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Japan v Brazil Live Commentary, 10/11/2017

1 - 3
T. Makino (63)
Neymar (10 pen)
Marcelo (17)
Gabriel Jesus (36)
Stade Pierre-Mauroy


Both teams still have another game to go in the international break - Japan travel to Belgium next week where they face Roberto Martinez's side, looking to come away with a win on their visit to Europe. As for Brazil? They have a date with old rivals England, at Wembley Stadium on Tuesday, as Gareth Southgate looks to finalise his plans for Russia. Until then though, thank you for joining us - and have a good weekend!
Brazil may have won the game - but Japan won the second half and arguably the spirit of the match in France. Bolstered by a raft of excellent second-half showings, they took the game to the Selecao - and were it not for a late disallowed goal, this could have been a very different scoreline. As it is however, that fast, furious and finely played first half was more than enough to secure the spoils for their oppoosition. Full-time at the Stade Pierre-Mauroy, as both sets of players applaud the fans gathered, it finishes Japan 1-3 Brazil.
Douglas Costa and Taison try to combine on the edge of the Japan box but a Sugimoto foot sends it back into midfield and the referee blows for full-time!
Asano has a golden chance! He overruns a flat pass into the box from Sakai that was an absolute sitter and is absolutely furious with himself, having caught Casemiro out.
Chance for Brazil! Alex Sandro nearly gets his first international goal as he goes close with a header from a Taison cross on the right edge of the box, only to poorly execute his touch and send it flat across the face of goal.
Alex Sandro shifts a fast ball crossfield to the left that finds Douglas Costa - only for the substitute's return effort into the box to run too heavy and head out on the other side for a throw to Japan.
Five added minutes on the way at the Stade Pierre-Mauroy.
Disallowed goal for Japan! Inui's free-kick is caught by Endo with a header and it spirals past Cassio - but the flag was already up. What a chance.
Casemiro blocks Inui and the latter tumbles as he races close to the left edge of the Brazil box - and earns a free-kick for his trouble.
W. Endo
Y. Ideguchi
Another change for Japan as Ideguchi clears out for Endo.
Alex Sandro shifts a fast ball long down the left for Augusto, only for the substitute to be caught in the offside trap.
It's a waste of an effort from Ideguchi who steers it straight to Augusto, who leathers it downfield in a surprisingly nervy manner.
Sugimoto turns on the pace to catch Danilo unawares on the back left corner of the Brazilian defence - and with the help of Sakai, earns a corner. 16.020 in the Stade Pierre-Mauroy for this friendly.
K. Sugimoto
Y. Ōsako
Japan Japan make one of their own, with Kenyu Sugimoto on for Osako.
Renato Augusto
Another change for Brazil now, with Giuliano replaced by Augusto...
Douglas Costa scythes down the left flank past a napping Sakai and floats a flat cross across the face of goal searching for Giuliano, only for the Fenerbache man to just come up short with his attempted tap-in.
Alex Sandro and Costa look to combine heading towards the Japan box but a loose pass allows Nagatomo to come up with the ball.
Fernandinho slips a through ball to \costa who then claims a foul off Sakai as he tumbles down, only to be waved off by the referee as Yoshida looks to counter.
Diego Souza now goes down under a Morioka challenge and earns a free-kick that Casemiro takes downfield, to limited fortune as Kawashima cleans up.
Inui gets in on the action quickly, chasing a fast ball downfield on the right, forcing Diego Souza to cut in and see off the threat with a hacked-away cross.
Douglas Costa
...and Costa takes to the field to replace Neymar.
As for Brazil, Willian departs with Taison on in his place...
R. Morioka
G. Haraguchi
...and Haraguchi makes way for Morioka.
T. Inui
M. Hasebe
A flurry of changes for both sides now. Inui comes on for Japan in lieu of Hasebe...
It's a rather poor effort from Neymar, who gets the distance and angle but puts a little too much height on the dip, finding the wrong side of the roof of the net instead.
H. Sakai
Yellow Card
Neymar is floored by Sakai twenty-five yards out from goal - perhaps in retaliation for that earlier challenge with the elbow - and the Japan defender gets a booking to go with a conceded free-kick. The PSG man to take...
Japan have undone the back four of Brazil more often than you'd think tonight - and they have been rewarded with that goal. A well-earned score for them against one of the best sides in the world.
T. Makino
Japan get one back! It's a lovely corner, floated in from the left flank by Ideguchi - and Jemerson is caught out as Makino slips in and rises above him to notch a header past Cassio. Set-piece score - and Japan now only trail by two. Is this the start of something here?
Brazil are starting to look like the slicker force they were in the first half again, though Giuliano is forced to back-pedal in defence and concedes a corner off Sakai.
Alex Sandro
...and Marcelo is replaced by Alex Sandro.
Diego Souza
Gabriel Jesus
A double change for Brazil now, as Diego Souza comes on for Jesus...
