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Cristiano Ronaldo
L. Modrić
1 - 3
1 - 2
M. Mandžukić
G. Higuaín
1 - 1
Cristiano Ronaldo
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Shots On Target 4 5
Total Passes 404 523
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Juventus were uncharacteristically sloppy as they tried to find a way back into the game, resulting in them becoming the first team to concede four goals in a Champions League final since Barcelona in 1994. They'd only let in three in the entirety of the competition before tonight, showing just how poorly they defended against a very good Madrid side.
There it is! Madrid have become the first team to retain the Champions League, and they fully deserve to do so. After having a slightly tough first half, they were utterly brilliant after the break, and from then onwards they were on the front foot throughout. As soon as the third goal went in, it never looked as if they were going to lose.
90' + 4' Bale charges through the middle of the pitch and carves out a bit of space for himself before unleashing an audacious strike, but it's quickly closed down and fails to test Buffon. That should be that for Madrid, who are seconds away from making history.
90' + 2' It's all Madrid at the moment as they continue patiently passing the ball around inside the Juventus half of the pitch. The Italian side have completely given up, allowing their opponents to stroll over the finish line and towards a second consecutive Champions League crown.
Yellow Card
90' + 1' Yellow card Marco Asensio Willemsen
90' The fourth official has indicated that there will be four minutes of added time.
90' Asensio's finish was wonderful, but that goal was all about Marcelo. The Brazilian has been excellent this evening and was brilliant there once again.
90' GOAL! Madrid wrap up an emphatic win! Marcelo cuts inside from the left flank and easily beats his marker before cutting the ball back to Asensio, who is easily able to slot a lovely shot into the bottom right-hand corner of the net to make it 4-1 to his side.
T. Kroos
89' Kroos is showered with applause as he makes his way off the pitch to be replaced by Alvaro Morata for the final few minutes.
88' Juventus are trying their hardest to push forward and carve out a late chance on goal, but they look totally bereft of confidence whenever they're inside the final third of the pitch. It's been a really tough second half for them, making the contest incredibly easy for Madrid.
86' Huge chance for Mandzukic! A swerving cross into the heart of the Madrid penalty area picks out Mandzukic in an acre of space in front of goal, but he gets his jump all wrong and can only send his header away from its intended target.
J. Cuadrado
Yellow 2nd/RC
83' RED CARD! It's all gone wrong for Juventus! Cuadrado pushes past Ramos as he tries to reach the ball and the Spaniard theatrically crashes to the ground. He rolls on the floor holding his foot, and the referee eventually shows Cuadrado a second yellow card. The Colombian isn't at all happy with the centre-back's behaviour there!
82' Isco, who has been excellent tonight, makes way for Marco Asensio.
81' Alex Sandro goes inches away from scoring! Ramos catches Cuadrado deep down the right wing and Juventus are presented with a great opportunity to swing a cross into the Madrid box. It's curled right onto the head of Alex Sandro, whose glancing header bounces just wide of the far post.
80' What a block by Bonucci! Ronaldo steams down the right wing on a brilliant run before firing a low cross into the path of Bale. The Welshman looks set to score with a close-range tap-in, but Bonucci pokes the ball away from him at the last possible moment.
78' A little pull on Isco's shirt by Isco results in a free-kick for Madrid in a promising position 30 yards away from the Juventus goal. Kroos steps up and curls a cross into the penalty area, but it's well defended by the Italian side and doesn't result in a chance for Madrid.
M. Lemina
P. Dybala
78' Meanwhile, Mario Lemina has taken the place of Dybala for Juventus.
G. Bale
K. Benzema
77' Benzema receives a rousing round of applause from the Madrid fans as he makes way for Gareth Bale.
75' Benzema charges into the left-hand side of the Juventus box and does well to latch on to the ball. He can't set up Isco but his pass deflects back to Marcelo, who quickly smashes a 20-yard shot just over the top of the crossbar.
