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90' + 2'
B. De Cordova-Reid
A. Lookman
90' + 1'
D. McGoldrick
Yellow Card
G. Baldock
Yellow Card
A. Lookman
1 - 0
45' + 2'
A. Zambo Anguissa
Yellow Card

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65% 34%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 7 2
Total Passes 597 321
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Ademola Lookman's close-range finish is the difference at Craven Cottage - and what a difference it means for relegation-threatened Fulham! The hosts stay in the bottom three, but close in on nearest rivals Newcastle - while they deliver another monotonous blow to their visitors Sheffield United, left further adrift at the foot of the Premier League. Scott Parker roars in delight. At full-time, it has finished Fulham 1-0 Sheffield United.
90' + 6' United slam the square delivery in off the right, and see it deflected away. The visitors come again, and push hard enough in the hopes of a corner - and get a goal-kick against them instead. On the sidelines, Chris Wilder drinks furiously from his water bottle.
90' + 4' There's not really a nice way to say this, but it feels hard to say that United deserve a result out of this. Save for the final quarter of this game, the drive has been all from Fulham, and the visitors' sharpest player has been the frequently tested Ramsdale. But if they do snatch something, they will not be complaining.
B. De Cordova-Reid
A. Lookman
90' + 2' Fulham make that final change now - and it is goalscorer Lookman who makes way for Bobby Decordova-Reid. The former has delivered the most crucial of interactions today for his side.
D. McGoldrick
Yellow Card
90' + 1' McGoldrick picks up a booking for a scruffy foul now, as United look to carve out an attacking chance once again. That's frustrating for the Blades, as the seconds keep on ticking down.
90' No penalty - no consultation with the VAR screen or anything, for that matter, as both players eventually regain their feet. That looked to be more in favour of United at first glance but anyway. We've got seven added minutes incoming.
89' The ball is drifted in, the first touch is clumsy and then the ball is speared towards goal. Bogle gets to it a moment before Areola gets to him and the pair both sprawl out over opposite ends of the goalmouth. Is that a penalty to Sheffield United?
88' Could this be the moment for Sheffield United? They have a free-kick, 30 yards out on the left edge. Chances are surely running out for them.
M. Lemina
J. Maja
86' With less than five minutes on the clock, Fulham make their second change of the game now, bringing on Mario Lemina for Maja. Scott Parker is looking on with an unruffled air of collected satisfaction, but he must be feeling nervy inside. This would be a huge three points.
84' VAR has been quiet today, hasn't it? That'll please the old-school purists. The Blades are still unable to make inroads through the middle, Fulham content to instead play the ball around the wings and hold it up in midfield.
82' We're into the final 10 minutes now and the ball is at the wrong end of the field for Sheffield United. They manage to defuse a delightful cut-back delivery, but McGoldrick is perhaps a shade lucky to avoid a potential VAR investigation for a penalty call against him after he catches Reed on the foot.
J. Bogle
P. Jagielka
80' Now, as the game restarts, Phil Jagielka exits, stage left, for Sheffield United, who add additional grunt in the form of Jayden Bogle. Can the Blades set up a blazing finale?
G. Baldock
Yellow Card
79' Baldock gets booked for a challenge on Lookman that sees the Fulham man caught as the filling in a Sheffield United sandwich. He's a bit unlucky to see yellow there, to be honest, but his leg was high as he came together with the Cottagers man.
K. Tete
Ivan Cavaleiro
78' Frustration for United now as they carve a promising attack out and then, in a fairly rare showing today, are caught by the offside flag. Fulham now make their first change of the game, replacing Cavaleiro with Kenny Tete. It's time to shut up shop for the hosts.
76' There's movement from both benches right now. Fulham, if they are working to the established rulebook of football common sense, will be bringing on some defensive reinforcements any moment soon. United will be throwing some creative threats on in response. We could have an exciting final quarter-hour on our hands.
D. McGoldrick
J. Lundstram
74' Sheffield United make their second change and, in a sign they very much intend to try and find that goal to level things up, throw on David McGoldrick to slot in up front, replacing Lundstram.
73' Ramsdale! Aina smashes a right-footed powerhouse of a strike in from 25 yards or so and the keeper punches it over his crossbar. What a stop. Fulham can't make it tell from the corner and are pushed back to halfway.
