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France v United States Live Commentary, 28/06/2019

1 - 2
W. Renard (81)
M. Rapinoe (5)
M. Rapinoe (65)
Parc des Princes


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The hosts' tournament has come to an end, but the US have now reached the semi-final for the eighth consecutive tournament. They will face England in the next round on Tuesday.
The United States hold on to beat France 2-1 to reach the semi-finals. Rapinoe gave the US an early lead after she struck a low free-kick through the crowd of players in the box and into the back of the net. France didn't register a shot on target in the first half but improved in the second half and were causing the current holders problems. Against the run of play though, Rapinoe got her second when she latched onto Heath's cross and fired the ball past Bouhaddi. Renard did pull one back for France late on with a brilliant header, but it ended up just being a consolation.
E. Bussaglia
Yellow Card
90' + 4' Bussaglia is shown a yellow card after catching Morgan with a late challenge.
90' + 3' France are trying to pass their way into the box which is slowing down their attacks. Renard takes too long to pick out a forward pass and when she does try to pick out Diani, Dunn gets across to intercept it.
90' + 1' Into the first of five minutes of added time now and O'Hara is trying to keep the ball in the corner for the US. She's crowded out by two French defenders though and they quickly win back possession for their side.
89' France work the ball upfield really well and Thiney spun around her defender to make some space for herself. She chooses to play in Diani instead of having a shot herself, but the forward had drifted offside before having her effort saved by Naeher.
C. Press
M. Rapinoe
United States
87' Final roll of the dice for the US sees the goalscorer, Rapinoe, make way for Press.
86' The France players and fans are screaming for a penalty after Majri's cross into the box struck O'Hara on the arm. It was tight to her body though and the referee is adamant that it's not a penalty kick.
84' Henry rises highest from a corner to reach the ball ahead of her defender. She can't direct her effort on target though and it flies wide of the post.
C. Lloyd
S. Mewis
United States
82' Mewis is the player to make way for the US and Lloyd is the player to replace her.
V. Asseyi
E. Le Sommer
82' Both sides are making a change following the goal. Le Sommer is coming off for France and Asseyi is on in her place.
G. Thiney
81' The delivery into the box from Thiney on the free-kick was brilliant as she put the ball into the space in the middle of the box for Renard to run onto it.
W. Renard
81' RENARD PULLS ONE BACK FOR FRANCE! Nobody was picking her up on the free-kick as she ran onto the cross and she just glances the ball over Naeher and into the back of the net. 2-1!
79' GREAT SAVE BY NAEHER! Le Sommer stretches ahead of Heath to get on the end of Majri's cross and chips her effort towards goal. It looks like it's dipping under the crossbar, but Naeher backtracks quickly to tip it over the crossbar.
78' GOOD CHANCE FOR HENRY! O'Hara gives the ball away on the edge of her own box and Henry is running onto it. She hits the shot first time, but it's straight at Naeher who saves it.
D. Cascarino
V. Gauvin
76' First change for France now and Gauvin is the player to make way. Cascarino is on in her place.
75' HEATH HAS GOAL DISALLOWED! Dunn is forward from left-back and she squares the ball into the middle of the box to pick out Heath who is unmarked. She fires her effort past Bouhaddi and into the back of the net but Dunn had drifted offside.
74' The US have every player back in their own half at the minute as they just close down the space in midfield ahead of France.
72' France have looked deflated since conceding the second goal and their passing has slowed right down in the last few minutes.
70' Torrent puts a good cross into the box to try and pick out Gauvin, who sends her header wide of the far post, but the forward had drifted offside so it wouldn't have counted.
69' Rapinoe is the first player to score two or more goals in back-to-back World Cup appearances since Marta in 2007.
67' France are keeping possession well after the restart but they're not moving forward with the same pace as before. It's slow from the hosts but the US are happy to sit back for now.
T. Heath
United States
65' It was the build-up play from her team-mates that opened up France's defence, but Heath put the ball into a good area of the box to set up the goal.
M. Rapinoe
United States
65' RAPINOE GETS HER SECOND! It's completely against the run of play but the US have a second goal! The French defence was stretched as Heath squared the ball into the box from the right. Morgan misses it but it rolls through to Rapinoe who was unmarked and slotted her shot into the back of the net. 2-0 United States!
64' GREAT CHANCE FOR GAUVIN! The forward rises highest to get on the end of Majri's cross and flicks the ball on target with the back of her head. It's looping into the back of the net, but Naeher gets across her line quickly to deny her.
L. Horan
R. Lavelle
United States
63' First change of the game is made by Ellis as she brings on Horan to replace Lavelle.
62' O'Hara has gone down on the edge of the box after she was winded while blocking Majri's shot. The medical team are across to give her some treatment, but she'll be able to carry on.
