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90' + 3'
A. Kolarov
Yellow Card
L. Pellegrini
Yellow Card
Alex Sandro
Yellow Card
J. Cuadrado
Yellow Card
M. Benatia
1 - 0

Match Stats

42% 57%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 8 2
Total Passes 382 498
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Juventus JUV Juventus 38 30 5 3 86 24 +62 95 W D W W L
2 Napoli NAP Napoli 38 28 7 3 77 29 +48 91 W W D L W
3 Roma ROM Roma 38 23 8 7 61 28 +33 77 W D W W W
4 Internazionale INT Internazionale 38 20 12 6 66 30 +36 72 W L W L W
5 Lazio LAZ Lazio 38 21 9 8 89 49 +40 72 L D D W W
6 Milan MIL Milan 38 18 10 10 56 42 +14 64 W D W W L
7 Atalanta ATA Atalanta 38 16 12 10 57 39 +18 60 L D D W W
8 Fiorentina FIO Fiorentina 38 16 9 13 54 46 +8 57 L L W W L
9 Torino TOR Torino 38 13 15 10 54 46 +8 54 W W D L L
10 Sampdoria SAM Sampdoria 38 16 6 16 56 60 -4 54 L L L W L
11 Sassuolo SAS Sassuolo 38 11 10 17 29 59 -30 43 L W W L W
12 Genoa GEN Genoa 38 11 8 19 33 43 -10 41 L L L L W
13 Chievo CHI Chievo 38 10 10 18 36 59 -23 40 W W W L L
14 Udinese UDI Udinese 38 12 4 22 48 63 -15 40 W W L D L
15 Bologna BOL Bologna 38 11 6 21 40 52 -12 39 L L L L D
16 Cagliari CAG Cagliari 38 11 6 21 33 61 -28 39 W W L L D
17 SPAL SPA SPAL 38 8 14 16 39 59 -20 38 W L W W L
18 Crotone CRO Crotone 38 9 8 21 40 66 -26 35 L D L W W
19 Hellas Verona VER Hellas Verona 38 7 4 27 30 78 -48 25 L L L L L
20 Benevento BEN Benevento 38 6 3 29 33 84 -51 21 L W L D W


UEFA Champions League
UEFA Europa League


The referee blows his whistle for the final time and brings an end to what was a fantastic game! Both sides battled hard from start to finish, but in the end it was Juventus who always looked like leaving with the win. They went ahead through Benatia and defended diligently from then onwards, denying Roma the opportunity to carve out too many chances on goal. The visitors really should have equalised through Schick late on, but the striker fired his shot straight into Szczesny and failed to capitalise on his side's best opportunity.
Roma are presented with one final opportunity to test the Juventus back line after they manage to win themselves a corner over on the right flank. It's fired into the penalty area but is well cleared by the home side, who look set to pick up three much-needed points. 
What a chance for Schick to equalise late on! The substitute striker breaks through the middle of the Juventus back line after being left all alone. He sprints into the penalty area and only has Szczesny to beat, but he sends his side-footed strike straight at the Polish goalkeeper and it's brilliantly saved.
A. Kolarov
Yellow Card
Kolarov becomes the latest player to be booked for a cynical challenge as Juventus tried to break away from their own half of the pitch.
Pjanic hits the crossbar! An attempted Roma attacking move fails to result in a chance on goal, allowing Juventus to quickly counter-attack. Pjanic bursts through the middle of the pitch on a wonderful run before unleashing a thumping strike from 25 yards out, but it ends up smashing the woodwork after Alisson manages to get a fingertip on the ball. What a goal that would have been!
The fourth official has indicated that there will be five minutes of added time.
The first corner is just about dealt with by the Juventus defence, but it results in another for their opponents. The second set-piece is then fired into the penalty area and over to Perotti, who shoots from the edge of the box but sends his rocket of a shot high over the top of the crossbar.
Excellent chance for Under! A looping cross is launched into the middle of the hosts' box and picks out Dzeko. The Bosnian sends a lovely glancing header over to the far post and towards Under, who manages to get a header away from close range that is knocked behind for a corner by the outstretched legs of Szczesny.
