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90' + 5'
G. Chiellini
Yellow Card
P. Dybala
Penalty Goal
1 - 1
I. Perišić
Yellow Card
Alex Sandro
Yellow Card
E. Džeko
1 - 0

Match Stats

48% 51%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 2 4
Total Passes 463 497
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Inter avoid back-to-back defeats in the league, but that draw sees them stay seven points behind Napoli and Milan at the top. Next up for them is a trip to Empoli. Juventus' unbeaten run extends to nine in all competitions and they face Sassuolo next time out.
Dybala scores from the spot to snatch a late 1-1 draw for Juventus with Inter. Dzeko broke the deadlock in the 17th minute when he volleyed in the rebound after Calhanoglu's effort bounced back off the woodwork. Both sides wasted chances in the second half, with Perisic firing wide after a quick break before Morata missed a close-range header. VAR then awarded a late penalty after Dumfries caught Alex Sandro just inside the box and Dybala slotted it home to secure a point.
G. Chiellini
Yellow Card
90' + 5' Chiellini took out Brozovic from behind earlier in Inter's attack. The referee originally played the advantage but shows the defender a yellow card when the move fizzles out.
90' + 4' The visitors win a free-kick just outside the box, but Dybala takes this one short to Chiesa. He pulls it back away from Gagliardini before curling a deep cross into the far post. It's over everyone's head though and harmlessly out of play.
90' + 2' Inter have everyone dropping deep behind the ball as Juventus continue to knock it around in their own half. Danilo eventually goes long, trying to thread in Morata, but De Vrij quickly gets across to clear his lines.
M. Vecino
N. Barella
90' Final change for Inter now and it's Barella that's going off after he went down a little earlier. Vecino is on for him.
Penalty Goal
89' DYBALA SCORES! The fans are trying to put him off from behind the goal, but he steps up as cool as you like. Handanovic dives to his left and Dybala slots it down the middle to equalise. 1-1! 
Red Card
88' Just after the penalty was given, Inzaghi ran to the edge of his technical area and threw something onto the pitch in frustration. The referee got called over by the fourth official and the Inter manager is shown a red card and told to leave the sidelines.
87' PENALTY TO JUVE! The referee has been asked to go over to the monitor to have a look at the replays. Dumfries had his boot high as he tried to clear the ball and kicked Alex Sandro's leg instead. The contact came just inside the box and he's pointed to the spot.
85' There are shouts for a penalty after Alex Sandro goes down on the edge of the box. Dybala played him through and Dumfries came in from behind to clear his lines. The referee had a good view of it though and he's waved play on.
Kaio Jorge
M. Locatelli
83' And Locatelli also makes way, with Jorge coming on in his place.
W. McKennie
83' Another double change for Juventus now as McKennie goes off on the far side, with Arthur replacing him.
82' Another sloppy pass out from the back from Inter gifts the ball to Morata and he touches it out to Alex Sandro on the left. Sanchez stays tight to him and the left-back ends up running it out of play in his attempts to get away from the substitute.
80' Bentancur keeps the ball in at the byline before pulling it back for Alex Sandro. He curls a dangerous cross into the six-yard box for Morata, but he backs into Handanovic and the foul is given against him.
78' Inzaghi is screaming instructions at his players from the sidelines as Darmian gives the ball away this time. Juve's high press is still catching out the hosts, but they can't do anything with it when they win back possession.
76' Juventus are still working to break down Inter as they patiently play out from the back again. Bonucci switches it out to Chiesa on the right, but he can't find a way past Bastoni this time and is forced to go backwards.
74' Sanchez gets out of a tight spot near the corner flag before whipping a deep cross into the box. It's over everyone, but McKennie's headed clearance is blocked by Darmian. He tries to lift it into Dzeko, but Danilo is there to intercept it.
D. Dumfries
I. Perišić
72' Perisic is also being taken off, with Dumfries on to replace him.
A. Sánchez
Lautaro Martínez
72' Inter are making a double change now. Martinez, who has struggled to get into the game, goes off for Sanchez.
