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90' + 1'
M. Gabbiadini
L. Spinazzola
5 - 0
F. Bernardeschi
G. Chiellini
4 - 0
A. Belotti
3 - 0
A. Belotti
L. Insigne
2 - 0
L. Insigne
L. Spinazzola
1 - 0

Match Stats

71% 29%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 13 0
Total Passes 669 281
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Spain ESP Spain 10 9 1 0 36 3 +33 28 W W W W W
2 Italy ITA Italy 10 7 2 1 21 8 +13 23 W D W L W
3 Albania ALB Albania 10 4 1 5 10 13 -3 13 L L D W W
4 Israel ISR Israel 10 4 0 6 10 15 -5 12 L W L L L
5 North Macedonia MKD North Macedonia 10 3 2 5 15 15 0 11 W D D W L
6 Liechtenstein LIE Liechtenstein 10 0 0 10 1 39 -38 0 L L L L L


Final Tournament
Possible Play-off


The victory keeps Italy equal on points with Spain, who won 2-1 away to Macedonia in their game this evening. The two teams will face one another in three months' time, and it's a clash that could end up deciding who finishes top of Group G and who has to settle for a play-off spot.
Italy weren't at their best during what was a slightly frustrating first half, but they impressed after the break and ran riot from then onwards. Liechtenstein quickly tired and caved in to their opponents, who were on fire through the second period as they comfortably caused problems for the visitors with a plethora of excellent attacking moves.
90' + 3' Liechtenstein push forward on a rare attack through Goppel and are able to win themselves a free-kick after the full-back is fouled by Darmian. They decide to shoot from the set-piece, but the strike is poor and sails into the crowd behind the goal.
L. Spinazzola
90' + 1' Spinazzola did well to pick out Gabbiadini with a clever pass across the face of goal, but he was let into the penalty area far too easily by a Liechtenstein defence that looks to be on its last legs.
M. Gabbiadini
90' + 1' GOAL! It's another for Italy! Spinazzola takes advantage of a tiring Liechtenstein back line as he flies forward and tees up Gabbiadini, who then easily fires a first-time shot into the bottom left-hand corner of the net from 10 yards out.
90' The fourth official has indicated that there will be four minutes of added time.
89' Insigne makes another good run into the visitors' box as he tries to latch on to a lofted pass, but it's slightly overhit and, desptie his best efforts, the Napoli man can't reach it.
I. Quintans
M. Polverino
87' Ivan Quintans has come on to replace Polverino in Liechtenstein's third and final substitution of the evening.
86' Insigne does well to latch on to a pass on the left-hand side of the Liechtenstein box and quickly chips a cross towards Gabbiadini, but Gubser is there to cut out the danger with a header.
84' It's all Italy at the moment as they comfortably pass the ball around inside the Liechtenstein half of the pitch. The visitors look incredibly tired as they do all they can to try and avoid conceding any further goals.
G. Chiellini
82' Chiellini was the player who set up Bernardeschi, showing just how attack-minded Italy have remained despite the fact that they already have a very comfortable lead.
F. Bernardeschi
82' GOAL! Bernardeschi has looked really bright since coming onto the pitch, and it's he who makes it 4-0 to Italy with a rocket of a shot from the edge of the penalty area that flies into the bottom left-hand corner of the net.
81' Insigne and De Rossi link up well in the middle of the pitch before the latter tries to pick out Eder with a chipped pass into the penalty area, but it's headed away by Martin Rechsteiner before it can find the striker in front of goal.
80' Insigne twists and turns on the left-hand side of the Liechtenstein penalty area before finally getting a shot away, but he's somewhat off balance and sends it well wide of the goal.
79' Excellent save by Jehle! Bernardeschi unleashes a wonderful strike from the edge of the Liechtenstein box that should result in a fourth goal for Italy, but Jehle pulls off a great stop to push the ball behind for a corner.
77' It's all Italy at the moment as they patiently and calmly knock the ball around their opponents. Liechtenstein have struggled since the break and are finding it difficult to get anywhere near the ball.
M. Gabbiadini
A. Belotti
75' Belotti receives a rousing round of applause as he makes his way off the pitch to be replaced by Manolo Gabbiadini.
A. Belotti
74' It was Belotti who set up Eder with a clever cross from the right. The striker has really impressed during the second half and arguably deserves another goal.
74' GOAL! This time Eder's strike counts! He's left all alone in the heart of the Liechtenstein penalty area after making a great run towards goal, and he then coolly dispatches the ball into the back of the net with a diving volley from eight yards out.
73' Eder scores, but it's ruled out! Bernardeschi flicks a beautiful pass into the path of Belotti, who then sets up Eder with a ball across the face of goal. The striker is easily able to beat Jehle from close range, but the linesman's flag is correctly raised as soon the Inter man rushes off to celebrate.
