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A. Candreva
Adrien Silva
3 - 2
M. Locatelli
D. Kulusevski
3 - 1
M. Yoshida
A. Candreva
2 - 1
L. Bonucci
Penalty Goal
2 - 0
P. Dybala
M. Locatelli
1 - 0

Match Stats

50% 49%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 6 3
Total Passes 463 453
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Milan MIL Milan 38 26 8 4 69 31 +38 86 W W W W W
2 Internazionale INT Internazionale 38 25 9 4 84 32 +52 84 W W W W L
3 Napoli NAP Napoli 38 24 7 7 74 31 +43 79 W W W W L
4 Juventus JUV Juventus 38 20 10 8 57 37 +20 70 L D L W W
5 Lazio LAZ Lazio 38 18 10 10 77 58 +19 64 D D W W L
6 Roma ROM Roma 38 18 9 11 59 43 +16 63 W D L D L
7 Fiorentina FIO Fiorentina 38 19 5 14 59 51 +8 62 W L W L L
8 Atalanta ATA Atalanta 38 16 11 11 65 48 +17 59 L L W D D
9 Hellas Verona VER Hellas Verona 38 14 11 13 65 59 +6 53 D L L W D
10 Torino TOR Torino 38 13 11 14 46 41 +5 50 L W L W D
11 Sassuolo SAS Sassuolo 38 13 11 14 64 66 -2 50 L W D L L
12 Udinese UDI Udinese 38 11 14 13 61 58 +3 47 W L D L W
13 Bologna BOL Bologna 38 12 10 16 44 55 -11 46 W L L D W
14 Empoli EMP Empoli 38 10 11 17 50 70 -20 41 W D L L W
15 Sampdoria SAM Sampdoria 38 10 6 22 46 63 -17 36 L W L W D
16 Spezia SPE Spezia 38 10 6 22 41 71 -30 36 L W L L L
17 Salernitana SAL Salernitana 38 7 10 21 33 78 -45 31 L D D W D
18 Cagliari CAG Cagliari 38 6 12 20 34 68 -34 30 D L D L L
19 Genoa GEN Genoa 38 4 16 18 27 60 -33 28 L L W L W
20 Venezia VEN Venezia 38 6 9 23 34 69 -35 27 D D W L L


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UEFA Europa League
UEFA Conference League Qualifiers


That's all for today, goodbye!
That's Juventus' first home win of the season and it moves them up to ninth in the table. Their attention turns to the Champions League now though as they host Chelsea on Wednesday. D'Aversa will be hoping Sampdoria can get back to winning ways against Udinese next time out.
Juventus hold on to beat Sampdoria 3-2. Dybala broke the deadlock early on when he picked out the bottom corner before Bonucci doubled their lead from the penalty spot. Sampdoria pulled one back through Yoshida's header just before the break. Locatelli restored their two-goal cushion when he slotted into an empty net and Sampdoria closed the gap again through Candreva's goal, but the visitors couldn't find a late equaliser.
90' + 3' Damsgaard makes a good interception on the halfway line and tries to quickly set his side on the counter. He slides it through to Torregrossa, but he set off too early and the flag goes up against him.
90' + 1' Into four minutes of added time here and Sampdoria are on the attack again. Silva whips in a cross from the left, but he can't beat the first man and Chiellini hooks it away.
89' Sampdoria are moving the ball around a lot quicker now to try and find a late equaliser, but that's resulting in some sloppy play. Ramsey intercepts Augello's pass before teeing up Locatelli, but he fires his effort high over the bar.
K. Askildsen
M. Thorsby
87' Final change for Sampdoria now as Thorsby makes way for Askildsen.
M. Kean
Yellow Card
86' Kean tries to block Bereszynski from making a clearance but gets there late and catches him with his studs. He's booked for the challenge.
L. Bonucci
Yellow Card
84' Bonucci clips the back of Silva's heels and picks up a yellow card.
Adrien Silva
83' Silva isn't closed down by any of the Juventus defenders and gets his head up to spot Candreva's late run into the area.
A. Candreva
83' CANDREVA SCORES! Juventus think they should have a free-kick, but the referee says it wasn't a foul and allows Sampdoria to continue. Silva pulls the ball back on the left, and it's behind Quaglirella, but Candreva is following it in and slots it into the bottom corner. 3-2!