L. Pellegrini
Yellow Card
Pellegrini commits a late challenge midway inside the Juventus half of the pitch as he tries to win the ball back for his side, and he becomes the latest player to be shown a yellow card.
C. Ünder
D. De Rossi
Roma have made another attacking substitution, with De Rossi being replaced by Cengiz Under.
It's all Roma at the moment as they desperately try to find a way back into the game late on. They've certainly caused more problems for Juventus after ramping up the pressure over the last 10 minutes or so, and they seem to have been filled with confidence by Florenzi's shot that hit the crossbar. It's going to be a tense final five minutes.
Kolarov steps up and unleashes a curling cross from the set-piece, but, not for the first time this evening, the Serbian's cross into the penalty area is totally overhit and sails straight into the hands of Szczesny at the far post.
Alex Sandro
Yellow Card
Silva blocks off Schick with an arm as the two battle for the ball and ends up giving away a free-kick in a dangerous position before receiving the game's latest booking.
Florenzi hits the crossbar! A lofted pass forward from De Rossi sails into the heart of the Juventus penalty area and somehow manages to pick out Florenzi. The full-back is all alone and unleashes a first-time half-volley, but it smashes the woodwork after beating the outstretched limbs of Szczesny. That was a huge let off for the home side!
C. Marchisio
B. Matuidi
Matuidi seemed to pull something as he unleashed that last shot, and he's been forced off to be replaced by Claudio Marchisio.
Matuidi goes close! The Frenchman shows great grit and determination as he barges his way through a group of defenders and down the left-hand side of the Roma box. He then unleashes a thumping strike, and it's one that flies just a yard or so wide of the near post before grazing the top of the net.
F. Bernardeschi
J. Cuadrado
Juventus have made their first alteration of the night, with Federico Bernardeschi coming on to take the place of Cuadrado.
Chiellini does well to win back the ball inside the Juventus half of the pitch and immediately embarks on a brilliant run through the sea of Roma players camped in front of him. He somehow manages to make his way towards the penalty area, but he can't quite finish the run with a shot and is dispossessed at the vital moment.
Great defending by Chiellini! Lovely play by Roma deep inside the hosts' half of the pitch sets up Dzeko to muscle his way into the penalty area before trying to shoot from close range, but Chiellini sticks to him like glue and denies the Bosnian a chance to get a shot away.
Dzeko goes close! Juventus aren't able to fully clear the danger after Chiellini can only poke the ball towards a Roma player, allowing Dzeko to get a shot away from just inside the box. It's slightly mishit, however, and Szczesny is able to watch the strike clear the crossbar.
L. Pellegrini
K. Strootman
It's been a tough night for Kevin Strootman, who has been replaced by Lorenzo Pellegrini.
Miralem Pjanic is the latest Juventus player to try and beat Alisson after being able to pick up the ball in a promising position, but his 25-yard strike is well saved by the Brazilian, despite it receiving a nasty deflection on its way towards goal.
Another excellent chance for Higuain to make it 2-0! Juventus are presented with yet another opportunity to extend their lead after being left in a pocket of space in front of goal, but he leans back as he unleashes his shot and fires it high over the top of the crossbar. He really should have buried that!
P. Schick
S. El Shaarawy
Roma have made an attacking alteration as they try to find a way back into the game, with Patrik Schick coming on to replace El Shaarawy.
Excellent save by Alisson! Space opens up for Mandzukic, allowing the Croatian to dart down the left flank and towards the edge of the Roma penalty area. He then fires a low cross towards the near post and into the feet of Matuidi, who immediately shoots but can't quite guide his strike past Alisson at the near post.
Almost another costly mistake by Fazio! Once again, the centre-back gives away the ball on the edge of the visitors' box and allows Higuain to get a shot away. It's well blocked, though, and Roma are able to hold on after shooting themselves in the shoot.
Huge block by De Rossi! Cuadrado charges down the right wing on a marauding run before cutting inside and firing a low pass across the edge of the Roma penalty area. It finds Higuain, who quickly tries to skip into the box and shoot, but De Rossi does really well to dispossess the Argentine with a perfectly timed tackle.