71' Darmian and Belotti link up well over on the right wing before the latter tries to tee up Eder inside the penalty area. His pass is slightly overhit though, and it rolls out for a goal-kick before he the substitute can reach it.
69' Italy push forward down the right flank and win themselves a corner that quickly turns into a second. That one is then curled towards De Rossi, but Gubser is there to make a good block to deny the midfielder a chance on goal.
S. Wolfinger
F. Burgmeier
68' Meanwhile, Burgmeier has made way for Sandro Wolfinger over on Liechtenstein's left flank.
C. Immobile
67' Italy have made another alteration, with Eder coming on to replace Immobile, who has had a disappointing night.
66' A clever pass by Bernardeschi picks out Insigne, who immediately unleashes a shot from just inside the penalty area. It's saved by Jehle but pushed out towards Belotti, who seems to be caught by the goalkeeper as he tries to latch on to the ball but is flagged offside instead.
65' Insigne embarks on another excellent run down the left flank before teeing up Immobile on the edge of the penalty area, but, once again, the striker is poor as soon as he receives the ball and can't do anything with it.
63' Spinazzola sends a lovely pass into the box and towards Insigne, who is lurking with intent in front of goal. He's unable to reach the ball, however, as Jehle is there at the right moment.
61' Bernardeschi makes an immediate impact as he cuts inside from the right flank and along the edge of the Liechtenstein penalty area before shooting, but his 20-yard effort is slightly wild and sails high over the crossbar.
F. Bernardeschi
A. Candreva
60' Meanwhile, Candreva has made way for Federico Bernardeschi for the home side.
D. Brändle
D. Salanović
60' Liechtenstein have made their first substitution of the game, with Salanovic making way for Daniel Brandle.
59' Big chance for Immobile to make it 3-0! After collecting the ball, Buffon immediately releases it to Insigne. The Napoli man sprints down the left wing before setting up Immobile, who can't get the ball out of his feet and brings a promising counter-attack to a disappointing end.
58' Liechtenstein are able to string together a decent series of passes before winning themselves a rare corner. It's curled into the box and towards a group of red shirts, but it's sent too near to Buffon and the goalkeeper can easily deal with the danger.
56' More lovely play by Italy sees Insigne play a vital role in the move. He picks up the ball on the left-hand side of the penalty area and spins quickly before teeing up De Rossi, whose quick shot is well blocked by the Liechtenstein defence.
54' Insigne hits the post! He's almost able to grab his second goal of the game with an excellent strike from the edge of the box, but his effort smashes off the woodwork after beating Jehle.
L. Insigne
52' Once again, it was Insigne who played a vital role in another excellent Italy move. The Napoli man has been on fire this evening, and Liechtenstein are really struggling to deal with him.
A. Belotti
52' GOAL! It's 2-0! Insigne causes problems for the Liechtenstein defence once again with a lovely through-ball into the penalty area that finds Belotti, who's easily able to curl a brilliant shot past Jehle and into the top right-hand corner of the net.
51' Italy lose possession in the middle of the pitch and Salanovic immediately tries to catch out Gianluigi Buffon with an audacious effort from 40 yards out, but, unsurprisingly, the strike fails to trouble the goalkeeper and sails safely over the top of the crossbar.
50' More good play by Italy sets up Darmian to fire a low cross into the box and towards Immobile, but this time it's Gubser who sticks out a foot to thwart the striker at the last possible moment.
48' De Rossi goes close! The resulting corner is curled into the heart of the box and onto the head of De Rossi, who rises high but can't hit the target with his towering effort.
47' Vital interception by Goppel! Insigne cuts inside from the left wing before setting up Candreva with a beautiful pass into the Liechtenstein penalty area, but Goppel is there to cut out the danger before the winger can tee up a team-mate.
46' We're underway once again!
The two teams are making their way back out on to the pitch ahead of the start of the second half. Neither side have made any substitutions during the half-time break.
Despite heading into the half-time break with a one-goal lead, it hasn't been the best of games for Italy so far. They've comfortably bossed possession but have done little with the ball, and that's largely been down to strong defending from their opponents. Insigne has arguably been their best player, however, and it's fitting he was finally able to fire his side into the lead.
45' + 2' An attempted Italy attack fails to come to anything, and Liechtenstein can counter quickly. They initially move the ball around well before Dennis Salanovic tries to poke a through-ball towards Frick, but it's poorly hit and fails to reach the striker inside the Italy box.
45' Candreva steps up and unleashes a shot from the set-piece, but it isn't hit particularly well and flies comfortably wide of the far post.