W. McKennie
R. Bentancur
82' Bentancur is also making way, with McKennie on in his place.
M. Kean
Álvaro Morata
82' Final changes for Juventus now and Morata was just feeling his hamstring after taking that last shot, so he's taken off and replaced by Kean.
80' CHANCE! Ramsey breaks quickly on the counter and cuts inside before picking out Morata on the edge of the box with the outside of his boot. His first touch takes him around Colley, but he curls his shot wide of the far post.
78' Sampdoria are keeping Juventus penned back deep in their own half at the moment, but the visitors are struggling to get the ball into the box. Candreva tries to lift it into Quagliarella, but this one is cut out by De Ligt.
76' It's a brilliant cross into the box from Silva on the left after he pills away from Cuadrado and he's looking for Torregrossa in the middle. Chiellini just beats him to it though and then wins a free-kick when the substitute crashes into him.
74' GOOD SAVE! Bentancur wrongfoots Colley by dummying a shot on the edge of the box before cutting inside to get into a better position. He fires a shot down the middle, and Audero sticks out an arm to send it over the bar.
72' Kulusevski tries to break on the counter for Juventus, but Yoshida makes a good interception. He plays a good throughball into Torregrossa on the edge of the box, who lets it run thinking Quaglirella is behind him, and it's straight into Perin's gloves.
E. Torregrossa
F. Caputo
70' There's another change for Sampdoria now as well, with Torregrossa coming on to replace Caputo.
A. Ramsey
F. Bernardeschi
70' Ramsey is also coming on, as Bernardeschi makes way for him.
G. Chiellini
F. Chiesa
70' There's a double change for Juventus now which is going to bring a change in formation to three at the back as Chiellini comes on in place of Chiesa.
68' Candreva knocks it into Caputo on the edge of the box and he picks out Quaglirella with a lovely backheel flick. His first touch lets him down though and Juventus are able to get back to clear the danger.
J. Cuadrado
Yellow Card
66' It's a poor challenge from Cuadrado as he slides in late on the back of Damsgaard, and he's shown a yellow card.
65' Audero goes for a more direct route to goal this time, with Thorsby flicking it on to Quagliarella. He plays a one-two with Candreva to open up a pocket of space, but then gifts the ball to De Ligt when he tries to pick out Caputo.
63' Cuadrado has two Sampdoria defenders tight to him and initially, he does well to get away from them with some clever footwork. He overdoes it in the end though, tripping over himself and the visitors clear their lines.
61' Sampdoria are looking a bit nervous at the back after Yoshida tracked back towards his own goal and played a short pass into Audero. The keeper sweeps it clear, but only to Chiesa, and Silva has to quickly get across and block his route into the box.
M. Damsgaard
F. Depaoli
59' And Damsgaard is being brought on in place of Depaoli.
Adrien Silva
A. Ekdal
59' Ekdal is also being taken off, with Silva replacing him.
T. Augello
N. Murru
59' There's a triple change here for Sampdoria, with Murru the first to make way for Augello.
D. Kulusevski
57' Kulusevski has a lot of space down the left and his run is what draws Audero out of his goal which is when he pulls it back to set up Locatelli.
M. Locatelli
57' LOCATELLI SCORES! He started the move with a good scoop over the defender for Chiesa, but when he can't get a shot away, Kulusevski keeps it alive. The keeper rushes out to the substitute, so Locatelli is left with an open net to aim for when it's laid off to him and he makes it 3-1 to Juve!
55' It's a great bit of link-up play between Cuadrado and Kulusevski down the right until the right-back overhits the pass into him. He manages to poke it out to Alex Sandro on the edge of the box, but his shot is always heading wide of the far post.
R. Bentancur
Yellow Card
53' Bentancur drags the back of Colley's shirt to stop him from getting away and has his name taken by the referee.
52' Bonucci's first-half penalty was the first spot-kick he has taken and converted in Serie A.
50' Quagliarella holds off Locatelli long enough to turn and curl a cross into the edge of the box. Bonucci half-clears it in front of Caputo, getting it as far as Thorsby, but his throughball is overhit straight out of play.