Dzeko and Benatia battle one another once again after the striker initially manages to muscle his way into the left-hand side of the hosts' box, but, once again, the Moroccan does really well to stick to his opponent and is able to win his side a free-kick after being clipped from behind near to the byline.
Almost a great opportunity for Dzeko! Roma have struggled to carve out too many chances on goal, but they did well to cause problems of their own with a cross from deep down the right flank. Florenzi whips in a wonderful ball and goes close to setting up Dzeko, but the Bosnian is put off by Benatia and can't quite make decent contact with the ball.
And now Khedira goes close! Once again, Roma are caught out over on the left wing, allowing a dangerous cross to be fired into the heart of the penalty area. It reaches Khedira, but, with his back to goal, the midfielder can't quite spin and shoot in time before being dispossessed.
What a chance for Higuain to double Juventus' lead! A lofted pass down the left wing causes all sorts of problems for the Roma defence, allowing Mandzukic to cut inside and poke a pass over to Khedira. The German then dinks a lovely ball into the box and towards Higuain, who quickly shoots but, under pressure from Alisson, can only fire his first-time effort a few yards over the crossbar.
J. Cuadrado
Yellow Card
Khedira is able to make his way back onto the pitch and the game gets underway with a Roma attack. Kolarov patiently makes his way down the left flank as he tries to squeeze past Cuadrado, but he's unable to get the better of the Colombian and has to settle for a throw-in near to the corner flag. Cuadrado isn't at all happy with the decision and receives a booking for his complaints.
Juventus have started the second half well, but they've been given a slight concern by what looks to be a knock suffered by Khedira. The German midfielder has gone down off the ball after battling with Fazio earlier, but it looks as if he's going to be able to continue in a few moments.
Great interception by Manolas! Higuain bursts into the right-hand side of the Roma penalty area on a charging run and quickly tries to tee up Mandzukic. His low cross looks set to find the Croatian in front of goal, but Manolas is there to throw his body in the way of the pass at the vital moment.
We're underway once again!
The two teams are making their way back out on to the pitch ahead of the start of the second half. Neither side have made any substitutions during the half-time break.
So far, so good for Juventus, who head into the half-time break a goal up after doing well to frustrate their opponents. Roma have seen plenty of the ball but have struggled to do much with it, as the hosts' opening goal has allowed them to sit back and easily soak up the pressure being put on them. That looks as if it's going to be the case after the break unless the Giallorossi can find a way through the reigning champions' stubborn back line. A goal for the visitors would certainly bring this game back to life.
Roma try to push forward on one final attacking move as they attempt to carve out a rare chance on goal, but they're unable to find a way through the sea of black and white camped in front of them and the referee brings an end to the first half.
Juventus finally win the ball back and string together a decent series of passes. Benatia then carves out a pocket of space for himself 30 yards away from goal and unleashes a thumping strike, but there's far too much power behind the shot and it sails high over the top of the crossbar.
Another attempted Roma attack fails to come to anything, allowing Juventus to try and hit them on a quick counter-attack down the left flank. A thumping pass is sent forward and towards Mandzukic on the halfway line, but the ball fails to pick out the Croatian and the visitors are able to push forward once again.
Kolarov is caught late by Cuadrado once again, presenting Roma with a good opportunity to launch a free-kick into the hmome side's box from deep down the left wing. It's Kolarov who whips the set-piece in, but it's sent too near to Szczesny and is easily collected by the goalkeeper.
Alex Sandro twists and turns over on the left-hand side of the Roma penalty area as he tries to carve out a pocket of space for himself, but he can't quite get away from his marker and has to settle for a corner. It's whipped into the box and towards Benatia, but this time Fazio is just about able to beat the Moroccan to the ball.
Roma are seeing plenty of the ball at the moment, but they're struggling to do much with it. Juventus are sitting back and soaking up the pressure before trying to hit their opponents on quick counter-attacks. The Giallorossi will have to do more if they're to break down the hosts' stubborn back line.
