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Penalty Miss
U. Garcia
Yellow Card
M. Akanji
Yellow Card
G. Di Lorenzo
L. Insigne
1 - 1
S. Widmer
N. Okafor
0 - 1

Match Stats

63% 36%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 2
Total Passes 651 367
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Switzerland SUI Switzerland 8 5 3 0 15 2 +13 18 W D W W D
2 Italy ITA Italy 8 4 4 0 13 2 +11 16 D D W D D
3 Northern Ireland NIR Northern Ireland 8 2 3 3 6 7 -1 9 D W L L D
4 Bulgaria BUL Bulgaria 8 2 2 4 6 14 -8 8 L W L W D
5 Lithuania LTU Lithuania 8 1 0 7 4 19 -15 3 L L W L L


Final Tournament


That's all for today, goodbye!
This draw means that both Italy and Switzerland go into their final group game level on 15 points, with Italy having a slight advantage due to their superior goal difference. Mancini's men face Northern Ireland next time out, while Switzerland host Bulgaria in what is a must-win for both teams if they want the automatic qualifying spot.
The points are shared after a 1-1 draw between Italy and Switzerland. The visitors got off to a great start with Widmer rifling a brilliant effort into the top corner from just outside the box, but Italy grew into the game. They pulled themselves level with a clever free-kick which Di Lorenzo headed in. After the break, Sommer made two great saves to keep his side in it, but Italy had a late chance from the penalty spot after Garcia fouled Berardi. Jorginho stepped up, but it was a poor effort that flew over the bar in the 90th minute.
90' + 3' CHANCE! It looks like the attack is over for Switzerland after Zakaria's cross is blocked by Donnarumma, but his touch ends up giving it straight to Zeqiri. He's caught off-guard but manages to hit the shot first time, and it's blocked by Di Lorenzo on the line.
90' + 2' Italy are still throwing everything forward in search of that late winner as Berardi floats a deep cross in from the right. Tonali reaches it on the far side but hits his effort into the stands.
Penalty Miss
90' JORGINHO MISSES! The midfielder goes for power, forgoing his usual skip before stepping up to hit the spot-kick. Sommer is diving to his right, but it doesn't matter as the ball continues to rise, and it sails over the crossbar. Still 1-1!
U. Garcia
Yellow Card
89' Garcia is also shown a yellow card for the challenge after the penalty is awarded.
89' PENALTY TO ITALY! The referee has been asked to go over to the monitor by VAR so he can see the replays and Garcia does nudge Berardi in the back to stop his run. He goes back onto the pitch and points to the spot.
87' PENALTY SHOUT! Bonucci goes long to pick out Berardi's run down the right, and he cushions it down with a good first touch. Garcia is tracking back with him and just appears to nudge him over to send him to ground. Italy are protesting, but the referee waves play on as VAR have a look at it.
A. Zeqiri
R. Vargas
87' Final change for Switzerland now as Zeqiri comes on to replace Vargas.
85' GOOD CHANCE! Chiesa wrongfoots two Swiss defenders on the edge of the box as he cuts onto his left foot and curls a shot towards the top corner. Sommer is beaten, but his effort sails just over the bar.
83' Another quick Italian break is cut out, with Schar knocking it back to Sommer. He goes long to Imeri, who flicks a header on towards Vargas, but the flag goes up against him.
M. Akanji
Yellow Card
81' Akanji sticks out an arm to block Chiesa's run, and the ball bounces up onto it, so he's booked for handball.
D. Calabria
80' Emerson is also going off, with Calabria on for him.
G. Raspadori
L. Insigne
80' Final changes for Italy now as well as they try to find a late winner, and it's Raspadori that's coming on for Insigne.
D. Sow
X. Shaqiri
79' Shaqiri is the other player to make way, with Sow on in his place.
F. Frei
N. Okafor
79' Switzerland are making a double change. Frei is the first to come on, replacing Okafor.