48' Kulusevski makes another brilliant driving run down the right before cutting inside, and he unselfishly tries to tee up Chiesa. Yoshida gets back just in time to intercept it though.
46' Juventus get us back underway for the second half!
Allegri will be pleased with the majority of his side's first-half performance as they've looked in control, but he'll be hoping they can seal the win early on. Sampdoria finished the half strongly and if they can keep that momentum going after the break, they look like they could cause Juventus some real problems.
Juventus lead Sampdoria 2-1 at half-time. The hosts started brightly, with Dybala giving them an early lead when his low shot swerved past Audero before he was forced off with an injury. Morata forced a couple of good saves out of Audero, but Bonucci doubled their lead from the spot after Murru's handball. Yoshida pulled one back less than two minutes later though when he nodded in Candreva's cross just before the break.
A. Ekdal
Yellow Card
45' + 2' It's a clumsy one from Ekdal as he slides into the back of Morata which earns him a yellow card.
45' + 1' Juventus are pushing to try and regain their two-goal cushion, but Sampdoria aren't giving them any time on the ball at the moment. Morata spins away from Thorsby but then runs into Colley before he can get a shot away.
A. Candreva
44' Candreva took the corner short this time to get a better angle for the cross and he whips a brilliant ball into the area for Yoshida.
M. Yoshida
44' YOSHIDA SCORES! Less than two minutes after Juventus doubled their lead, Yoshida has pulled one back. The corner is whipped in by Candreva and the defender rises highest to get on the end of it. He thumps his header past Perin and into the back of the net. After a quick VAR check, it stands! 2-1!
L. Bonucci
Penalty Goal
43' BONUCCI SCORES! It's the captain that steps up to the spot to take the penalty and he coolly slots it into the back of the net. He sends Audero the wrong way and places his effort into the bottom left corner to make it 2-0 Juve!
N. Murru
Yellow Card
41' Murru has been a yellow card for handball.
41' PENALTY TO JUVENTUS! The referee spotted that Chiesa's shot hit Murru's arm when the left-back blocked the shot. It hit his outstretched arm despite him trying to block it with his torso and a penalty is given.
40' Still, Juventus comfortably keep possession before Bonucci slides it through to Kulusevski. He's dragged back but still manages to pick out Chiesa, only for his shot to be blocked by Murru.
38' Cuadrado has stayed down after a collision with Murru and he looks to be in a lot of pain after landing heavily on his hip. The medical team are on to give him treatment and he looks like he'll be able to carry on after being helped back to his feet.
36' Dybala has now scored eight goals against Sampdoria in his career, only netting more against Udinese in Serie A (nine).
34' It's patient play from the hosts as they try to open up some space in behind Sampdoria's compact defence. Locatelli is looking for Morata through the middle, but it's intercepted by Yoshida.
32' Another loose pass from Sampdoria, this time from Depaoli, gifts possession back to Juventus and Bentancur breaks forward through the middle. He switches it to Alex Sandro, but tugs back Thorsby in the process to give away a free-kick.
30' Sampdoria just can't keep hold of the ball at the moment, and their frustration is starting to show. Candreva is closed down by two Juventus defenders when he tries to drive down the left and he ends up knocking it out of play.
M. Thorsby
Yellow Card
28' Thorsby goes through the back of Chiesa without getting anywhere near the ball and he's shown the first yellow card of the game.
26' Candreva is caught on the ball by Bentancur and he lays it off to Kulusevski. He drifts away from three Sampdoria defenders to get to the edge of the box where he hits a shot, but it's a poor effort that flies high over the bar.
24' Juventus are still knocking the ball around comfortably here, but they're struggling to get into the final third. Bernardeschi drives forward down the right but ends up running straight into Murru.
D. Kulusevski
P. Dybala
22' Dybala has gone off the field in tears, and it appears he's picked up a muscle injury. He's led straight down the tunnel and Kulusevski is rushed into his kit so he can be brought on.
20' It's a lovely ball over the top from Colley to pick out Quagliarella, who pulls off the back of Cuadrado. He lifts a good cross into the box as well, looking for Caputo, before a very belated offside flag goes up against him.
18' Candreva is allowed to carry the ball a long way as he drifts inside from the left, but there's no one making any runs ahead of him. He eventually lays it off to Caputo, who hits a shot on goal, but it flies high and wide of the near post.