61' The US are struggling to keep hold of the ball at the minute. France are closing them down quickly which is forcing them into playing their passes quicker and they're getting sloppy.
59' Thiney plays a great throughball forward to Diani who times her run perfectly to stay onside. It looks like she's in on goal and she strikes her shot low, but Dunn recovers really well to get back across to block it.
58' LE SOMMER COMES CLOSE! Diani keeps the ball brilliantly before laying it off to Gauvin who crosses it into the far post. Le Sommer takes the shot quickly but drags her effort and can only find the side netting.
56' Le Sommer has a lot of space when she gets the ball on the left wing and she dribbles past Mewis into the box. She hits her shot low towards the near post, but O'Hara makes a good block.
54' The US are moving the ball upfield with a lot of pace, but have been caught out by France's high line a couple of times this half already. Heath is the latest player to be caught offside as she tried to get on the end of Ertz's throughball.
52' Henry is a long way from goal when the ball bounces to her and she sets herself before hitting the strike on the volley. It's heading towards goal, but Sauerbrunn makes an important block on the edge of the box.
50' Majri pulls away from her defender down the left and puts another good cross into the box, looking for Gauvin. It's just over the forward's head though nobody is waiting at the far post for it.
48' The US are asking for a penalty after the ball bounced up in the box and struck an arm. There were a lot of players around it but it struck Dunn's hand before bouncing onto Torrent and the referee waves the claim away.
46' GREAT DOUBLE SAVE BY BOUHADDI! Mewis has the first shot and strikes it low to the bottom corner, but the keeper gets down quickly to palm it away. Heath latches onto the loose ball and sends her effort towards the near post, but Bouhaddi is across quickly to make the save with her boot.
46' The US get us back underway for the second half!
Ellis will be happy with how her side have performed so far as they were putting pressure on the French backline and getting into dangerous positions. It's a slim lead though and she will want to get another quick goal to give her side some breathing space in the tie. As for France, they haven't really caused the US many problems so far and need to keep calm when on the ball. They've been sloppy in possession at times which has stopped them from getting forward often, but if they can settle into their rhythm then they could really test their opponents.
An early Rapinoe goal gives the United States a 1-0 lead at half-time. The US made a bright start to the game and took the lead when Rapinoe struck a free-kick low through the crowd of players and into the back of the net. Morgan, Dunn and Mewis all had shots on target after they took the lead, but none of them really troubled Bouhaddi. France have struggled to get going in the game so far and didn't manage a shot on target in the first half.
45' + 2' The US mount a quick counter-attack and have a lot of players forward in support. Mewis gets the ball on the edge of the box and decides to have a go from long range, but strikes her effort straight at the keeper.
45' France are steadily moving upfield and Majri puts a brilliant cross into the box from the left wing. She picks out Diani in the middle, but the ball bounces off her shoulder and wide of the far post.
43' Lavelle decides to have a go from the edge of the box and she curls her effort around Mbock Bathy who is closing her down. It's heading towards the bottom corner, but Bouhaddi is quickly across her line to save it.
42' France's frustration is growing after a decision goes against Gauvin. She used her strength to beat Heath to the ball and was leading the attack when the referee pulled back play to award the US a free-kick.
40' France have a free-kick on the right wing and Thiney whips the cross into the box. Renard has pulled away from the crowd at the far post, but Naeher is quickly off her line to reach it first.
38' The fans around the Parc des Princes are starting to get frustrated as France are struggling to get in behind the US. They're trying to force their passes through to the forward players and the US are easily clearing their lines at the minute.
36' The US sloppily give away possession to France and they have a chance to break on the counter-attack. Diani tries to chip her pass to Henry, but overhits it and sends it straight out of play.
34' France are starting to get into their rhythm now and look a lot more comfortable on the ball than earlier in the game. All of their possession is in midfield at the minute though as they can't find a way past the US defenders.
32' Thiney puts a good cross into the box from the corner and picks out Henry on the penalty spot. The captain rises above her defender to get on the end of it but can only send her effort over the crossbar.
30' Morgan is down receiving treatment for a knee injury after she landed awkwardly during an aerial challenge. She looks uncomfortable but will be able to carry on.
28' The US are closing France down high up the field to try and force them into a mistake. France are dealing with the pressure well though to keep the ball.
26' France work the ball really well to Torrent down the left and she swings a great cross back into the middle of the box. Gauvin comes closest to getting on the end of it, but the flag goes up as the defender had drifted into an offside position.
24' Majri has the chance to run at O'Hara down the left but chooses to play the ball infield in her desperation to quicken the attack. She's looking for Thiney but can only find Lavelle who intercepts it.