78' BLOCK! Switzerland don't deal with the corner as Widmer's headed clearance goes straight to Berardi on the edge of the box. He sets himself, hitting the shot on the volley, but Widmer was in the right place to make up for his earlier error.
F. Schär
Yellow Card
77' Schar had two handfuls of Insigne's shirt as he dragged the forward back, and he's shown a yellow card.
76' GREAT SAVE! Some Italian fans thought they'd taken the lead then, but Sommer made a brilliant save to keep them out. Insigne's whipped cross deflects off Imeri on the edge of the six-yard box and Sommer, who was already diving, managed to keep it out with his foot.
75' Schar breaks up another Italian attack and tries to go long to pick out Okafor's run to ease the pressure on the backline. It's too short though and the hosts quickly win it back.
73' It's patient play again from Italy as they work it from right to left and back again in an attempt to open up Switzerland. Still, the visitors stay compact though, and there's no way through.
71' Italy just pick up the pace a little now, with Cristante switching it out to Tonali on the left. He bursts past Garcia before squaring it into the six-yard box, but Sommer holds it.
B. Cristante
N. Barella
69' Italy are also making another change here. Barella is taken off, with Cristante on in his place.
K. Imeri
R. Steffen
69' Steffen is also going off, with Imeri on for him.
U. Garcia
R. Rodríguez
68' Rodriguez pulled up and is holding his hamstring as he gingerly makes his way to the side of the pitch. His game is over and Garcia replaces him.
68' Barella's shot on the edge of the box is blocked by Freuler and it loops out to Emerson on the left. He takes a touch before having a shot from a tight angle, but his shot sails over the bar.
66' Berardi drags the ball away from Freuler on the edge of the box before spinning away from Zakaria, leaving the midfielder on the floor. He chips a cross in from the right and Akanji is forced to head it over.
64' Italy are still dominating possession but without causing Switzerland too many problems. They're playing long balls now to try and get in behind, but the visitors are staying tight.
62' Switzerland have a rare chance to break and Widmer is striding down the right to get up in support of Steffen. He tries to play the right-back in, but Bonucci slides in to stop the move on the edge of the box.
60' Switzerland can't get out of their own half at the moment and Akanji slices a clearance straight to Tonali. He tries to thread it through to Berardi first time, but Zakaria steps in to make an important interception.
S. Tonali
M. Locatelli
58' And Locatelli is also being taken off, with Tonali on in his place.
D. Berardi
A. Belotti
58' Italy are making a double change here. Belotti is the first to go off, with Berardi on for him.
56' Sommer almost plays himself into trouble in his own penalty area after Akanji plays it back to him. Belotti closes the keeper down quickly, and he only just gets away from him with some clever footwork.
54' Vargas has acres of space through the middle, but instead of driving forward, he squares it to Zakaria. He takes it to the edge of the box before drilling a low shot across goal, but it rolls wide.
52' Di Lorenzo has scored his second goal for Italy (both in World Cup qualifiers) and has scored the first headed goal for Italy since October 2020 (Stephan El Shaawary v Moldova in a friendly).
50' Italy are dominating possession again at the start of the second half, but they haven't been able to do much with it. They're knocking it around nicely but can't find a way through Switzerland.
48' There are shouts for a penalty from the visitors after Okafor turned on the byline and hit his cross against Bonucci. The defender was close to him with his arms by his side though, and the referee shakes his head.
L. Insigne
Yellow Card
46' It's a late one from Insigne as he slides in on Steffen and he's booked.
46' Switzerland get us back underway for the second half!
A draw would mean that both sides stay level in the table going into the final group game, but neither will be happy to walk away without three points. If either of them can find a winner in the second half, they'll know that their fate for earning the automatic qualifying spot will stay in their hands.
