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Cristiano Ronaldo
Yellow Card
D. Padelli
Red Card
M. Brozović
Yellow Card
P. Dybala
A. Ramsey
2 - 0
A. Ramsey
Cristiano Ronaldo
1 - 0

Match Stats

53% 46%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 5 1
Total Passes 620 533
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Juventus JUV Juventus 38 26 5 7 76 43 +33 83 L L W L W
2 Internazionale INT Internazionale 38 24 10 4 81 36 +45 82 W W W D D
3 Atalanta ATA Atalanta 38 23 9 6 98 48 +50 78 L W D W D
4 Lazio LAZ Lazio 38 24 6 8 79 42 +37 78 L W W W L
5 Roma ROM Roma 38 21 7 10 77 51 +26 70 W W W W D
6 Milan MIL Milan 38 19 9 10 63 46 +17 66 W W D W W
7 Napoli NAP Napoli 38 18 8 12 61 50 +11 62 W L W L W
8 Sassuolo SAS Sassuolo 38 14 9 15 69 63 +6 51 L W L L D
9 Hellas Verona VER Hellas Verona 38 12 13 13 47 51 -4 49 L W L D D
10 Fiorentina FIO Fiorentina 38 12 13 13 51 48 +3 49 W W L D W
11 Parma PAR Parma 38 14 7 17 56 57 -1 49 W L W W L
12 Bologna BOL Bologna 38 12 11 15 52 65 -13 47 D L W L L
13 Udinese UDI Udinese 38 12 9 17 37 51 -14 45 W L W W L
14 Cagliari CAG Cagliari 38 11 12 15 52 56 -4 45 L W L L D
15 Sampdoria SAM Sampdoria 38 12 6 20 48 65 -17 42 D L L L W
16 Torino TOR Torino 38 11 7 20 46 68 -22 40 D L D D L
17 Genoa GEN Genoa 38 10 9 19 47 73 -26 39 W L L W W
18 Lecce LEC Lecce 38 9 8 21 52 85 -33 35 L W L W L
19 Brescia BRE Brescia 38 6 7 25 35 79 -44 25 D L L L W
20 SPAL SPA SPAL 38 5 5 28 27 77 -50 20 L L D L L


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Juve make a big statement in the Serie A title race, then, by seeing off Inter for the time being. Inter have work to do if they want to get back in on the fun. But if Inter fall in an empty stadium and no one is around to see it, does it make a sound? We'll have to see. That's all for now. Goodbye! 
Juve return to first place in the table on 63 points, one point clear of Lazio on 62. Inter stay third, nine points behind Juve now and eight behind Lazio, although they do have a game in hand. Inter have lost two consecutive Serie A away games for the first time since 2016/17, and Lukaku has failed to score in consecutive away games for the first time in the competition. This result will sting for Inter.
Juventus return to the top of Serie A with a deserved win over a reserved Inter side. There was little to separate the two sides in the first half. Juve pulled away in the second 45 though with great goals by Ramsey and Dybala, and Ronaldo pulling the strings throughout. Inter were oddly passive until it was too late.
90' + 4' Ronaldo almost caps off Juve's win, getting two great chances in a matter of seconds! First, Ronaldo goes inside from the left and fires wide from outside the box. Dybala slips him back through shortly after, but his left-footed shot rolls just wide of the right post. He's been a welcome presence in an untidy game.
90' + 3' Ronaldo takes one skip past Skriniar on the left touchline and goes down, winning a free-kick. The striker looks incredulous at the treatment he's receiving.
90' + 2' The referee blows his whistle once again for a foul by de Ligt. In an empty crowd, the encouragement and protestations of both teams' coaching staff are audible.
90' There'll be four added minutes of this. The past 15 minutes have been a scrappy tug-of-war.
89' Inter are still huffing and puffing but aren't coming close to creating anything clear-cut. Cuadrado carries the ball out from near his corner flag and gets hauled down by Eriksen in the centre of the park. Juve free-kick.
Cristiano Ronaldo
Yellow Card
87' Ronaldo gets his name in the book for a hard tackle on Skriniar as he tries to burst past the Slovak defender. Call it revenge for earlier. Ronaldo smiles at the decision.
86' Vecino wins Inter another corner, off Bonucci this time. Vecino takes the corner but it only finds a Juve head. Szczesny smothers the ball when Inter loft the ball back into the danger area.
84' Inter are becoming more proactive again but it may be too little, too late. Sanchez's cross doesn't reach the box and Juve clear.