22' It's a very open game at the minute with both teams going on the counter-attack as soon as possession switches back to them. The US are attacking at the minute, but a sloppy pass from Morgan gifts the ball back to France.
20' Rapinoe has been caught by a number of French players already and has been clutching her ankle when she's gone to ground. It's more an impact injury than anything else, but she looks frustrated after yet another challenge.
18' Henry decides to have a go from long range when she picks up the ball on the edge of the box. Her effort is well of target though as it flew over the crossbar.
17' Mewis makes a brilliant run into the box from the left wing and looks to have gotten the better of her defender. She goes to ground in the box and the fans are asking for a penalty, but she went to ground with no contact.
15' Since her World Cup debut in 2011, no player has been involved in more goals in the competition than Rapinoe (13; seven goals, six assists - level with Carli Lloyd).
13' GOOD CHANCE FOR LE SOMMER! Majri puts a brilliant cross into the box to pick out Le Sommer at the far post and the forward rises well to get on the end of it. She can't direct her effort on target though and it's wide of the post.
11' France are keeping possession well at the minute as they just slow down the pace of the game. Most of their passes are in their own half and the US are happy to sit back for now.
9' Rapinoe whips a corner deep into the box for the US to try and pick out Heath at the far post. It's just too high for her to bring down though and it bounces straight out of play.
7' France are straight on the attack following the restart and they are moving upfield with a lot of pace. Torrent is high up the field and she whips a good cross into the box, but Dahlkemper beat Majri to the ball to clear the danger.
M. Rapinoe
United States
5' RAPINOE SCORES! She whips the free-kick around the wall and through the legs of Henry who is running to the near post to cover it. That seems to catch out Bouhaddi and the ball flies past her and into the back of the net. 1-0 United States!
G. Mbock
Yellow Card
4' Mbock Bathy is the first player to be booked in the game after catching Morgan with a late challenge down the right wing and the US have a free-kick.
3' France are looking very strong down the left wing early in the game with Bussaglia over-lapping Le Sommer to get into the box. She hasn't had the chance to put a cross into the box yet, but O'Hara has struggled to track her runs.
1' EARLY CHANCE FOR THE US! Rapinoe does really well to dribble the ball forward to reach the edge of the box where she squares a pass to Ertz who hits it first time. It's a powerful shot, but it's straight at the keeper who makes a comfortable save.
1' Gauvin gets the game underway for France!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
The United States are unbeaten in their last 14 World Cup matches (W11 D3), winning the last nine in a row. They could become only the second team in the competition's history to win 10 consecutive matches after Norway between 1995 and 1999.
Jill Ellis was clearly happy with her team's performance against Spain as she names an unchanged side for this game. Joint top-scorer in the World Cup this year, Morgan, starts up front once again and she will be hoping to add to her goal tally today as she hasn't found the back of the net since the opening game against Thailand.
Corinne Diacre makes just one change to the side that beat Brazil last time out, with Thiney coming into the starting line-up in place of Asseyi, who drops to the bench. There is a change in their formation today which will see Le Sommer start higher up the field as part of a front three.
UNITED STATES SUBS: Christen Press, Tierna Davidson, Adrianna Franch, Ashlyn Harris, Ali Krieger, Morgan Brian, Mallory Pugh, Allie Long, Emily Sonnett, Jessica McDonald, Lindsey Horan, Carli Lloyd.
UNITED STATES STARTING XI (4-3-3): Alyssa Naeher; Kelley O'Hara, Abby Dahlkemper, Becky Sauerbrunn, Crystal Dunn; Rose Lavelle, Julie Ertz, Samantha Mewis; Tobin Heath, Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoe.
FRANCE SUBS: Pauline Peyraud-Magnin, Solene Durand, Maeva Clemaron, Julie Debever, Charlotte Bilbault, Delphne Cascarino, Grace Geyoro, Eve Perisset, Aissatou Tounkara, Sakina Karchaoui, Emelyne Laurent, Viviane Asseyi.
FRANCE STARTING XI (4-3-3): Sarah Bouhaddi; Marion Torrent, Griedge Mbock Bathy, Wendie Renard, Amel Majri; Amandine Henry, Gaetane Thiney, Elise Bussaglia; Kadidiatou Diani, Valerie Gauvin, Eugenie Le Sommer.
The hosts meet the current champions in today's quarter-final to see who will face England in the next round on Tuesday. Both teams have won all of their games in the tournament so far, but France needed extra-time to beat Brazil in their last-16 match, winning the tie 2-1. The United States conceded their first goal of the competition last time out but scored two penalties to progress with a 2-1 victory over Spain.
Hello and welcome to our LIVE match commentary of the Women's World Cup quarter-final match between France and the United States.