
Andrea Belotti is presented with his first opportunity to test Neto after he picks up a loose, bouncing ball just outside of the Juventus box, but his thumping volleyed strike is fired comfortably wide of the near post.
Almost a great chance for Bonucci! Dybala swings a beautiful cross into the middle of the box and towards Bonucci, who is completely unmarked in front of goal, but the centre-back seems to be put off by Rincon and misses the ball by the narrowest of margins.
Juan Cuadrado holds up the ball deep down the right flank before spinning and finding Lichtsteiner. The full-back takes a quick touch before swinging a dangerous cross into the heart of the penalty area, but it's cut out by Emiliano Moretti and he has to settle for a corner.
Torino enjoy a decent spell of possession as they try to carve out an early chance on goal, but another hopeful ball fails to pick out a team-mate deep inside the Juventus half of the pitch and is easily cut out by Lichtsteiner.
Boye gets himself into a good position just outside of the Juventus box before he tries to poke a pass over towards Adam Ljajic, but the ball is slightly overhit and can only reach the feet of Lichtsteiner.
Iago Falque showcases fancy footwork midway down the right wing as he darts into the Juventus half of the pitch. He then cuts inside and fires a cross-field pass over towards Lucas Boye, who's beaten to the ball by Lichtsteiner before he can reach it on the edge of the penalty area.
The second corner is swung into the box by Paulo Dybala and towards Leonardo Bonucci, but it's well defended by the Torino defenders and fails to find the head of the centre-back.
Juventus quickly push forward down the right wing through Stephan Lichtsteiner, who immediately wins an early corner for the home side. It's sent short before Tomas Rincon whips a cross over to the far post, where Davide Zappacosta is just about able to head the ball behind for another corner.
We're off! Juventus get us underway, attacking from left to right.
The two sides are making their way out onto the pitch, with just a few minutes to go until kick-off. The atmosphere inside the stadium is electric, with both sets of fans in fine voice.
Meanwhile, Torino boss Sinisa Mihajlovic has made two alterations to the team that featured in their last outing, with Carlao and Danilo Avelar making way for Emiliano Moretti and Cristian Molinaro, respectively.
Massimiliano Allegri has decided to make eight changes to the Juventus side that started the victory away to Monaco during the week, with only Leonardo Bonucci, Paulo Dybala and Mario Mandzukic retaining their places in a heavily altered line-up.
Torino substitutes: Padelli, Castan, Carlao, Lopez, Benassi, Gustafson, Valdifiori, Iturbe, Obi, Barreca, Lukic, Cucchietti.
Torino XI: Hart; Zappacosta, Rossettini, Moretti, Molinaro; Acquah, Baselli; Falque, Ljajic, Boye; Belotti.
Juventus substitutes: Buffon, Chiellini, Pjanic, Marchisio, Higuain, Sandro, Mattiello, Barzagli, Lemina, Alves, Audero, Mandragora.
Juventus XI (4-2-3-1): Neto; Lichtsteiner, Bonucci, Benatia, Asamoah; Khedira, Rincon; Cuadrado, Dybala, Sturaro; Mandzukic.
There’s just over 15 minutes left to go until kick-off, so let’s have a look at how the two teams will be lining up this evening…
This evening’s clash not only brings together two fierce rivals but also sees two of Serie A’s finest goalscorers battle for supremacy. Andrea Belotti, ever Torino’s saviour in what has been an excellent campaign for the 23-year-old currently leads the way with 25 goals, whilst Gonzalo Higuain, who starts on the substitutes' bench but should feature later, is just behind with 23.
A six-game unbeaten run means that Torino currently sit in ninth place in the table, but with no real chance of catching Milan and grabbing a spot in the Europa League, they’re only playing for pride this evening. With just one win from the last 22 meetings between the two sides, the Granata would certainly love to rain on their rivals’ parade with a first ever victory at the Juventus Stadium.
Today’s hosts have one foot in the final of the Champions League thanks to Wednesday evening's 2-0 win away to Monaco, and their seven-point lead at the top of the table has allowed Massimiliano Allegri to rest a few weary legs as he tries to do battle on two fronts. The likes of Gonzalo Higuain, Claudio Marchisio and Giorgio Chiellini have made way for today’s clash, with their boss seemingly having one eye on Tuesday’s second leg.
Juventus head into today’s big clash needing just four points to secure a sixth consecutive Serie A title, and a win against their local rivals will all but end Roma and Napoli's slim chances of catching them. The Bianconeri have been in fantastic form recently, and they’ll be confident that they can leave with another victory against Torino as they edge ever closer to yet another league triumph.
Good evening and welcome to our live text commentary of today’s Derby della Mole at the Juventus Stadium.