Y. Ideguchi
Yellow Card
Now Ideguchi catches Neymar in midfield and the PSG man rolls around with some additional dramatics on the ground. It was still a heavy challenge - and the yellow card is duly shown once more, this time to the Japan man.
Yellow Card
After second thoughts, the referee heads to the video-assisted system again - and decides that Neymar intentionally elbowed Sakai in the head. A yellow card for the Brazilian, to the displeasure of the crowd.
Down the other end, Neymar and Sakai challnege for the same ball, sent long by Jemerson - and the Japan man tumbles to the ground, clutching his ear. The referee deems nothing untoward from the challenge - but stops the game to give Sakai the chance to recover.
G. Haraguchi
Yellow Card
Neymar cuts a crazy run downfield and then tumbles from a Sakai challenge on the edge of the box. Japan blast it downfield to Haraguchi, who then claims a foul on the edge of the box too - only for the referee to deem it simulation and book him.
Japan play it back, out to Hasebe, who crosses deep into the box on the right for Yoshida - and the flag goes up for offside. A missed chance to pull one back.
Nagatomo races after a ball down the left channel forcing Willian to clip it out. Corner to Japan on that side.
Asano is striding out early here, lending an energy and purpose lacking at points to Japan's attack. He takes a nicely threaded ball from Asako into the box; his control leaves a bit to be desired though and Thiago Silva comes up with it.
A roar from the crowd as Fernandinho and Marcelo combine to create some lovely footwork in midfield - only for Asano to sweep in and collect, tearing down the right and putting a neat shot for the lower close corner, forcing Cassio to drop for the ball.
Early pressure from Japan as out of the gate in the second half, they earn a corner - though Ideguchi's effort to turn it inside is rather flat and Cassio sees it away.
T. Asano
Y. Kubo
... and Kubo has made way for Asano.
Teams back out with some changes too - Cassio has replaced Alisson in goal for Brazil...
An entertaining first half for Brazil; less so for Japan. Thanks to some ill-discipline around the back, they conceded back-to-back penalties to the Selecao - and though Kawashima saved one of Neymar's efforts, a powerful follow-up strike from Marcelo had them 2-0 down within 20 minutes. A third goal followed for Jesus to pile on the misery - that half-time whistle will have been sweet music to Vahid Halilhodzic's ears. Tite is mastrminding another big win here; at half-time, it's Japan 0-3 Brazil.
Japan get a free-kick thirty-five yards out to finish off the half, and though Yoshida's effort finds Osaka at first, he can't control it and Danilo clocks it out as the referee blows for half-time!
Two added minutes coming at the Stade Pierre-Mauroy.
Neymar is slipped a great through-ball into the box and aims for the lower right post from the left, only to be called offside and still denied by a neat Kawashima save.
Down the other end, Ideguchi looks to try a short pass into the box for Osaka on the right, only for Jemersen to wrong-foot him and come up with the ball.
Willian goes hounding after a through ball down the right flank but Hasebe manages to bring himself across in time to pick the pocket of the Brazilian.
Not this time. Though Thiago Silva goes hunting the cross, Makino mops up and spirits it downfield, where Japan then get a free-kick for a late challenge on Osako by Jemerson.
It's another free-kick for Brazil now as Kubo brings down Giuliano on the left side of the Japan box. Can they make it four within forty minutes?
With such a commanding lead, could we expect the Selecao to make some changes at half-time, to experiment a little and give a chance to the rest of the bench? Three goals to the good, you'd think so.
Gabriel Jesus
Brazil make it three! It comes from the back of a lazy pass from Neymar that Willian does well to regather on the left. He slips it onto Danilo on the right, who slips it across the face of goal - and finds Jesus, who knocks it behind Kawashima at the far post. It's a long way back for Japan now - and we're not even at half-time.
Fernandinho floats a very wide cross looking for Willian, only to put too much weight behind his effort and send it sailing well out, allowing Kawashima to return with a goal kick.
The crowd in the Stade Pierre-Mauroy has grown somewhat since kick-off - with fans of both sides in swelling voice through the spread of rain. It's slippy underfoot - and Hasebe goes flying in with a sliding tackle on Jesus that he is lucky not to be booked for.
Off the woodwork! Yoshida's kick is curled beautifully, and beats all as it heads for the top left corner, including Alisson - only to take an unlucky bounce off the point where post and crossbar meet and falls back to the feet of Danilo. Brazil survive that wonderful attempt from Japan.
Haraguchi is caught clumsily by Casemiro on the left edge of the Brazil box - and Japan now have a dangerous free-kick. Yoshida to take after a moment...
Nagatomo spirits himself down the left wing, looking to clip one round Thiago Silva, only for the Brazilian to come up trumps in their exchange. The Inter Milan defender is captain today - in honour of his 100th cap for his country.
It's a short return from Alisson, and Japan pick up the ball again on their right flank, looking to go down the wing. Sakai looks to slot one through to the waiting Kubo, only for Jesus to cut back in and muscle out with control.