74' Terrible pass by Cuadrado! The Colombian cuts inside from the right flank as Juventus desperately try to carve out a chance on goal, but he ends up sending a truly awful cross away from the penalty area and out for a throw-in.
73' Chance for Ronaldo to wrap up his hat-trick! A fizzing pass across the face of goal from Marcelo picks out Ronaldo, but there's slightly too much power behind it for the Portuguese, who can only blast his first-time strike high over the top of the crossbar.
J. Cuadrado
Yellow Card
72' The referee's yellow card is out once again, and this time it's Cuadrado who receives one after catching Ronaldo from behind with a clumsy sliding challenge.
C. Marchisio
M. Pjanić
70' Juventus have made another substitution, with Pjanic making way for Claudio Marchisio in the middle of the pitch.
Alex Sandro
Yellow Card
70' Alex Sandro receives the ball on the edge of the Madrid penalty area and quickly tries to spin and shoot. He's unable to do so, however, as he's closed down by Varane and eventually loses the ball before fouling the centre-back.
68' Despite being two goals ahead, Madrid are still continuing to push forward in search of more joy. Juventus are remaining deep inside their own half of the pitch and really seem to be lacking in confidence.
J. Cuadrado
A. Barzagli
66' Massimiliano Allegri has decided to make an attacking change as Juventus desperately try to find a way back into the contest. Barzagli has made way for Juan Cuadrado.
M. Pjanić
Yellow Card
66' Pjanic performs a poorly timed challenge inside the Madrid half of the pitch as Juventus try to find a way back into the game and is booked.
L. Modrić
64' Modric did really well to skip down the flank and into a pocket of space, but Juventus should have done much better. Ronaldo was left all alone inside the box after Mandzukic cheaply gave away the ball under pressure.
Cristiano Ronaldo
64' GOAL! It's another for Madrid! Juventus completely fall asleep as Madrid find more joy pushing forward. This time it's Modric who slips down the right wing before firing a cross towards the near post, where Ronaldo easily meets the ball and fires a first-time shot past Buffon.
63' Juventus have really struggled since the start of the second half. They've looked far too negative and have left far too much space available for Madrid inside the final third of the pitch.
61' GOAL! Madrid are back in front! A cross into the Juventus box is deflected out to Casemiro, who immediately unleashes a thumping shot from 30 yards out that finds the bottom left-hand corner of the net after taking a wicked deflection off Khedira.
60' Dani Alves beats Kroos to the ball in the middle of the pitch and tries to kick-start a quick counter-attack for Juventus, but his attempted pass over to Higuain is poor and can only find a purple shirt. It's been a tough few minutes for the Italian side.
59' Juventus are unable to clear the danger fully and allow Madrid to continue bossing possession, but Isco can't hit the target with his 25-yard strike and fires it comfortably wide of the goal.
58' Ronaldo goes close to making it 2-1! Marcelo curls a beautiful ball into the penalty area and over to the far post, where Ronaldo sticks out a foot but can't quite reach the ball ahead of Alex Sandro.
56' An attempted Juventus attack breaks down, allowing Madrid to break forward once again. This time it's Marcelo who shoots from just outside of the box, but his effort swerves a yard or two wide of the near post.
55' Thumping shot by Modric! Madrid move the ball around nicely deep inside the Juventus half of the pitch before Modric tests Buffon with the first opportunity of the second half from 25 yards out, but it's comfortably stopped by the veteran goalkeeper in the middle of the goal.
54' Alex Sandro easily gets the better of Carvajal as he sprints down the left wing and towards the Madrid penalty area, but he undoes all of his good work with a poor pass that rolls straight to Modric.
T. Kroos
Yellow Card
53' Kroos catches Khedira with a late challenge as the two battle for the ball over on the left wing, and the Madrid midfielder becomes the latest player to receive a booking.
51' A poor pass from Higuain can only find Kroos, and Madrid counter quickly. Ronaldo can't turn the move into a chance on goal, however, as a heavy touch gifts possession to Khedira deep inside the Juventus half of the pitch.