82' Inter win a corner off De Sciglio. Eriksen fires it in but Juve's defence have it totally covered. An Inter goal here looks unlikely.
F. Bernardeschi
G. Higuaín
80' Juve substitution. Higuain is replaced by Bernardeschi. Dybala moves up alongside Ronaldo.
D. Padelli
Red Card
79' Inter's substitute goalkeeper Padelli is sent off for questioning the referee's decision about Brozovic. Inter still have 11 men, but Padelli will no longer watch from the touchline.
M. Brozović
Yellow Card
79' Inter are starting to play ugly now with the game getting away from them. Brozovic goes in hard on Matuidi and is next to get a caution.
78' In between these substitutions, Inter get a chance! Vecino finds Eriksen in the box and the Dane fires towards the top centre of the goal. Szczesny is equal to it.
M. De Sciglio
Alex Sandro
77' There's that enforced change for Juve - Alex Sandro goes off. De Sciglio replaces him.
A. Sánchez
R. Lukaku
77' Inter substitution. Lukaku is replaced by fellow ex-Man Utd player Sanchez.
76' Alex Sandro injures himself as he attempts a sliding challenge on Eriksen. The Brazilian will have to go off for treatment.
R. Gagliardini
A. Candreva
74' Inter substitution. Candreva goes off. Ronaldo's been thriving in the space behind him. Gagliardini comes on.
73' Juve are starting to cruise safely off into the distance now. Ronaldo picks up possession on the corner of the box. He takes one touch onto his right foot and aims for the top right corner. He's not far off.
M. Vecino
Yellow Card
71' Vecino earns himself a yellow card for a foul on Alex Sandro. Vecino protests but the referee isn't interested.
69' It's baffling that Inter haven't made another substitution yet. Martinez and Lukaku have been feeding on scraps for almost all of this half.
A. Ramsey
67' Ramsey half-expected the return there only to find that Dybala didn't need him. It's a goal and an assist for the Welshman, who has quietly been very effective.
P. Dybala
67' GOAL! JUVENTUS 2-0 INTER! Bentancur finds Dybala with an excellent crossfield ball. Dybala jinks inside from the right and finds Ramsey. Ramsey returns the pass and Dybala deceives Inter's defence to shoot, firing into the bottom left corner. It's a fantastic goal!
66' Ronaldo teases Young on the right of the box, holding the ball up in wait for Cuadrado arriving on the overlap. Ronaldo lays off quickly for Cuadrado whose cross is over everyone. Juve look more likely to score than Inter at the moment.
64' There's no chance anyone other than Ronaldo is taking this free-kick. The Portuguese captain steps up in his inimitable way and curls it into the wall. Inter clear the resulting corner.
M. Škriniar
Yellow Card
63' Lukaku isn't strong enough in holding the ball and Juve counter. Ronaldo wins a free-kick as he skips past Skriniar. Skriniar is booked for that foul.
61' Juve pop the ball around in the final third for a while, almost creating an opportunity through Ramsey's run. It doesn't pay off though, so Ronaldo has a shot from range. That bounces into the advertising hoarding.
C. Eriksen
N. Barella
59' Inter respond in kind. Eriksen comes on for Barella. 
P. Dybala
Douglas Costa
59' Juve make that change. Costa hasn't had much joy today. Dybala replaces him.
58' Costa wins a free-kick in Inter's half as he's brought down by Skriniar. It looks like that will be Costa's last act of the game.
56' Vecino fires a long ball forward but he can't find either of his strikers with it and Juve snaffle it up. Inter have to respond quickly if they want to get a result here.
Cristiano Ronaldo
55' Ronaldo obviously wanted a goal there but he'll have to settle for the assist. Juve have a valuable lead!
A. Ramsey
54' GOAL! JUVENTUS 1-0 INTER! Juve play forward quickly. Ronaldo finds Higuain down the left channel but his shot is blocked. Matuidi arrives on the scene and fires back into the box. Ronaldo picks it up and leaves it for Ramsey who blasts it into the net!
53' Cuadrado knocks into the back of Young. Inter free-kick. Skriniar plays an over-ambitious pass forward for Lukaku and it sails over the top into Szczesny's arms. Lukaku gives a thumbs-up for the effort but it was ill-judged.
52' Lukaku collects a pass and moves into the box, waiting for Candreva's return. Instead Candreva drifts inside and loses out. Inter recover and try again and Brozovic rattles a shot against Matuidi from range.