M. Polverino
Yellow Card
44' With 44 minutes on the clock, the referee's yellow card has made its first appearance, and it's Polverino who has received it for a poor foul on Candreva not far outside of the Liechtenstein penalty area.
43' The resulting corner initially fails to result in a chance on goal before Chiellini, of all people, is able to unleash a volleyed strike from 25 yards out, but, once again, it's well saved by Jehle.
42' Great save by Jehle! Insigne side-foots a fantastic through-ball into the penalty area and towards Immobile in front of goal, but Jehle darts out quickly to smother the striker's effort and tip it over the top of the crossbar.
41' Belotti wriggles his way past a challenge in the middle of the pitch as he darts towards the Liechtenstein box. He then manages to tee up Candreva to his right, but the winger's quick cross back towards the striker is cut out by Robin Gubser.
39' Spinazzola causes more problems over on the left-hand side of the Liechtenstein penalty area and then does well to pick out Immobile, but, off balance, the striker ends up firing his first-time volley high over the top of the crossbar.
37' Belotti almost makes it 2-0! This time it's De Rossi who cuts towards the box from the left flank before setting up Belotti with a well-placed cross, but the striker is unable to test Jehle after doing well to reach the ball with an outstretched leg.
L. Spinazzola
35' Spinazzola did well to tee up Insigne, but that goal was all about the Napoli man. He managed to create a chance out of nothing and left Jehle with no chance whatsoever.
L. Insigne
35' GOAL! Italy have finally taken the lead. Spinazzola cuts inside from the left wing and picks out Insigne, who knocks the ball up and unleashes a beautiful volleyed strike that smashes off the inside of the far post and into the back of the net.
34' Italy are desperately pushing forward as they try to find the back of the net. The home fans are starting to grow restless as they watch their side fail to get the better of the Liechtenstein back four.
32' Once again, Insigne does well to cut inside from the left flank before shooting from just outside of the penalty area. He isn't able to make decent contact with the ball, however, and it's easily collected by Jehle in the middle of the goal.
30' Almost a wonder strike by Michele Polverino! Liechtenstein comfortably knock the ball around as they enjoy a good spell of possession inside the Italy half of the pitch. Yanik Frick is eventually able to get a shot away but his effort bounces out to Polverino, who then unleashes a thumping effort from 30 yards out that flies just wide of the near post. What a goal that would have been!
28' Darmian cuts inside from the right wing and fires a low cross towards Immobile. The striker sends a lovely flicked pass out to the right and towards Belotti, but, off balance, the Torino forward's cross-cum-shot fails to hit the target or find a team-mate.
27' Poor finish by Insigne! The Napoli man pulls off a lovely bit of skill on the edge of the Liechtenstein penalty area before unleashing a low shot, but he completely scuffs his effort and sends it bouncing into the hands of Jehle.
26' The resulting set-piece is sent short before Burgmeier curls a deep cross towards a group of players camped at the far post. It's completely overhit, however, and the ball sails out of play for an Italy goal-kick.
25' Liechtenstein are able to push forward on a rare attack and win themselves a free-kick out wide. It's whipped into the box and towards Robin Gubser, who's beaten in the air by Giorgio Chiellini and has to settle for a corner.
23' Mix-up at the far post! Insigne, who has arguably been one of Italy's best performers so far, whips a wonderful cross into the penalty area and towards the back post. It flies towards Candreva, but Immobile gets a touch on the ball that sends it behind for a goal-kick.
22' A quick, long-range pass from the halfway line takes the Liechtenstein defence by surprise and looks set to reach Candreva on the edge of the box, but Jehle darts out to deal with the danger with a smart collection at the vital moment.
21' As expected, it's been all Italy so far, but they're struggling to get the better of a pretty solid Liechtenstein defence. The visitors are constantly getting plenty of men behind the ball as they deal with the danger coming from the home side.
19' Spinazzola cuts inside from the left wing before curling a deep cross over to Candreva, who meets the ball well and wins Italy another corner. The winger's cross is a good one and almost finds a blue shirt in front of goal, but the visitors are just about able to deal with the threat.
17' Almost another opportunity for Immobile! Candreva dances his way into the Liechtenstein box from the right flank before fizzing a pass across the face of goal, where it ends up missing the outstretched foot of Immobile by the narrowest of margins.
16' Big chance for Ciro Immobile! Another lovely chipped pass from Insigne as it floats over the top of the Liechtenstein defence and towards Immobile, who quickly shoots but can only send his first-time volley high over the top of the crossbar.
14' Daniele De Rossi picks up possession in the middle of the pitch and kick-starts a swift counter-attack. The ball is worked over to Spinazzola through Insigne, but the full-back can't pick out a team-mate inside the penalty area and Liechtenstein are able to hold on.