Brazil play it around their back four, before Haraguchi comes up with the ball and looks to feed Nagatomo, only for the latter's heavy touch to drift out for a goal kick.
Neymar catches Yoshida out as he takes delivery of a long ball from midfield, finding him on the edge of the box. He tries to twist something out of it but control is poor and Kawashima collects.
Head coach Tite is still celebrating on the touchline after that shot and a half from Marcelo. Rain is starting to come down at the Stade Pierre-Mauroy - and Japan are looking outclassed all over the pitch. Brazil are dominating this game.
WHAT A STRIKE! Marcelo hits an attempted clearance like a freight train, just on the left twenty yards out and buries it past Kawashima, low on the right. They may have missed their second penalty - but Brazil are two to the good against Japan with that brilliant effort.
E. Kawashima
Penalty Save
It was a great save from Kawashima too - low and to his right as Neymar drilled left, he tipped it on and out. Corner to Brazil.
Penalty Miss
And he misses! Neymar's effort is tipped out by the keeper!
Another penalty to Brazil! This time, Jesus is the one knocked to the floor - and the referee points to the spot again! Japan are not happy. Neymar to take...
Ideguchi's corner is whipped in but Jesus sees it out - with some protests from Japan players that the Brazilian made significant contact with Kubo.
Osako sneaks through the Brazil back-line on the right again, and Jemerson is the only one to react in time. His effort to clear goes out for a throw - and then a second deflection flies out off Jesus for a corner.
The Selecao have controlled this game from the off, it's fair to say, and after Osako skies a near-chance for Japan down the other end from the edge of the box, Casemiro chances his luck with a thirty yard strike from the right flank that Kawashima defuses with relative ease.
Penalty Goal
Was there any doubt? The world's most expensive player stutters his run-up, before planting a fairly tame effort in the lower right corner of the goal as Kawashima goes the other way. 1-0 to Brazil.
M. Yoshida
Yellow Card
Indeed, Yoshida is deemed to have pulled Fernandinho over in the Japan box - and the referee gives a belated penalty to Brazil! Neymar to take...
Play is suddenly brought to a stop as the referee sprints across the field to the video-assisted referee system - there seems to be a call for a Brazil penalty.
Brazil catch their opponents cold and slip through a crack into the box on the left, Neymar feeding Jesus. Sakai deflects it out for a corner; the Selecao are punishing Japan's defence.
Kubo recieves a stern word from the referee as he catches Neymar with a heavy challenge, downing the PSG man. Brazil get a free-kick on halfway.
Brazil take it quickly and loop it into the box from the right flank, looking for Casemiro but Yoshida gets his body in the way to steer it back out into open play. An early tester for Japan.
A great touch from Neymar, deft on the left, and he cuts a through-ball into the edge of the box for Giuliano, whose shot takes a deflection off Makino and out for a corner.
Thiago Silva has to cut back into his own box as Haraguchi skirts down the left flank, looking to catch a through-ball from Hasebe. Brazil clear and Japan get a throw, though Marcelo is quick to intercept its trajectory and spirit it away.
Brazil tap back via Neymar and we're underway at the Stade Pierre-Mauroy! Silva sweeps downfield to the left and sends a long ball, searching out Gabriel Jesus, though it skips away off the turf to the hands of Kawashima in goal.
Vahid Halilhodzic gets a big cheer from the local crowd - before he took the post of Japan national team manager, he guided Lille from the second tier of French football to the Champions League. His reputation is enshrined in this part of the world, to put it mildly.
And now, the national anthem of Japan follows. Only minutes away from kick-off at the Stade Pierre-Mauroy.
The teams have taken to the field in Villeneuve-d'Ascq and are standing for the national anthems, with Brazil up first.
BRAZIL (4-3-3): Alisson, Marcelo, Thiago Silva, Jemerson, Danilo, Casemiro, Giuliano, Fernandinho, Neymar, Jesus, WIllian
JAPAN (4-3-3): Kawashima; Sakai, Yoshida, Makino, Nagatomo, Yamaguchi, Hasebe, Ideguchi, Kubo, Osako, Haraguchi
Team news just coming in now...
The two sides have met at the highest level of international competition once before, when the pair met in Group F of the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Dortmund. Brazil came away as 4-1 winners, to complete a clean sweep of their division; Japan finished bottom, with a solitary point taken from a goalless draw with Croatia.
This is the tenth meeting, including friendlies, between Japan and Brazil, with the former winless in all previous nine. The pair have drawn twice, four years apart in the FIFA Confederations Cup in 2001 (0-0) and 2005 (2-2) - but all other games have swung the way of the Selecao.
Hello, and welcome to the November international break, as Vahid Halilhodzic's Japan face off against Brazil in a friendly at the Stade Pierre-Mauroy in France. Both teams have qualified for next year's FIFA World Cup - and with limited chances before the competition, players from both sides can stake a claim to a place in Russia. Who will come up trumps in Villeneuve-d'Ascq today? Kick-off is just around the corner.