It's level at the break, with Italy and Switzerland drawing 1-1. Switzerland made a perfect start with Widmer rifling a shot into the top corner from outside the box after a quick break from the visitors. Shaqiri, Okafor and Schar all had chances after that but couldn't get past Donnarumma. Italy got themselves back into it from a clever free-kick which Di Lorenzo nodded past the stranded Sommer to pull them level.
45' Italy are pushing to take the lead at the end of the first half, but Switzerland are dropping deep to close down the space. Locatelli drives down the left before being cut off by Widmer.
F. Chiesa
Yellow Card
43' Chiesa dragged Rodriguez down to stop his run, and he's shown the first yellow card. He's protesting his innocence, but it's for persistent infringement.
41' Di Lorenzo is allowed to carry the ball a long way down the right and he whips an early cross into the box. Chiesa is the only one in there for Italy though and it's over his head and cleared by Akanji.
39' Switzerland are trying to regain their foothold in this game, but their passing is sloppy in the final third. Vargas drives forward again but overhits the throughball to Okafor straight out of play.
37' A few of the Italian players set off early, thinking it was Emerson that would swing in the cross. Di Lorenzo made a late run through the middle though, so was well onside when the cross was put in.
L. Insigne
36' It was a good cross from Insigne after he'd tracked back to take it and he whipped the ball into a dangerous area.
G. Di Lorenzo
36' DI LORENZO SCORES! It's a clever free-kick from Italy, with both Insigne and Emerson dummying a cross before the forward curls it in. Sommer comes for it, but completely misses it and Di Lorenzo heads it into the back of the empty net. VAR has a check for offside, but he'd timed his run and it stands. 1-1!
34' Okafor is again causing problems down the left as he swings another cross into the box. The Switzerland players were all crowded on the edge of the area, but Acerbi isn't aware no one is behind him and nods it out for a corner, but it comes to nothing.
32' SAVE! Shaqiri whips a free-kick in from the left and Schar rises highest to meet it on the edge of the six-yard box. He nods it towards the near bottom corner, but Donnarumma gets down to hold it.
30' Prior to Widmer today, Switzerland's last goal against Italy was scored by Gokhan Inler in a friendly match in June 2010, also with a shot from outside the box.
28' Vargas bundles his way through a crowded midfield before touching the ball into Shaqiri and continuing his run. The captain tries to return it to him but overhits the return pass straight to Donnarumma.
26' Italy's high press is causing Switzerland some problems here and the visitors can't get out of their own half. Widmer goes long trying to get his team out of trouble but hits it straight out of play and the pressure continues.
24' SAVE! Italy are starting to find their rhythm now as Barella curls a cross into the box, and it's cushioned down by Belotti. Chiesa meets it on the edge of the box and his curling effort takes a deflection, but Sommer holds onto it.
22' GREAT SAVE! Emerson drags the ball back to Jorginho on the edge of the box, but his low shot is blocked by Zakaria. The ball pinballs through to Barella at a tight angle, and he hits it first time, but Sommer makes himself big to keep him out.
20' Okafor knocks it forward for Vargas, who does well to get away from Acerbi before switching it out to Shaqiri on the right. He tries to be clever by threading it through to Vargas but ends up playing it straight into Donnarumma's gloves.
18' SHAQIRI! Switzerland work it upfield well and it's Okafor that's pushing forward down the left again. He takes it to the byline again before pulling it back for Shaqiri, but his first-time effort flies over the crossbar.
16' CHANCE! Italy are caught out by Switzerland again and Okafor cuts inside from the right this time, drifting past two Italian defenders to get to the edge of the D. He tries to curl it into the far post, but it's just wide.
14' Okafor breaks down the left again and takes it to the byline when his pullback is blocked by Emerson. The ball bobbles back to the forward who then squares it across the face of goal. Donnarumma is scrambling, but it's missed by Steffen and Acerbi sweeps it clear.
13' Italy just can't keep hold of the ball at the moment and Switzerland look full of confidence after that goal. They're pressing the hosts high upfield and forcing them into mistakes.