Kolarov is bundled over midway down the left wing, and Roma are awarded another free-kick in a good position. The cross into the box is a poor one but the ball bounces out to Radja Nainggolan, who unleashes an almighty volley that sails several yards wide of the far post.
The corner is easily cleared by Juventus, but Roma quickly push forward on another attacking move. A hopeful ball is fired up towards Dzeko and fails to find the Bosnian, however, allowing Cuadrado to wriggle away and relieve some of the pressure being put on his side.
Dzeko cuts inside from the right flank and darts along the edge of the hosts' penalty area before being clipped from behind by Chiellini, resulting in a free-kick for Roma in an excellent position. Aleksandar Kolarov steps up and shoots, but his curling strike hits the wall and deflects behind for a corner.
Fantastic save by Szczesny! Perotti, who has seen little of the ball so far, is able to sprint down the left wing and into an acre of space just outside of the Juventus box. He then fires a great cross into the heart of the penalty area and towards El Shaarawy, who unleashes a slightly scuffed shot from close-range but can't beat Szczesny.
Higuain is able to carve out a pocket of space for himself just outside of the Roma box, but he can't quite guide his thumping low strike into the bottom right-hand corner of the net and sends it bouncing a few yards wide.
Almost a costly mistake by Fazio! For some strange reason, the defender leaves the ball to roll into the Roma penalty area and towards Alisson. There isn't enough pace on the ball, however, and it's almost picked up by Higuain, but Alisson is just about able to dive in the way to deny the Argentine a chance to shoot. The striker immediately screams for a penalty, but the referee isn't at all interested.
D. De Rossi
Yellow Card
Ouch! De Rossi, who received a stern talking to from the referee earlier in the game, charges into Barzagli and catches the Juventus defender with a high boot, leaving the referee with no choice but to show him the first yellow card of the evening.
De Rossi is clumsily bundled over out wide, resulting in a free-kick for Roma in a promising position. Florenzi's cross into the penalty area is a good one and causes problems for the Juventus back line, but they're just about able to clear the ball after Mandzukic's initial header loops up into the air.
Juventus quickly push forward after winning the ball back from the restart as they put immediate pressure on the Roma back line. They break at pace down the left flank and send a dangerous cross into the box, but the visitors have enough bodies back to deal with the danger.
M. Benatia
GOAL! Juventus have taken the lead! The corner is curled into the middle of the box and perfectly picks out Giorgio Chiellini, who is left all alone by the sleeping Roma defence. The centre-back's bullet header is wonderfully saved by Alisson and Medhi Benatia's immediate follow-up smashes the crossbar, but the Moroccan is then able to blast his second shot past the goalkeeper and into the back of the net.
Brilliant defending by Federico Fazio! A thumping pass forward from Alex Sandro flies over the top of the Roma defence and into the visitors' penalty area. Higuain looks certain to take on Alisson as he charges forward, but Fazio just about manages to get back quickly enough to poke the ball behind for a corner.
Higuain is able to have a first glimpse of the Roma goal after managing to latch onto an early cross from Juan Cuadrado. The Argentine does well to skip in front of Kostas Manolas before sending a glancing header behind him, but Alisson is able to watch the effort bounce comfortably wide of the goal.
Another dangerous ball is flung into the hosts' box and towards a dangerous area. This time it's Dzeko who rises high and manages to make contact with the cross, but he can't make decent contact with the ball and fails to test Wojciech Szczesny.
Audacious effort by Alessandro Florenzi! A lovely looping cross from Edin Dzeko fizzes over to the right-hand side of the Juventus penalty area and picks out Florenzi in a pocket of space. The full-back immediately unleashes a shot, but his first-time volley ends up sailing high and wide of the goal.
Vital interception by De Rossi! Once again, Juventus win the ball back on the halfway line and quickly hit Roma on a swift counter-attack. A lovely touch from Gonzalo Higuain sets up Khedira to burst into the box, but De Rossi charges back and dispossesses the Juventus midfielder before he can do so.
Great chance for Mario Mandzukic! Space opens up for Blaise Matuidi, allowing the Frenchman to dart down the left wing before curling a cross into the middle of the Roma penalty area. Mandzukic rises high above his marker and does really well to latch onto the ball, but he can't quite find the bottom corner of the net with his downward header and sends it a yard or two wide of the post.