71' That being said, the Blades are still hovering around the 60 per cent mark when it comes to pass accuracy today. That has been such an issue for them this season; it goes without saying, but you're not going to win games if you can't find your teammates with the ball.
69' You can say one thing now; going a goal down looks to have reanimated Sheffield United's purpose at the very least. They have a little more thrust, a little more urgency with the ball, looking out wide to find their options. It will be interesting to see if they can seize something from this.
67' Close for the Blades! Their set-pieces come close to paying off, with a flurry of attempts to smuggle home the ball in a messy box spearheaded by Ampadu and Lundstram. Ultimately, it sails out for a goal-kick.
65' Stevens! Sheffield United almost pull one back with another break. The Republic of Ireland international is the man at the end of it and Areola has to parry his close-range finish out for a corner.
63' That is richly deserved for all the weight Fulham have unloaded upon that United defence today, though Aaron Ramsdale deserves better than that from his teammates. The former England youth star is surely too good to stay in the Championship if the Blades go down.
A. Lookman
61' GOAL! ADEMOLA LOOKMAN HANDS FULHAM THE LEAD! 1-0! It has been coming almost since the opening minute of this game and the Cottagers finally have their advantage. It's a long ball, one that the midfielder just tracks onside to take down the left, before he cuts back in, turns Ampadu around and manages to squeak a finish in at the near post past Ramsdale. Finally, the hosts are in front.
59' Is Scott Parker mulling over a change yet? Unlike United, who do have a clutch of names known to change the trajectory of games on a dime, there aren't as many such faces available for the hosts today.
57' Aaron Ramsdale could probably do his job even if he was on a bouncy castle between the posts. He races out to meet a dangerous cross now, sweeping forward and making a clean catch under pressure from two Fulham bodies.
55' Now McBurnie! Almost out of nothing, United break on the counter and carve their way downfield. A cut-back delivery finds the striker and he catches it off the outside of his boot, tucking it over the crossbar. That would have been a shock lead against the run of play.
54' Anguissa comes crashing in for a follow-up a moment later and sprays it over the crossbar. He rolls his head to the heavens. That's the closest the hosts have come to a lead here.
53' Baldock! Off the line from the Sheffield United man! Fulham finally looked to have unlocked Ramsdale at the back, with Loftus-Cheek pushing a shot off the goalkeeper's leg - but suddenly, the defender is there to at the last moment to blast it away from immediate danger. Top heroics!
52' Cavaleiro makes a sloppy shirt tug on Stevens and the latter crumples with a bit of drama. It wins the Blades the ball however, though they promptly surrender possession with the set-piece.
O. Norwood
C. Basham
51' It looks like we're set for our first change here, and sadly it is an injury-enforced one. It is not Oli McBurnie however, but Chris Basham who has pulled up for Sheffield United. Oliver Norwood is his replacement.
49' Clearly tired of attempting to even make the cursory effort or impression that Sheffield United's midfield can hold them back in their own half, Fulham now lash the long ball over them from near their own box. It beats everyone to Ramsdale, who has it well-covered.
48' Loftus-Cheek is the first man to pull the trigger with the goal in his sights in this half, and he twists an effort in off the right edge. It's going wide but Ramsdale covers it easily enough regardless.
46' We're back underway at Craven Cottage. Is there a breakthrough for the hosts on the cards? Can the visitors discover their own attacking impetus? Is there a goal in this one? We've a whole half to find out.
4' Before then however, it is Crystal Palace who next await Fulham. As for Sheffield United, it doesn't get any easier as Liverpool come to visit Bramall Lane - though given the free-fall Jurgen Klopp's side appear to be in, who knows how that one will work out. Until then however, thank you for joining us - and have a great weekend!
3' But if Chris Wilder will be left to stew on another disappointing showing, Scott Parker will be delighted. The biggest complaint he could have was that his side perhaps should have done better in converting those opportunities in the final third - but with a three-game run against a trio of "big six" sides in Tottenham, Liverpool and Manchester City on the near horizon, these are valuable points.
2' The Blades, so sharp and frequently incisive last season on their way to a fine upper-table finish, have been blunted and worn down to a point of miserable inaction this year. This, in a way, feels like their lowest ebb; one-third possession against a side also rooted in the bottom three, one promoted as Championship play-off underdogs no less. They've played worse this season, but what an opportunity this should have been for them.