16' Dybala slides it through to Morata on the left of the box and he pulls away from Bereszynski with a clever bit of footwork. It's a tight angle that he takes the shot from and Audero gets a hand to it before reaching for the rebound before Chiesa can pounce on it.
14' SAVE! Juventus are ramping up the pressure now as Bernardeschi slides the ball through to Morata on the left. He cuts into the box, and he's one-on-one with Audero, but he can't slide his effort under the keeper.
12' CLOSE! Juventus break quickly on the counter, with Dybala leading the attack through the middle. He squares it to Chiesa on the edge of the box and he tries to pick out the near bottom corner, but it's just wide.
M. Locatelli
10' As soon as Locatelli sees his shot blocked, he gets his head up and spots Dybala in a better position, before laying it off to him.
P. Dybala
10' DYBALA SCORES! The initial attempt from Locatelli on the edge of the box is blocked, but when it comes back to him, he picks out Dybala. He hits it first time, keeping the shot low, and it swerves away from Audero and into the bottom right corner. 1-0 Juve!
8' Sampdoria are enjoying a good spell of possession here, but they can't find a way forward as everybody for Juventus has dropped deep. Ekdal tries to pick out Quagliarella with a throughball, but it's cut out by Bonucci.
6' Bernardeschi switches play out to Bentancur on the right and he cuts inside before hitting his shot. It's curling towards the far post, but it's well-blocked by Thorsby. Juventus get it back into the box, but Dybala's effort is intercepted as well.
4' There's a half-hearted penalty shout from the home fans after Dybala goes to ground in the box. He ended up running into Colley, who was trying to get back into position, and the referee waves away the claim.
2' Sampdoria have an early corner here which Candreva whips into the near post. Ekdal tries to flick it on and catch out Perin at his near post, but he sends it into the side netting instead.
1' Quagliarella gets the game underway for Sampdoria!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Juventus have gained a point from their last two Serie A home games - they last went three without a victory at the start of the 2015-16 season, also under Allegri.
Roberto D'Aversa makes just three changes from the loss to Napoli on Thursday as he brings in Murru, Depaoli and Ekdal. Augello, Silva and Damsgaard are named on the bench.
Massimiliano Allegri makes six changes to the side that beat Spezia last time out. Perin starts in goal, with Cuadrado, Alex Sandro, Locatelli, Bernardeschi and Morata also coming in. Szczesny, Danilo De Sciglio, McKennie and Kean drop to the bench, while Adrien Rabiot misses out with an ankle knock.
SAMPDORIA SUBS: Kristoffer Askildsen, Simone Trimboli, Adrien Silva, Tommaso Augello, Julian Chabot, Nicola Ravaglia, Radu Dragusin, Alex Ferrari, Wladimiro Falcone, Ernesto Torregrossa, Mikkel Damsgaard, Riccardo Ciervo.
SAMPDORIA STARTING XI (4-4-2): Emil Audero; Bartosz Bereszynski, Maya Yoshida, Omar Colley, Nicola Murru; Fabio Depaoli, Morten Thorsby, Albini Ekdal, Antonio Candreva; Francesco Caputo, Fabio Quagliarella.
JUVENTUS SUBS: Aaron Ramsey, Luca Pellegrini, Dejan Kulusevski, Weston McKennie, Wojciech Szczesny, Daniele Rugani, Moise Kean, Giorgio Chiellini, Danilo, Mattia De Sciglio, Carlo Pinsoglio.
JUVENTUS STARTING XI (4-4-2): Mattia Perin; Juan Cuadrado, Leanardo Bonucci, Matthjis de Ligt, Alex Sandro; Federico Chiesa, Manuel Locatelli, Rodrigo Bentancur, Federico Bernardeschi; Paulo Dybala, Alvaro Morata.
Juventus finally won their first Serie A game of the season last time out against Spezia, coming from behind to earn the victory in the second half. They're now unbeaten in their last three games in all competitions (W2 D1), as they look to turn their form around after a poor start to the season. Sampdoria's first win in the league came last weekend when they beat Empoli 3-0, but that was followed up by a 4-0 thrashing by Napoli on Thursday, which ended their own three-match unbeaten run.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Serie A meeting between Juventus and Sampdoria at the Allianz Stadium!