N. Okafor
11' It was a great run down the left from Okafor and he had time to pick his head up in the final third and pick out the ball to Widmer.
S. Widmer
11' WIDMER SCORES! And what a goal it is! It looked like the chance was gone after Okafor's cross is pulled back behind Steffen, but he'd spotted Widmer's late run to the edge of the box. The right-back hits it first time, putting his laces through it, and fires it over Donnarumma and into the top corner. 1-0 Switzerland!
10' Di Lorenzo threads a throughball towards Chiesa down the right, which Rodriguez blocks, but it comes straight back to the right-back. He tries to float it into Insigne this time, but his cross is too high.
8' Switzerland take a free-kick short on the right, with Rodriguez squaring it to Shaqiri. He tries to curl a cross towards Okafor on the edge of the box, but Jorginho reads it well to make the interception.
6' Barella has gone down on the edge of the box after making a block to keep out Zakaria's powerful shot. The medical team come on to see to him, but it looks like he's just winded and is quickly back to his feet.
4' Italy are still seeing a lot of the ball here in the opening minutes, but it's all in front of Switzerland. They're happy to do that though and look in no hurry to push upfield.
2' A sloppy pass in midfield from Italy gifts the ball to Shaqiri. He turns away from Acerbi before trying to lift it over Donnarumma from long range, but it flies high over the bar.
1' Belotti gets the game underway for Italy!
The teams are out on the pitch, the national anthems have been sung, and kick-off is just moments away!
Switzerland's most recent win over Italy came all the way back in May 1993 when they beat the Azzurri 1-0 in a World Cup qualifier - Italy are unbeaten in their 10 meetings in all competitions since then (W5 D5).
Murat Yakin also makes four changes to his side after their win over Lithuania, but a lot of those are enforced. Nico Elvedi, Steven Zuber and Breel Embolo are all injured, so Akanji, Vargas and Okafor come in, with Zakaria also returning from suspension. Sow drops to the bench.
Roberto Mancini makes four changes from the win over Belgium in their last game, bringing in Bonucci, Jorginho, Belotti and Insigne. Berardi and Raspadori start on the bench.
SWITZERLAND SUBS: Philipp Kohn, Andi Zeqiri, Fabian Frei, Michel Aebischer, Eray Comert, Mario Gavranovic, Kastriot Imeri, Jonas Omlin, Kevin Mbabu, Ulisses Garcia, Cedric Itten, Djibril Sow.
SWITZERLAND STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Yann Sommer; Silvan Widmer, Manuel Akanji, Fabian Schar, Ricardo Rodriguez; Denis Zakaria, Remo Freuler; Renato Steffen, Xherdan Shaqiri, Ruben Vargas; Noah Okafor.
ITALY SUBS: Alex Meret, Domenico Berardi, Cristiano Biraghi, Sandro Tonali, Federico Bernardeschi, Bryan Cristante, Davide Calabria, Giacomo Raspadori, Gianluca Mancini, Salvatore Sirigu, Gianluca Scamacca, Matteo Pessina.
ITALY STARTING XI (4-3-3): Gianluigi Donnarumma; Giovanni Di Lorenzo, Leonardo Bonucci, Francesco Acerbi, Emerson; Nicolo Barella, Jorginho, Manuel Locatelli; Federico Chiesa, Andrea Belotti, Lorenzo Insigne.
Both sides have already secured their place as the top two in the group, but it will go down to the last game to find out who automatically qualifies, with today's winner taking a big step towards that top spot. Italy's record 37-match unbeaten run came to an end last month when they were beaten 2-1 by Spain in the Nations League semi-final, but they bounced back four days later to finish third by beating Belgium. While Italy were on Nations League duty, Switzerland won both of their games in hand to draw level on points with the European champions.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the World Cup qualifier in Group C between Italy and Switzerland at the Stadio Olimpico!