50' It's clear that Juve are playing 4-4-2 with Ronaldo and Higuain up front. Ronaldo gets frustrated as he takes a kick from de Vrij, counting on his fingers for the referee the number of times he's been targeted.
48' Vecino's corner doesn't cause Juve much trouble. Still, Candreva fizzes a cross back in and Vecino stabs the ball wide past the right hand post from the centre of the box. Inter are growing in confidence.
46' Inter keep possession from the kick-off and work the ball to Bastoni, whose cross from the left is blocked. Inter corner.
45' The second half gets underway. No changes to speak of at half-time.
That first half was to be expected really. Both these teams have conceded a league low of eight goals in the first half of games in Serie A this season, while Juve haven't done so yet in 2020. However, Juve and Inter have both failed to score in just one league game each so far this season, so it's not unrealistic that this will liven up. One goal may be enough to win this.
This has been a largely even game so far, an interesting rather than absorbing one. Juve had the better of the chances, all in the first 15 minutes as de Ligt and Ronaldo forced a few decent saves from Handanovic. Inter grew into the game after that, coming closest to scoring with Brozovic's effort. Apart from that, there hasn't been much between the two teams. More to come!
45' Ronaldo pulls off a few tricks before laying out wide to Alex Sandro. Alex Sandro's cross lands with Young at the far post and the English wing-back is alert enough to clear. That'll be that for now.
43' Barella charges into the onrushing Cuadrado to concede a free-kick. Ronaldo attempts a one-two with Higuain but the Argentinian isn't on Ronaldo's wavelength and the pass rolls harmlessly through to Handanovic.
42' Juve take the free-kick quickly to spring forward. Costa bears down on the box from the right and crosses in - it takes a deflection and loops into the hands of Handanovic. The winger's having a mixed bag of a game so far.
41' De Ligt looks to be struggling from an injury briefly but thankfully gets to his feet. Young crosses in towards Lukaku but the Belgian accidentally handles the ball as he tries to bring it under control.
39' Juve get another chance from a set-piece as Bonucci is the one to head over from Bentancur's corner this time. Corners have looked Juve's most likely route to a goal so far.
37' Barella raises a boot high to win the ball, kicking Ronaldo's hand in the process. Juve free-kick. From it, Ronaldo shoots and Juve get a corner down their left.
35' Inter give Szczesny his first proper test! Martinez chests a ball down for Brozovic who fires a dipper straight at the keeper. Szczesny dives to his left to keep it out. That's Inter's first shot on target so far.
33' Martinez is the one to take the free-kick. The Argentinian blasts it into the wall and the ball soon goes out of play as Brozovic skies another effort. Inter are starting to make a habit of that.
32' Young makes another great challenge to win possession and suddenly Inter are away. Lukaku tries to trick his way past Bonucci but can't beat Juve's vice-captain. Vecino has a shot blocked and Inter get a free-kick in the D as de Ligt brings down Martinez.
31' Ronaldo bombs down the left and finds himself closed down by two Inter defenders. It's no matter as he plays back behind him. Juve work the ball to Costa, who loses the ball and fouls Barella in trying to claim it back.
29' Young pulls off an excellent sliding tackle to stop Costa racing in down the flank. Juve take the throw and Bentancur looks to slide in Ramsey but the Welshman slips at the vital moment. The home side are starting to probe again.
27' Candreva swings the corner in. It's met by de Vrij, who can only head it straight into the ground and not on goal. Still, Inter are starting to make progress.
26' Candreva goes on the run down the right again, sending Inter on their way. Inter put together some nice interplay on the edge of Juve's box to win a corner.
24' Inter are growing into the game after that early flurry of Juve chances. Costa gives away possession and Candreva carries the ball into the box from deep. He tries to find Brozovic but Bonucci is alive to the danger and clears.
22' Young teases Cuadrado to check onto his right foot and cross in from the left of the box. Juve's defence stands firm. Candreva gets a rush of blood to the head and fires too high from range.
21' Juve win a corner down their right. Bentancur swings it in and again he finds the head of de Ligt. This time the Dutch defender can't keep his header down and it whizzes harmlessly over the bar.
19' Inter counter-intuitively pass all the way back to Handanovic from a throw-in they win near Juve's corner flag. The visitors keep possession though and work it to Barella. Barella blazes over from the edge of the box when he has better options.