49' The resulting set-piece is swung into the penalty area and towards Varane. The centre-back is just about able to beat Bonucci to the ball, but he seems to catch the Juventus man from behind as he does so and gives away a free-kick.
48' Vital tackle by Andrea Barzagli! The defender is initially beaten by Isco as the Spaniard flies into the box on a wonderful run, but just as he's about to shoot, Barzagli sticks out a foot to poke the ball behind for a corner.
47' Ronaldo makes an early run into the left-hand side of the Juventus penalty area and does well to latch on to a bouncing ball. He then pokes it over to Benzema, but Chiellini is there to meet it with his head ahead of the Frenchman.
46' We're underway once again!
The two teams are making their way back out on to the pitch ahead of the start of the second half. Neither side have made any substitutions during the half-time break.
What an excellent first half that was! Juventus have arguably been the better of the two sides so far, but the scoreline remains level thanks to two spectacular goals. Ronaldo opened the scoring first with a lovely finish from the edge of the penalty area before Mandzukic got his side back in the game with a fabulous overhead kick. Since then, the Italian side have remained on the front foot, but Madrid have nonetheless shown plenty of promise when breaking forward.
45' + 2' Modric darts down the right flank as he tries to carve out a bit of space for himself, but he can't get the better of Khedira and has to settle for a corner. It's launched into the penalty area by Carvajal, but Juventus have plenty of bodies back to deal with the danger.
45' + 1' Madrid are starting to see more of the ball now, but they're struggling to do much with it. They're unable to find a way through the sea of Juventus shirts in front of them and Casemiro eventually decides to shoot, but his long-range effort is poorly hit and bounces well wide of the goal.
45' The fourth official has indicated that there will be two minutes of added time.
44' After a quiet period on the back foot, Madrid are finally able to push forward on a decent attacking move. They pass the ball around nicely before Carvajal thumps it in from the right wing, where Ronaldo is easily beaten in the air by Buffon.
Yellow Card
42' The referee's yellow card is out once again, and this time it's Carvajal who's booked after catching Mandzukic from behind as the Croatian tried to power forward.
40' Another dangerous cross into the Madrid box picks out Mandzukic, and this time he can move the ball on to Pjanic. The Bosnian quickly unleashes a thumping strike from 20 yards out, but it's closed down quickly and fails to trouble Navas.
38' Alex Sandro sprints down the left flank before tangling with Carvajal, and Juventus are able to win a corner. It's swung into the penalty area and onto the head of Chiellini, but the defender ends up fouling Ramos as he tries to reach the ball.
37' Another Madrid foul, this time on Pjanic, results in a free-kick for Juventus. This time a curling cross is fired into the box and towards Chiellini, but Ramos does well to beat the centre-back to the ball with a strong header.
35' Dybala darts towards the Madrid penalty area before being caught late by Modric, resulting in a free-kick for Juventus in a dangerous position 25 yards away from goal. Dybala steps up and shoots, but his strike fails to beat the wall of purple shirts camped in front of him.
33' Another massive opportunity for Ronaldo! Isco gets himself into a great position deep down the left wing and then swings a great cross over to the far post, where it finds Ronaldo. He dives towards the ball and makes contact with his head but, somehow, he completely misses his intended target and sends his effort well wide of the goal.
Sergio Ramos
Yellow Card
31' Ramos loses out to Dani Alves and then brings the Brazilian to the floor with another poorly timed challenge, leaving the referee with no choice but to book him.
30' Big chance for Ronaldo! The Portuguese tries to emulate Mandzukic with an overhead kick of his own inside the Juventus penalty area, but it's blocked before it can test Gianluigi Buffon and the Italian side are able to hold on.
29' Madrid try to push forward from the restart as they attempt to find a way back in front, but the attack fails to result in a chance on goal. Dybala then tries to break forward quickly, but Ramos brings him crashing to the ground with a clumsy challenge out wide.