71' GOOD SAVE! Dybala steps up to take the free-kick just outside the box and he curls his effort around the inside of the wall. Handanovic gets down well to block it, but he needs De Vrij to step in and hook it clear.
I. Perišić
Yellow Card
70' Perisic slides in to try and block Chiesa's shot but his trailing leg catches the substitute and he's shown a yellow card.
70' Chiesa fizzes a low cross in from the right and it's blocked by Darmian, but his clearance hits Brozovic's back and falls for Dybala. He drags it past De Vrij before having a go, but he's denied by Bastoni.
69' CLOSE! It's Inter that can't get out of their own half at the moment as Bentancur nicks the ball off Darmian and slides in Alex Sandro. He tries to catch Handanovic out at his near post with a low shot, but he drills it just wide. 
67' Barella tries his luck on the half-volley from the edge of the area, but he scuffs at it. It almost ends up being a good ball for Dzeko in the six-yard box, but it slides through his legs and is blocked by Bonucci from reaching Barella, who would've had a tap in.
F. Chiesa
D. Kulusevski
65' Kulusevski is also making way, with Chiesa on for him.
P. Dybala
J. Cuadrado
65' There's a double change for Juve here as Cuadrado is taken off and replaced by Dybala.
64' MORATA! Juventus go straight up the other end and McKennie clips a good cross into Morata on the right of the box. He lets it bounce before trying to guide a header past Handanovic. He loses his bearings though and it flies wide of the post.
63' MISS! Perisic makes a brilliant interception deep in his own half and plays a one-two with Dzeko before striding into acres of space down the left. He cuts inside, pulling away from Danilo, before taking a shot. It's a poor effort though, which curls high and wide of the far post. 
R. Gagliardini
H. Çalhanoğlu
61' Inter are making their first change now and it's Calhanoglu that's going off for Gagliardini.
60' CLOSE! Barella is given a lot of space to carry the ball forward and he floats a lovely cross onto the penalty spot. Dzeko gets ahead of Alex Sandro to get his head on it, but he flicks his header wide. 
58' Locatelli misses his clearance on the edge of the box and Calhanoglu pounces onto it to drill a first-time shot on goal. He gets a lot of power behind it, but Chiellini slides in to make an important block.
56' Handanovic's clearance is well read by Bonucci as he gets in front of Barella on the halfway line. He hits the shot as it drops on the volley when he spots the keeper still off his line but sends it well wide of the target. 
54' Kulusevski pulls out to the right and draws three of the Inter defenders out there with him. He fizzes a dangerous cross into the six-yard box, but no one is waiting in the middle for Juventus and Bastoni clears his lines. 
52' Dzeko has scored five goals in his first four home appearances in Serie A this season. In the three points per win era, only Mauro Icardi in 2017-18 and Marco Branca in 1995-96 have netted more with Inter after four home matches (six goals).
50' It's patient play by Inter as they draw Juventus out of their shape and slowly push upfield. Perisic curls a good cross into the far post, but Dzeko gets caught under it and the chance goes to waste for the hosts. 
48' Juventus are trying to get on the front foot early in the second half, but they're struggling to get upfield. Bentancur has two attempts at trying to thread it forward for Morata, but both are cut out by Inter.
46' Inter get us back underway for the second half! 
Inzaghi will be the happier of the two managers at the break, but he'll know his side will need to improve their chances going forward if they want to see out this game. Juventus have looked dangerous on the break, but without really testing Handanovic. Allegri will be hoping to see a much more clinical performance in the second half.
Dzeko's goal gives Inter a 1-0 lead over Juventus at half-time. Calhanoglu had a brilliant shot from just outside the box that smacked off the corner of the goal frame before Dzeko volleyed in the rebound from close range. Other than that, the hosts haven't created too many chances of note. At the other end, Morata's curling effort was bundled away by Handanovic before he denied Alex Sandro's close-range follow-up.