It's hard to say who will be happier, if anyone, about that. Chris Wilder must surely be split between frustration at his side's generally lacking performance and quiet relief they are still very much in the game. Scott Parker will just be ticked off that his side haven't beaten Aaron Ramsdale yet.
Three times as much possession and with all the shots this game has provided - and yet Fulham are yet to take the lead against a particularly toothless Sheffield United at Craven Cottage in the Premier League. Both sides will get a share of the spoils in this basement clash as it stands - but surely there's a goal to come for the hosts? At the break, it is Fulham 0-0 Sheffield United.
A. Zambo Anguissa
Yellow Card
45' + 2' A late booking in this half now as Anguissa comes in on McBurnie deep inside the United half. It's unneeded and possibly a bit harsh, but the Blades striker is still hobbling a bit.
45' Loftus-Cheek blazes the subsequent corner over with a header, one he just can't keep low enough to threaten the keeper. Scott Parker, every inch the male model in a fleece catalogue, barks on the sidelines. One added minute incoming.
44' 75 per cent of the ball has been with Fulham so far. They've apparently just had six shots, though it feels like more. Ramsdale tips a wayward return cross over his bar to be safe now.
42' Reed responds shortly afterwards by becoming the latest man to lash an effort in towards goal for Fulham. Aaron Ramsdale has come under some stick this season, following in the footsteps for Dean Henderson who thrived at Bramall Lane last year, but he has quite often proven to be the best player in this United side and so it seems he is again today.
40' Ampadu bulldozes Reed in midfield and naturally gets a rap on the knuckles for it, though no card comes his way. Sheffield United are showing their frustration. But still, they remain on level pegging.
38' United pick up a free-kick some 40-plus yards out on the left and drift it with an almost lethargic lift into the Fulham box. It beats everyone to the far side of the area and the hosts ultimately seize it first to clear away.
36' Cavaleiro promptly responds by trying a near-variation on the same move with a bit more thunder in the finishing tank. This time, he blazes it over Ramsdale's outstretched arms and the crossbar, into the stand behind.
35' Cavaleiro cuts a nifty path down the right edge, cuts back into the box and tips a shot in that Ramsdale claims neatly. It's a good stop from the keeper.
33' Basham batters away a Bryan cross into the box with the sort of industrial dexterity that does the name of the Steel City proud. The Blades are, even without the ball, doing enough to foil their hosts at the very least.
31' It is a not too common occurrence for more than one newly-promoted team to avoid the immediate drop back to the Championship, but on the basis of their forward management here, it is a bit of a wonder how Fulham are as low as they are. Granted, the fact Sheffield United are inviting them to feast on their less-than-enthusiastic defence today might have something to do with it.
29' There is always the worry when you get two teams scrapping at the wrong end of the table that it can become an exercise in lumpen, warmed-over meat-and-two-veg football, or what less charitable people would call the Burnley-West Brom way. But Fulham are imposing their personality too strongly for that here.
27' A foul drawn by Fulham now allows Lookman to lash a free-kick into the visitors' penalty box. It's a particularly sketchy set-piece attempt and Sheffield United muscle it away cleanly enough. Again, the Cottagers are yet to convert these chances they're creating.
26' McBurnie is fortunately fine to continue, though Wilder already has two substitutes stripped and ready to go if needed. The striker didn't look to be knocked unconscious by the touch, but head injuries are, rightfully so, under closer scrutiny this year.
25' This doesn't look too good for United now. Oli McBurnie has a clash of heads in an airborne challenge for the ball and promptly goes down. He stays on the turf for a while and the medics are straight to him.
23' As if spurned on that horrendous statistic, the visitors nearly win a second corner, and then chase Fulham back into their own half a moment later with some harrying defensive work. Better from Chris Wilder and company.
21' Just the 41 passes from Sheffield United in this game so far, roughly a quarter of all deliveries in this game.
19' Loftus-Cheek is the latest man to showcase some fancy footwork for Fulham, reclaiming possession deep in Blades territory before turning two defenders around and looping a lazy finish over the crossbar. The Cottagers are all over this game.
18' Lookman! Again, the hosts head down that left channel and this time the midfielder leathers an effort towards goal. Ramsdale dives on it under little pressure but the ball was taking a bobbling path towards him.
16' Fulham work the overlap on the left and pull back a tasty delivery that beats Cavaleiro in the box. A last-gasp touch from the Cottagers pushes it back to Anguissa outside the box and he rifles an effort wide to the left.