17' Cuadrado dribbles forward and lays off to Matuidi. Matuidi eventually shoots but it's an easy save for Handanovic. The midfielder also concedes a foul by stamping on Skriniar in the follow-through.
15' Candreva cuts inside from the right and decides to have a shot, but it's blocked. Juve go upfield and Ronaldo fizzes a low shot at Handanovic from the left which the keeper tips aside! Young makes sure the bobbling ball gets out of harm's way.
13' Ronaldo picks up the ball deep in midfield and goes on a mazy run through the middle. When he eventually shoots, it's straight into the arms of Handanovic. Juve's talisman looks up for this game.
11' Inter get a hold of the ball for a while. De Vrij steps out from the back and finds Young who curls in with his right foot. Both Martinez and Lukaku challenge for the header but can't get a clean connection.
9' Juve get a second corner as Skriniar scrambles the ball out. This time Inter clear. Juve are starting to put their stamp on the game by dominating possession.
7' Handanovic makes the first big save of the match! Minutes after Ronaldo has one shot blocked, the Portuguese tries again and wins a corner. It comes in and de Ligt heads straight at Handanovic who pushes it away! 
5' Higuain finds Costa with a cross and the Brazilian winger fires wide from the left of the box. Up the other end, Martinez looks to slide Lukaku in behind Juve's defence but his pass is intercepted. This has been a frantic start.
3' This game has started at a lively pace. There's a handball shout against Young as Cuadrado crosses from the right. The referee isn't convinced and play carries on.
2' Inter get the first half-chance as Vecino fires over from outside the box. Juve take the goal kick and get a free-kick as Ronaldo is fouled over on the left flank.
1' And we're off in this Derby D'Italia!
The two sides are out on the Allianz Stadium pitch. It's weird to see the stadium empty for such a big game with this match being played behind closed doors. Juve will play in their usual black and white home kit. Inter are in their iconic black and blue.
Juventus have great form in the Derby D'Italia - they've lost only one of their last 14 Serie A matches against Inter and beat Inter 2-1 in the reverse fixture back in October. Inter have won only once here at the Allianz Stadium, a 3-1 win back in November 2012. However, they also haven't lost consecutive Serie A away games since 2016/17. Will Juve regain top spot, or will Inter get the result they get to keep them in touch with the top two?
Juventus make four changes from their 1-0 defeat to Lyon in the Champions League last time out. Ramsey, Matuidi, Higuain and Costa start ahead of Dybala, Pjanic, Rabiot and Danilo. Inter revert to their first XI after their 2-1 Europa League second leg win over Ludogorets. There are nine changes to the team - only Barella and Lukaku start again here.
SUBS: Daniele Padelli, Sebastiano Esposito, Andrea Ranocchia, Kwadwo Asamoah, Roberto Gagliardini, Cristiano Biraghi, Diego Godin, Danilo D'Ambrosio, Alexis Sanchez, Borja Valero, Christian Eriksen, Tommaso Berni.
INTER (3-5-2): Samir Handanovic (c); Milan Skriniar, Stefan de Vrij, Alessandro Bastoni; Antonio Candreva, Matias Vecino, Marcelo Brozovic, Nicolo Barella, Ashley Young; Romelu Lukaku, Lautaro Martinez.
SUBS: Carlo Pinsoglio, Miralem Pjanic, Gianluigi Buffon, Sami Khedira, Danilo, Adrien Rabiot, Daniele Rugani, Giorgio Chiellini, Mattia De Sciglio, Paulo Dybala, Federico Bernardeschi.
JUVENTUS (4-3-3): Wojciech Szczesny; Juan Cuadrado, Matthijs de Ligt, Leonardo Bonucci (c), Alex Sandro; Aaron Ramsey, Rodrigo Bentancur, Blaise Matuidi; Douglas Costa, Gonzalo Higuain, Cristiano Ronaldo.
Inter were neck and neck with Juventus for the opening half of the season but Lazio's emergence as a genuine contender has shunted them down into third. Antonio Conte's team face being nine points behind Juve if they lose here. Win and they'll cut the gap to three points with a game in hand. That is to say, game on.
After 11 days without a match due to their Coppa Italia semi-final with Milan being postponed, Juventus finally return to action looking to regain their lead over Lazio at the top of Serie A. Maurizio Sarri's team will need to be at their best as they face off against their rivals Inter in the Derby d'Italia. 
Hello! Welcome to our live text commentary of this Serie A match between Juventus and Inter at the Allianz Stadium, Turin.