45' + 3' Inter are pushing for a late goal in the first half and Dzeko makes another good run down the right after being picked out by Skriniar. Chiellini is giving him no time on the ball and he manages to win a corner off the defender, but it comes to nothing.
45' + 1' Juventus are enjoying a good spell of possession at the moment, but it's all in front of the hosts. They're knocking it around between their defenders but can't find a way in behind Inter.
Alex Sandro
Yellow Card
44' It's a poor challenge from Alex Sandro as he jumps in and catches Barella with his studs. He was nowhere near the ball and is booked.
42' CHANCE! Cuadrado whips in a free-kick from the left which is half-cleared by Skriniar. McKennie brings it down and touches it into Bonucci when he can't find space for a shot, but the defender slices his effort wide of the near post.
N. Barella
Yellow Card
40' Barella is very late as he slides in on Alex Sandro and takes out the defender. He claims he got the ball, but that doesn't stop the referee from showing him the first yellow card of the game.
39' Handanovic gives away another clearance, but Locatelli is forced to go back to Szczesny due to Brozovic's press. The keeper almost ends up playing Danilo into trouble as Martinez closes him down, but the right-back just manages to win a throw-in. 
37' Juventus are still being penned back in their own half as Dzeko holds it up well on the right before switching it out to Perisic. He cuts inside before curling a deep cross towards Martinez at the far post, but Chiellini has it covered.
35' Bastoni wins a free-kick on the left and then whips a dangerous cross into the near post which is flicked on by Dzeko and Martinez before Bonucci makes an important block. Barella picks it up on the opposite flank, but his follow-up cross hits Alex Sandro.
33' Calhanoglu's first corner is blocked at the near post, so he goes deep with the second. Bonucci heads it clear and Cuadrado tries to break on the counter down the right. Brozovic steps across to win it back and the visitors can't get out at the moment.
31' Cuadrado finds himself in a lot of space down the right again and tries to slide in Morata on the edge of the box. Perisic intercepts it and Handanovic can't prevent the corner, but nothing comes of it for Juventus.
29' Juventus are dropping deeper in their own half and Brozovic is forced to go long as he floats a long ball over the top to Dzeko. He gets in between the two central defenders, but can't get any power on his header as he glances it straight at Szczesny.
27' De Vrij stayed down holding his shoulder after Kulusevski ran into him and he's receiving some treatment now. He's quickly back to his feet though and he'll be able to carry on.
25' Inter are caught trying to play out from the back again and Juventus' high press is causing them some problems now. Kulusevski has a go from range that is blocked by De Vrij and then accidentally fouls the defender when he trips over him.
23' CLOSE! Juventus push forward again and the space just opens up for Cuadrado as he gets to the edge of the box. He drills a low effort across goal which is just out of Handanovic's reach, but it rolls wide of the far post. 
22' Bentancur reads it well as he latches onto a sloppy pass out from Handanovic. Juventus switch it from left to right before Cuadrado swings a cross into the middle, but it's straight into the keeper's gloves.
20' Inter are upping the pressure here and Chiellini initially does well to keep the ball in, but then gifts it to Darmian. He slots in Barella, who skips through the middle, but it bounces up and hits his hand which brings the attack to an end.
R. Bentancur
F. Bernardeschi
18' Bernardeschi isn't able to carry on after that shoulder injury he picked up a few minutes ago. He's taken off and replaced by Bentancur.
E. Džeko
17' DZEKO SCORES! Darmian works the ball to Skriniar, who spots Calhanoglu in space through the middle. He whips a brilliant shot towards goal that has Szczesny scrambling and it smacks the corner of the goal frame. Dzeko is waiting in the middle and he volleys the ball into the back of the empty net. A VAR check shows he was onside and it's 1-0 Inter! 
16' The medical team are on to give Bernardeschi some treatment on his shoulder before helping him to his feet. Inzaghi was getting a change ready after the winger's signal, but now he's saying he wants to try and carry on.
14' Bernardeschi breaks down the left and the Inter defenders are looking for an offside flag that doesn't come. Darmian nudges him off it as the linesman belatedly lifts his flag, but the winger has stayed down holding his shoulder and is signalling to the bench.