14' This has been a more illuminating quarter-hour than perhaps expected. It is Fulham who look the most likely to find an opener here, with United pinned back too easily by the stocky formation of their hosts.
12' The delivery ricochets in and falls to the far side of the box, causing a flash of panic - but Areola has it covered when the follow-up shot takes a deflection and arcs calmly into his gloves. 
11' Now it is United's turn to pick up a corner, after a booming delivery down the left edge is defused less than cleanly by the hosts.
9' This time Sharp repels borders with a powerful header and the visitors come away from their own box again. Fulham may regret not making that spell of pressure tell there.
8' Ramsdale! That is a delicious effort from Lookman from the corner post, drifted over the box and looping back towards the crossbar. Ramsdale tips it over for a second corner and then Fulham win a third.
7' The midfielder turns it in and puts the ball straight into Areola's gloves. Fulham promptly counter, with some lovely work down the right flank from Aina and win themselves another corner.
6' The Blades, decked out in that green change strip that has the added side-effect of making them look like Robin Hood's Merry Men, have had little forward momentum so far, but now find a decent set-piece chance out on the right edge near Fulham's box. Lundstram to take...
4' Fulham are up for the first corner of the game after a wayward United touch in defence. Lookman plays it short on the left edge and the hosts try to lob it in, with an easy deflection defusing the danger. A wasted opportunity there.
3' You'd be forgiven for not expecting a thriller here. This game very much, on paper, has the hallmarks of a goalless draw or a skittish one-goal victory. But perhaps double desperation can feed into a cracker.
1' We are underway in this Premier League encounter between Fulham and Sheffield United!
The teams are out at Craven Cottage - still sporting that rather industrial scaffolding as the club take advantage of the lack of fans for some work - and we're moments away from kick-off.
Rhian Brewster is on the bench again, of course. The former Liverpool man may have been under the impression he was headed to Bramall Lane to further his starting credentials, and possibly push for a place at Euro 2020. It's been a dud campaign for the 20-year-old.
A promising omen perhaps for the visitors? They got their first point of the season in the reverse fixture way back in October. They then pretty much went until Christmas before getting another one, but still.
Subs: Max Lowe, Oliver Burke, Oliver Norwood, David McGoldrick, Wes Foderingham, Jayden Bogle, Ben Osborn, Rhian Brewster, Zak Brunt.
SHEFFIELD UNITED (3-1-4-2): Aaron Ramsdale; Chris Basham, Phil Jagielka, Kean Bryan; Ethan Ampadu; George Baldock, Enda Stevens, John Lundstram, John Fleck, Oli McBurnie, Billy Sharp.
Subs: Kenny Tete, Michael Hector, Denis Odoi, Marek Rodak, Tim Ream, Bobby Decordova-Reid, Mario Lemina, Joe Bryan, Josh Onomah.
FULHAM (4-4-2): Alphonse Areola; Ola Aina, Joachim Andersen, Tosin Adarabioyo, Antonee Robinson; Ruben Loftus-Cheek, Harrison Reed, Andre-Frank Zambo Anguissa, Ademola Lookman; Ivan Cavaleiro, Josh Maja.
As for Wilder, he makes five swaps from the side downed by West Ham: John Fleck, Oli McBurnie, Phil Jagielka, Kean Bryan and George Baldock all step in, with John Egan injured.
There's three changes from Parker and Fulham, who throws Ivan Cavaleiro, Andre-Frank Zambo Anguissa and Antonee Robinson into his starting lineup following that midweek draw with Burnley.
It is starting to increasingly look like the great escape is not on for any of the bottom three however, including West Brom sandwiched in-between these two. 17th-place Newcastle are six points ahead of Fulham, and the nearest to exposure - but there's an extra eight points between the Cottagers and today's visitors. The heat is on.
Chris Wilder has seen the Blades through thick and thin, but perhaps never more so the latter than this season. Having just missed out on Europa League football last term, they face an uphill battle to even stay in the top-flight this year - but victory here could be a major step in an unlikely survival story.
It is 18th against 20th on the banks of the Thames today, as Scott Parker's promoted Cottagers look to avoid an immediate drop back into the Championship. Their visitors are rooted to the foot of the table; could this be a second win in three for the hosts?
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the 2020-21 Premier League season, as Fulham square off with Sheffield United in a relegation dogfight at Craven Cottage.