G. Higuaín
27' That was really good play by Higuain to set up Mandzukic. He used his strength well to hold off two Madrid defenders before picking out his team-mate with a clever pass.
M. Mandžukić
27' GOAL! Juventus have equalised! A chipped Sandro cross finds Higuain, who makes excellent contact with the ball before poking it over to Mandzukic. The Croatian controls it with his chest and then pulls off an exquisite overhead kick that beats Navas and finds the top right-hand corner of the net.
26' What a chance for Isco to make it 2-0! Madrid cause problems for Juventus on the counter-attack once again as Modric charges forward on a brilliant run, but Isco can't make decent contact with the ball on the edge of the penalty area and the attacking move comes to nothing.
25' Dybala is left in a pocket of space just outside of the Juventus penalty area and quickly spins before poking a pass into the penalty area. It fails to find a team-mate, however, and Carvajal can eventually clear the danger.
24' Patient play by Juventus ends with a swinging Alex Sandro cross into the box. He manages to pick out Mandzukic, but the Croatian can't make decent contact with the ball and his headed effort sails well wide of the goal.
22' Pjanic showcases wonderful footwork as he dances his way into the Madrid penalty area. He manages to get the better of three players before finally shooting, but Sergio Ramos is there to block the effort.
20' Carvajal did really well to play a lovely one-two with Ronaldo, but Juventus will be really frustrated at how easily they were carved open by their opponents on the counter-attack.
Cristiano Ronaldo
20' GOAL! Madrid have taken the lead! An attempted Juventus attack breaks down, allowing Madrid to counter quickly. They move the ball around beautifully before Dani Carvaj pokes a pass over to Ronaldo, who unleashes a low strike from the edge of the box that flies straight into the bottom left-hand corner of the net.
18' Karim Benzema brings down a lofted pass with a great touch, and he quickly spins round Leonardo Bonucci before powering forward. He sprints towards the Juventus box and then sets up Ronaldo, who, just as he's about to shoot, is dispossessed by a wonderful tackle from Dani Alves.
16' Madrid enjoy a good spell of possession as they patiently pass the ball around. Marcelo is eventually set up out wide on the left, but he can't pick out Ronaldo with a low cross into the penalty area and loses out to Chiellini.
14' A poor pass from Casemiro can only find Higuain, who then tries to kick-start a quick counter-attack. He's unable to do so swiftly enough, though, and he's eventually dispossessed by the Brazilian as soon as he enters the Madrid half of the pitch.
P. Dybala
Yellow Card
12' With just 12 minutes on the clock, the referee has already reached for his yellow card. Paulo Dybala is the recipient after cynically dragging Toni Kroos to the ground after losing out to the Madrid midfielder.
11' A lofted pass is thumped into the Juventus penalty area and towards Ronaldo, who ends up tangling with Chiellini near to the byline. The Portuguese spins and appeals to the referee for a penalty, but the man in charge isn't having any of it and tells him to get back to his feet.
9' Cristiano Ronaldo makes contact with the ball for the first time as he cuts inside from the right flank. He does well to pick out Luka Modric and sets up the Croatian to bomb into the box, but Giorgio Chiellini is there to cut out the danger with a well-timed tackle.
8' It's been a difficult start to the game for Madrid, who have struggled to see much of the ball. Marcelo has attempted to make a few runs down the left wing but, by and large, has failed to get the better of the wall of white and black camped in front of him.
6' Great strike by Miralem Pjanic! A beautiful cross from Dani Alves can't find Sami Khedira inside the penalty area, but Mandzukic picks up the ball out wide. He quickly whips a cross back into the box, where it's only half cleared by Raphael Varane, allowing Pjanic to unleash a rocket of a shot that's brilliantly stopped by Navas.
4' Another chance for Higuain! The Argentine easily beats Casemiro in the middle of the pitch before unleashing a thumping shot from 25 yards out, but, once again, it's just about dealt with by Navas in the middle of the goal.