13' Leonardo Spinazzola surges down the left wing on a marauding run before winning his side a corner. It's sent short and quickly worked back to Spinazzola, who then fires a long-range shot high and wide of the goal.
12' Ouch! Darmian tries to latch on to a bouncing ball down the left wing but is clattered into from behind by Franz Burgmeier, leaving him in a heap on the floor and in a lot of discomfort. He seemed to receive a knee to the back, but he should be able to continue.
10' Chance for Immobile! The striker is left alone by Liechtenstein's sleeping defence as he spins on the edge of the penalty area and shoots, but his low effort is sent too near to Jehle and is easily stopped by the goalkeeper.
9' Once again, Candreva is able to pick up possession in a dangerous area of the pitch after Liechtenstein lose the ball over on the right flank. The winger has Matteo Darmian to his right but decides to go it alone, and it proves to be the wrong decision as his 25-yard strike fails to hit the target.
8' Candreva picks up the ball in a promising position deep inside the visitors' half of the pitch and quickly tries to set up Andrea Belotti with a quick through-ball into the box. He can't find the striker, however, as Max Goppel is there to cut out the danger with an outstretched foot.
6' After a comfortable start to the game for the hosts, Liechtenstein are able to get on the ball and burst forward quickly. The counter-attack causes some fans to panic, but Italy do well to make sure the attack doesn't amount to much.
4' Insigne is left in a pocket of space as he charges through the middle of the pitch. He's able to reach the Liechtenstein box and then shoots, but his effort ends up bouncing comfortably wide of the far post.
2' Antonio Candreva scores, but it's ruled out! Lorenzo Insigne cuts inside from the left wing before lifting a beautiful pass over the top of the Liechtenstein defence and into the penalty area. It picks out Candreva, who, all alone, thumps a wonderful volleyed strike into the top right-hand corner of the net before the linesman's flag is wrongly raised for offside.
1' We're off! Liechteinstein get us underway, attacking from right to left.
The two sides are making their way out onto the pitch, with just a few minutes to go until kick-off.
Meanwhile, Liechtenstein boss Rene Pauritsch has made just one alteration to the team that featured in their last outing, with Benjamin Buchel making way for Peter Jehle in goal.
Giampiero Ventura has decided to make three changes to the Italy side that started the win against Uruguay on Wednesday, with Gianluigi Buffon, Giorgio Chiellini and Lorenzo Pellegrini coming into the starting line-up to replace Gianluigi Donnarumma, Leonardo Bonucci and Claudio Marchisio, respectively.
Liechtenstein substitutes: Brandle, Hofer, Quintans, Fabio Wolfinger, Sele, Meier, Foser, Hobi, Oehri, Erne, Sandro Wolfinger, Benjamin Buchel.
Liechtenstein XI (4-1-4-1): Jehle; Rechsteiner, Malin, Gubser, Goppel; Polverino; Salanovic, Hasler, Martin Buchel, Burgmeier; Frick.
Italy substitutes: Conti, Gagliardini, Donnarumma, Astori, Scuffet, Eder, Montolivo, Bonucci, Bernardeschi, D’Ambrosio, El Shaarawy, Gabbiadini.
Italy XI (4-4-2): Buffon; Darmian, Barzagli, Chiellini, Spinazzola; Candreva, Pellegrini, De Rossi, Insigne; Belotti, Immobile.
There’s just over 15 minutes left to go until kick-off, so let’s have a look at how the two teams will be lining up this evening…
Italy were recently in action with a friendly game of their own, too, and it saw them win 3-0 against Uruguay in Nice. The victory means they head into tonight’s clash with five victories from their previous six outings, and only the Netherlands have managed to score a solitary goal against them during that time.
As is often the case, the World Cup qualifying process has been a tough one for Liechtenstein. Currently ranked 186th in the world, sandwiched between Bermuda and Andorra, they haven’t won a single game since beating San Marino 1-0 in March 2015, but they did impress in a 1-1 draw against Finland last Wednesday to bring an end to an eight-game losing streak.
Italy remain unbeaten in competitive games since the quarter-final defeat against Germany at Euro 2016, meaning tonight’s clash should be a relatively straight-forward affair. They comfortably saw off Liechtenstein in a 4-0 thrashing last November, with all four goals being scored in the first half. Andrea Belotti and Ciro Immobile both found the back of the net that evening, and they’re set to start up front once again tonight.
With both teams currently tied on 13 points at the top of Group G, the battle for top spot, and an automatic place at next year’s World Cup, is firmly between Italy and Spain. The latter currently lead the way thanks to their superior goal difference, but Italy will be looking to improve their tally against a Liechtenstein side that have conceded 19 times in five games.
Good evening and welcome to our live text commentary of today’s World Cup 2018 qualifier between Italy and Liechtenstein at the Stadio Friuli.