More good play by Roma inside the Juventus half of the pitch almost results in Diego Perotti being able to find a way into the hosts' box, but Andrea Barzagli is there to easily barge the forward out of the way before kick-starting another decent counter-attack.
Huge opportunity for Juventus to open the scoring! Roma give the ball away cheaply on the halfway line and the home side counter-attack quickly. Juan Cuadrado bursts towards the box before losing his footing, sending the ball rolling over to Sami Khedira. The German then unleashes a rushed shot, and it's one that rolls comfortably wide of the far post.
After an even start to the game from both sides, it's Roma who push forward on the first attacking move of the game. Stephan El Shaarawy cuts inside from the right wing and tries to latch onto a chipped pass forward from Daniele De Rossi, but he can't quite get a foot on the ball and it bounces behind for a goal-kick.
We're off! Roma get us underway, attacking from right to left.
The two sides are making their way out onto the pitch, with just a few minutes to go until kick-off.
Meanwhile, Roma boss Eusebio Di Francesco has also made two alterations to the team that featured in their last Serie A outing, with Lorenzo Pellegrini and Patrik Schick making way for Kevin Strootman and Stephan El Shaarawy.
Massimiliano Allegri has decided to make two changes to the Juventus side that beat Bologna 3-0 last weekend, with Giorgio Chiellini and Juan Cuadrado coming into the starting line-up to replace Mattia De Sciglio and Douglas Costa.
Roma substitutes: Jesus, Pellegrini, Romagnoli, Schick, Moreno, Under, Gonalons, Peres, Skorupski, Gerson, Emerson, Castan.
Roma XI (4-3-3): Alisson; Florenzi, Manolas, Fazio, Kolarov; Nainggolan, De Rossi, Strootman; El Shaarawy, Dzeko, Perotti.
Juventus substitutes: Marchisio, Dybala, Costa, Pinsoglio, Pjaca, Asamoah, Rugani, Lichtsteiner, Sturaro, Bentancur, Bernardeschi, Loria.
Juventus XI (4-3-3): Szczesny; Barzagli, Benatia, Chiellini, Sandro; Khedira, Pjanic, Matuidi; Cuadrado, Higuain, Mandzukic.
There’s just under 15 minutes left to go until kick-off, so let’s have a look at how the two teams will be lining up this evening…
Roma thoroughly impressed in a 3-1 victory the last time these two sides met in a league game, but it’s now almost eight years since they last won in this part of Turin. Juventus narrowly managed to squeeze past as 1-0 winners on each of the last two games here, with the home team often getting the better of their opponents whenever these two sides do battle.
Tonight’s clash brings together the league’s most potent attack and best defence, with Juventus currently scoring goals for fun while Roma showcase the sort of impressive organisation that has become Eusebio Di Francesco’s trademark style this season. Their confidence was dented slightly during the week, however, as they suffered a frustrating exit from the Coppa Italia at the hands of Torino, removing what was their best shot at silverware.
Roma find themselves in similarly good form, as they head to Turin with just one defeat from their last 14 league games. They were almost held to a goalless draw at home to Cagliari last weekend but just about managing to squeeze past thanks to a last-minute Federico Fazio equaliser, moving them two points behind Inter with two games in hand over the struggling Nerazzurri.
Juventus have suffered a couple of frustrating results this campaign - most notably against Sampdoria little over a month ago - but they’re still impressing near the top of the table, where they’re battling hard to remain just behind Napoli. A fourth win in five Serie A games would move them back to within one point of the current leaders while also opening up a five-point gap over out-of-form Inter heading into Christmas.
Games between these two sides are always incredibly exciting affairs, and this evening’s clash looks as if it’s going to be as heated as ever. Representing two of the four teams with a realistic chance of challenging for this season’s league title, a win for either side could prove to be decisive come the end of the season, especially seeing as former leaders Inter once again dropped points today.
Good evening and welcome to our live text commentary of today’s Serie A game between Juventus and Roma at the Allianz Stadium.