12' The free-kick is a long way out through the middle, but Alex Sandro decides to go for goal anyway. He keeps it low, drilling it just past the inside of the wall and towards the far bottom corner, but it's always heading wide. 
11' Juventus are moving the ball upfield a lot quicker now and as Kulusevski drives through the middle, three Inter players swarm towards him. He's brought down by Barella, and the visitors have a free-kick.
9' It's a loose pass back from Bernardeschi which gifts the ball to Dzeko in the centre circle. He takes it in his stride but is stopped from mounting a counter by Bonucci, who gets back quickly. 
7' GOOD SAVE! Juventus win a free-kick on the left and McKennie's cross is nodded back to the edge of the box by Bonucci. Morata curls a shot down the middle, which Hanandovic bundles away after seeing it late, and Alex Sandro can't poke in the rebound. 
6' It's good work from Barella through the middle as he weaves through Juventus' midfield before playing a one-two with Martinez. He still can't open up space for a shot, so threads it through to Dzeko, but his cross is blocked by Alex Sandro.
4' Perisic whips a great cross in from the byline on the left but Chiellini is in the right position to head it out for Juventus. The corner is then curled in from the opposite side and Skriniar peels away at the far post, but he sends his header just over.
2' Alex Sandro holds off Darmian to get out of a tight spot and his clearance ends up being a good out ball for Bernardeschi. He squares it infield towards Kulusevski, but he can't get there ahead of Brozovic.
1' Morata gets the game underway for Juventus! 
The teams are coming out onto the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Inter could lose consecutive Serie A games for the first time since March 2020. Curiously, on that occasion, the two defeats also came against Lazio and Juventus.
Massimiliano Allegri makes four changes to the side that started against Zenit on Wednesday. Danilo, Chiellini, Cuadrado and Kulusevski, who came off the bench to score the winner in that game, are all brought in. De Sciglio, De Ligt, Bentancur and Chiesa start on the bench, as does Dybala, who is back after a thigh strain.
Simone Inzaghi makes three changes from the Champions League win over Sheriff in midweek, with Bastoni, Darmian and Calhanoglu all coming in. Dimarco and Dumfries drop to the bench, while Arturo Vidal is out due to illness.
JUVENTUS SUBS: Paulo Dybala, Rodrigo Bentancur, Daniele Rugani, Mattia Perin, Federico Chiesa, Matthijs de Ligt, Aaron Ramsey, Arthur, Carlo Pinsoglio, Kaio Jorge, Matti De Sciglio, Luca Pellegrini.
JUVENTUS STARTING XI (4-4-2): Wojciech Szczesny; Danilo, Leonardo Bonucci, Giorgio Chiellini, Alex Sandro; Juan Cuadrado, Manuel Locatelli, Weston McKennie, Federico Bernardeschi; Alvaro Morata, Dejan Kulusevski.
INTER SUBS: Alexis Sanchez, Stefano Seni, Danilo D'Ambrosio, Alex Cordaz, Matias Vecino, Aleksandar Kolarov, Martin Satriano, Roberto Gagliardini, Denzel Dumfries, Federico Dimarco, Ionut Radu, Andrea Ranocchia.
INTER STARTING XI (3-5-2): Samir Handanovic; Milan Skriniar, Stefan de Vrij, Alessandro Bastoni; Matteo Darmian, Nicolo Barella, Marcelo Brozovic, Hakan Calhanoglu, Ivan Perisic; Edin Dzeko, Lautaro Martinez.
Inter's unbeaten start to the season came to an end last time out as they were beaten 3-1 by 10-man Lazio. They bounced back with a 3-1 win in midweek against Sheriff in the Champions League, but currently sit third in the league, eight points behind leaders Napoli as they try to keep pace with the top. Juventus made a shaky start to their season, but since then, are unbeaten in eight across all competitions (W7 D1), winning their last six on the bounce in all competitions.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Serie A meeting between Inter and Juventus at San Siro!