3' After an even start to the game from both sides, Alex Sandro charges down the left wing before teeing up Mario Mandzukic. The Croatian cuts on to his right foot and swings a cross into the box, where it finds Gonzalo Higuain, but the striker can't beat Keylor Navas with his headed effort.
1' We're off! Juventus get us underway, attacking from right to left.
The two sides are making their way out onto the pitch, with just a few minutes to go until kick-off.
The pre-match entertainment has just about come to an end, and the players are converging in the tunnel. The atmosphere inside the stadium is building, with both sets of fans in fine voice.
Whilst Juventus haven’t been quite as impressive in front of goal, they’ve nonetheless proven to be one of Europe’s strongest teams and should cause problems for their opponents tonight. They’ve been beaten just seven times across all competitions this season, with none of those coming in the Champions League.
Madrid have dazzled in front of goal, scoring 106 times in the league and 32 in Europe, but they’ve had a few problems at the back, where they’ve conceded 41 and 17 in the two respective competitions. Juventus, on the other hand, have been far more solid defensively, resulting in them letting in just three goals in the Champions League and 27 in Serie A.
Tonight’s clash is set to be a fascinating contest between two league-winning sides. It’ll also be an intriguing tactical battle, with both teams set to have their strengths and weaknesses tested in a game that could go either way.
Meanwhile, in stark contrast, Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane has made just one alteration to the team that featured in their last outing, with Danilo making way for Dani Carvajal. As expected, Gareth Bale is unable to start but will feature on the substitutes’ bench for the first time since picking up another frustrating injury towards the end of April.
Massimiliano Allegri has decided to make seven changes to the Juventus side that started the final Serie A game of the season, with Gianluigi Buffon, Leonardo Bonucci, Giorgio Chiellini, Alex Sandro, Miralem Pjanic, Dani Alves and Mario Mandzukic all returning to the starting line-up to replace Emil Audero, Stephan Lichtsteiner, Medhi Benatia, Kwadwo Asamoah, Claudio Marchisio, Juan Cuadrado and Stefano Sturaro, respectively.
Real Madrid substitutes: Casilla, Danilo, Nacho, Kovacic, Asensio, Bale, Morata.
Real Madrid XI (4-3-1-2): Navas; Carvajal, Varane, Ramos, Marcelo; Kroos, Casemiro, Modric; Isco; Benzema, Ronaldo.
Juventus substitutes: Neto, Benatia, Lichtsteiner, Asamoah, Lemina, Marchisio, Cuadrado.
Juventus XI (4-2-3-1): Buffon; Barzagli, Bonucci, Chiellini, Alex Sandro; Pjanic, Khedira; Dani Alves, Dybala, Mandzukic; Higuain.
There’s just over 30 minutes left to go until kick-off, so let’s have a look at how the two teams will be lining up this evening…
Madrid will be in exactly the same mindset, however. Los Blancos pipped rivals Barcelona to the title this season to end a run of four consecutive seasons without LaLiga success, and they’ve consistently proven to be an excellent side under the watchful eye of Zinedine Zidane.
The Italian side have dominated domestically in the last six years, winning a record-breaking six consecutive league titles, but the Champions League is still the prize that continues to evade them. With such a strong and talented squad, they’ll be feeling as confident as ever heading into tonight’s big clash.
For Juventus, it’s been a difficult two decades on the European stage. Their last Champions League success came back in 1996, and despite winning Serie A 10 times since then, they’ve fallen at the last hurdle on four separate occasions.
An historic second consecutive Champions League title would also see Madrid claim a league and European Cup double for the first time since 1958. Since then they’ve claimed Europe’s biggest crown on eight separate occasions, making them the most successful club in the competition’s history.
Juventus meanwhile have not tasted success on this stage since 1996 and are looking to make up for the disappointment of losing the 2015 decider to Barcelona in Berlin.
Anticipation is building in Wales as Madrid attempt to become the first team to retain European club football's biggest prize in the Champions League era.
Hello and welcome to our LIVE text commentary of the Champions League final between Juventus and Real Madrid in Cardiff.